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Friday, 3 October 2008

Amazing Race UMNO

Tan Sri Muhyiddin says he will wait for Pak Lah to make his decision. To defend the president’s post or hand it over to Najib. While he is mulling over his own earth shattering decision, the one time coffee boy to Najib, Zahid Hamidi had decided to go for the deputy president’s post.

When Zahid decides to contest the deputy president’s post, he does two things. First it is Najib who talks through Zahid. What Zahid is saying is, Najib is going for number 1. Secondly, Zahid’s announcement leaves Muhyidin out of Najib’s select group.

Muhyiddin must have been calculating that Pak Lah will hand over to Najib. Najib then becomes the pemangku president pending his validation by the UMNO GA in march 2009. that would leave the position of deputy president vacant.

What will Najib do? He will play the statesman to the hilt, saying that he will NOT take sides. Yet he will quietly support Zahid Hamidi because he feels more comfortable with Zahid Hamidi than Muhyidin.

In the end, Muhyidin will find himself out of the game having been outmanoeuvred by Najib and his people. Zahid Hamidi wouldn’t want to enter the fray if he has not got some encouragement elsewhere. You can be sure, in inducing Zahid to go for the deputy’s post, JJ has a prominent role in this game of white spy vs, black spy. JJ and Najib’s people see an opportunity to eliminate all potential rivals as Najib’s ascension looms.

How will Muhyidin play the game now? He will have no other choice other than offering himself as deputy president. You think Zahid would want to offer himself deputy against Najib without knowing that Najib is going upstairs? He must be privy to the real contents of the discussion between Pak Lah and Najib. If Muhyiddin as vice president does not know, it can mean that he is out of Najib’s equation. He has no future under Najib. Can any one imagine Zahid Hamidi going against Najib?

Muhyidin must now re-strategise. He will have no option other than contesting for the deputy president’s post. He should interpret Zahid Hamidi’s bid for the DP as a signal that Najib intends to sideline him. He must therefore fight back.

Or he can decide to go for broke and contest the president’s post because the agreement between the president and deputy president is not binding on anyone.

If he offers himself as president he can always justify it by saying, that post is vacant anyway.

Or he can ally himself with Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and offer Malaysia a better future.


Erotomania 3 October 2008 at 15:18  

Salam Tuan,

Am I correct to presume that the deputy president of UMNO is traditionally also the deputy chairman of BN and also the deputy prime minister?

Is Zahid capable enough to hold the post of the deputy prime minister? I don't recall him holding any senior portfolios. He's just another 'menteri tidak berpotfolio' before they changed the term to 'Minister at the PM's department'. So are Muhammad Mat Taib (Selangor MB and currently the minister of rural development) and Ali Rustam (Don't recall him being in numerous ministries tho before he became the Melaka CM).

Don't these would-be candidates be groomed in managing various ministries before going for the No. 2 post?

Let this not become a popularity contest!

Anonymous,  3 October 2008 at 19:15  

Cud Zahid be Pak Lah's plant?

Pak Lah has no consideration for IQ level in his selection of ppl.

Zahid i smore a lalang than anyone's man.

From musa to najib to anwar to pak lah and najib.

Give time he cud even be lee kuan yew's man, the man he lambasted one time.

Anonymous,  3 October 2008 at 22:18  

apa nak jadik le dgn malaysia. Ini macam punya pemimpin pun ada. Atuk aku kat kubur yg pejuangkan tanah melayu agaknya terkejut beruk dengar berita macam ni.
Semua pemimpin UMNO tak leh pakai!!

mat cendana 4 October 2008 at 09:33  

Say, wasn't Zahid Hamidi the former Umno Ketua Pemuda when Anwar Ibrahim was deputy president?

... "one of Anwar's men"?... had shown to Anwar's supporters the "bersemangat", willing-to-fight clenched fist signalling his intent when going to an Umno meeting after Anwar was sacked?

...was detained under the ISA? And immediately turned over to the other side and was all-so-soft and meek after a VERY SHORT detention spell?

Chih, orang-orang LEMBIK gini lah yang pemimpin Umno nak angkat! Go ahead then - I'll continue to root for PAS or/and Keadilan then.

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