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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 2 October 2008

UMNO talent pool- not a bumper harvest after all

Sakmongkol is not sure whether Malay society has progressed culturally or not. Scanning through the newspapers, one gets the same old feeling. Its all about tales around the palace. Its intrigues, plots, events, protagonists and antagonists.

Thus, Dato Najib can unashamedly say that he learnt the noble ideas about leading from the late father. Surprise surprise. Hindsight is indeed a 2020. Will this mean, that everyone who aspires to be a leader must be born in such a family? The value of such a self serving declaration is exceeded only by its blatant pomposity.

The story about our leadership is a story similar to the Malay folktales of ancient time. First its a story with the background setting of the UMNO palace- its intrigues, internal strife and so on.

Second it will be a story about the princes and princesses of UMNO- the scions and progeny of former leaders. Hence we hear of Dato Najib who now has a 2020 vision( now realising that he is here to be a leader), Hishamudin Hussin who as one blogger says is slotted to become an important UMNO leader( notwithstanding his more brawn than brain jock image and a graduate from UK’s Maktab Adabi equivalent). We have Mukhriz Mahathir also another scion of the best of Malaysia’s PM,

As is the norm, the princes and princesses are sakti, strong, intelligent( compared to chimpanzees?), naturally good looking, porcelain skin, and cannot be defeated by anyone. Hence people are doing the fools rush where angles dare not routine, to the home of Najib, Hishamudin, etc.

The UMNO princesses are pure and beautiful. Fortunately they are not many UMNO princess and as to the pure, maybe Azalina can claim that honour.

So you ask, is this how UMNO answers its leadership issues? Is the leadership question resolved by scrapping the bottom of the barrel? With over 3.5 million members, UMNO can only look at a very limited talent pool to carry it out into the next phase.

Those people obsessed with seeing Dato Najib takes over the reins of power will go bezerk if there are any suggestions that injure the already sullied reputation of Najib and his ilk.

Now like the folktales of old, were the births of these scions accompanied by light drizzle, relaying lightnings and bursts of thunder and perhaps on the previous night, people dreamt that a full moon descended on the child prodigy? And at the fringes of the kingdom, people hear inaudible howling ushering the birth of a new king?


A Tabib 3 October 2008 at 09:31  

*/ Hishamudin Hussin...and a graduate from UK’s Maktab Adabi equivalent)*/

According to wikipedia he went to the Uni of Wales and also the LSE. Hey, that puts him in the company of another great minister...Jim Hacker, MP! :)

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi 3 October 2008 at 09:34  

haha. according to my sources, he got his first degree through Holborn Law Tutors. he may have gone to LSE after that.

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