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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 12 October 2008

The Unfolding UMNO Drama

The hard reality is, Pak Lah is already a forgotten man. In UMNO, once its known, you are out or orbit. New shifts in allegiances and alliances take shape immediately.

Those aligned with the old order will be sidelined gradually until the new boss takes over. When that takes place, the shifts in alliances, new alignments will take place.

The first casualty will be Khairy Jamaludin. All this while he was perceived as powerful not because of his intellect, but because he is the son in law of the PM. UMNO politics do not value high intelligence. Politicians do not require qualifications. That’s the way UMNO works.

People are abandoning Pak Lah and Khairy already. His powerful aura is dissipating. There are early signs already.

At the peripheries, i.e. at state levels, everyone is rushing to pledge loyalty an obeisance to the new supreme overlord. Lets start in Kelantan. Kelantanese will quickly make a bee line to Najib’s home. The point man will be Fatmi Salleh, the one who was given a chance to contest in KB, but lost. This guy was a supporter of Rahim Tamby Chik who later wormed his way into Najib’s office. He served as the DPM’s political secretary once. Anuar Musa will do all sort of political acrobatics to somersault himself onto Najib’s trampoline. Yes, it’s a circus right?

Trenganuans will do the same thing. Mat said will establish quick ties with Najib if he is to survive. He was not anybody’s choice to be the Trengganu MB. Idris Jusoh may get back into the good books of Najib.

In Pahang, Adnan Yaakob who is seen as a pak lah’s man will have a tougher time. He faces many enemies inside the gates. Those who think they were sidelined will be bidding their time to oust him. In the next few months, sakmongkol is sure, those previously seemed meek and quiet will find new courage to counter his wishes and commands.

Adnan Yaakob has no problems with Najib but has antagonized and alienated many of Najib’s foot soldiers in the state. And of course he has ruffled the feathers of Najib’s principal peacock- Jamaludin’ Jack Sparrow’ Jarjis. Because of his beard and legendary pirating ways.

In Negeri Sembilan, Mat Hassan will be making changes in his public pronouncements. He will try to downplay his obvious linkage to khairy. He knows his days are numbered and Najib will likely recall his old ally, Isa Samad to the fore.

While Muhyidin says he is comfortable with Najib ( how could he say otherwise?), Najib is unlikely to return the favour ( in private of course) while maintaining his Janus faced personality. In any case, he can contain Muhyiddin with the ever grinning Hishamuddin who is his cousin and Khaled Nordin and Shahrir Samad and GHANI OTHMAN. Syed Hamid Albar will be retained. Even if Muhyidin wins his deputy presidency post, he is corralled by the other Johorean myrmidons of Najib.

What these guys don’t know is that Najib will apply Pekan politics onto the national stage. He will not show who he prefers but would rather let these fellows slug it out. It keeps your enemies on their toes.

In Penang, where Pak Lah is quickly forgotten, Najib’s plant there will com to the fore. Ariff Shah Omar Shah will quickly grovel at Najib’s feet.

From Perlis, Sahidan Kassim will be speeding in his supercharged speedboat and land in the lake at Putrajaya. There he will do the kissing hand act with gusto.

In Selangor Najib can rely on the ‘ I not speaking inglis’ chap who screwed the Australians.

In Kedah, JJ will make sure Johari Baharom will garner total support for Najib.

That’s how the UMNO drama will be played. In the meantime, whatever Pak Lah says, will be treated as the mutterings of a senile man. That’s UMNO culture. Hidup UMNO!


nobisha 13 October 2008 at 00:42  

Agreed, well said, bro. UMNO must stop this hand kissing culture. It is disgusting to kiss hands of whoever in power and then discard them whenever they are no longer in office. Mari kita ubah budaya ampu sana ampu sini dengan politik hujah dan ilmu.

ajipp 13 October 2008 at 11:35  

ha ha ha

najib learn in from mahathir.

let the deputy fights

ajipp 13 October 2008 at 11:36  

ha ha ha

najib learn it from mahathir.

let the deputy fights

Zawi 13 October 2008 at 22:10  

Nobody wants to be associated with a loser.

Anonymous,  14 October 2008 at 03:30  

"UMNO politics do not value high intelligence. Politicians do not require qualifications. That’s the way UMNO works."

HA HA HA, will this be on the "reform" agenda?

Ah, how the fortunes of those in politics change, the resurrection of Isa Samad? Kee Kee.

"Sahidan Kassim will be speeding in his supercharged speedboat and land in the lake at Putrajaya."

HA HA Made me laugh.

Zawi, Hmmmm, I think associations/friendship should not be based on who is a loser + who is not? Though to a large extent, you will become your frens, so choose 'em carefully. ;) Yet friendship is one of those rare, free treasures that should be cherished.

Tks sharing the inside story.

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