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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 10 October 2008

Choosing our Leader

The deputy president of UMNO has announced that he offering himself for the post of UMNO president in March 2008. that post, as everyone knows will fall vacant when the current UMNO president- Uncle Lah, retires.

He has chosen to announce it in Trengganu. Not in Pahang, where he comes from.

And so the deputy president who has consistently said that he will not challenge any one unless the position falls vacant, remains true to his promise. After all he values tradition. as long as it benefits him of course.

The same respect must also be accorded to Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. He is offering himself for the same post which falls vacant in March 2008. He has as much rights as the current deputy president to offer himself for the post.

What is the most distinguishable characteristic that UMNO rank and file sees in the current deputy president?

Sakmongkol has received a flier from a writer who calls himself Muhammad Zahid bin Md Arip. If Sakmongkol is not mistaken, this guy used to be an ardent PKR lieutenant who has since re-joined UMNO.

He gives us a telling description of the current deputy president’s leader quality which should remind UMNO delegates who Dato Najib is:-

He writes in Bahasa Melayu:-

Bidalan Melayu ada menyatakan- sebab dek buah, kekenalan pohon nya- kita kenal dato seri najib dan asal keturunan nya. Kita biasa bergelumang dan berjuang bersama nya. Kita tahu keupayaan, kebijaksanaan , kebolehan dan hati budi nya.

Now sakmongkol can only think of one English idiom- mighty oaks from little acorn grow or something like that. The author went on to say, we know his origins, we have struggled with him and so and so.

Only that Sakmongkol wants to ask this bugger- where was he when Dato Najib obtained a 241 majority in the 1999 GE?

Zahid Mat Arip joins a coterie of Najib’s myrmidons. That list is a distinguished one- Mat Taib, Ali Rustam, Shahidan Kassim, Zahid Hamidi, Nazri Aziz

Ah so, we UMNO people must now choose our leader by resorting to bloodline. Are we in a dog show? Best of Breed perhaps?


Anonymous,  10 October 2008 at 10:17  

as usual, at this point in time a lot of opportunies like this zahid mat arip will surface. they will show to dato najib that they are the ones who are really working hard to make sure he wins. when najib earned 241 majority votes then these guys with were tun m. then joined pak lah hentam Tun M. now joins najib hentam TRH. if TRH wins he will join TRH hentam najib. so the story goes on until he cant no longer afford to post fliers around. bed ridden then.

Anonymous,  10 October 2008 at 11:22  

Zahid Mat Arip ni katanya orang Melaka, cucu Tun Ghafar rasanya. Orang Melaka macam ni lah yang serah Melaka kepada Portugis & Belanda...memang ada darah pembelot. Memang betul argument dia ikut bloodline :)

Anonymous,  10 October 2008 at 11:49  

biasolah... dasar budaya orang UMNOmoney! kih!kih!kih!

Anonymous,  10 October 2008 at 11:59  

The mindset of UMNO in the patronage system is too well entrenched in the curent pool of UMNO leaders. It will be good for the brand if UMNO where to operate in a monopolistic market. Unfortunately, the landscape is ever changing and so is the dynamics of the modern man.

This has been proven in the rejection of UMNO's backwards policy, both from within and outside the party. UMNO need a greater resolve to stay relevant.

Take away the money politics, take away the patronage and take away the you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours, is there any capable LEADER in UMNO? Just name 3 from the current 'so-called' leaders for goodness sake!

Food for thought

Zawi 10 October 2008 at 15:15  

Yet to be tested Nurjazlan Muhamad is a new face that can be brought to replace a few of the old tainted gurads. New leaders must be groomed to take over when the time comes.

Anonymous,  11 October 2008 at 05:28  

Ha Ha.
Careful.."dog"...may be a sensitive word?
Najib...Will we all be paying "homage" to the NEW Empress of the House UMNO?
Hail! Hail! Hail!
I think Najib has been checkmated.

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