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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 4 July 2008


I was trying to rationalise why P. Bala made a volte face. I assume that because he is a member of the HINDRAF movement, he must be a somewhat devout person.

Therefore the only reason I can think of as to why he first made the statutory declaration and then retracted certain parts pertaining to alluding the involvement of the DPM, is the above. The devil visited P. Bala overnight and made him an offer he could not refuse.

P. Bala said when he made the fist SD, the parts pertaining the DPM were done under duress. Here this term can only mean, being threatened with physical harm which is of such great severity, that he chose to retract them.

If under duress, then by whom? That could only point to the direction of Anwar’s black shirts with orders from fuehrer Anwar himself.

Then why did he retract certain specific portions of the SD? In particular those parts relating to the DPM?. By way of his retraction, he withdrew the offending remarks concerning:-

1. Who introduced the Mongolian to Razak Baginda?- it wasn’t Dato Seri Najib
2. Dato Najib did not say he had sexual relationship with the Mongolian and therefore had no knowledge of anal intercourse.
3. Dato Najib has no knowledge about USD500,000 commission.
4. All parts concerning implied links of the DPM to the Mongolian.

Now which Hindu deity visited P. Balasubramaniam the night before? But I maintain it must be the devil incarnate who came visiting. Maybe judge Ian Chin knows something about this?.

All fingers now point towards Najib’s henchmen. And he has many who are eager to please the would be PM. Can Dato Najib claim to have no knowledge and involvement in this volte face? It would be very difficult for him to disavow any knowledge. Because he too suffers from a credibility problem.

A few days ago, when the photograph of young Saiful the sodomised appeared with Khairul Anas, Dato Najib claimed he did not know Saiful. The chappie must have come to look up Kharul Anas to ask for help.

Suddenly now Dato Najib acknowledged that Saiful the sodomised did come to see him in his house. This was a few days before Saiful came up with his SD. Now, why did Dato Najib conceal his meeting with Saiful the Sodomised? Who brought Saiful to the house? As far as I know, it is very difficult for someone not known to Dato Najib to meet him up at the house. Unless Saiful is brought to Dato Najib by someone with some juicy bits to share.

The story, like that of Alice in Wonderland, is becoming curiouser and curiouser.


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