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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Measure of a Leader

dato fauzi Rahman Talib- originator of the Fauzi Scale


There is a new scale for measuring leaders. Sakmongkol shall call it, the Fauzi scale. On a scale of 0.0 to 1.0, Fauzi measures a leader's clean reputation. It is named after Dato Fauzi Abdul Rahman.

Fauzi Abdul Rahman was the MP for Kuantan once. He was also a former ADUN for Beserah. He has been the UMNO Head of Bahagian Kuantan.

He is the son of a early UMNO leader in Pahang- the late Dato Abdul Rahman Talib. In the early days of the formation of UMNO, Rahman Talib travelled tirelessly throughout Pahang, galvanizing Malays to join UMNO.

His son, Fauzi Abdul Rahman, an engineer by training( Sakmongkol thinks its from the famous mining school in Wales- stand corrected here) is an irrepressible fellow. Short in stature but a giant in fighting spirit.

Sakmongkol knows that he has some issues with Najib. He minces no words in telling that to Najib. Once, when Dato Najib spoke at an UMNO Kuantan function where Fauzi was casted in a bad light, Fauzi later came up to Najib and said thank you for your kind words. That’s Fauzi Rahman for you.

He is also a schoolmate of Anwar Ibrahim. At MCKK.

Now, Fauzi has developed a scale by which to measure UMNO Leaders.



Tunku Abdul Rahman


Tun Abdul Razak


Tun Hussein Onn


Tun Dr Mahathir


Dato Seri Abdullah

Mr Clean

Dato Seri Najib

Most Controversial

Guide: 1 represents the best leader measure.

Fauzi has surreptitiously avoided giving a quantitative measure to Pak Lah. Given his inclinations, Sakmongkol hazards a guess that its less than 0.9. Fauzi says Pak Lah appears clean at first but later besmirches himself. Indeed as Fauzi pointed out, Pak Lah was dubbed Mr. Clean.

On Najib, if he makes it as UMNO president and then PM, the measure would likely be between 0.7 to 0.8.

Is that right Dato?


Zahar 22 October 2008 at 14:27  

I like Rais Yatim's recent proposal. Open tender aje lah. haha

DR.SARAVANAN R 22 October 2008 at 14:47  

sorry, but i beg to differ.If this scale is to gauge the 'clean reputation' of an UMNO leader, then there must be some massive bias factors involved here. Is there like some bias constant used in deriving these results? ::)
Abdul Razak = 0.95???
Najib being the most controversial still gets 0.7-0.8???
Sounds like this scale was made in China...poor quality control.:)
Just my two cents.

SmallTalk 22 October 2008 at 15:21  

This Fauzi Rahman can also gurindam and pantun. Such be the case he is not only in mining but also an expert in the korek mengorek thing! Surely bro will remember his days at the DUN Phg, nothing much to shout about though! Nevertheless being short he need to shout to be heard! Tau sama tau la bro...bukan tak cukup kaki tapi tak cukup inci!

Zahar 22 October 2008 at 16:07  

Yang si Dr komen tu pasal Najib dapat 0.7 adalah persangkaan sakmongkolak47, Dr. Jelas, ada question mark di penghujung soalan nya. Yang Dr hangat hati saya rasa saya tahu kenapa. Pasal TDM dapat markah tinggi kan?

Yang paling membosankan saya adalah macam2 manusia masih mahu ikut suka hati tuduh TDM macam2, tapi bila suruh bawa bukti, semua diam, atau bukti yang dia bagi tu "slanted" kepada kepercayaan atau ketaksuban kerana tak mahu dengar penjelasan sebenar.

Hairan, hairan...

A Tabib 23 October 2008 at 00:04  

**/ Once, when Dato Najib spoke at an UMNO Kuantan function where Fauzi was casted in a bad light, Fauzi later came up to Najib and said thank you for your kind words **/

Did he?. Dato Fauzi has my vote then. von Manstein would have approved.

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