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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


The story at the moment is the Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy accusation. It is an offence punishable by 20 year imprisonment. The accuser is a 23 year old pretty boy Pete by the name of Saiful Bukhari Azlan. He is young. Almost a six footer. He is a college dropout.

He dropped out of college for being hyperactive in student activities. A colleague of his has some nasty things to say about him. That of course does not mean he is not capable of telling the truth. People may have bad things to say of you, but that does not mean you are not honourable.

He is president of this and deputy president of that at his university. UNITEN. He flunked out actually. He could say he fumbled big time because of his student activities. In actual fact, he was just an OKB- Orang Kurang Berfikir.

The man accused of doing the despicable act is Anwar Ibrahim. A former deputy Prime Minister until he got kicked out. He was charged with the same offence the first time. There is therefore a sense of déjà vu in the present story. He is 60 years old. I have not heard him go horse riding for a long time. He can’t be that physically fit.

I am not a supporter of Anwar Ibrahim. But this present accusation makes me feel very sad. What is happening to our politics? He has sought temporary refuge in the Turkish Embassy. His temporary sojourn lasted only a day. It was enough to start some diplomatic storm.

Let us indulge Anwar and humour young Saiful for the time being.

Young Saiful has been photographed with many of our political luminaries. He has taken a photograph with one Khairul Anas from Dato Najib’s office. Perhaps that was the first time, he knew Anas. That cannot be offered as evidence that the DPM is associated with the current accusation that Dato Seri Anwar faces. Everyone likes to take their photographs with luminaries. In this case with an officer of the DPM. Contrary to public opinion, it is quite easy to have an appointment with officers of ministers. Maybe not with ministers. It is not fair to say that ministers behave in imperious and impervious manner.

He has been photographed with Dato Shahrir Samad. He is now the minister for domestic trade. Dato Shahrir calls himself primus inter pares- first among equals. That is the suggestion in his blog. This, is also another coincidence. Perhaps like attracts like. I mean, young Saiful fancies himself as an intellectual and political would be luminary.

He has been photographed with Azalina Othman. Now that is a real poser. Probably young Saiful was in a group that made a visit to Azalina Othman. He must has squeezed himself into being photographed together.

He has also taken a picture with Dato Mustapha Mohamad.

Are we to infer that because young saiful has taken pictures with these people, therefore these people have something to do with the current accusation that Anwar is facing? Heloo…Datin Seri Wan Azizah, please la. Don’t insult our intelligence.

But hmmm… let’s see. If every of these people pay RM1 million each, young Saiful would have RM5million. At times like these, where petrol prices keep levitating and the price of other essentials are also going stratospheric, give me RM 5million, I will say anything you want.

What is the common theme here? It would seem that young Saiful has this megalomaniacal obsession to have his photographs with important people. Perhaps he can showboat these to his friends and score with the girlfriend or girfiends.

Do you enjoy these sexual trysts? You bloody twerp. You said in your report Anwar Ibrahim has done it eight times. Holy shit! Even inserting a temperature reducing pill into your bottom is painful. You had yours done 8 times and only then you decide to tell the world? You Last Tangoed at a luxury condominium which cost millions to buy and you didn’t use any lubricating stuff ke? Whats the number of the condo unit again? I have this urge to buy a 4 digit number.

Then you are almost a six footer. When you stood beside the god fearing Khairul Anas, you made him look like a midget. Are you a sissy? You cant deliver a kick at the groin to a 60-year old man? And were the 7 times before that pleasurable? Bloody cow-dung!

Next is your turn brother Anwar. I don’t mean turning over you know.


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