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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 6 October 2008

Who wants to be Deputy President?


The race for UMNO Deputy president is getting crowded. The first to announce is Dato Najib’s self proclaimed Ghurkha- Dato Zahid Hamidi. The person who once said ‘have some humanity’. The current vice president, Ali Rustam who speaks like the kacang puteh seller that he is, has also announced his candidacy. He thinks upgrading is in order. The others who will join, will be the man who is immune from Australian law- Muhammad Muhammad Taib. The man who says he doesn’t know how to speak English. Shahidan kassim, the man who is still smarting after being kicked out as MB of Perlis will also contest. Most recently, Nurjazlan the son of Mohamad Rahmat has also announced.

Please don’t laugh at Nurjazlan. He is more qualified than the other jokers. If Sakmongkol is not mistaken, he is a qualified chartered accountant. His joining the fray, proves one point- by way of reverse argument, he mocks the candidacy of the other jokers. With all the skeletons in the cupboard, and the excess baggage that each has, they have the temerity or even impertinence to offer themselves to the UMNO average Joes. Now, every one, Tom, Dick, Harry and even Mike Kumar can offer themselves as an UMNO VP, DP or even President. It simply means, these jokers, have no respect for UMNO actually.

Perhaps, Nurjazlan is mocking the whole gang bang. In an indirect way, he is just exposing the clownish antics of those who have announced and who are about to announce their candidacies. Cheers for you wak Nurjazlan. ( Mohamad Rahmat is Javanese, so Nurjazlan must be one too).

Now, lets see, hmm.

Zahid Hamidi with a chequered past. He was the stooge in the Anwar game of trying to denigrate Tun Mahathir. He then scooted off to Sabah. He has extensive business interests through several vehicles. His prominence is business may not have been the result of any business acumen but rather his political usefulness. Ali Rustam, who was lucky to have escaped the Lembaga Disiplin UMNO dragnet against money politics will now not defend his crown of shame., the VP but instead thinks promotion is due. Shahidan Kassim whose personal life will disqualify him, if moral considerations are to be taken into account. Against all these qualities, Nurjazlan may appear like a saint which UMNO now badly needs.

And Tan Sri Muhammad Taib? He knows his way in Golok more than Sakmongkol does. Sakmongkol may have a Siamese name but that is attributable more to his love for Muay Thai. He has never been to Thailand yet. In 1976, when Muhammad Taib was a mahasitua in University Malaya, he was riding a Vespa. Today he is among the richest UMNO politician.s But that is probably through his business acumen despite his court certified deficiency in English Language. I no speaking Inglis la.

Has any one noticed that most of those who have declared their candidacies are mostly aligned to Najib? The Ghurkha is. Shahidan Kassim who will push away anyone so that he gets to kiss Dato Najib’s hand first, is also a supporter of Najib. Ali Rustam is a dyed in the wool supporter. Muhamad Muhamad Taib will kill anyone who says he isn’t for Najib. As to Nurjazlan, Sakmongkol does not know.

What do these actions by these people tell you? They are all cornering Muhyiddin. But Muhyiddin has not declared his move.

Let us imagine, that all these people declared their intentions as a result of some prodding and encouragement from Najib’s strategists. What happens then? The ‘switch’ then lies with Najib. He can unleash his dirty dozen on Muhyiddin or he can hold them back. That will allow him to do some horse trading with Muhyiddin right? He will tell Muhyiddin to stand for DP and disavow any plans to team up with other people. In return, he will persuade his dirty dozen to stand down.

You see, Najib will employ his usual strategy. Below him, you people can fight all you want as long as his position is not threatened. He knows, those who have announced his candidacy are his minions. His real threat is the more resolute Muhyiddin.

Sakmongkol’s take is like this. Muhyidin must decline all these entreaties. These people are non entities as far as the deputy presidency is concerned. He is being courted because this is a crucial time. After that critical period is passed, he may just be cannon fodder.

Muhyiddin will find it more profitable to declare that he will go for either the presidency or deputy president. At the moment, Muhyiddin has shown he has the smarts. He has not exposed his hand because Pak lah has not declared anything yet. What if Pak lah, after the advice of Nana Reezal and Che Alwi decides to defend his post? Sakmongkol has written about this possibility in a previous article- an honourable discharge nonetheless. If that happens, then Najib will most likely reaffirm his candidacy as deputy president citing tradition as the honourable excuse.

Muhyiddin then will have to re-strategise. He has proven in the past, that he can beat Najib. He obtained first place when they were in team wawasan the last time. And he can do it again.

Then the scenario will possibly be like the following:-

With Pak defending his position but leaving anyway and Najib staying put, Tengku Razaleigh will contest against Abdullah Badawi. With the current disaffection with Pak Lah, Tengku Razaleigh has a reasonably good chance to unseat Pak lah. Perhaps Muhyiddin sees a better future for him with Tengku Razaleigh.

Suppose Pak lah goes and Najib moves up. Tengku Razaleigh will still contest and still have an above average chance to lead UMNO. Muhyiddin will still find it more profitable to stand as deputy president. He will be courted by both Dato Najib and Tengku Razaleigh. He must ponder the signals carefully. With all these people rushing to spook him at the possible instigation of Najib’s strategists, that tells him that Najib’s people and by extension Najib himself, are not to be trusted. Tengku Razaleigh on the other hand has been gentlemanly and therefore more reassuring.

The option opened to him then, is to throw his lot with TRH. He will need a more powerful figure to support him and neutralise the jokers. He will discover that TRH has these qualities. Who is TRH? A person who is relatively unblemished and has no excess baggage to carry. Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has declared that he has not excess baggage in obvious aside to Dato Najib.

If Pak Lah relinquishes and Najib goes up, Najib has already exposed his Machiavellian machinations by inducing his boys to spook Muhyiddin. Muhyiddin must stand and resist. He must work with a powerful figure.

If Pak Lah stays and Najib reaffirms, Muhyiddin has a window of opportunity to leapfrog Najib. And should Muhyiddin declare he wants to go for deputy president teaming up with Tengku Razaleigh, he will have another more powerful ally in Tun Mahathir Muhamad. Muhyiddin is a smart cookie after all.


Zaharan Razak 6 October 2008 at 23:16  

Hmm, you seem to cover all angles and smother all exit routes in wringing the stuff from the MY question. I admit I cannot get a word in even edgeways! But then you are an insider, an Umnout, whereas I'm an outsider,an Umnut! My posting of two months ago on MY, titled "MY knows which side of his bread is buttered" is a mere rehash of known facts compared to your insideout stuff!

Veering off a bit, I once translated MMT's Melayu Baru. The Malay version was ghostwritten for him and I was asked to translate the Malay draft into English. I ended up not only translatting but editing it as well, so atrocious was the Malay draft. On principle I should have refused, but the pay dough they gave me was good.
The funny thing was I didn't know who wrote the Malay draft and I suspect MMT didn't know who translated it either! If you've seen the a copy of the book, you might recall flashes of "fuuny" English which is suppposed to be my trademark! Hehe.

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi 6 October 2008 at 23:33 you are the translator of MMT's Melayu Baru. it was given free to UMNOuts the last time. yes have read the english version. it was easier to understand that the malay version which was convoluted. i imagine you had a horrendous time trying to straighten the line of thoughts.
by the way- yr expression, culturally induced mental feebleness- remains my favourite.

Zawi 7 October 2008 at 11:42  

Smart analysis which seems to be on track. I am glad I followed Zaharan's track to this site.

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi 7 October 2008 at 12:04  

en zawi,
you have an interesting blog. will be reading it from now. thank you.

Anonymous,  7 October 2008 at 15:00  


najib learn from tun mahathir lor

let the deputy fight



Mat Cendana 9 October 2008 at 07:30  

En Ariff,
I had met with Mohd Zawi is Pasir town yesterday at 5.35PM. That's the very first time I had met in person with anyone I've known from the Internet (I'm the reclusive type).

Anyway, he has TWO excellent blogs. If it's about Pasir Mas and life in Kelantan in general, his blogs are the place to go.

Mat Cendana 9 October 2008 at 07:31  

En Ariff,
I had met with Mohd Zawi in Pasir town yesterday at 5.35PM. That's the very first time I had met in person with anyone I've known from the Internet (I'm the reclusive type).

Anyway, he has TWO excellent blogs. If it's about Pasir Mas and life in Kelantan in general, his blogs are the place to go.

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