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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Elegant Silence is Death Wish?

UMNO people are courting a death wish. They should all persuade the incoming prime minister to be more forthcoming in his answers. His highly abridged answer to the sms issue is very disturbing. If its not snuffed out effectively by way of a more substantive answer, the light answer will snowball into an avalanche that will engulf the whole of UMNO.

In the 1999 elections, Anwar’s people kept on attacking the government on the black eye issue. Posters of Anwar wearing prison clothes with one black eye were flooded all over the country. The biggest mistake UMNO did, was to adopt a ‘make don’t know' strategy. They had hoped by ignoring the propaganda, the whole story would be dismissed by the rakyat.

How did the rakyat react? They did by believing the story because, by not answering to the allegations surrounding the black eye incident, UMNO self incriminated.. Guilt was imputed by UMNO’s deafening silence. .

When the rumours about the 40 dalil were actively circulated, Anwar dismissed those allegations by saying- Tun Mahathir said they were just rumours. Implying that Tun Mahathir endorsed his innocence.

Sakmongkol does not know who Najib’s smart advisers are at the moment. If they are those who were with him during the 1999 outing, he should seriously consider sacking them. They are busier planning their next golf games. And of course the golf games are sponsored by the numerous defence contractors who are now camping out at the Finance Ministry. If Captain (R) Zahar Hashim has gotten the contract to supply his cheap helicopters, he would be among the eager beavers prodding Najib’s officers for golf.

Too excited at the prospects of their boss becoming the next PM, they forgot the most important thing they should do- WORK.

Are we being treated to a new version of elegant silence- a term coined by the discrepant and phony sage of Malaysian politics- Tun Musa Hitam? Is the short answer given by Dato Najib, in response to queries in Parliament on the sms- sufficient just by saying that the PM has said there’s no abuse of power?

It is eerily similar to the answer given by the other fellow who wants to be PM, when confronted with the allegations in the infamous 40 dalil- the PM has said it is just rumours. The next minute you know, the poor man was out.

Or is Dato Najib’s version of an elegant silence given upon advise by his people? .

If Dato Najib is surrounded by these nincompoops, he will be mince meat to those who want to do him in. the incoming PM must absolve himself by giving solid and substantive answers.


Anonymous,  16 October 2008 at 07:56  

awok ni najib, betul la memalukan orang pahang. Koi harap awok tak macam mat kilau. Dah nak mati baru cakap kat orang.
kot kot memang mase awok dah nok sampai. Gonne tu?

Orang Temerloh

Zawi 16 October 2008 at 08:32  

He was banking on people to believe the words of Pak Lah being the words of the PM. He forgot that Pak Lah has lost his credibility in the eyes of the rakyat a long time ago.

Anonymous,  16 October 2008 at 10:45  

abih, nak jawab macam mana lagi. if you are that smart, tell me how? "if you read the exchanges carefully there is no abuse of power implied in them". that's the best answer la kan?

mamasita 16 October 2008 at 13:20  

Dear anon(the 2nd one) that the best you can defend?Bunyi marah and sepatutnya reveal lah nama you.Then we can tanya you more!Jawab mcm budak berhingus!

Anonymous,  16 October 2008 at 16:43  

aiyaaa... belum start sudah ada satu lagi.

Malaysia boleh

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