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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 24 October 2008

The Mafiosi of PJ Selatan

Sakmongkol would like to see this stooge of an Ali-Baba contract junkie, by the name of Captain Zahar Hashim be investigated. Yes sir, he is just another of the celebrated Ali-baba front man piggy-riding on a company called Mentari Services Sdn Bhd. The fact is, he lied to the public. Maybe also, for good measure, tell us more about Mentari Services.

The authorities should investigate Zahar Hashim for giving false information which has led to the pompous and hypocritical calls for public scrutiny into the purchasing operations of our security force.

Will public scrutiny as opposed say, to a parliamentary select committee, public airings of the motion of a public inquisition, give us a sense of better security? Is that the argument here, championed among others, by the old warhorse, Unker Lim Kit Siang? Or can public display of a free play of democratic freedom of speech, serves our democracy better even if it compromises our physical security?

The KSU for MINDEF has already explained how the tender process took place. It consisted of 3 phases- technical, offset and price/commercial stages. Sakmongkol doesn’t care how you bell the cat or whether the cat is black or white as long as it catches the mouse. He is interested to just know, whether the Cougars EC725 we are buying are in fact superior and can do their job of defending the realm.

The details of how these evaluations take place and the manner they were conducted need not necessarily be aired publicly.

Captain Zahar Hashim may be regarded as having contributed to a public benefit by bringing attention out in the open the purchasing operations by MINDEF. Hooray to mein kapitan and спасибо (thank you). He therefore becomes a darling prostitute to many people, especially to the opposition party spokesmen.

People appear to be silent to the fact that all his numbers were wrong and that even his own bid was not there. The fact that we are able to discuss about the Eurocopter affair, is the result then, of a happy accident. Not a deliberate calculative effort prompted by public spiritedness. That would have been exemplary. Indeed, the motivations of Captain Zahar are just pure business envy. Are his deliberate lies to be disregarded, because now we, the public smell blood that can be used to demonise MINDEF?

By all means, any indiscretions and indications of any wrongdoings what more of scurrilous corruption must be investigated by the proper authority( don’t give us the crap that the ACA is a stooge to the PM) and even be made answerable and accountable to a parliamentary select committee. Even a white paper on the whole affair can be justified.

But what of the perpetrator of the great lie- captain Zahar Hashim? We don’t know the technical details of the Cougar. What are they equipped with? We don’t know whether the super PUMAs bought by Brazil are of the same quality as the Cougars which Malaysia has decided to buy.

Sakmongkol has already said, if we are comparing apples to apples and their price differ, then, there are prima facie grounds to investigate. MINDEF should now be upfront and tell the whole story. But our security institution should not be cowed and bullied into airing them in public just to satisfy the envy of people like Captain Zahar, the Mafiosi of UMNO PJ Selatan. Go appear before a parliamentary select committee or even humour the PAC. Even better, invite Lim Kit Siang and satisfy all his, Freud would say, repressed sexual frustrations. haha


Zahar 24 October 2008 at 14:11  

Capt ni bikin malu orang nama zahar je lah. haha

Anonymous,  25 October 2008 at 10:37  

nasib tak nama u anwar...


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