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Thursday, 24 July 2008

Is our country going to the dogs?


Since Yb Tony Pua the DAP’s whizz kid wrote about dog’s charity, I feel kindred to write on the same topic. No, I am not taking about the wolves’ progeny(canis lupus familaris). I am talking of the dogs-with-the-two legs kind.

When Tan Sri Muhamad Muhmmad Taib joined the race for the UMNO VP, I asked myself, who let the dogs out? Who are the Labradors, the chihuahas, the Irish hounds? Immediately my mind flashes to the song aptly named so by the Jamaican group. I asked further- has the country gone to the dogs?

Tan Sri Muhammad is the current minister of rural development. He is a senator appointed by Dato Seri Abdullah for his ‘sterling’ work in UMNO. (read apple polishing and ass licking). He is also the Joseph Goebbels for UMNO being the UMNO information chief.

He has gained fame or infamy depending from the angle you look at hm. He gained infamy for eloping with a princess from Selangor and then went on to say, he was not married to that princess. He pulled a fast one on the Sultan then. Can Tan Sri’s blatant lie to the Sultan be considered a species of les mejeste? By the way, that princess is also RPK’s cousin.

Tan Sri Muhammad has also endeared himself with many class F contractors in Selangor. It is said that during his tenure as MB of Selangor, he acquired loyalty by ensuring that every class F contractor, every ketua cawangan, ketua bahagian and other UMNO leaders obtained contract works. In that way he ensured these foot soldiers were indebted to him. His ascendency now in UMNO will be watched closely and supported by those he has helped before.

Tan Sri Muhammad Taib was the centre of controversy in the case involving his bringing of huge amounts of cash into Australia. He did not declare he had large sums of cash on him. In his trial before the judge in Australia, Tan Sri Muhammad admitted the transgression. His excuse was that he did not know nor understand the English language. He was defended by the eminent lawyer Dato Shafi Abdullah who by the way, was a final year law student in UM in 1976.

Here is a former teacher, who entered University Malaya in 1976, cheekily admitting that he does not understand the English language. The PM should ban Tan Sri Muhammad from travelling abroad unless he is accompanied by a translator. Imagine the shame he can bring upon Malaysia should he be caught transgressing laws in other countries written in English.

There is a more sinister side of Tan Sri Muhammad or Mike Tyson as he is popularly known. Yes- he socked it to the late Sultan and he of course socked it to the princess. Yea baby. O! Plus! Perge! Alo! Hui! Hem!- Oh! More!Go On! Yes! Ooh! Ummm!

The insidious side of Tan Sri Muhammad is hidden behind the ever smiling persona. In actual fact, he is a person who eschews the practice of democratic decencies. As minister of rural development he is responsible for the network of Jawatankuasa Keselamatan Dan Kemajuan Kampung( JKKKs). These are village level organisations comprising of village residents, usually UMNO members who assist the district offices in developing and managing villages. The ketua kampung ( known by different names in different states) is paid an allowance of RM 600 per month while committee members are paid RM 20 per meeting.

Tan Sri Muhammad’s madness in his methods was revealed in his handling of the JKKK in Perak. When the Barisan Alternatif won Perak, it was the agreed democratic decency that as the government in Perak, they had the mandate to appoint new office bearers in the JKKK. Tan Sri Muhammad ought to know and must accept this. It is the right of the state government to decide on how they want to go about forming and reforming the JKKKs. How the Barisan Alternatif does it in Perak, falls entirely within their rights as the state government.

What does the great Tan Sri do? He quickly announced that the previous JKKK office bearers who were dismissed shall be paid by the federal government. Not only this decision resulted in unnecessary and costly continuance of paying money to people who just sit around, it must be seen as a clear attempt to undermine the practice of democratic decency. Unless of course, Tan Sri Muhammad wants the dismissed JKKKs to stay on as fifth columnists. .

Does UMNO condone this kind of behaviour? Woof! Woof! Who the hell let the dogs out?


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