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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

UMNO's Quantity Theory of Money

Bulan 11 berani berubah

Bulan 12 mula berubah

Bulan 1 tengah berubah

Bulan 2 hampir berubah

Bulan 3 sudah berubah

MM, KJ dan KT, siapa rebah?

Akhirnya UMNO Parah.

The above verses were given to Sakmongkol by a friend. Sakmongkol has added the last two lines.

Berani berubah is of course the battle cry of Mukhriz Mahathir. It suggests the audacity one needs to re-invent UMNO. Its not a question of re-branding. Re branding suggests, the inner parts remain while the exterior is changed. That will not do for UMNO.

KJ’s battle cry is Esprit de corps. It suggests, the retention of status quo. It can also suggest, everyone keeps their part of the bargain. If you have received sedekah from us, you’d better keep your promise.

The odd man out is Khir Toyo. He has no battle cry. His is just to serve UMNO so that UMNO can win back loss of confidence.

The current jostling for youth supremacy is characterised but the intense exchange of money for votes. This has become the norm in UMNO. One cannot advance without spending money. Its very hard to imagine, MM can advance without money. With KJ and KT is an open secret. They are Mr. Money Bags.

The speed by which money changes hands nowadays, would fortify the modern quantity theory of money expanded by the mathematical economist, Irving Fisher;

Fisher laid out a more modern quantity theory of money (i.e., monetarism) than had been done before. He formulated his theory in terms of the equation of exchange, which says that MV = PT, where M equals the stock of money; V equals velocity, or how quickly money circulates in an economy; P equals the price level; and T equals the total volume of transactions.

The amount of money flushed out in the UMNO market at any one time can be determined by M = PT/V.

Mathematicians playing around with this equation will quickly note that as velocity increases, the value in the numerator decreases. The analogy is politics surely cannot be missed- the speedier the money travels, the cheaper one becomes. But the UMNO people don’t care, do they?


Anonymous,  29 October 2008 at 13:05  

I think the promissory estoppel principle apllies here. delegate who accepted advances is estopped from reneging to vote for the advancer. what if he/she takes advances from two different candidates. shall he/she be estopped from voting the third candidate who does not give anything at all? thus to avoid being sued for promissory estoppel, one should vote for all candidates who give them advances. let the vote spoils as long as they are not being charged unnecessarily after the election. if so happens, there’s a likelihood that the third candidate who doesn’t hand out any money stands to win. Does it make sense? hehe no way laa. janji perut kenyang..


walla 29 October 2008 at 13:31  

walla: 'it is all about chickens.'

KJ: 'chickens? why chickens? chickens as in kfc?'

walla: 'no, just cluck-cluck chickens.'

KJ: 'me no capiche, man.'

walla: 'look, when you came into the scene, my first impression of you was, well, quite positive. i thought here's something new. New that can lead to change. Change that can take us all out of the quagmire.'

KJ: 'well, terima kasih. So what made you change your mind about me, may i ask?'

walla: 'despite your obvious intelligence and ability to say things that show you can beat new paths out of thorny bushes, you started doing something else.'

KJ: 'like what?'

walla:'you played the race card like a court jester before the full gallery.'

KJ: 'look, walla, i had no choice. You know that. I am young, and although connected in a way others couldn't, i had to show i care. Otherwise, how can i create mindshare for me to get nominations?'

walla: 'but did you have to become a rantipole in the process? Look, everyone would have welcomed you as a hopeful because, honestly, all are fed-up with those pompous flaneurs; all you had to do was to walk the right course and not steer away from the moderate path, mixing in your brand of intelligence with new ideas for taking all out of the quagmire but you had to go around and antagonize everyone.'

KJ: 'hey what's a rantipole?'

walla: 'find out yourself lah; you went to oxford and rubbed shoulders with the greats, me only learnt my smidgin english by trudging miles in the hot sun to borrow back old and yellowed readersdigest and then read them word after word by kerosene light at night under the leaking attap roof in a steamy room full of mozzies; the only thing we share is i had to use my trusty oxford little dictionary, tiada lecturers in fine robes; bless Pak Zul for lending me his precious dictionary.'

KJ:'that's why you need people like me to defend and lift you up.'

walla: 'by getting free shares and buying well appointed fast cars and building wealth out of thin air so that they can be used as liquid arsenal to buy votes, favors and jalan? is that how you can help us?'

KJ: 'it's easy for you to reprimand but how else can i get up there to change things around?'

walla: 'they say change is the only constant and we have heard that homily until it sounds like an epitaph. All of you are the same. Always was, always are, always will.'

KJ: 'that's grammatically incorrect, walla'

walla: 'please lah; i am here starving to death and you talk grammar. Get your perspective right.

Let me ask you a simple question. Do you know why your relative won by such a big majority then? He won because the rakyat wanted change from the regime before him. He won because the rakyat wanted a stop to all the nonsense that has been rammed down their throats until they gag. They just want good things done right for everyone. Simple enough?

Well, that relative of yours made some promises. Then he proceeded to strengthen the very things he should have dismantled. What more the way the banners now flew were turned to bring fresh winds to him, not to the rakyat. How do you think people will feel when you do the opposite of what you have promised? Take just one example. He promised open tenders. He delivered four-eye deals instead. When a deal is wired, can you not conclude something smells crony about it?'

KJ: 'it's not so simple; people want development; the civil service is too sluggish. such shortcuts create fast tracks. that's the reason.'

walla: 'i can accept that if you and them can sumpah there's been no take at the sidelines. You know, this is not a soccer game. There are no referees to say the ball has crossed the line. The higher you go, the more you have to be guided by your conscience. But if people start perceiving others around you are getting off with too many unanswerable things, then they will wonder if they have made a bad mistake electing you. Now if by you i mean him, then by them don't i mean you, KJ?'

KJ:'what will you want me to do then?'

walla: 'read the tea leaves right; the rakyat, and i mean all of them, are just fed-up about using race to divide them. They are fed up of white collar crimes. They are fed up of hypocrisy.

And now i come back to chickens.'

KJ: 'ah, i thought you had forgotten.'

walla: 'no, i never forget. The rakyat want more chickens.'

KJ: 'but why? chickens are just for meat and eggs.'

walla: 'see you're young, impetuous and for all that fine education, stupid. I just hope all the others who wear the label of Umno Youth will stop being so immature and hypocritical.

Let me ask you and all the others now waiting to climb the ultimate ladder to hope and claim the penultimate prize. In your hearts of hearts, are you for Malaysians, malays, or yourselves? Just cuba-lah teka an answer of that question.'

KJ: 'i can't speak for the others but of course i am for all Malaysians.'

walla: 'really?

ok, give me your response to this:

At the end of the day, it's all about chickens.

Ponder that the next time you feel proud of yourself, confident about something, eager to win, satisfied you're doing swell with your life.

Because the people aren't.'

Anonymous,  29 October 2008 at 15:24  

Will UMNO elections save the economy?

Anonymous,  29 October 2008 at 16:56  

I do not know where you learn your maths but value(if price is an indication) is proportional to V - the speed in which money flows if the volume, T is taken as a constant. This means as V incerases so will P if the money supply, M, is also kept constant. Thus the equation could be re-written as :

P = M/T * v

or P (proportional to) V.

Which is quite interesting and actually accurately describes what is happening in UMNO.

abdullahjones 29 October 2008 at 17:32  

congrat bro on the "shah rukh khan thingy". ;)

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi 29 October 2008 at 19:50  

anonymous at 16.56. the algebraic equation can be manipulated so as to support one's argument. yours of course is correct, if you hold any of the variables constant. in my case, i wanted to point to the fact, that the more money one receives by way of selling votes, the more one debases himself. hence my q, what do these people care?.
because p varies proportional with the value- like you say, in many cases, the one that's perceived as highly valuable, wallops all the money on behalf of delegates.

Anonymous,  29 October 2008 at 22:22  

I like reading your blog and use it as a reference to understanding the politics that is umno.

I mean no disrespect and this is your blog, but would you consider doing away with the music videos? I think it's making the page load slow.
Thank you

Anonymous,  29 October 2008 at 23:08  

i like the music videos! so cool for an UMNO guy esp from Najib's division some cool one meh, umno? kee kee.

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi 29 October 2008 at 23:15  

i am cleaning up the music videos and will replace them with revised musical videos that dont intefere with load ups.
thank you.

Anonymous,  29 October 2008 at 23:34  

anon, agree with SK on manipulation of equation

P = M/T * v

but i think it's more likely that v is constant whil

P varies with Money Supply and VOLUME... ;)

Rusty econs....

A Tabib 30 October 2008 at 14:48  
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