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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 11 October 2008

A case of misplaced apoplectic petulance

The former PM, Tun Mahathir drew flak from leaders. This was the news in NST. 5 ministers were very quick of the mark when it comes to vilifying the former PM.

They were the big mouth from Perak- Nazri Aziz, Azalina Othman, Shabery Cheek, Khaled Nordin and Home Minister, Syed Hamid albar.

Tun Mahathir earned their apoplectic petulance because Tun advised Pak Lah to keep quiet when Dato Najib takes over. Sakmongkol also thinks their statements were a form of release of pent up frustrations. Since they couldn’t vent their anger at Pak Lah, they needed a black sheep. Actually they are frustrated at their own lethargy.

There is this huge difference between Tun Mahathir’s refusal to keep quiet and Pak Lah’s coming silence. In the case of Tun Mahathir, his refusal to keep quiet was prompted by the mismanagement of the country.

In the case of Pak Lah in the future, being the architect of the state of ship by which Malaysia now finds itself, that disqualifies him from speaking up. Plus, it will also be difficult for Pak Lah to offer unsolicited advice because of the damage he has done together with his myrmidons such as these 5 people.

After Pak Lah retires, people will remember Tun Mahathir more than they think of Pak Lah.

A major contributing factor to the dismal performance of UMNO and its increasing rejection by the people is because UMNO retains this kind of nonsensical leaders.

UMNO now must reach deep into the people’s conscience and do what is right. They must remember, the entire UMNO leadership whose degenerative culture was shaped by these half past six leaders, must be re-assessed. It is time for UMNO delegates, conscious of their historic responsibility to select the best of our leaders.


Anonymous,  11 October 2008 at 09:56  

All this opposition controlled state shd be denied rights to vote and stand for office in umno until they retain it back.

Org macam zahid hamidi tak payahlah nak pegang jawatan. Opps bro ... there goes your tengku razaleigh. And mukhriz too.

But it takes care of mat taib. Hmmm think abt it. Three more year of ali rustam.

nobisha 11 October 2008 at 11:06  

Tanpa mahu menyentuh mana-mana individu, saya setuju dengan pandangan tuan bahawa perwakilan umno perlulah melihat ke dalam dan melakukan soul searching. Dalam PRU12 lalu, rakyat dikatakan memberikan mesej yang jelas kepada BN / UMNO. Adakah mesej itu difahami? Kebimbangan saya ialah rakyat mungkin menolak terus umno dalam PRU13 sekiranya pemimpin umno berterusan melakukan perkara-perkara yang tidak sihat. Saya masih mendengar mengenai betapa adanya politik wang dalam pemilihan parti kali ini. Saya berharap maklumat yang saya terima itu salah.

walla 11 October 2008 at 11:35  

There is none, sakmongkol, and you know why. It's because there's no checks and balances once they go up there.

Open this

and read this:

Najib Abdul Razak has urged Malaysians to respect leaders ‘ rude behaviour targeted at those in power could lead to economic losses and national instability'.

then this:

and draw your respective conclusions.

Anyone can see they're equating their ascension to some destiny rights for themselves. But the way they are doing it, as you can see for yourselves not just in that photo but also everywhere they appear, and even in the manner which academicians try to get out of their ruts by apple-polishing them, is by trampling on the dignity of the malays themselves by not discouraging the dignity of all before Him. The english tuan has been replaced by the malay umnocrat. And you know it.

If a leader is real and true, he would say: 'stop it, i am your servant. If you display anger or rudeness, it is welcome. Because it shows i have failed you somewhere. If however i persist in reminding you on the contrary to be respectful and polite to me and those in my good books, then please knock some sense back into me. For if you don't, you are also as guilty as me in falling for the biggest cheapest trap in leadership - arrogance. I have seen how my predecessors fall for such a thing even when they think they're just playing along the same game as everyone else.

From arrogance to corruption through personal agenda by wielding power is only a small step. As one goes higher, the gap becomes smaller and smaller, until the politicians convince themselves that they can continue to do it because the people adore them.'

There are no checks and balances in Umno and because of that, Umno cannot change to be better. People talk about disciplinary committees. What has happened to that police report against B&N regarding money politics? People talk about the ACA. What has happened to the money found in the drawer of one exEPU head in charge of tolls privatisation? People talk about lumut, sukhoi, scorpene, eurocopters. Will they get to know the exact sums that have been diverted?

All these things that're happening in Wisma Umno and Putrajaya are just antics. Umno knows what it must do - keep the people's minds focused on them as the centre. Dislodge Umno out of that centre in people's minda and they will appear as cuckolds and hypocrites.

It is hoped that there are more people like sakmongkol who can see this and write about it, teach the people back in the heartland and the urban malays, that they are about to be ripped off again - because the fundamental system in Umno is to propagate patronage and not patriotism.

The people in Sabah and Sarawak should also wake up. If your adun can have his mykad duplicated, who do you think have been voting all along for Umno and BN to rule and lord over you?

Sakmongkol, this country's in a bad mess, only lightened by prose like yours which is not only a delight to read, but also a lifebuoy for those who are drowning in other aspects.

mamasita 11 October 2008 at 12:26  

Saudara Walla,I enjoy reading your highly intellectual comment.Wallah!(are you a lecturer?)

ajipp 11 October 2008 at 13:03  

Apa cerita kuli

tak habis habis kena belit dengan ular

kah kah kah

walla 11 October 2008 at 13:14  

Thank you, mamasita; sakmongkol's machine gun is more rapid and precise. Mine is just a water pistol from petaling street.

No, i am not a lecturer. Just a loafer spending his remaining years dreaming away:

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