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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Hired Assassins from Mediaworld

Kickdefella has been accused of many things. He is said to be a hired assassin. Sakmongkol has given his views on the virulent attacks on thisfella.

He has been condemned especially because he has some nasty things to say of Dato Najib. Najib at the moment is sacrosanct. He is, to borrow the words of Shabery Cheek, a lembu suci.

At the moment, Najib is almost pure. He is like a virgin, who must never be deflowered. More so by a budu eating blogger. Sakmongkol’s friend, Dongtalk, has a different meaning of BUDU. Readers are invited to read the blog Smalltalk on what BUDU means.

Almost everyone else seem to be adopting a common strategy of less said about Najib, the better. This is very strange. As a diversionary strategy, now hear this people!- paid assassins from the other side, are using the ancient Chinese stratagem of Li dai tao jiang- sacrifice the plum tree for the peach tree.

Obviously, the peach tree which must be protected is Dato Najib. The plum tree can be any fool who are dispensable. Zahid Hamidi, the professed Ghurkha of Dato Najib has exuberantly volunteered to take the heat away from his master. Many years ago, in 1995 to be exact, Zahid Hamidi went on stage in the dewan in Pekan and declared, rather conceitedly, that he is Dato Najib’s Ghurka.

The stage is set for a grueling battle royale. It is painted so. It will be treated as such in the next few days. People will form the impression that the number 2 position is more important than number 1. indeed many fools are doing exactly that. Except for Muhyiddin. He is not a fool.

Many people are going for the deputy presidents post. The haste by which everyone seems to signal their intentions can only mean that Pak lah will decline any offers to run as UMNO president.

The room is about to be crowded for the deputy president’s post. We must assume that Pak Lah will give in, despite the disavowals, prayers and entreaties of Messrs. Khairi, Kamal and Nana Reezal.

Sakmongkol has only this question to ask? Why has there been silence on the post of president? The answer it seems, is that it appears there is a conspiracy of sorts to take the heat off the top post. Every journalist worth their miserable salt, as if on cue, veers away from discussing the top post. This has the effect of drawing attention away from the only post that matters in UMNO- the president’s post.

This avoidance will take the heat off Dato Najib. Needless to say, the less said about the top post the better. Therefore, as if in concert, people will concentrate on the number 2 post and hope those uninitiated, the mindless UMNO rank and file, the UMNO John Q’s, will fix their attention to the number 2 post. Hello! The number 2 post is only ceremonial. The real deal is the number 1 post.

What is the best red herring? By elevating the importance of the number 2 post. By doing an artful smokescreen. Those personalities eager to secure the number 2 position are given extra attention. The whole idea actually, is to make things easy for Dato Najib.Enter the hired assassins from mediaworld.

Today, in the star, the journalist Jocelyn Tan offered her take on the race for deputy’s president’s post. She has portrayed Zahid Hamidi, the first to announce his stupidity, as a most LIKEABLE person. Now Sakmomgkol knows J. Tan uses spectacles. But by saying that Zahid, the satay seller and street mugger is likeable, she must be using blinkers.

Perhaps readers should know, that when J. Tan writes glowingly of Zahid, who was once the political secretary of Dato Najib, she may in fact may have been prodded on by Najib’s people. Not many people can ignore the fact that J Tan has been covering Najib and his spouse for a long time. Judging from the adulatory coverage given to the two, one would be forgiven for thinking that J Tan is on retainer by Najib and company. Now, let’s hear people say she is getting kickbacks. Sakmomngkol wants to hear it from the quick draw McGraws.

J. Tan is on all counts, a female attack dog from Najib’s kennel. A dog’s bite, irrespective of gender, is painful. But sangmongkol is also aware that a female dog is also called a bitch. Therefore, if Sakmongkol is feeling mean, he will say that J tan is the attack bitch of Najib and company. And today, Sakmongkol is feeling mangy.


Anonymous,  5 October 2008 at 02:48  

Salam Sakmongkol,

I think everyone knows that journalists from main stream media are on the payroll of top politicians. Some are given datukships by the state even.

But J Tan had really overdone it. When she compared KJ to Tun Mahathir not too long ago, I was quite baffled. But to give Zahid a favourable outlook made me laugh indeed :) She failed to spin it because it was too obvious..!


jedi 5 October 2008 at 03:32  

Alas, people like J tan, have no journalistic self esteem. Their only one shot at journalism fame is to hope that one day all that 'ampuing' will result in some form of recognition not achieved by professional standards of course. But hey, give readers some credit, as you can fool some people only some of the time. Everytime I see the name J Tan. I just stop reading that's all. It goes into my 'crap bin' immediately.

Anonymous,  5 October 2008 at 03:40  

I like JT.
She does what she does.
Sometimes it can be over the top but she did mention that Zahid's English is "fractured" and hinted that he had strong backing, what more that photo ot najib + zahid together.
These guys are constrained.
She is very knowledgeable and nice in real life + has helped me out a bit. ;)

motherchell,  5 October 2008 at 08:48  

Is this Zahid the same Zahid who was chased by the SB all the way to Sabah during TDM's overtures???

Also is this the Zahid -the same Zahid who apologised to Singapore about UMNO 's behaviour in speaka little Engress at a PC in Singapore??

If he is the same Zahid-- God Help Malaysia!!

Dhahran Sea,  5 October 2008 at 09:31  

Salam Sakmongkol,
You got a point about Kickdefella: hey! Why ONLY him [& RPK?] & NOT J Tan and the likes - they could be paid for as well, right?... reminds me of Bob Dylan's song... you gotta please somebody... [and got paid for it]. Zahid? Personally, he's gonna be a disaster bro.!

kyle,  5 October 2008 at 10:29  

If you want to get "positive reviews" of BN as opposed to "true stories", tune in to J.Tan and CW Wong of the Star paper.
Used to like them myself but since I 'opened up" my eyes through the online news, I read their articles if I want to get a laugh or two while I am doing my business in the toilet.
Yep, I read them while I'm passing motion.
Well, the Star is used to wrap MCA balls afterall.

jedi 5 October 2008 at 10:50  

kyle said... Used to like them myself but since I 'opened up" my eyes through the online news, I read their articles if I want to get a laugh or two while I am doing my business in the toilet.

could't agree with you more kyle. I was never a DAP fan or for that matter PAS. BUt the likes of Wong Chun WAi ,J Tan and company and their one-sided reporting are driving the likes of myself and other Chinese to support the opposition because it is becoming clear that the spinners of the MSM are writers without conscience. One day, when they are on the other side of the coin, they will eventually have to face justice. That Wong Chun Wai fella makes me want to puke all the time. When Datuk Mahathir was in power -he had nothing but praise for TDM. Now he sings a different tune. God knows who else he is going to patronise. Wake up lah - when you are no longer useful, you will be dispense with as well. Better to be on the side of truth and justice and integrity. We all have to one day meet our maker but then again they probably don't believe in God.

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi 5 October 2008 at 10:58  

kyle and jedi,
we are in the same club. reading in the 'small house' gives you solace and uninterrupted moments. hey, i like- the star is used to wrap up MCA balls. same thing with some Malay papers.

PM 5 October 2008 at 11:12  

A bitch is a Bitch who will go round barking how good their male dogs were and capable in satisfying her. She has to bark and bark otherwise she would not be a bitch.

A Bitch will never tell the trith.

Rick,  5 October 2008 at 11:17  

I wonder how these people get away by reporting like this. They are no icons to people who matter.

These people like J Tan and Wong has loose morals and i am sure it will have devastating effect on their own kith and kin. In the sense the kin will be looking up at them the same way.

No Principles, easily purchasable, and no standards.

These reporters justify their actions and are pretty cool about it. But the effect is elsewhere, this they will encounter in different ways in their own lifetime.

Thank you


jedi 5 October 2008 at 11:24  

Dear Sakmongkol and sHeih of Kickdefella, when you are on the side of truth, believe me, others seat up and take notice. Then not strangely, we become brothers, race and religion begin to fade into the background all in the common interest of the pursuit of truth and justice for all.

Anonymous,  5 October 2008 at 13:43  

Nowadays I don't even read the MSM and sometimes not even the Alt Media anymore - all reporting seems so one sided. It's all so depressing.


Queenie 5 October 2008 at 13:55  

hello sakmongkol, my sentiments precisely on your astute observation of the traits of the hired assassins. JTan - on those rare occasions of cynical humour, i would read her column not for real news but to see how low she could go - has shown her cloying admiration for a strange lot. could be on retainer or is hugely gullible, take your pick - or both.

Anonymous,  5 October 2008 at 22:58  

I didn't read J Tan's take on Zahid, but I must say I like reading her. I think she is one of the best writers around. No big words, easy to understand.
I've met her a few times and I like her as a person too. And she's good looking too (which i can't say the same for the bloggers from the pics i've seen of them). Oops, sorry.

A Reader

Mat Cendana 6 October 2008 at 17:00  

This is something new for me: that Wong Chun Wai is NOT universally liked by the Chinese! And the few I have read here are even a bit venomous. Thank God for the blogs - I was having the wrong impression previously.

As for Joceline Tan; I'm with the minority here - I like her writing. Don't really know whether what she writes is the truth or otherwise.

However, "her writing style" - this is the thing I look up to. Joceline Tan doesn't use big words unnecessarily - her deliveries are clear.

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