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Thursday, 2 October 2008

UMNO's Lembaga Disiplin

The pattern remains the same. A complaint brought before the UMNO’s board of discipline is almost always decided in favour of the more powerful. So when Hamid Albar or his people brings before the committee chaired by Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen, a report on money politics, on can almost expect the natural outcome.

The person accused of money politics is Syed Hamd Albar’s opponent for the post of ketua bahagian. If he is found guilty of money politics, then Hamid Albar, wins by default.

Syed Hamid Albar just did. It will be a hollow victory for him. Can one leads when the followers find him so objectionable?

All division heads, be they sitting ministers or important ketua bahagians are guilty of money politics. The practice has reached the highest ranked in the party. UMNO can do two things to curb this rampant vote buying activities. Either it can legalise campaign expenditure or haul in the entire party leadership.

It is impossible to expect those in power to rule against themselves. And so to present a picture of impartiality, it appoints those who cannot be expected to bite the hand that feeds them to head such a committee. Its just another clubhouse hearing and investigation.

You can bring any complaints before the committee. It has another subcommittee that vets through the myriad of complaints and decide which one merits hearing. At the end of the day, who they decide to do in are those they intend to. another person amenable to them may escape the gangplanks. Look at what happened to Ali Rustam? He should have been punished like Isa Samad but he was not.

So what does that tell you about the UMNO ethics committee chaired by Tengku Ahmad Rathaudeen? In the end, its who pays the piper who calls the tune. The UMNO disciplinary board chaired by a person who knows which side of the bread is buttered, will lean to the puissant UMNO leadership.


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