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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Classification of Bloggers.

Sakmongkol has written his impression on several Malay bloggers who write beautifully and with impeccable English. The list is not exhaustive. It is impossible for sakmongkol to be aware of all the writers. There are many.

As a whole, the Malaysia blogosphere has benefited tremendously from the industriousness of many bloggers. Although we do not share similarities in ideological inclinations and preferences, all are members of the blogosphere fraternity.

The master sleuth RPK is in a class of his own. Some may hate his guts but he provides a very crucial role in blogosphere. To expose any wrongdoings. And if anyone does not agree with him, please take him to open court. It is the mark of the coward who puts him behind bars. As to his politics, that is something else. Sakmongkol is not going to debate it here. Perhaps much later, when he is out. .

Senor Zorro of Zorro unmasked or Unker Bernard as sakmongkol prefers to call him is a free spirited public minded sentinel. Sakmongkol says free spirit in the sense he is not tied to any pet ideologies. He speaks a universal language decrying any form of injustice irrespective of from who it originates. Always on the lookout for any form of injustice, transgressions, he is a beacon to all. Sakmongkol respects this man.

The Malay Male is a writer whose purpose in life, sakmongkol thinks is like the old man who disturbs the young girls. We have to tolerate his antics because he is old. His writings which are laden with profanities, are not Sakmongkol’s cup of tea though.

Then there are the super sleuths who sakmongkol thinks never go to sleep. The insomniac Jed Yoong is forever writing and sakmongkol thinks she has a crush on handsome husam- haha.

Then the are the more serious types who goes to the jugular with their incisive analyses- Jebat Must Die( the mystery man whom sakmongkol doesn’t know the identity), the lawyer kampong who is not so kampong after all with his very sophisticated analyses), the sarcastic and ever biting Hishamudidin Rais( the Che Guevara of Blogosphere).

There are so many others who writes from the heart. Zorro, Elviza, Mat Bangkai, each have a list of formidable writers. Rox of Rox Uncut deprives us of our reading pleasure by choosing to write once in a while. Miss Crankshaft is another good writer.

Sakmongkol must apologise a thousand times for failing to include so many luminaries in the blogosphere. The two sisters of the Samad Ismail clan, A voice who has become a dear friend, so many others lah.

One fellow that has improved by leaps and bounds but has persistently downplay his talent is Mat Chendana who has renamed himself Dollah Cendawi. He has two interesting blogs- one on socio politics and the other a kind of a chronicle of a former drug addict. This should equal the infamous Khairy Chronicles.

Recently there has been this fellow- whose rapier sharp intelligence will easily cut through the chaste and makes light all artificial arguments. He goes by the blog name de minimis.

There is only one phrase if sakmongkol were to describe him, and sakmongkol will have to resort to his Latin description;

HUNC TU CAVETTO- beware of this man. (of his formidable intellect). VESTIGIA TERRENT- the (intellectual ) footprints frighten me.


walla 12 October 2008 at 15:26  

Thank you for them.

Try infernalramblings:

He's in his mid20's.

jedi 12 October 2008 at 17:52  

Well, Mat, I think another impressive blogger has joined your list of blogging illuminaries

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi 12 October 2008 at 18:57  

walla...thanks. have added infernal ramblings to my blogroll.

jedi...yes agree, deminegara is very good.

thanks you all.

Zawi 12 October 2008 at 21:20  

You are right about Mat Chendana. He has been blogspotted by Sheila Rahman of the Malay Mails and will soon appear in her column Blogspotted. I am sure Mat Chendana will produce another gem just as brilliant as the Writer's Writual tag he did for Elviza.

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi 12 October 2008 at 23:16  

walla again,

this infernal ramblings guy- he's a prodigy. writes with advanced maturity.

ctchoo 12 October 2008 at 23:16  

Bro Sakmongkol

It is mucho flattering to be footnoted in the company of legendary Malaysian bloggers.

I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your pal, Mat Bangkai's "What! Tea and no scones?" blog. Has he published?

By the way, your Latin is way too "terror" for minimalists like me. Thanks and, keep sleuthing, bro.

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi 12 October 2008 at 23:18  

walla again,

this infernal ramblings guy is superb. a child prodigy.

Anonymous,  12 October 2008 at 23:40  

Tks for including me! Kee Kee.
I think you write even more than me NOW!!!

Anonymous,  13 October 2008 at 02:14  

My favorite is Aisehman. Never ceased to amaze me with his writing ability and his analytical mind.

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi 13 October 2008 at 07:21  

to anonymous 02.14.
agree. aisehman, the eloquent The Malaysian, many others. i have not mentioned Rocky who is in a class of his own- doesnt require classification. many others...sakmongkol cant see everyone. this is his personal assessment only. no offense intended.

Anonymous,  13 October 2008 at 09:55  

Hello sir!

Thank you for the honor! :) By the way, I learned a lot of latin words from you.

Keep up the good work!


Mat Cendana 13 October 2008 at 11:50  

En Ariff,
Unfortunately, Dollah Cendawi is no more. As you had said: "The hard reality is, Pak Lah is already a forgotten man." So too is Lah Cendawi. The Cendana Blues blog is the same as Umno - he is no more...

Bang Zawi,
This isn't false modesty, but I find it rather amazing (and a bit awkward) that the one about Elviza is seen as a gem. If it really is, then it may be because it came "from inside" - of letting "the heart" speak, not the head.

Don't know when the heart will want to reveal anything else...

benj 16 October 2008 at 22:04  

Hi There:

Perhaps one of the virtues of blogging is that it provides a playing field to non-native English speakers (non-Latinos included!) to exercise, sharpen and display their command of the lingo. This is most commendable indeed.

Mastering a second language (e.g., English), and better still, a third (e.g. Mandarin, Tamil,) should be encouraged, especially in a plural Malaysian setting.

Of course, readers should not get lost in the process of enjoying reading those literary passages: to get what is the message that is to be transmitted (am reminded of an old but candid TV add: "where's the beef?...where's the beef?).

Happy blogging...wish I have more time to surf!

Anonymous,  28 October 2008 at 12:56  

The Malay Male is not an old man, he's 28. Just for clarity.
And my must reads are rockybru and deminegara. You are a new addition.

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