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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Leadership Values

In the last few days, Sakmongkol has been thinking about two issues. He is certain, that others are also thinking about these. Even if one is not an UMNO member. Not being an UMNO member, does not disqualify one for thinking about it.

The two issue are (1) Muhyiddin’s statement that delegates must choose leaders based on merit. (2) Rais’s Yatim’s statement that UMNO might as well adopt a tender system, whereby delegates choose leaders based on bid prices.

Actually both leaders are talking about the same issue. It boils down to the value system of choosing UMNO leadership.

The immediate scourge one sees, of course is money politics. Money is the great equalizer. It levels the playing field between the nitwit and the clever if values normally associated with clever values( intelligence, imagination, realistic, determination, etc) ARE the values actually upheld by UMNO as leadership principles. It becomes a levelling influence only of these values are adopted by UMNO.

The hard truth is, these are NOT the values on the high priority list of UMNO delegates. Because the only value that is high on the priority list, is how much more one candidate can give to delegates. If this monetary measure is the value and criterion for choosing leaders, money , to Sakmongkol’s minds is no longer just the great equalizer. It is in fact, the competitive advantage that a prospective UMNO candidate is looking for- the secret elixir for political longevity.

How do you ensure only leaders who are capable come to the fore? Do you wait hoping, willy nilly, leaders of substance will come forward and take the mantle of leadership? Can we rely on the happy accident, fortuitous events, perchance, bring forth leaders with the determination, willingness and courage to come forth? Why is it that UMNO laments that younger generation are shying away from joining UMNO and adopting UMNO’s political struggles?

Muhyiddin is a product of the old school of UMNO. Indeed the present line-up of our leaders are immersed in the value system of UMNO. One can never transform UMNO just by mouthing well meaning, public relations serving slogans because of political expediencies. Sakmongkol does not see, the existence and implementation of a system of determining leadership patterns within UMNO. The present system is just one that ensures, the poacher becomes the next gamekeeper.



Bangkai 22 October 2008 at 10:09  

Dear sir

My gripe with UMNO is that, at some indeterminate point, UMNO transformed itself from a valid and relevant political voice into a cheap entry ticket into the world of business, a place where lackeys vie with each other for government projects as junkets in return for political favours rendered.

However, I am equally certain that this will also hold true with any other political party should it come into power.

I have no solution, tho: Not smart enough :-)

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