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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 4 October 2008

A Question of Leadership

Sakmongkol reads the following passages from the Malaysian Insider. It is about Dato Najib.

But this trend can be bucked when Najib takes over the mantle of UMNO and the leadership of the country in March. He can turn many of the non-believers around. How? By concentrating on what is good for the country and not his political party. By being:-

  1. unconventional in his thinking.
  2. By avoiding safe choices.
  3. By being decisive.

What does Sakmongkol think of this? He can only say, hahaha. Is this writer writing about Dato Najib in his dream world or what?

Dato Najib’s singular leadership trait is being a stickler to tradition. The elevated and made exalted tradition of the free loader and layabouts. One needs to look at his history to judge whether Dato Najib can be unconventional or otherwise.

Notwithstanding his claims that he learnt about the noble ideals of leadership from the father, he:-

  1. Became an MP for Pekan in 1976 by default- the father died.
  2. Became a deputy minister- because uncle Hussein Onn patronised him
  3. Became deputy UMNO youth and later UMNO youth head- by default also because the current scourge of UMNO, that indefatigable Anwar Bin Ibrahim allowed him to.
  4. Became UMNO vice president- again because he latched onto the Anwar bandwagon( so did Mat Taib and Muhyiddin for that matter)
  5. Became Deputy President because Tun Mahathir prodded Abdullah Badawi.
  6. He has even declared his undying trust in the UMNO tradition. UMNO tradition is pogrom at the lower levels of leadership, serenity at the top. That’s tradition for you.

Dato Najib takes risks? This is most laughable. In his own backyard, he was willing to sacrifice winnable candidates just because some obscure and dubious reports say that his majority might be compromised. He took the easy way out. In his bahagian, practising the UMNO tradition of serenity at the top, pogrom at the bottom, he has never let it known who his preferences are. The result: The UMNO bahagian Pekan is always in turmoil.

By nature, Najib is a timorous soul. Courage has deserted him, having been snatched away by the baneful influences of power and easy living.

Decisive? How can he be decisive if he has no courage?

Dato Najib can only win by being what he always is- Janus Faced. He will say he intends to do good for the country. But then, as you are more aware, the road to hell is always paved with good intentions.


Mat Cendana 4 October 2008 at 09:19  

Now this claim my Malaysian Insider is indeed hilarious! It's amazing they haven't considered the dent to be done towards their image by publishing this with a straight face.

When it comes to Najib, you probably know him 287 times better than I do, of course. But even I - someone who's just an orang kampung - was already laughing after the first claim.

Najib's indecisiveness is for all to see on television; if you don't have the opportunity to meet him in person.

Notice how he'd squirm (while trying very hard to project the image of "cool headed") when asked difficult questions ... ALWAYS being careful to give an uncommited answer. Probably taught to do that by his advisors, i.e to not put his foot in his mouth.

Politically that's good, I suppose. BUT when you're too often in this mode, people will justy conclude "you don't stand for anything" - just a "lallang" that would sway according to the wind!

Anonymous,  4 October 2008 at 13:02  

Ha Ha.
Then there was this spin going around potraying Najib as someone who can explain complex matters in simple terms for a bit as if that's such a great achievement and not the minimum requirement for govt service.
M.Insider writers are prob looking 4 new employers as their "godfather", Pak Lah, may be retiring soon.
Best to hedge and it looks like the website is hedging. ;)

Zahar 4 October 2008 at 14:32  

I've always viewed Najib as someone with no balls, and I haven't seen anything to make me change my mind yet.

However, with balls or without there is no escaping the fact he has rather strong grassroot support, a fact not lost on untiring tiresome anwar, and that's the principal reason bang anwar had been trying so persistently to besmirch his name through his many blogger proxies, chief among them the many-candled one who's making Kamunting his new home for the next two years.

Anonymous,  4 October 2008 at 14:45  

Anak bangsawan melayu who squander the country's wealth. These bangsawan melayu proclaimed that they are the one who defend the Malay right with their "Ketuanan Melayu" idelogy. Adakah ini benar masyarakat melayu begitu senang diperbodohi oleh bansawan Melayu? Syabas kepada Tok Guru.

walla 4 October 2008 at 18:55  

He's too old to change. There will always be people to prop him up. That's already happening.

There are three questions people can ask:

one, is he really clean and free from you-know-what, for if he's not, that's tantamount to creating a unmistakably bad example right up there before not just this country but also the whole world?

two, will the people propping him up get favours in return that will not only be wrong but also ruin this country, in greater magnitude than what we have seen for these last two PMs? and,

three, how will the 200 or so divisional heads as well as the rest of the 3,000,000 members, not to say at least the other half of the population take it when the next PM of this country is by proxy that woman?

Even Mr Holmes will be stumped by this one, no matter how many Watson's he uses as sounding boards.

Gentlemen, i draw your attention to the curious behaviour of the dog. But it did nothing, you say. Yes, that is the curious behaviour.

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