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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 30 March 2009

What’s in a name? The Cultural Indoctrination.


Malays seem to have a fixation with the esoteric myth behind RAHMAN. They confer upon it mystical significance such that, one only needs to look for people whose name fits the alphabet to become the leader for this country.

What then is the cultural difference between choosing a leader, someone who is anointed by a white elephant, or someone who emerges from bovine vomit or one who was born inside the Betong bamboo?

It just means, Malays haven't freed themselves from the tyranny of cultural imprisonment and by extension, cultural subjugation. This must be the first cultural agenda of the new PM and his team.

Those who subscribed to this form of mental and cultural bondage fail to understand that the act of choosing a leader is a deliberate and active process. Never mind that Najib's name fits into the alphabet N. We cannot undo what has become history, but we can determine the outcome of future events. Choosing a leader must be a deliberate act on our part.

One particular expect I hope Malays would adopt is to free themselves from being bonded to a broader fixation with all things short cut. That would mean for instance freeing themselves from relying on fortuitous outcome of certain events which imply an extreme form of passivity on the part of Malays. It can also mean freeing themselves from being dependant on gratuitous succour instead of actively mastering their external environment.

Unfree from these forms of cultural and mental bondage, Malays resort to the esoteric and mystical, relying on happenstance and chance. We have given an example of this kind of mentality, in the way Malays choose their leader- by looking out for people whose names jive with some alphabet. I shall be lost to explain how for instance do we choose the first enabling name?

Would it be, after Najib, it is MUhyiddin? Then every child who is born with their calling names conforming to each of the alphabet in Muhyiddin's name is a potential PM later? We shall have a situation, where every aspiring Malay wants to be named by an alphabet in the name of a current PM.

Malays are always looking to cut corners kah? We boost our intelligence by consuming copious amounts of raisins (kismis). We become intelligent without doing the skunk work? We drink holy water hoping our deficiency in hard work will be miraculously compensated? Malays are relying on miracles to sort out their problems.

A lizard with two tails is kept for good luck. Freaks of nature in the form of oddly shaped bananas are preserved to be turned into a cure all panacea.

The short cut answer to everything can often lead to laughable propositions. Hence to sort out Malay economic backwardness somebody says all the GLC heads must be UMNO loyalists. Does that mean UMNO members? He is chosen, even if he is mentally challenged? Do we ignore talent in favour of the short cut solution as long as he is UMNO?

Is being Malay and UMNO the solution to Malay economic woes? Let me put it bluntly to you so that you may be aware of this reality. In Malaysia you don't have to be Malay to be rich. Look around you- who are the ones richer and economically stronger? In the list of the super rich in Malaysia, how many are Malays?

So, being Malay is not a guarantee you can be rich. If that is so, then putting an UMNOnik at the helm of a GLC guarantees what? It only gives effect to the fact that we hold the levers of power. We come back again then to the easy solution of legislate everything to make Malays better off. Hello people, you can't legislate intelligence. You can't legislate a want to work. You can't legislate eminence.

Is the Malay fixation to the converted acronym RAHMAN symptomatic of a more basic instinct of Malays falling back on happenstance and mystical signs to choosing leadership?

Often, this fixation spills over to liberal interpretations of mundane things. Hence, the off chance remarks by Najib that UMNO members must dare to change was read as a sign that Najib wants MM. That must be a desperate stretch of logic or hopes.

The choice of a leader and leadership must be a deliberate process. It is a purposeful search for leaders who have qualities when applied, bring most benefits to society. Intelligence is a must. We don't want a leader to whom everything must be explained repeatedly to him. He must have the imagination to think of possibilities and if the possibilities imagined are farfetched, he must have a sense of realism to serve as a check on his exuberance.

We must begin by freeing ourselves from cultural bondage.


Anonymous,  30 March 2009 at 17:58  

pls take a break dato AK47
you dah mula merepek !
pls don't talk on behalf of us Malays.
you need a rest.
pls see your doctor too.

Anonymous,  30 March 2009 at 18:02  

I second the motion.

Ariff Sabri 30 March 2009 at 18:06  

anon at 17:58
i am pleased my brain is more versatile than yours. you would rather a non malay speaks about malay?
you need to hv yr head examined then.
pls debate the contents of this artice then rather than giving one liners which reminds me of something one picks from the gutter- utterly detesttable!

Anonymous,  30 March 2009 at 19:01  

dato ni hanya mahu membuka satu perbincangan. saya nasihatkan mereka yang tidak cekal membincangkan topik ini, jangan singgah dan beri komen yang memperkecilkan orang.
lagi pun, baik bincang artikel ilmiah seperti ini daripada tak habis2 cakap pasal tak patut KJ menang. kalau tak KJ,Khir Toyo yang menang. Mukhriz tetap melopong jugak. Khir Toyo ok? dia bersih lagi suci daripada jenama Zaitun?

Anonymous,  30 March 2009 at 19:48  

Ada kah Melayu masih berfikiran sebegini cetek? Ada kah mungkin Najib membuat lantikan berdasarkan nama atau acronym? Atau mungkin Sakmongkol tak mahukan MM di beri jawatan tapi menyebutkan nya secara aneh.

Saya fikir lebih baik pihak2 yang berkenaan sebutkan dengan terus terang siapa yang di fikir harus di pilih, siapa yang tidak, dengan memberi sebab2 nya. Kalau tak nak sebut nama pun, boleh sebutkan ciri2 perwatakan dan rekod2 mereka yang menyebabkan mereka patut di pilih atau di nyahkan.

Bagi saya, orang yang di dapati bersalah politik wang, di dapati berlumuran dengan wang (bawa RM2 juta lebih tunai), mesti jangan di beri jawatan. Kalau tidak, habis lah UMNO dan BN di PRU13.

Anonymous,  30 March 2009 at 19:56  

saya setuju dengan tuan. sesiapa yang pakai wang untuk bertanding patut kena balun. ini termasuk mukhriz, khir toyo dan khairy. juga semua excopemuda yang menang. setiap orang beri wang kepada perwakilan.
apa hal ni? artikel ini tidak ada kena mengena dengan pemilihan pemuda atau apa apa. ia menceritakan keanihan orang Melayu secara umum lah.
apa daa...

Anonymous,  30 March 2009 at 19:59  

anon2 17.58 and 18.02
You despicable rude emptyheaded rude skunks do exist afterall!
I thought your kind dah extinct!
Hope you rot in hell for your evil minds!
I am sure Dato sak hopes to hear the last of you all after you've gone for your brain scans!

Anonymous,  30 March 2009 at 20:03  

anon at 19.48?
kalau kalah pun nak jawatan dalam kabinet?
Ooops sorry! MM anak TDM! TDM boleh advice MM macam mana nak buat kerja! Bapak! Help me!!

Ariff Sabri 30 March 2009 at 20:05  

anon 19:48
izinkan saya menjawab tuan. mengenai kaedah dan ciri2 kepimpinan saya telah tulis dalam artikel2 sebelum ini.
artikel kali ini saya tulis sebagai respons umum bila membaca seorang blogger kata selepas ini pimpinan negara akan mengikuti tiori RAZAK, HUSSEIN, M-A-H-A-T-H-I-R.
artikel ini tidak ada kena mengena dengan sama ada YB Mukhriz di pilih atau tidak. itu hak PM kita. kalau lantik bagus, kerana DS Najib akan memfaktorkan TDM. KJ kalau di pilih, bererti DS Najib memfaktorkan Pak Lah dalam perkiraan nya. saya percaya DS Najib akan berhemah.
tolong jangan baca maksud lain dari artikel ini. dan memang seperti di sebut oleh seorang komentator, artikel ini saya tulis untuk rehat dari berbalah hal KJ patut jadi KP atau tidak.

Wah Al-Subangi 30 March 2009 at 20:06  

Dato Sak,

To me in general the current Malay cultural/religous system is severely lacking to carry us forward.

Compare to our Chinese and Indian counterparts which among them have 10,000 years of recorded civilization, they have been everywhere, done everything, they have deep store of icons over millenniums to find inspire them on and folklore of successes and greatness that they can lullaby their infant on, the Malays have only about 500, 600 years of recorded civilisation, even that presents a race under continual subjugation by others. Beyond that noting save some scattered written stones here and there. To me even our icon Hang Tuah and his five friend, Taming Sari, Tun Teja looks like a ciplak of Arthur of the Knight of Round tables, Excalibur and Guinevere.

There's not much to feel good about being a Malay :(, there is something in TDM embarking on iconic projects such as Putrajaya, KLCC, etc. and support all those sail around the world, north pole expeditions, etc.

Ariff Sabri 30 March 2009 at 20:12  

wah al minangkabaui
that is precisely my point i want to argue- being Malay is nothing unless you infuse ourselves with the values started and thought of by TDM. this requires a cultural re-setting and the process of doing so is continuous.
all those things you mentioned started and supported by TDM are a reflection of the cultural values that TDM wanted to instill.
just so you know, as regards TDM my esteem for him is never diminished.

Idzan Ismail,  30 March 2009 at 21:12  

Dear Datuk Sak
Two points of my two sens worth.

1) I think we should refrain linking Mukhriz with Tun M and Khairy with Adullah.
Treat them as their own man. A grown one at that.
2) Let's study the sequence of the home-state of our PM's.
Ist Kedah, second Pahang, Third Johor.
Back to Kedah and Penang (North) and now Pahang. Next will be Johor if Muhyiddin become one.
Interesting to study aside from the RAHMAN sequence.
Don't other states stand a chance.
Of course as a Pahangnite, I am happy Najib will be PM.

Wah Al-Subangi 30 March 2009 at 22:11  

I totally agree with you Dato Sak.

Ree,  30 March 2009 at 22:36  

Wah Al Minangkabaui,

Malay civilization has been around much longer than the 500-600 years you mentioned. More than a thousand years in fact. You have the likes of Majapahit, Sriwijaya, old kingdom of Kedah etc. Sriwijaya was once upon a time the international learning center of Buddhism in the world with trade links to Africa.

Malay history is only 500-600 years only if you consider Malacca as the beginning of history. If you open your mind wider, you will see a lot more of the Malay civilization.

For instance, do you know that the longest poetry ever written by man is not the Illiad nor the Ramayana? It is the Ila Galigo, written by orang Bugis.

Wah Al-Subangi 30 March 2009 at 23:05  

Dear Ree,

Of course I know the Malay Civilization have been around much longer than 500 or 600 years of recorded civilization.

My point is without records or verbally passed down what can we derived from it. How much do you know of the earlier Malay Civilizations that you mentioned. What little we know are from of Indian and Chinese explorers records who visit the civilization at the time.

Wow! the Galigo is news to me, wonder why it is not celebrated even in our culture today even the wayang kulit is based on the Ramayana I think.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 00:03  

the guy who services my aircond unit is a malay...but the company is owned by a chinese.i buy 80% of stuff in non malay outlets and most of the stuff is produced by non-malay outfits.
the institutions with a lot of malays i,e universities,schools,civil service,glc are all deemed by malays and non malays to be completely inefficient,non productive and basically rent seekers..

Bumi contractors...Bumi project promoters (aka Tg Agas?) are all either Ali Babas or alleged as outright pirates.

even umno foibles are magnified by malays..and few in fact myb none of our malay leaders remains unscathed and considered intelligent and honest..

So,pls...who are my role models?Siti Norhaliza?Mawi?

Eyes Wide Open 31 March 2009 at 00:08  

dato Sak

I agree with what you say, but i would like to take the point a little further...(forgive me for i am about to say something that will offend umno supporters. but i believe it to be true.)

the Malays have great inherent strengths within their culture and psyche. there is great power to be tapped for the eminence of the race.

but why is there still such despair as articulated by Wah Al-Minangkabaui?

my hypothesis is that UMNO has done a great disservice to the Malays by insisting that they are socio-political-economic cripples perpetually in need of "special privileges".

not only has UMNO failed to inspire the Malays to reclaim their eminence, they have created an entire generation of Malays which carry that crippling indoctrination in their heads!

i vote to reclaim Malay eminence - not with new thinking but by rediscovering the essence of Malay-ness.

I like call it Keagungan Melayu (as opposed to Ketuanan Melayu). I have been writing about this lately.

Please do visit my blog and leave your thoughts.

Thank you

Eyes Wide Open 31 March 2009 at 00:14  

Wah Al-Minangkabaui

"Compare to our Chinese and Indian counterparts which among them have 10,000 years of recorded civilization"

"the Malays have only about 500, 600 years of recorded civilisation"

America has only been in existence for 200+ years. Yet they are the mightiest country in the world.

The Chinese have a saying: "A family's wealth will not survive past the 3rd generation."

That's because usually the 3rd generation is so used to their wealth that they have not nurtured themselves or their next generation on how to grow and expand it.

Thus they squander it on lavish living, maintaining a false sense of privilege based on their previous generation's performance.

My point is, eminence is not a product of history. It is a result of cultivating the present and the future generations.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 01:35  


Singgah dengar lagu P Ramlee...

1. Saya tidak fikir orang Melayu memilih pemimpin berdasarkan huruf.
2. Jika ada orang yg sangat percaya kpd fungsui RAHMAN org itu sudah yentulah TDM sebab dia tidak pilih Najib terus jadi pengganti selepas berpisah dgn DSAI.
3. Teori Rahman mungkin terkeluar dari seorang peminat permainan poker yg berharap mendapat daun yang diinginkan setelah satu demi satu dibuka.
4. Kebetulan nama nama PM itu membentuk nama RAHMAN.
5. Sesuatu yang kita harus bersyukur, RAHMAN=PEMURAH adalah salah satu nama Allah. Sifat agung ini terpancar di kalangan ramai Melayu. Semuga kita bangsa yang di Rahmati Allah hendaknya...Amin.


Wah Al-Subangi 31 March 2009 at 04:25  

Eyes wide open,

In America everyone except the Red Indian have what they called The Old Country.

America might have only 200 yrs of history but they have thousand of year of history in The Old Country. And you have a melting pot of Old Country experience working to make America the mightiest country in the world.

Similarly, the 10000 yrs of history among our Indian and Chinese counterpart is in their old country. Their mass immigration to Malaysia is barely 100 yrs.

The Malays have no Old Country.

Lets just say history is the experience of the race. The longer the history the more the experience.

Temuljin 31 March 2009 at 04:46  

God Bless CYBER blogosphere.I may read you wrongly but I see that you are creating a platform here hoping to invite some Malay intellectuals to respond to your tickle. I usually enjoy the comments from those who read your blog and replies. I too am wishing for some sensible comments but am quite disappointed to see very very shallow minds among those who claimed to be of my race but have poor knowledge of the Malay Heritage...what more history and origin.
I see you are trying to invite the Malay leaders to think out of the box and look beyond UMNO for Quality in Corporate Malaysia but I am surprise that it comes from you when you mentioned about WEALTH and the wealthy in Malaysia.All this while it has been accepted that no matter who is the wealthiest ,it no longer means one race is less richer. Nobody can ever claim that they got rich and richest without contribution among the other races in this country and is actually a pride shared by everyone that there are NOUVEAU rich Malaysians among us celebrating the thought that it is the Malaysian environment that has allowed them to where they are.
Poor UMNO. It has long been the punching bag of everyone yet it is as innocent as a newborn or Convert.It is the members that has been all this while...LEVERAGING,CAPITALISING,ABUSING
RAPING,GOT RICH...and Finally got very POWERFUL but can and will there ever be another political party the can champion the decent rights of every single MALAYSIAN? Please show me the PHYSICAL proof that there is a Party that sincerely do that and is continuing to do that.
We forget that it is UMNO that has given the GLOBAL RESPECT that Malaysia had in the world despite another so CLAIMED MALAY LEADER trying his utmost best to Pee on all of us and all the other races believing him and helping to create as much unrest as possible so he can lead this country just like how Hitler did to Germany, Mussolini to Italy and Sukarno to Indonesia.
Yes UMNO faltered like hell during the tenure of PakLah because people outside UMNO was running the country with his malaise and blessings,they arrogantly destroyed the very fabric of TRUST and FAITH among us so much so Racial discourse has become a bad word and so sensitive.
Spin Doctors among them who are not even Malaysian have served PakLa to destroy us.
I sincerely beg Najib and the new team to seek out these traitors and bring them out to let the whole nation know who they are and what they have done.
They have spun so much that we are beginning to hate each other.
Traitors should be tried for treason and be burnt to death very very slowly.
They who have got wealthy by commissions for selling Corporate Malaysia to Singapore.They who talk of TRANSPARENCY and yet how much do we know that they have sold us out.
If not for one man ...even Petronas could have been lost.
Please don't let them leave the country as they have already moved their money abroad...some even have the gall to brag about how much they have lost when certain countries currencies were economically devalued.
If at all, I beg each and every Malaysian to give Najib and team whoever he chooses to run this country . Let us help him heal the nation rather than create more wounds. PLEASE.

Wah Al-Subangi 31 March 2009 at 05:36  


Our collective memory doesn't go beyond the the 500, 600 years of recorded history. Can you quote me any instances that we celebrate anything of the period beyond that.

Do we connect with the builders of boroboudour and history of that time? Do we even acknowledge it?

Instead we celebrate the feat of Sultan Mansur Shah while visiting the Chinese Court asking the Chinese not to cut the Kangkong that is in his menu and holding the Kangkong high above his head so that he got to raise his head to eat it and in doing so able to see the face of the Chinese Emperor.

We are in the phase in our history where we have been an independent free nation for about 50 years and UMNO is at the helm and they have developed into a tyrannical regime without much concerned for the rakyat except for their own elite 'tempolok' not unlike the Sultans of the old and we know what happen to them.

At the start of this recent GA everyone is in agreement of this dire situation that UMNO is in but at the end of it from my point of view its not unequivocal.

Of course I give Najib a chance, there are still some opportunities to make good, it depends on the cabinet that's going to be formed and implementation of reforms he promised.

I also believe UMNO got to find a deeper meaning to its perjuangan. They need to have an idealism / ideology that is easy to relate to and sacred. I don't believe they have that. I saw on TV Ibrahim Shah , my ex-Dekan Hal-Ehwal Pelajar ITM now VC UiTM seem to be at a loss trying to explain what UMNO idealism is when ask by Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki (a fine young man that UMNO have) the interviewer.

Temuljin 31 March 2009 at 06:16  

Cik Wah,
In your last paragraph, you are asking UMNO and it's members to continue DREAMING with idealism,ideology etc. instead of having a VISION and MISSION.
Surely Ibrahim Abu Shah is not able to answer a question he can't take ownership of and as fine a person the interviewer is, he have asked the wrong person a question that is not in place.Ibrahim is a doer and go getter.I am very sure he agrees with me that idealists are mostly losers.
Negatively we agree that UMNO has lost it's SOUL.
I hear very loudly, UMNO leaders calling for change and I am very disappointed with that.It only goes to show how lost they were and not realizing that CHANGES have taken place.
They need to manage the changes to move forward rather than going blind and not accepting that it has taken place and is for real which is a doomed perception.
Let us contribute and give the leadership the space and support rather than create roadblocks that would slow the healing process.
I am not going to argue about our oral tradition or how young the malay race was.That is not where we should look at to find faults at who we are.Leave the past glory or unceremonious past as they are just literary creativity and not FACTS...more dongeng than real; just nak menyedapkan cerita not unlike the rumours and assumption at the warongs since March 08.
The recent UMNO event just goes to show how Malays in UMNO like to argue and agree vocally violently without much substance. That is the DANGER.

Wah Al-Subangi 31 March 2009 at 07:32  


For the most part i agree with you but i'd rather think an idealism / ideology is more fundamental and all-encompassing within which visions and missions find meaning.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 08:42  

Ramalan or prophecy adalah ditegah dalam Islam.

Jika ramai rakyat melayu beragama Islam berpengetahuan luas dalam Islam, perkara sebegini sememangnya menjadi bahan gelak ketawa.

Malah org yg menyebarkan teori ini akan malu sendiri kerana dikatakan bukan golongan elit. Malu kerana menunjukkan betapa daif nya dia, sedaif fakir miskin tiada harta, malah sama darjatnya dengan keldai.

Tetapi hari ini, sikeldai ini bersuka ria, kerana ramai org terpengaruh dengan teorinya.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 08:47  

Budaya yg patut diterapkan dalam anak melayu, adalah budaya menghayati islam, dan menuntut ilmu kerana bila telah ada budaya ini, anak2 kita akan selamat, selamat dari fitnah sperti yg kita alami sekarang ini.

Penghayatan islam memberi anak2 satu asas yg kuat utk mengharungi hidup, cara bekerja, perniagaan dan selainnya.

Tak guna kita membuka/membahas pekung melayu, kita hanya perlu identify kekurangan kita (terima dengan hati terbuka) dan cari bagaimana utk menyelesaikannya.

Kerana org yg tak menerima kekurangan atau kritikan tidak akan dapat membuat pembaikan atau pembetulan pada diri. Cakaplah walau bagaimana banyak pun.

Takda masa utk berbahas siapa betul dan salah, kerana siapa, dan menyindir2.

Sekali lagi saya ulang, identify permasaalahan dan terus tackle issue itu dengan solusi.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 09:03  


So spot on! You cant buy intelligence & hard work with legislation.

Asal Orang Minang.

msleepyhead,  31 March 2009 at 09:04  

Salam Dato and others,

Google doesn't lie and all we have to do is which is the number hit in the search results.

Just do a quick experiment key in the following in the search box.

1. malay museum
2. malay history
3. peranakan

you be the judge.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 09:14  

Anon 0.03

I couldn't agree with you more.

What you have mentioned are the basic issues that must be monitored and tackled at all times.

But no, all our Malay politicians of whatever stripe are too busy listening to their own selves.


Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 10:04  

Free ourselves from the cultural bondage by all means. But also free ourselves from the self-serving fellows as well.

Wah Al-Minangkabui has a very low opinion of his own race. I remember a "Malaysian Malaysia" fellow saying, after being "kicked out" of Malaysia, that the Malays have no culture. But 4,500 years of Chinese culture had also let them be bullied by the Mongols who ruled them for nearly 100 years, the Manchus who ruled them for several hundred years, the British who forced them to buy opium ending in ceding Hong Kong for 100 years, the Japanese who occupied Manchuria, etc. China under the Communists became an international pariah until only about 2 decades ago.

The Jews have 3,500 years of history and Israel built nuclear weapons after only 20 years of existence (no doubt helped by US
which sent a nuclear reactor and $3billion per year aid) and, despite the Einsteins, the Oppenheimers etc, they are one of the most hated races throughout history - still hated by many now.

No doubt the Malays must find ways to progress fast - short history and badly needing to catch up.

Races, nations, civilisations went up and down in history, some to oblivion. A few history books written by apparently non-biased western academics have stated that the Malay race includes even the Christian Filipinos and certainly the Muslim Suluks who at one time used three-tiered galleys like the ancient Romans did, armed with canons. No doubt they were recorded as engaging in piracy but with international law hardly defined then, which race did not engage in piracy? The Sri Vijaya, Majapahit and the Malacca Empires were periods of glory. The question is how can we get back to those? The Malays must choose a good leader and the leader choose a good team. Assuming he can rid himself from the shackles of tradition, narrow and corrupt mentality, has he got a good, wide choice under the present situation?

Temuljin, Wah Al-Minangkabui, Ree and other responsible Malays - can we think of what support we can specifically give the leadership now. Dato has started the discussion and we should contribute specific ideas. I will write in once I have them.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 10:13  

Ya, pencarian leader yg terbaik antara ramai2 yg baik.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 10:14  

We want to write direct to blog kerajaan, bukan blog penyokong KJ.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 10:20  

tak nak bagi point pada dato' supaya dato' boleh guna informasi utk memperkasakan KJ di kerajaan.

walla 31 March 2009 at 10:41  

CC: 'What is the imprint on the malay mind? That is the question to ask.'

PC: 'Why do you ask that, and what do you mean by "imprint"?'

CC: 'I keep hearing and reading the same old burning platforms. Umno keeps on saying the same things over and over again. It talks about change, and the need to change in order to avoid oblivion. Yet when one speaks about change, another sets aflare those same burning platforms that have been said before even when all have already arrived at the conclusion events have overtaken their importance and relevance. It seems their minds and tongues have all been programmed not to think or say anything else.'

PC: 'And, "imprint"?'

CC: 'Oh, that's from the Culture Code by the frenchman Clotaire Rapaille.

He found that emotion was an essential ingredient to learn from one's experience. The stronger the emotion, the deeper the lesson learned. The deeper the lesson learned from experience, the more pre-defined the individual's future actions.

In other words, emotion eggs experience to create imprint in the mind, and imprint conditions the mind for future action. Imprints cascade on a subconscious level to make individuals more of who they are.

Additionally, Rapaille posits that different cultures have different interpretations for their imprints. When combined all together, the imprints in each culture form a reference system that the people of that culture use without realizing it. Rapaille coins "culture code" to define the unconscious meaning the people of a culture apply to everything they experience.

He further says that there are five principles involved in propagating a specific mindset for each specific culture.'

PC: 'From a humanistic angle, i would immediately disagree with Rapaille. But for argument's sake, do elaborate.'

CC: 'The first principle says one cannot believe what people say. When someone says something, it is from his seat of reason, the cortex. In other words, what is said is a measured utterance based on conscious processing of a question to deliver a designed answer. That doesn't reveal the unconscious forces that precondition feelings which in turn drive many actions that further reinforce the emotions that were their origin.'

PC: 'So he's saying man is a turmoil of emotion and reason? Go on.'

CC: 'The second principle says that emotion is the energy required to learn. He explains that emotions create a series of mental connections (or information "duperhighways")which are reinforced by repetition and which condition people to see their surroundings and form their opinions in predictable ways.'

PC: 'i can't wait for the next principle.'

CC: 'Well, the third principle says that it is the structure, not the content, which is the message.'

PC: 'That's intriguing because it is counter-logical.'

CC: 'Not really; there is a subtle layer of logic underneath. At the subconscious level where emotions operate, differences are not important. What is important are the connections between differences.

Rapaille applied this insight to one of his clients, Chrysler. He told them that what their customers said - the content - was not as important as what really connect them to their notion of a car - the emotion or feelings that are evoked from driving a vehicle. He said that connection or structure was the key. And in the case of Chrysler, that insight led to the PT Cruiser, a model that reinforced the customer's sense of identity evoked when he got behind the wheels.'

PC: 'That's a subtlety, perhaps only french minds can tease out.'

CC: 'Haha, maybe your own imprint is that only french minds can be subtle. But the fact you can see it leaves room for doubt - a contradiction in argument, perhaps?'

PC: 'Touche, and the next principle?'

CC: 'His fourth principle says there is a time window for imprinting. In other words, "you never get a second chance to have a first experience."

There are two central things here, one leading to the other. One, most people imprint the things they consider most central to their lives by the age of seven. This leads to the next thing - if they are only exposed to only one culture during that time, the imprints gathered within those seven formative years endure and set the mould for later years.'

PC: 'Aha, the key is to then focus on those first seven years, no?'

CC: 'Depends on what you want to achieve, also if he's right or wrong.'

PC: 'So, what's the last principle from Monsieur Rapaille?'

CC: 'That last principle says the culture codes are needed to unlock the meaning of each imprint operating subconsciously in a culture.

Even arbitrary actions are the result of making trips down one's own mental information duperhighways. The brain supplies a code to every word, action and symbol used in the journey.'

PC: 'How do you unearth these culture codes?'

CC: 'Find the common messages inherent in the culture.

For instance, the american code for cars is identity. And in the case of Chrysler, the identity comprised elements like:

Cars that are distinctive; driving in one that triggers memories of sunday drives, the freedom from getting behind the wheels for the first time, and, the excitement of youth.

Their PT Cruiser was designed to press those buttons.'

PC: 'That's for male drivers. What about women?'

CC: 'You know i have always wondered why L'Oreal used that ugly tagline,

"Because you're worth it."

It sounds so uncultured yet that cosmetic giant used it.

And it appears the reason was because they had commissioned Rapaille to find out what are the cultural code for imprints that carry the message of seductiveness. And he did. He found out that the culture code for seductiveness is manipulation. Yet because that denoted control, something their culture would be squeamish about, they turned the finding around to create an antithesis against "control" - ergo, worth, value, self-esteem. That's the reason for that tagline."

PC: 'Aha, most interesting. I must go home and tell her she's more than worth it. She's "indispensable".'

CC: 'Careful there, she may ask back, "indispensable for cooking or washing kah?"

PC: 'Not if i prove myself by presenting her the keys to a new SLK.'

CC: 'You from which political party ah?'

PC: 'That's the trouble with you, all content, no structure.'

CC: 'No, that's not entirely true. There is a connection between our differences. I am CocaCola. You are PepsiCola. Our difference is recipe. You are sweeter. I am fizzier. The connection is sweet fizz slakes thirst.'

PC: 'Right now, i am thirsty for something else.'

CC: 'Then go home, PC. She needs your imprint.'

PC: 'Sometimes i wonder whether your culture code hasn't been scrambled before you were seven.'

CC: 'I am poor, you're rich. My imprints are simple, yours are variegated. What we need are to variegate our culture codes that will help to create new imprints that will break our cultural bondage to free our minds to better ourselves.'

Wah Al-Subangi 31 March 2009 at 10:43  

If you ask me off-hand I'd say:

1. The party should have a solid ideology within which the party's vision and mission can be adapted from time to time, to counter the supposely 'human rights' keadilan and dap and supposely 'islam' PAS. As it is UMNO is looked upon as racist by the non-Malays and elite fat-cats by majority of the Malays

2. Form a council of elders to include party elders such as TDM, TDZ, Ku Li, Pak Lah, Musa Hitam and others to act as a steering committee if you like to advice and steer the party in achieving its vision and mission. By stature also TDM should be the Chairman of the elder council. Of coz I foresee a big problem of egos here.

3. More immediate is the formation of a cabinet that is effective and clean, not only clean but see to be clean.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 11:34  

Wah Al-Minangkabui

Your 2 and 3 are solid ideas. I support 100%. I think the leadership should seriously consider adopting these.

There's no way out except put clean people in the cabinet. Otherwise we would be back to square one or even triangle three.

I'm interested in seeing that the country embark on an aggressive science and technology policy. With your No 3 suggestion there's a chance for real progress . We must remember that the Chinese in China had over 1,000 inventions, many since ancient times, yet their power was eclipsed in many periods of their history.

We need fast advancement in science and technology and we need to be strong. History teaches us that the strong always rule the world, the region, the nation. We don't have to be aggressive militarily but we must not be bullied and keep on grinning. The Israelis whack their neighbours in the name of self defence, pre-emptive strikes, etc. They have nuclear weapons and a host of guided missiles, precision bombs, etc. They are now advising our neighbour; we don't know our neighbour's intentions by having the Israeli advisers. We have enough problems, dissent and possible fifth columns in the country. And Pak Dol even allowed their military aircrafts to use Johor air space.

We must not be paranoid but we must also not be naive. We have to play all sorts of balls to be able to buy weapons; big powers don't want to sell to anybody who they think might disturb the status quo. We should develop our own military industries. TDM started it, we must enhance it. We must have leaders and a cabinet who will appreciate and subscribe to such a policy. We just need to be strong so that others don't even try bully us. Remember, the definition of bully is not based on physical size.

As the above are your off-hand ideas, I'm very interested in your on-hand or further thought-out ideas.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 11:44  

Melayu elit mula takut dan keliru dengan berbagai tohmahan simply because, dia sendiri berkiblatkan America, UK dan Eropah and wutever comes from there semuanya adalah benar2 belaka tiada yg lain melainkan classy style and got elit taste.

Due to that, they become arrogant and have forgotten their roots, their mission statement in UMNO and once when they become part of the UMNO team.

These ppl keep on lobying for malays rights but at the same time filling up their pockets in the name of wealth and styles.

Lama-kelamaan mereka goyah dan tenggelam punca bila ada non-malays yg mempertikaikan isu racist dari melayu. Mereka tak tahu apa yg telah berlaku dengan rakyat dan apa isunya, tak tau. Kurang informasi agaknya dari perwakilan atau perwakilan tak perform seperti sepatutnya.

Too bz dengan kerja2 baru mereka yg lebih memberikan kenikmatan hidup dari bekerja keras utk kesejahteraan rakyat.

Those yg belajar dan membesar di luar dari Malaysia mungkin juga kurang tahu sejarah dan kurang daya berfikir secara tempatan/hal2 berkaitan orgnya sendiri kerana mereka melihat diri mereka dari perspektif luar. Dari kaca mata seorang org putih (dia sendiri coklat) atau mana2 bangsa yg dia fikir sesuai atau bertamadun dari bangsanya sendiri.

Dia sendiri merasa terhina dengan panggilan melayu, dan utk mengadoptasi segala yg difikirkan org kampung, dia akan menganggap ini fikiran "ordinary ppl". (Bukan seperti dia yg luas pergaulan)

Kalau kita tidak merasa bangsa kita berbangsa, maka dengan senang org akan "rock the boat".

Maka, jadilah Melayu bangsa yg kepala nya hampir saja dibenamkan ke dalam tanah, dek kerana tak mahir berkata2 dan berhujah dengan baik utk menangkis lawan dan mempertahankan diri dari org2 yg sentiasa mencari peluang.

Wah Al-Subangi 31 March 2009 at 12:14  

anon 11:34

Heck! Singapore I thot once got to practice real-life search and rescue mission when once one of their helicopters crash off Johor coast. With quite an efficiency too, before the Malaysian govt got the wind of it not a trace of anything was left.

When Australia was contemplating forward defense for something I couldn't recall, TDM reply we'll give them a bloody nose if they try the forward defense read attack, on us. Now that's the kind of no-nonsense leadership we need.

As for my further thought-out ideas maybe I wrestle the details with my 'council of peers' at my local mamak shop first, we meet almost every night. :D

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 13:01  
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Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 13:26  

Dear Mr. Wah-Al-Minangkabui,

What will the current children think when they grow up? Will they share your great enthusiasm for Tun Dr Mahathir when they enter the working world in perhaps 10 years time, when all the oil has been depleted in Malaysia and they have to pay for the huge debts our great leader has taken on.

Think about it. We cannot only take everything for ourselves, what will our children of think of this generation that gave Dr Mahathir 22 years of unbridled power.

I understand Dato' views Tun highly, I have to disagree here.

We have taken on a huge amount of debt. This debt must be repaid - even the United States of America will have to face this.

Malaysia is a country with abundant natural resources. And a relatively high tax bracket. Which means, the Government will on the average get quite a lot of revenue year in year out.
And what is the end sum of all.

The world has changed. In the early 1990s we had a huge competitive advantage wrt to Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. Part of it was the growth in the electronics sector, the biggest example of FDI would be Intels investment in Penang which had 0 to do with Tun Dr Mahathir as it happened in the 1970s.

Right now, the whole of ASEAN with the execption of Singapore is one big undifferentiated economy. (Its easy for me to condemn Singapore so all of you will not condemn me, but I am a straight shooter, the fate of the Malays, is not my point here). We now fight and compete with the likes of Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia for the remaining dollars which are not headed for China, which is quite a small number.

Its embarassing that after 22 years, some of us still feel that the answer lies in the past and not in the future. The reason is that we blind ourselves in to thinking what is bad is good, we warp our thinking until any gain we make, must be measured in terms of the loss another makes.

Perhaps its relevant, because this is my intepretation of cultural indoctrination - we condemn those who believe in something different than what the mainstrem believes in. In fact, if we look at it hard enough , what is the cause of cultural indoctrination - I say its a whole lot of propaganda.

And ask ourselevs, do we look at the world based on propaganda?

We neeed new ideas.

Eyes Wide Open 31 March 2009 at 13:46  

Wah Al-Minangkabaui

re: "old country".

I am second-generation Malaysian Chinese. But I have absolutely no idea about my "old country".

My grandparents died before I was born. My mum was born here and my dad was only a toddler when he left China.

I was educated in a mission school. So again, no connection to the "old country" there.

So overall, I would say that I am a 100% product of Malaysia. Like roti canai! :)

My point?

I have no "old country" wisdom to draw from. Yet, I'm doing ok in this world...

You don't absolutely need "old country" wisdom to succeed. What you do need is the determination and will! And that can be nurtured!

you also said:

"And you have a melting pot of Old Country experience working to make America the mightiest country in the world.

Similarly, the 10000 yrs of history among our Indian and Chinese counterpart is in their old country. The Malays have no Old Country."

Two things:

Who says the Malays have no Old Country? It's just that the UMNO revisionists have deconstructed our history books to fit in with their party propaganda! But Malay history is NOT UMNO history!!

The Malays have forgotten that their race has great inherent strengths. I see this evidence in the keris. Though I am non-Malay, as I explore the meaning of the keris, I begin to appreciate this fact (i've written a short series on this on my blog.)

Yet, Malaysian Malays in general have bought the UMNO B.S. that they are incapable, inferior and incorrigible!

Solution? Reclaim ALL of your Malay-ness, beginning from your Hindu or even animistic origins! Then you can rediscover your inherent strengths as a race!

YES! The US's strength lies in their melting pot culture!

And that WAS our strength until the BN sought to maintain their power through the racial divide-and-rule ideology.

Why can't we in Malaysia absorb each others' strengths - the Malays' creativity, the Indians' fiery passion, the Chinese's will to survive, etc.

The Malaysian social make-up is so uniquely formed, yet we have failed to capitalise on our strengths. Instead, we allow bigots of every stripe be elected as leaders, who run our country based on suspicions and divisions!

Malaysians have allowed ourselves to be driven apart by politicians who have vested interest in such an arrangement...

This must end!

p.s. sorry dato'. I'm a non-Malay talking about Malays...

Eyes Wide Open 31 March 2009 at 13:46  
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Eyes Wide Open 31 March 2009 at 13:49  
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Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 13:58  

I am very concerned about, NEP, the
special position of the Malays and the institution of Malay rulers. I think the new PM must choose for his cabinet people who not only support these issues but where necessary, would vocifereously speak up, protect and further entrench these.

Despite the Sedition Act, these
have been allowed to be discussed, and lately questioned. TDM has contributed a lot to the country but I simply cannot understand why he said that he feels ashamed of being protected like Red Indians. Is it because he and his family and the elite business class he created have enough to last for generations? What about those who have not, or even tasted the 20% corporate wealth? How many of the 60% contractors said to make up the UMNO delegates are Class F and lower-classes contractors and have enough? What about the 30% corporate wealth target, why only 30% and what about in other sectors of the economy.

Remember, the Malays have struggled in this country since the beginning, sacrificed their lives against the Portuguese, the Dutch, British colonialism, communist insurgency, etc. Why can't they get the special position continued indefinitely? You see, the non-Malays have used up their citizenship right and their children, grandchildren etc have the right to citizenship forever. The Malays cannot have that right forever? Tak masuk akal. And the Melayu want to give up that right out of rasa malu, enlightened sense of liberalism and so on? And fall back in wealth ownership in competition with others with thousands of years of trading and business experience, and left far behind again economically? Lagi tak masuk akal.

On the NEP thing, KJ once said if the non-Malays are not happy with the Malays taking so long to achieve the NEP target, then we should ask for a 70% target, or something like that. In this sense, he is a good candidate for a cabinet post. But one seriously wonders if he is good in other aspects of candidature.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 14:25  

To Eyes Wide Open

Ini negara Melayu, sebelah nusantara ini adalah kepunyaan melayu. Dalam melayu ada berbagai2 etnik.

Nusantara telah makmur dari dulu kerana rempah dan barusnya. Ramai pedagang datang terutama dari arab, china dan india. Jika kamu berfikir Amerika adalah "melting pot", begitulah juga dengan nusantara ini pada ketika itu.

Bezanya, dahulu, china, india yg datang sebagai pedagang telah berasimilasi dengan masyarakat Melayu dan menjadi sebahagian dari Melayu.

Mungkin juga boleh kita gunakan hipotesis bahawa, dalam Melayu ada China, India dan Arab. Semua telah bercampur dan menerima budaya melayu.

Arus perubahan kedua, adalah ketika penjajah british menguasai. Ramai buruh2 asing seperti Cina dan India telah dibawa masuk.

(Kalau zaman sekarang sebagaimana PATI dibawa masuk.)

Perbezaan: Di zaman dahulu kala, bangsa2 lain telah berasimilasi dengan Melayu. Mereka bertutur dalam bahasa Melayu dan menjadi Islam. Pengkayaan bangsa itu sendiri. Saya mengatakan begini, atas sebab, sebelum datang British, tidak ada isu2 bangsa dan masalah bahasa. (saya juga belum pernah lagi melihat catatan dimana2mengenai budaya cina yg tinggal di Malaya sebelum datangnya british, melainkan penceritaan mengenai resam dan adat Melayu sahaja).

Jadi, saya buat rumusan semuanya telah berasimilasi atau pedagang hanya datang berdagang dan pulang kenegara asal.

Berbeza dengan sekarang, mereka yg dilahirkan di Malaysia, setelah diberi peluang tempat tinggal, tidak mahu menjadikan bahasa melayu sebagai pertuturan harian atau menerima budaya melayu sebagai cara hidup. Tetapi, masih mahu mempertahankan budaya dan bangsa2 asal mereka di negeri Melayu. Ini kami berikan.

Jadi saya rasa adil dan kamu sememangnya sungguh bertuah, setelah beri kerakyatan walaupun bukan penduduk asal, org2 melayu masih mengizinkan kamu membuka sebesar2 sekolah dan kadang2 dalam iklan kerja kamu mahu pekerja kamu mempunyai keupayaan berbahasa Mandarin dan kantonis sebagai syarat layak masuk. Pun, kami tidak menjadikan nya isu besar, walhal ini negeri asal kami, bukan negeri kamu.

In return atau sebagai pulangan kepada hadiah yg kami berikan diatas tadi, adil kiranya, hak2 kami sebagai melayu tidak usah dipertikaikan.

Atau sediakah kamu membatalkan semua sekolah cina, dan hilangkan identiti bangsa asal kamu dan menganut agama islam sebagaimana yg dibuat oleh pedagang2 kaum cina dan india terdahulu dari kamu.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 14:39  

Anon 14:25.
Adakah pendekataan yg diutarakan oleh sdr sejajar dengan ajaran Islam?

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 14:41  


When Allah swt loves a people, He tests them with trials. If they are content, then they will achieve contentment. Those who get enraged, will only reap rage.

Prophet Muhammad saw.

Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W kepada Mu'adz,

"Wahai Mu'adz, apabila di dalam amal perbuatanmu itu ada kekurangan:-

-Jagalah lisanmu supaya tidak terjatuh di dalam ghibah terhadap saudaramu/muslimin.

-Bacalah Al-Qur'an

-Tanggunglah dosamu sendiri untukmu dan jangan engkau tanggungkan dosamu kepada orang lain.

-Jangan engkau mensucikan dirimu dengan mencela orang lain.

-Jangan engkau tinggikan dirimu sendiri di atas mereka.

-Jangan engkau masukkan amal perbuatan dunia ke dalam amal perbuatan akhirat.

-Jangan engkau menyombongkan diri pada kedudukanmu supaya orang takut kepada perangaimu yang tidak baik.

-Jangan engkau membisikkan sesuatu sedang dekatmu ada orang lain.

-Jangan engkau merasa tinggi dan mulia daripada orang lain.

-Jangan engkau sakitkan hati orang dengan ucapan-ucapanmu.

Nescaya di akhirat nanti, kamu akan dirobek-robek oleh anjing neraka.

"Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W.,

"Dia adalah anjing-anjing di dalam neraka yang akan merobek-robek daging orang (menyakiti hati) dengan lisannya, dan anjing itupun merobek serta menggigit tulangnya.

"Kata Mu'adz,
" Ya Rasulullah, siapakah yang dapat bertahan terhadap keadaan seperti itu, dan siapa yang dapat terselamat daripadanya?

"Sabda Rasulullah S.A.W.,
"Sesungguhnya hal itu mudah lagi ringan bagi orang yang telah dimudahkan serta diringankan oleh Allah S.W.T."

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 14:46  

Anon 14:25

Saya setuju, didalam negeri Islam mestilah pemerintah itu seorang Islam, kerana Islam sahaja yg boleh berlaku adil kepada org2 Islam dan bukan Islam.

Ajaran Islam menitik beratkan keadilan kepada semua manusia semada islam atau bukan islam. Perlu kita teruskan hak2 Melayu, supaya kita dapat mendaulatkan ajaran Islam dinegeri ini.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 14:55  

Di Malaysia ini, Melayu adalah Islam dan Islam adalah Melayu.

Satu2 saja negera dalam dunia ini yg sebegitu. Jadi, kamu patut faham mengapa ramai yg suka ambil peluang dan iri-hati. Arab pun belum tentu semua islam, ada arab yg kristian.

Satu2nya negeri bukan Arab yg masih kuat mempertahankan Islamnya, walaupun negara asal arab sana tidak sedemikian lagi.

Mengapa kita semua sering dipersalahkan atas sebab2 yg kadang2 tidak masuk akal. Kita diajak berdebat sedangkan kalau ini negara asal dia, dia pun akan berbuat yg sama.

Eyes Wide Open 31 March 2009 at 15:17  

Anon 14:25

anda berkata:
"saya juga belum pernah lagi melihat catatan dimana2mengenai budaya cina yg tinggal di Malaya sebelum datangnya british, melainkan penceritaan mengenai resam dan adat Melayu sahaja"

Keturunan Peranakan (Baba/Nyonya} adalah keturunan kaum Cina yang menetap di Melaka sejak zaman kesultanan Melaka lagi. Mereka adalah contoh perdana asimilasi penuh antara budaya Melayu dan Cina.

Nak katakan seperti budaya Melayu, ada juga banyak sifat-sifat ke-Cina-annya dari segi agama dan adat resam tertentu. Nak dikatakannya lebih cenderong kepada Cina, banyak juga sifat ke-Melayu-annya dari segi bahasa dan makanan. Inilah bangsa Malaysia yang sebenar!

Secara peribadi, saya menyokong "unity in diversity". Kita semua patut diberi ruang untuk menghayati budaya masing-masing. Apabila sifat keterbukaan ini dipupuk dan dimanfaatkan, asimilasi akan berlaku dengan semulajadi. Apakah rupabentuk akhirnya? Belum tahu lagi, akan tetapi ianya akan menjadi bangsa Malaysia yang sebenar dan bukan Melayu celup!


Ingin juga saya mengulas sedikit mengenai hujah berikut:

"Why can't they get the special position continued indefinitely?"

Saya memberi contoh...Bapa saudara saya mendapat "special privileges" sepanjang hidup mudanya. Dari kecil lagi, dia tidak dikenakan tindakan disiplin, diberi segala yang diingininya, diberi pengutamaan dalam segala keputusan, diberi segala pertolongan dari segi kewangan, peluang dan perlindungan dari segala akibat perbuatannya. Akhirnya, dia tidak mampu mengawal nafsunya dan terpaksa melarikan diri ke negara asing kerana hutang beratus ribu dengan along, meninggalkan isteri dan 3 anak kecilnya menanggung akibat sendiri.

Ini adalah certia benar, tetapi boleh dijadikan teladan. Inginkah bangsa Melayu Malaysia menghayati metaphor ini?

"Special privileges" bukannya sesuatu untuk dibanggakan. Kerana ianya akan memesongkan cara kita melihat dunia. Kita tidak akan dapat melilhat dunia yang sebenar dan memahami akibat tindakan kita yang sebenar. Kita akan sentiasa di bawah "tempurung" special privileges ini.

Akan tetapi, tiada yang tak ada akhirnya. Tiada yang tak ada akibatnya. Sepertimana bapa saudara saya, "special privileges" yang diberi terlalu berpanjangan akan mendatangkan akibat buruk dari tangan sendiri. Kerana pemikiran dah pesong dan tidak mampu memahami akibat tindakan sendiri.

Ketagihan kepada "special privileges" lagi tidak patut dibanggakan. Apakah kita lemah sangat sampai tidak mampu berdikari? Inilah kelemahan pemikiran yang patut dibuang serta-merta demi memajukan diri dan bangsa!


Saya setuju yang ada ramai rakyat Malaysia keturunan Cina yang lebih selesa dengan ke-Cinaan dunia mereka. Saya berasa sedih yang ramai pekerja Melayu berpotensi yang bekerja dalam syarikat Chinaman tidak diiktiraf dan diberi peluang untuk dinaikkan pangkat dan taraf latihan.

Kita patut ada Anti-Discrimination Act di mana ianya melanggar undang jika sebarang keputusan adalah berdasarkan diskriminasi bangsa, agama, bahasa, jantina dan sebagainya.

Segala-galanya - dari polisi negara, pendidikan, perniagaan, peluang kerja, latihan, dll - patut diputuskan berdasarkan kelayakkan.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 15:35  

Eyes Wide Open,

Susah saya mahu katakan ini, saya bercakap mengenai zaman sebelum itu. Bermula dari abad 500 dan seterusnya, Baba Cina hanya datang di abad keberapa 1400 lebih kurang mungkin.

Juga dengan manuskrip yg ditulis oleh pengkaji eropah semasa mereka berada di Indonesia. Not solely di Malaysia sahaja.

Kami rakyat lebih pentingkan kedaulatan agama Islam melebihi segalanya dan hanya Islam saja yg bisa melakukannya. Memberi keadilan kepada berbagai kaum, sementelah kaum itu sendiri memilih utk mendaulatkan bangsanya.

Apatah lagi kamu Melayu dan agama ISLAM kami.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 15:44  

Maksud saya, sementelah kaum2 lain memilih untuk terus medaulatkan bangsa asal mereka.

Apatah lagi kami, orang2 melayu yg menghuni benua sebelah nusantara ini dan sememangnya kami masih lagi tinggal di sini.

Berlebih2 lah lagi kami ingin mempertahankannya. Dan kami rasa yg lain2 patut faham.

Kalau china ada negeri Chinanya, India ada negeri India, dimanakah negeri org Melayu?

Mengapa mereka, bila bermastatutin dinegara2 eropah misalnya, tidak begini perilakunya. Aku tak nampak mereka2 ini dalam pemerintahan negara (di tempat mereka menetap)itu dan takda pulak dijadikan isu.

Wah Al-Subangi 31 March 2009 at 15:52  

Dear Wenger,

I am really clueless about economy but I try to understand what you are saying.

Now of course TDM have nothing to do with Intel opening up shop in Malaysia that honor goes to Lim Chong Eu. I made my rounds for a few years working for various Americans manufacturing multinationals in Bayan Lepas FTZ in the early 90s.

When TDM takes over the administration he took the country FDI business to a whole new height and bring home 6,7,8% growth competing even with Singapore an old hand in the biz. This require huge infrastructure investments, he went around the world selling the country not for the investors to see shitty roads and ports fit for sampans and tongkangs and the like stuff. Now is this the cause of the debts that you are talking about? Please explain.

Wah Al-Subangi 31 March 2009 at 15:58  

btw wenger, do you believe it some of the stuff we made were flip-flops. :D

Eyes Wide Open 31 March 2009 at 16:06  

Anon 15:44

"Mengapa mereka, bila bermastatutin dinegara2 eropah misalnya, tidak begini perilakunya. Aku tak nampak mereka2 ini dalam pemerintahan negara (di tempat mereka menetap)itu dan takda pulak dijadikan isu."


Keadaan di negara kita menjadi begini akibat pemikiran "pergelutan demi kaum sendiri".

Jika negara kita mempunyai Anti-Discrimination Act, kita boleh ambil tindakan terhadap mana-mana pihak yang berfikiran kuno seperti ini.

Contoh peribadi: walaupun saya keturunan Cina, saya menentang Dong Jiao Zong metuntut supaya kerajaan Malaysia membiayai dan mendaulatkan system arus selari. Kerajaan Malaysia sepatutnya membiayai dan mendaulatkan satu system pendidikan Malaysia sahaja. Yang lainnnya, jika semangatnya membara sangat, tubuhkanlah institut swasta untuk pendidikan arus Cina dan sebagainya.

Akan tetapi, saya rasa BN adalah bertanggungjawab untuk keadaan ini kerana DJZ adalah machai MCA. Apabila DJZ dan UMNO bertikai, rakyat seperti menonton cerita aksi Bruce Willis yang terkini. Semangat perkauman membara di kalangan rakyat Malaysia.

Sistem kerajaan secara sandiwara dan wayang kulit ini mesti dihapuskan segera dan diganti dengan kerajaan terbuka dan berkelayakan.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 16:11  

Keadaan jadi begini, kerana terlalu diberi muka sangat.

Di Amerika, korang semua tak dilayan pun.

Melayu tak bangkit mempertahankan dan takda seorang yg tegas peribadi sprt TDM.

Temuljin 31 March 2009 at 16:27  

1.I like the idea of a counsel of elders but they must be given definite and specific roles.Tap their wisdom and ideas but not vest powers upon them to influence the movement.Criticisms must be constructive and the line of reporting must be specific to the President and no one else.
2.UMNO must start a major housekeeping campaign.
3.All leadership differences must be identified,weighted and resolved amicably so that a formidable team can be formed with specific tasks with a unified direction. The top leadership have to visit and revisit the milestones reached by the Task Force.
4.Put the right pegs in the right holes.
5. Logistics. Solutions and implementation of assignments with timelines.
6.The President must himself go down to the people,constituency by constituency with his respective team including ketua bahagian and cawangan to humble himself and apologise if it need be so we can share the SAME PAGE together. This is so important if UMNO and BN wants to win the next GA.
7. Every constituency must have a KIOSK manned by People who can help anyone willing to file any complain to UMNO on the computer.
All complains must be replied no matter how stupid and vicious they may be. Ia akan menunjukkan betapa peke dan rapat UMNO ada pada rakyat.(THE MESRA RAKYAT ROADSHOW)

Please help to comment and contribute to what we think UMNO can do for MALAYSIANS and MALAYSIA.Please be constructive and not abusive.

P/s.Last I checked.. I am not an UMNO member but it's the least of our problems.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 16:38  

Nampak nya sekali lagi ini EWO sudah hijack perbincangan kita. Dato bincangkan cultural bondage, pemilihen kabinet; dia masuk perkara bangsa Malaysia. Dia patut masuk Demi Negara yang banyak bincangkan perkara itu.

Dia mengarut mengatakan special privileges bukan sesuatu untuk di banggakan. Kalau Dr Mahathir cakap lain lah. Itu pun orang bantai. Dia ni siapa? Lagi pun, orang tak cakap pasal membanggakan, orang cakap pasal memerlukan nya.

Contoh bapa saudara nya langsung tak kena. Dia cabut lari ke negara lain. Orang Melayu tak lari ke mana. Ini lah negara dia.

Dia mengatakan pemikiran Malay privileges "patut di buang serta merta". Dia tak pikir ke apa dia cakap? Dia tak sensitif ke kapada perasaan orang Melayu? Ini lah hal nya bila pihak berkuasa biarkan orang menyo'alkan perkara2 sensitif.

Dia jenis yang sentiasa mengambil kesempatan - opportunist. Grab any opportunity, any time, don't care when, don't care what. As long as they get something. No such thing as gratitude, consideration, have their own version of Malaysian history, etc. Kalau tak kena, dia cabut lari. Macam pakcik dia.

Sabelom ini dia ajak orang pergi ke blog dia. Di satu posting
Dato dahulu dia sudah di usir, sekarang masuk lagi.

Kalau menasabah, tak menyinggung perasaan pembaca2 Dato satu hal. Dia mesti menjawab komen ini. Tapi jangan lah kita layan orang macam ini.

Eyes Wide Open 31 March 2009 at 16:50  

Di Amerika bukannya "kitorang" tidak dilayan. "Kitorang" tidak diberi layanan khas dari segi positif atau negatif. Tak ada isu memberi muka atau merobek muka.

Pendatang tidak diperkatakan sebagai pendatang lagi setelah mendapat kewarganegaraan, walaupun hanya menetap di situ beberapa tahun. Mereka diterima dengan sepenuh hati tanpa was-was sebagai rakyat negara itu.

Warganegara diberi ruang dan hak bersuara bebas, tak kira keturunan.

Warganegara diberi ruang untuk menghayati budaya sendiri, tak kira keturunan.

Warganegara diberi peluang samarata dalam bidang pendidikan, pekerjaan, perniagaan, dan politik tak kira keturunan.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 16:51  

Betul, betul betul anon 16:11

Bagi betis nak peha, Nak lagi atas, bagai penampau la nampaknya..

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 16:51  

Betul, betul betul anon 16:11

Bagi betis nak peha, Nak lagi atas, bagi penampau la nampaknya..

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 16:57  

Ha'ah hak sama ratakan, patutla ko jerit bising, orang putih tyu bagi org kau duduk dalam kabinet..

Nanti aku check kabinet obama mana ada. Mesti ada. Sebab kau kata kesamarataan. Adilnya amerika.

Mereka dilayan first sama rata dengan rakyatnya yg lain sehinggakan...tak cam malaysia org2dia ada la dalam 5-6 org ada pangkat dalam kabinet. Sungguh tak adil malaysia ni.

Cuba contohi amerika.

(Ayat diatas dikarang berdasarkan fakta laungan kesamarataan yg diberikan oleh 'eyes wide open' sebagai contoh)

Nah! aku jadikan ayat utk pemahaman isi kesamarataan yg digembar gemburkan.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 17:04  

Ha'ah hak sama ratakan, patutla ko jerit bising, rupanya orang putih tu bagi org kau duduk dalam kabinet..

Nanti aku check kabinet obama berapa ramai org kau ada. Mesti adakan. Sebab kau kata kesamarataan. Adilnya amerika.

Mereka dilayan first class sama rata dengan rakyatnya yg lain sehinggakan TAKDA SORANG PUN DILANTIK ...

Tak cam malaysia kaum kau, ada la boleh tahan ramai juga punya kedudukan dlm kabinet. Sungguh tak adil malaysia ni.

Cuba contohi amerika.

(Ayat diatas dikarang berdasarkan fakta laungan kesamarataan yg diberikan oleh 'eyes wide open' sebagai contoh)

Nah! aku jadikan ayat utk pemahaman isi kesamarataan yg digembar gemburkan. (Tiada asas, bikin kecoh saja lu)

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 17:19  

Dear Wah-Al-Minangkabui

(1) Yes Tun spent a lot of money on building infrastructure to replace our 'shitty' roads. And btw, how much do you have to pay to use this beautiful infrastructure if perhaps you want to travel from KL to Seremban using PLUS???

(2) What I was talking about 'hutang.' All hutang needs to be paid. Give the opposition a trillion dollar credit line, and they can do the same thing what Tun did. Check out what is our national deb - RM 306 billion w/o factorin the additional stimulus and the RM 200+ billion DSN said he was going to spend. If we work out an interest rate of lets say 5%, that means every year RM 15 billion is being paid just on interest on the debt, not even principle.

What do we have to show for that. A protectionist policy for Proton, paying about RM 100 to use the 'superb' infrastructure just to travel from KL to JB?

(iii) Not only Tun is tegas. Tajuddin - Pasir Salak is tegas, KJ is tegas, Baddrudin Aminuddin is tegas, Bung Mokhtar is tegas, DSN used to be tegas, to be tegas is the easiest thing in the world. Just equate all problems facing orang Melayu to orang bukan Melayu. Even a small kid can do it.

(iV) Seems that EYO has gotten into a big spat. For me, continue with the NEP and increase it to 70%. If it works very good, it will also create history in economics. Then we can get a Noble prize in economics finally.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 17:24  

...Just equate all problems facing orang Melayu to orang bukan Melayu. Even a small kid can do it.

Wenger, that reminds me of your mentor.. heheh

P/S: Small kids memang tak reti menilai kepentingan duit...Dia main baling2ikut suka..

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 17:25  

I wonder that 70% NEP goes to rakyats pocket or your mentor pocket..

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 17:29  

I don't believe by following thru 70% would enable one to obtain a Noble price..

Please equate urself..and pls have consistency in your presentation. either 1)english or iii) or roman.

Try again next time.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 17:32  

There is a partial elevated highway (toll-free) running to/from Sentul to the road leading to Parliament. It’s sparingly used, judging from the number of cars running on it on any given time.

Any driver who drove on this road will be experiencing roller-coaster Malaysia-style. There r many up-&-down links, not to mentioned some of the acute corners. Add on that the uneven surface, this road is a nightmare. The designer, the builder & the supervising authorities should all be hanged for allowing such a piece of ‘killer’ on the road!

Guess who is the builder? His intension is just to provide a ‘good’ infra for his housing development around Sentul. That’s where the money is for the next decades.

There is another partial elevated highway (toll-free) running to/from Jalan Duta to Jalan Segambut. It’s also sparingly used, especially for traffic from Jalan Ipoh to Jalan Duta.

Now this is really a piece of wok as highway goes. It’s totally the opposite of the one mentioned earlier.

Chinaman company is the main contractor of the first road. Because of ‘many’ things he has to use bumi (umnoputra?) subcontractors, with minimum supervisions + glaring corner cuttings. The end result shows.

Malayman company builds the second road. Again because of ‘many’ things he can choose to use the best subcontractors to meet his budget. & guess who can give the best pricing, under hawk-eye monitoring & still get the job done, during intensive competition?

This is NOT a degrading write-up for anybody!

Now look back to the issues mentioned by Dato Sak, what takes? Where’s the parallel?

There is NO strong &/or weak culture. There is only will power & a vision to look out for progress. Skin colour, race history play no part iff one has a set mind! Otherwise, one will lead to the edge of eugenics & condemn one’s own race to the perpetual stigmas of weakling.

Judging from the many comments that have been posted here, there r no absence of ‘genome apologists’ for the many short-comings of the Malay Malaysians. Why Malay Malaysian? Because the Malays in S’pore & Indonesia will take the ‘handicaps’ imposed upon the Malay Malaysians by the umno as a VERY big insult to their Culture Code imprints (Walla ;-), btw I think Clotaire Rapaille’s arguments will eventually lead to another eugenic dead-ends).

Someone mention about a melting pot. What melting pot? Speaking same language, practicing same religion & generally having the same life-style is melting pot? US of A is a melting pot? These people have not live long enough in any part of the US. There r always simmering pockets of individual chasms swelling among the bigger whirlpool. It’s these small but essential chasms that give rise to the dynamism of US of A. In fact USA can actually crown the phrase of unity in diversity.

& yet right here we have all the right ingredient of the unity in diversity, there r yet people crying out for assimilation! & the saddest part is that the assimilation MUST be the strong over the weak, regardless of that the strong part is actually the most rotten smelly one! Add to it the strange phenomenon of the political strong asking for economic help to the detriment of ALL, one just cannot see from where & how that thought process arises.

Culture Code imprints?

There is nothing in the Malay pasts can attribute to such pre-requisite. Nothing, during the long forgotten era of bovine vomit. Nothing, even during the Malacca Sultanate that the umnoputras r so proud of.

Or could this be a more recent outcome of the tongkat-ali’ed spoon-feedings?

Sometimes, when something is so easily obtain, divine interpretation comes into play. Ya, this is my luck, my destiny, MY god given right! Thus the fixation with the esoteric myth behind RAHMAN.


Eyes Wide Open 31 March 2009 at 17:40  

Anon 16:38

Terima kasih atas kritikan anda. untuk menjawab:

" Lagi pun, orang tak cakap pasal membanggakan, orang cakap pasal memerlukan nya. "

Jika perlu, memang patut adakan. Soalnya sampai bila? Contohnya, takkan pesakit dalam hospital kekal atas katil tak nak bangkit? Apa yang saya nak ketengahkan hanya - mantapkan semangat jati diri Melayu. Apabila semangat kuat, keperibadian kuat. Apabila keperibadian kuat, agunglah bangsa. Bila bangsa agung, buat apa perlu "special privileges"? Kalau begitu, bukankah fokus perjuangan sepatutnya kepada peningkatan sifat keagungan Melayu dan bukannya kepada pengekalan selama-lamanya special priviliges seperti yang dikatakan oleh komentor di sini?


" Contoh bapa saudara nya langsung tak kena. Dia cabut lari ke negara lain. Orang Melayu tak lari ke mana. Ini lah negara dia. "

Contoh bapa saudara saya bukannya nak mengatakan yang Melayu akan lari dari negara sendiri. Hanya sekadar memberi contoh akibat teruk apabila sudah terlalu lama dilindungi.

Biarlah dia yang bijak, mentafsir apa yang tersirat di sebalik yang tersurat.


" Dia mengatakan pemikiran Malay privileges "patut di buang serta merta". "

Sebenarnya saya kata:
Ketagihan kepada "special privileges" lagi tidak patut dibanggakan. Apakah kita lemah sangat sampai tidak mampu berdikari?

Tak betul ke yang ketagihan dan tanggapan diri sebagai lemah patut dibuang? Tak betulkah hujah saya yang semangat Melayu untuk berjaya dan berdikari mesti dikuatkan? Caranya adalah dengan peningkatan peribadi diri dan bukannya dari pelaksanaan undang-undang.

Ingat-ingat, saya bersetuju dengan Dato Sak dalam hal ini. Jika silap, harap maaf Dato.


" Dia tak sensitif ke kapada perasaan orang Melayu? "

Itu bukan tujuan saya. Saya hanya ingin mengatakan yang Melayu is greater than this - they are not weak, they are not needy, they are not dependent, and they must not continue to be encouraged to be like this. They can and must rise up and be eminent again.

Jika ada yang tersinggung dengan pendirian saya ini, saya minta maaf.


" Dia jenis yang sentiasa mengambil kesempatan - opportunist. Grab any opportunity, any time, don't care when, don't care what. As long as they get something. No such thing as gratitude, consideration, have their own version of Malaysian history, etc. "

Saya tak pernah meminta apa-apa dari Dato' ataupun sesiapa dari mana-mana perbincangan yang saya sertai.

Lihatlah blog saya - satu iklan pun takde, walaupun ramai telah menasihati saya supaya mengaut keuntungan dari blog saya.

Mengenai gratitude. Saya amat berterima kasih kepada Dato Sak kerana membuka ruang untuk bebas berbincang. Saya amat menghormati Dato dan ramai lagi komentor di sini yang ketengahkan hujah dengan bijaksana dan tenang.

Jika saya tidak berterima kasih, sudah lama saya berhijrah, seperti ramai kawan saya. Tetapi saya tetap di tanahairku supaya boleh menyumbang membina sebuah negara yang maju dan agung.


Terima kasih

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 17:43  


kau duduk mana ha? Boleh aku cadangkan ko migrate kat US. Biar org2 melayu saja duduk sini..

Kalau kau nak berlagak dengan apa2 yg kau ada, sila la blah..

Aku pun keja opis bukan melayu ni, aku takda rasa pun dorang ni bagus sangat lah...Persepsi kau dan org2 kau aja begitu...Ditambah dengan Melayu yg rasa dia elit dan kalau boleh tak nak ngaku melayu..

Kami merestui kau pergi ke bumi Amerika yg kini dilanda banjir ..heheh

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 17:44  

heheh.kenapa tak kupas pasal kabinet Obama dan kabinet dalam malaysia tu...

Laungkanlah kesamarataan Amerika tu ha!

Eyes Wide Open 31 March 2009 at 17:46  


"Nanti aku check kabinet obama mana ada. Mesti ada. Sebab kau kata kesamarataan. Adilnya amerika.

tak cam malaysia org2dia ada la dalam 5-6 org ada pangkat dalam kabinet. Sungguh tak adil malaysia ni."

Kalau makhluk-makhluk tak guna berbangsa Cina, India dan lain-lain disumbatkan ke dalam Kabinet hanya untuk memenuhi kuota, mampuslah negara kita!

I'd rather have a Cabinet made up of 100% eminent Malays!

By the way, Obama adalah kaum minoriti yang telah melantik kebanyakan kabinetnya dari kaum yang berbeza darinya.

Ada teladan di situ...

Wah Al-Subangi 31 March 2009 at 18:14  

Tq for the reply Wenger,

I thot all the hutang bcoz TDM go on like a karaoke on a national scale, thank god not.

Obviously if you put everything on the balance like in a balance sheet of assets and liabilities for example I think we are in the black. The assets are there DSN need to creatively further unlock the asset values.

You also got to take away all those bills for the tolls because those we pay for the benefit of future generations, come next generation, less I think bcoz its been going on for sometime now they will born with presented with vast expanse of highways criss-crossing the country and they will thank TDM for building it.

I'll continue later about KJ new economic idea looking at the last 5 years which explains his fixation with Singapore and also his creativity..

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 18:35  


This gwlnet is another EWO fellow, even worse. He plies around respectable Malay sopo blogs and dive in when anybody talks about Malay rights, NEP etc. He has also been taken to task in this blog before.

He is definitely a "Malaysian Malaysia" fellow. He himself stated in one of his earlier comments that he once worked for several years in a neighbouring country which he glorified, was offered permanent stay but strangely refused it. He has his own version of Malaysian history, claiming the Chinese also fought the Portuguese etc in ancient Malacca, that Chin Peng and the Malayan Communist Party was a nationalist struggle and deserves credit in history.

When I read some one else's
comment that there appeared to be attempts in the neighbouring country to portray the history of that country in relation to ours rather differently than what has been written in the past, I began to wonder whether this fellow could be a secret agent of that country, operating in this country but under the control of that country's intelligence agency.

The books on intelligence operations include information on "disinformation" activities, propaganda, psychological warfare, subversion, preparation for fifth column operations to be activated if and when conflicts occur. The MCP terrorist activities had taken a lot of lives of both the Police, the Army and innocent civilians, and caused so much suffering and economic losses. One simply wonders why this group of people wants to glorify them. They must have a hidden agenda and hopefully the authorities are keeping watch.

Again, this fellow would want to engage us in a debate and push their arguments to us. I think we should not entertain and just disregard them.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 18:37  

Wah tiga 3 tembakan bertubi tubi,
Really AK-47~lah or is it M-16?

To Anon 17:24,
Being tegas reminds you of KJ.

Well thats good, because aside from being 'tegas', KJ has the brain power to effect real positive changes in adopting policies that will narrow this socio-economic gap which we have.

That is the key difference we see, take Tun's approach leading up to the Pemuda race. He showed his 'ketegasan' but still his son lost. KJ had all to gain by playing to the same tune, but he did not. So the next time when KJ actually makes a comment about 'hak-hak orang Melayu', the non-Malays will actually stand up and listen, because they admire the fact he did not misuse this message so that he could win the Ketua Pemuda.

(ii)Anon 17:25 (Das ke dua)
70% goes to KJ's pocket? No lah, KJ wants to even be a Ketua Pemuda, orang tu dah bising. I think you should ask orang tu where the 70% goes to, because for all I know, KJ holds no government position, yet we have RM 300,000,000,000 debt.

(iii) Don't follow how the 70% will equal a Nobel prize?
Well because from the study of economics, setting an arbitratry target for wealth transfer has never been successfully accomplished in the annals of modern history. Usually something gives, and quite often it results in a lot of 'rent seeking' behaviour which means the production is never maximized.

(iii.b)Secondly, in my understanding of the Nash equilibrium, lets say we implement a 70% across the board NEP policy. The Nash equilibrium states that we must analyze the outcome wrt to how all other participants in the economy will react, namely :
(1)the Malays,
(2)the non-Malays,
(3)existing foreign investor,
(4)future foreign investors.

(1) will be happy, (2) will be upset, (3) will see this as a major change in Govt policy and either selloff their positions, or scale back capital expenditure and (4) will give us a pass.

So in light of that, it seems a virtual impossibility.

Thus, who ever can change this formula, and successfully develop a wealth transfer policy should be given a Nobel prize if there is some degree of thinking to it.

If it is done off the cuff without consideration to any formal thinking, then when we adopt it, we are to borrow the phrase, 'membabi buta.'

I think I have already educated your small mind quite a bit, lets hear you say something remotely intelligent before you can criticize me.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 18:45  

Dear WAM,

(i) On asset and liability
Hmm, what asset, I thought all of it was privatized already. From the way you comment, you may be unclear on how to read a balance sheet.

If really we are in the black, then why should we borrow?

And before you talk about the rezab et al., please explain to us all, what this rezab means. I would like to hear your explaination first, everytime I am the one coming out with facts and figures.

(ii) On tol
I too will thank Tun for building PLUS if he gave me a RM 5 billion dollar soft loan, no personal recourse in the event of bankruptcy and a contract that allows me to raise the toll every 5-10 years and at the same time ensure that no competing infrastructure exists. Yes I will thank him a lot.

Btw, how long did it take PLUS to pay off its investment??? 5 years, 10 years. So now, its all easy money bro.

Anyway, I respect you a lot. You see, I am just poor man, cannot afford much. So when I have to pay RM 150 for a round trip 'balik kampung' to Sg. Petani, I get kind of upset. But you sir, you must be smilling - why not next time, don't opt for the Smart Tag, but use the tol booth, and always tell the Tol Operator - 'keep the change'

Unknown 31 March 2009 at 19:43  

Dear Wenger,

I just try my best to answer your question since you ask me. IT and electronics I can talk a lot about, culture a little bit, I am doing study into the 'saka' phenomena got some grounds breaking findings, I roflmo hearing experts talk about it on TV, religiion a bit too but mostly will make mainstream ulama run amok :D, finance and economics zilch! save what is common sense.

On balance sheet:
If you buy a lorry for biz finance by the bank, it become asset. You generate income from the lorry and you service your loan. Overtime your equity on the asset increase your liabilities decrease. Have you actually calculate all the ROI on the asset and weight it against the liabilities. It doesn't matter if it is privatized or not they are assets that Malaysia have.

On rezab:
Of coz.. I thot we have a couple hundreds of billions of rezab. And no I am really not in a position to dissect it.

On tol:
What you point out are arguable details but the main thing when its done and over with it will be handed out to the public like some that have reached the stage.

On our toll predicament:
I am quite confused with the 1.60 and the 1.00 toll in KL. I sometimes got only 1.00 with me confidently drive through a 1.60 toll booth. Keep the change, hahaha! i wish, it more like buat muka kesian and the toll girl let me through. Never had a smart tag, the cost is opportunity lost for few carton of gudang garam :D.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 19:45  


I agree with your 1 & 2. The other points should also be considered by those in authority.

What about cabinet selection? What kind of people do you think Najib should take?

I'm also interested in your views on the importance of science and technology. Who could fit the bill as far as filling the relevant portfolio. What kind of policy Najib should embark in this respect. Of course the issue of English for Maths and Science has to be resolved first. If Malay is decided upon, I think it does not help the promotion of science and tecnology as a policy.

Wah Al-Subangi 31 March 2009 at 19:49  

asafa actually me. i was logged in to a different account and forgot to loggout.

walla 31 March 2009 at 20:06  

for Sak:

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 20:36  

Does the muka kesian work?
Thats a good tactic ...LOL
I should try it, but i smoke dunhill, and I stick now is about 70c...

I think maybe we have disagreed for today, we leave it like that.
Salam setiawakan..

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 21:44  


Lets say you buy your lorry for RM1000. You sell your lorry for RM 0 (makes it easy) to your crony. So now you take a Loss on Sale of RM 999. As far as the balance sheet appears, what ever equity you have decreases by RM 1000. Your hutang of RM 1000 still appear.
If we model this entire transaction like how a national govt works ( i know its kind of ugly but for the sake of discussion)
(a) your crony now gets an asset worth RM 1000 for RM 0. He can then pajak that asset to a 3rd party and make lets say 5% per year clean ~ RM 50.
Even better, like in the case of privatized concessionaires e.g. FOMEMA, the real value of the asset could be RM 60 m, but he got it for free, and he can sell it to some business man and make easy money. Same example for MAS, where Tajuddin Ramli could enjoy the return on a RM 2 b investemnt for 4+ yrs and push it back to the govt for an above market price

(b) You, and your children as the citizens of the country have to still pay for the RM 1000 hutang, or face a higher cost of doing business because of this uneconomic transaction

(c)Current hutang for GOM is RM 300 billion. Wenger has a point, how come the Government still have so much hutang? Why do you think Pak Lah could not simply go and build a double track line just to entertain Tun. Where has all the money gone


Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 21:45  

...the first part when we sell something to our crony for a very low price is all known as privatization...

Wah Al-Subangi 31 March 2009 at 22:25  

i agree with wenger we have enuf argument for tonite, so sami-al-jabar you like wenger are spared from my water pistol. LOL.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 22:42  

Hai Dato.
Thank you for providing a nice platform for many of us takkira pandai or amateurish to thrash out all kinds of opinions and comments.
Goodnight to you and dear mamasita!

Wah Al-Subangi 31 March 2009 at 22:48  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wah Al-Subangi 31 March 2009 at 22:51  

eyes wide open,

just realise u r a chinese. u wrote the 'keagungan melayu'.. how patronizing.

now u ppl go crazy over a ceremonial thing like hisham unsheath and kiss the kris. u do realise every 5 years during the coronation of the Agong, the Agong will ceremonially unsheath and kiss the kris.

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 23:37  

I was a major subcon in the second viaduct u mentioned...and FYI my company is genuinely hands on Bumi..with hands on Bumi site managers/engineers/supervisors..
Ur happy with the work?Thanks Sir

Anonymous,  31 March 2009 at 23:42  

Is there an equal opportunity policy in the non Bumi companies i.e no preference for non Bumi employees,subcons,suppliers etc etc...
From wat I can see apart from the figureheads in the BOD..the bumis are either in govt liasion positions or office boys/drivers...
Bumis just not good enough?or is it cos their grasp of Mandarin/Cantonese is not good enuff?

Eyes Wide Open 1 April 2009 at 00:58  

Wah Al-Minangkabaui

"just realise u r a chinese. u wrote the 'keagungan melayu'.. how patronizing."

So...does it mean it sounded ok before you realised I was chinese? Then when you found out, it suddenly became a patronising piece? Hmmm...

Is it really so hard to believe that a chinese can care for the fate of the Malays simply because we are all Malaysians? Just because i don't support UMNO, does that make me an anti-Malay subversive with a hidden communist/colonialist/whatever agenda?


And by the way, when the Agong unsheathes and kisses the keris, he doesn't bay for chinese blood.

The keris represents His Majesty's office, and YDP Agong's office represents all that is eminent about the Malays. The noble symbolism is then complete.

When UMNO unsheathes the keris, they call for chinese blood. The keris then represents the aspirations of UMNO, the champion of the Malays. And the stated aspiration is oppression and murder. Thus the keris' symbolism is sullied on behalf of all Malays.

Two different things entirely.

Anonymous,  1 April 2009 at 08:36  

Saya berpendapat perkataan "pemikiran Malay privileges patut di buang serta merta" adalah datang dari orang2 yang ingin berkuasa dan memonopoli negara kita.

When people say Tanah Melayu is for Malay and China for Chinese, you should understand that. Unless you sengaja nak "rock the boat"

Penerimaan adalah penting dan sedar diri. If you put yourself in our shoes, i think you will understand better. Melainkan sengaja buat2 tak faham!

Satu lagi kita tak boleh nak applikasikan segala apa yg ada di US dengan negara2 sebelah asia tenggara.

When we say melting pot, melting pot amerika dan melting nusantara mungkin ada sedikit perbezaan dan penyesuaian mengikut tempat dan keadaan.

Sebagai contoh matwang dalam baht, rupiah dan rial dan pound tidak sama dari segi nilai, walaupun kata dasar nya sama iaitu matawang. Ini maksud saya perbezaan tempat.

One must not think everything comes from Europe is God rules and guidance. It might be good for them but not actually relevant to us.

Setiap individu adalah unik dan setiap bangsa mempunyai kelebihan dan kekurangan sendiri.

If you fought about race, it will be a neverending story.
Apa yg Allah mahu adalah kita berdiskusi, mencapai persefakatan dan hormat menghormati.

Isu special privileges adalah hak2 yg wajib dihormati dan sebagai balasan menjadi rakyat Malaya yg kini dipanggil Malaysia, kamu diberikan kebebasan menyekolahkan anak, berniaga, malah kaum2 lain lebih tinggi taraf ekonomi berbanding dengan melayu. Ini pun kamu rasa tak cukup lagi?
Cukup2lah friend, kalau kamu tak puas hati, carilah negeri lain yg boleh layan kamu first class. Kami pun tak kisah, pergilah.

Saya ingin mengongsi pengalaman ini. Di tempat tinggal saya, ada sebuah keluarga cina yg susah. Ibunya pekak dan bisu dan rumahnya berlantaikan tanah. Ibunya kadang2 mengambil segala buah2 hasil tanaman bila tuan rumah tiada dirumah dan kadang2 ambil serai ibu saya dengan selambanya tanpa minta izin.

Dia punya seorang anak perempuan yg sekolah hingga SPM. Melalui persatuan cina, budak ini telah mendapat kerja di sebuah bank dan akhirnya dengan pertolongan persatuannya yg prihatin telah membeli sebuah rumah di bandar.

Saya rasa sesebuah bangsa menolong sesama bangsanya adalah perkara biasa. Terbalikkan saja situasi, kalau ini negeri kamu, tentu kamu pun punya special privileges itu.

Isu lain:
Semasa saya dengan seorang kawan cina berbincang mengenai rumah dan tanah2 org melayu di bandar yg akhirnya telah terlepas ke tangan org lain, that friend told me, "U ingat, bumi dapat 7% discount ke, Kita org sebenarnya dapat beli lagi murah dari yg u bayar.
Saya simpan perkara ni dah lama, kerana tak tau nak cakap kat sapa, siapa tiada bukti, hanya melalui klaim kawan tu saja"

Dia acually nak gelakkan saya dan nak bagi saya tau cam gini gamaknya "Kau ada special privileges ye".. Tengok apa yg kami lakukan...

Saya pun fikir, no wonder mereka mampu beli rumah2 mereka lagi besar walhal kerjanya pun sama cam saya juga, ataupun

(if harga adalah sama) mungkin mereka ada buat kerja2 lain seperti ibu tua tadi tak...No wonder la banyak duit..

(prinsip yg patut dipertikaikan: hak org hak aku, hak aku apatah lagi)

Jangan lepas kita bagi esok, bila melayu ditindas, mereka akan pulang paku buah keras begini...
"Yang bodoh bagi aku buat apa, sapa suruh ko tak pertahankan diri ko, survival friend..."

Kan dah lopong, bangsa ntah kemana, ugama ntah kemana!

Anonymous,  1 April 2009 at 10:01  

Anon 08:36

Mereka beli rumah dll dengan harga lebih murah dari kita - hal sperti ini mmang selalu berlaku. Banyak orang kita tak sedar.

Kalau kita tahu sikit bahasa dia dan rupa ada sikit mcm dia (sperti saya), sekali sekala ada terdengar komen antara dia: biarkan gomen kasi macam2, kita boleh ambil duit dia orang bila jual barang. Contoh nya, di kampong antara yang bawak trekter, di bandar antara salesmen, di kota antara sub-kontrekter dan kontrekter kecil mereka. Di kedai runcit pun kadang2kita sedar orang dia dapat beli barang lebih murah dari kita.

Yang banyak begitu ia lah mereka yang sekolah SJK. Bergaul antara mereka sahja, pikir untk diri mereka shja, tak langsung berterima kasih atas apa yang dia sudah dapat, asik mahu lebih, lebih, lebih sahja. Dalam kepala nya bila sudah dapat jadi rakyat malaysia, dia mesti hendak sama rata. Tak ada terima kasih nenek moyang kita setuju 1 juta lebih orang dia di beri kerakyatan lepas Merdeka. Bantah NEP, so'al hak istimewa Melayu. Kalau boleh, semua nak lebih dari kita. Saya harap Kerajaan baru ambil langkah betulkan keadaan ini.

Mmang dia lebih dari kita dengan kekayaan. Dia kontrol ekonomi, dia lebih berkedai runcit, dia lebih punyai trekter, dia lebih memaju perumahan. Yang dia kontrol, dia tekan harga pada kita lah. Yang kita kontrol pun dia nak lebih. Tak mahu tolak ansor. Mcm mana nak jadi bangsa Malaysia.

Kalau anda belom ke blog Demi Negara, saya syorkan baca tulisan nya yang dulu fasal Bangsa Malaysia. Amat baik hujjah2 nya.

Wah Al-Subangi 1 April 2009 at 10:51  


This is getting really tiring..

On 'Keagungan Melayu':

When I thot you were Melayu I was wondering what potent smoke you were having for being so delusional. I was tempted to ask you for some.

On 'Hisham kissing the kris':

I was wondering what brought out the worst in these UMNO Malays bcoz there was in a different space-time coordinates when your Eyes-Were-Shut-Small they had brought out the best in them to offer the immigrants a place to call home in return for recognizing 'certain something' and it was sign seal and delivered in the form of the constitution and suppose to apply in all space-time continuum unless something drastically changed in the constitution.

Anonymous,  1 April 2009 at 11:36  

Pembetulan, kerja2nya sama aja dengan kerja2 org melayu atau kaum yg satu lagi, tapi kalau diperhatikan, kaum mereka ini boleh beli rumah yg tersangatlah besarnya..Nak2 kalau pemaju tu bangsa dia.. aku nak jalan pun takut...dia bawak kereta macam kawasan tu dia conquer...atau area yg rumah besar tu ramai mmg penyangak..

Tapi yg bagusnya, depa2 ni kalau berniaga menjadi, siap dengan semua infrastruktur, kalau melayu buat...terlalu pentingkan class..exclusive konon..kedai2 pun takda...sekolah pun jauh...

Aku tak tau la apa depa pikir. sekolah mana gamaknya orang tu ye..dah tentu la from over the sea - punyala pandai buat plan

Sesuatu patut dijalankan, kdg2 bukan kontraktor tak elok..tapi org yg bertanggungjawab buat kelulusan kawasan mcm setengah authorities ni nak makan/pulun banyak dari taukeh2...memenuhkan poket memasing..

Tengoklah kdg2 sekolah tempat tak strategik...sendiri tengok berita, semua boleh fikir...

Udah la org lain tekan kita pasal privileges ni, org melayu yg duduk kat badan2 tertentu pun makin memparahkan melayu..

Walaupun yg menjerit2 pasal privileges ni sentiasa ada, Melayu jugalah punca utama yg membenarkan semua ni. Takut sangat dengan org marah dia. Tapi tak takut org melayu marah dia..

Thats why kami rakyat nyampah when org cakap about class...

Pekebenda class...perangai2 MELAYU yg aku cakap tu ada menunjukkan ADA CLASS KE?

Anonymous,  1 April 2009 at 12:02  

Anon 08:36

Dah lah macam itu, ada pulak orang melayu yang kata malu, rasa macam Red Indian hidup dengan NEP.

Ini termasuk Tun Dr Mahathir. Dia kata ada juga orang2 Melayu muda yang baru balik dari luar negeri pun pikir begitu. Saya tak paham jenis melayu ini.

Dia dah mewah, dah senang hidup, nampak nya tak pedulikan melayu di masa depan. Melayu nak betanding tanpa NEP dengan bangsa yang dah beribu tahun beniaga, boleh ke? Tambah pulak ada jenis yang sengaja caj Melayu harga lebih dari bangsa dia. Tak ke tertinggal jauh belakang lagi kita? Dulu dah dekat 30% kaya korporat kita, kena krisis kewangan 1997 dah tinggal tak sampai 20% sahja.

Tambah lagi berita2 Melayu jual kebun di kampong2, jual atau kena lelong rumah di bandar2. Nak coba berniaga (bukan tak coba), tak berjaya.

Melayu2 yang tak mahu NEP itu ada pergi ke kampong2, ke kawasan2 rumah murah ke? Ada tengok berapa banyak Melayu yang belom merasa nikmat NEP, yang anak2 tak belajar tinggi tak pernah dapat biasiswa, merepes dari satu generasi ke satu generasi, sekarang hampir 3 generasi sejak Merdeka. Melayu2 ini tak pikir ke bangsa lain dapat hak jadi rakyat ke anak cucu sampai bila2, kenapa Melayu tak boleh dapat hak NEP sampai bila2.

Melayu2 yang tak mahu NEP itu akan jadi penderhaka jika Melayu balik jadi jauh ketinggalan di masa hadapan.

Tak boleh nak tanding di padang yang tak sama rata. Sampai bila2 pun, mereka sentiasa lebih pengalaman dan lebih pandai berniaga. Pikir lah, beribu tahun beza pengalaman. Jangan lah Melayu sombong, angkuh dengan ha nya 20% kaya korporat, atau bergelora dengan bayang2 liberal lah konon.

Ingat, negeri China pun ada sistem hak istimewa di beri kapada yang tak bernasib baik antara mereka. Beratus tahun Kerajaan Manchu rijabkan 50% jawatan2 tinggi kapada orang2 di selatan negeri China kerana mereka kurang maju.
Mereka yang komplen di Malaysia harus baca sejarah negeri China. Melayu2 yang rasa malu kerana NEP pun harus baca dan sedarkan diri.

Anonymous,  1 April 2009 at 13:34  

Wah Dato'
Tak sangka ianya di buka sebagai ruang berdebat DEB pula.

Tuan Speaker, minta lalu

Kepada Anomyous terakhir,
Kalau DEB diguna pakai seperti sedia ada, yg mendapat nikmat adalah orang Melayu yg kompetitif. Yg ketinggalan terus ke tinggalan.
Ini kita boleh lihat dari cara pengagihan tender - mereka yg berkawan dengan orang orang besar (kira kompetitif dar segi 'know-who teknologi') lebih senang mendapat kontrek dari meraka yg tinggal dirumah atap.
Itu sekadar komen saya, tak nak jolok sarang tebuan, takut disengat ni, kulit ku sensitif

Anonymous,  1 April 2009 at 15:22  

Wenger, kiranya kau ni kompetitif la yer, maka kau berani bertegang urat cakap cam gitu..

Aku nak cari data ni..apa pencapaian kau dari dulu sampai skrg. Dan juga nak tau pencapaian ahli keluarga kau dalam memahami erti kompetitif.

Kalau kau dan sedara kau faham, ada mungkin kami nak kau buat buku supaya kami ni boleh belajar..

Atau kau hanya cakap ikut sedap mulut dan tekak kau, tapi hati kau pun tak berapa faham apa yg mulut kau sebut.

Atau kau ada mempunyai kepentingan2tertentu...

Atau kau ni main hangguk aja selagi kau ada kepentingan, esok2 kau tak mendapat tempat, mula la kau mengumpat pemimpin yg ada...

Bercakap, berfikir dan melaksanakan sesuatu atas kepentingan org ramai, bukan tembolok sendir aja ok.. Fikir juga tembolok anak2 kau cucu2 kau.

Sebab ada mungkin kalau kau tak fikir panjang, tembolok kau akan dikerat oleh yahudi atau org2 yg nak menindas.

Anonymous,  1 April 2009 at 15:24  

Kulit org takda pendirian memang sensitif. Tak cukup antibodi lemah. Kulit pun dah menunjukkan diri.

Orang jantan apa kulit lembut ni, Auww!! Tak rela mak..

Anonymous,  1 April 2009 at 16:08  

Tukarlah apa cara dan sistem sekalipun, kalau yg diatas tu dan kuncu2 tak telus, baik camna pun akan ada org yg lagi pandai boleh buat2 mcm2 cara utk "abuse"

Maklum sistem ciptaan manusia ni, takleh lawan dengan sistem dan law dari Allah. Manusia punya law, akan ada saja kekurangan. Lebih2 bila abuse.

Tommy Yewfigure 1 April 2009 at 16:36  

Hi All,
U guys just carry on, ok? Just pretend I’m not here. I just want to be the 100th comment here; good feng shui mah, especially on April Fool’s Day!
Thanks Dato Sak for your patience.

Anonymous,  1 April 2009 at 17:23  

Wenger J Khairy

Masih lagi ada kaitan dengan tajuk asal - pemilihan kabinet dan dasar Kerajaan baru.

Memang lah kita harap tukar cara implementasi DEB. Luaskan penerima faedah DEB. Lebihkan tender2 yang di khaskan kpd kontrekter B'putra sahaja. Terutama kontrek kelas rendah.

Projek besar2 harus di buat competitive bidding, tidak closed and negotiated dengan yang buat proposal sahja. Supaya boleh elakkan "you know who" kind of competition. Tentukan ada projek2 besar yang dikhaskan untuk B'putra, dan competitive bidding/ tender juga.

Projek2 besar untuk B'putra, syaratkan supaya sebahagian besar kerja2 di laksanakan oleh kontrekter B'putra. Jangan benarkan wholesale sub-contracting kapada bukan B'putera.

Hampir tiada rumah atap lagi sekarang tapi kontrekter Kelas F ada yang tinggal di kampong. Kasi dia orang rasa faedah DEB lah.

Kita jolok lah mana yang boleh. Ikut cara yang baik, buat cadangan di blog, takkan kena sengat. PRU13 tak lama lagi.

Kalau kena sengat pun, kita cari ubat. Atau sengeh sahja cara Melayu lama. Jolok, tak boleh diam sahja. Nak ikut cara bangsa2 lain -ambil peluang, gunakan kesempatan bila2 ada.

Amacam? pikiran cetek ke ini? Kita coba, tak salah.

Anonymous,  1 April 2009 at 19:03  

Anon 12:02

"Ingat, negeri China pun ada sistem hak istimewa di beri kapada yang tak bernasib baik antara mereka. Beratus tahun Kerajaan Manchu rijabkan 50% jawatan2 tinggi kapada orang2 di selatan negeri China kerana mereka kurang maju.
Mereka yang komplen di Malaysia harus baca sejarah negeri China. Melayu2 yang rasa malu kerana NEP pun harus baca dan sedarkan diri."

Hahahahaha....dasar negara kita disamakan dan dihalalkan kerana Kerajaan Manchu pun buat sama....hohoho. Itu kerajaan yang wujud ratusan tahun lalu. Abang oi...itu sebab Kerajaan Manchu digulingkan 100 tahun yang lalu. Nak belajar sejarah? Belajarlah mengapa Kerajaan Manchu digulingkan? Kerana dasar tidak adil dan pada masa yang sama, pendekar-pendekarnya yang terlalu gian dengan kuasa dan kekayaan dan tidak peduli dengan kesengsaraan rakyat. Ekonomi pun mundur kerana Dasar Tutup Pintu akibat kesempitan minda kerajaan pada masa itu. Rakyat sengsara lagi.

Hmmm....bila tengok semula....ada sedikit persamaan kerajaan Manchu masa itu dengan kerajaan UMNO kita ni sekarang.....haha. Abang patut juga belajar Sejarah China lah.

Anonymous,  1 April 2009 at 20:05  

Aku dah rasa dah. Jenis 19:03 ni mesti belit punya.

Bukan dia tak paham yang kita maksudkan ia lah prinsip bantu yang kurang maju, tak kesah zaman nya. Tapi dia mesti nak putar belitkan.

Entah dia sedar ke tidak Manchu tu kuasa asing yang telah menawan negeri China dan memerintah nenek moyang dia banyak ratus tahun. Orang di selatan negeri China tak tahan azab sangsara, ada yang cabut lari sekitar pertengahan abad 19, sebahagian nya masuk ke Malaya. Yang di Penang minta Resident General British campur tangan supaya menyelamatkan lombong2 bijeh timah mereka di Perak, akibat nya Perjanjian Pangkor 1874 dan mula nya Penjajah British memerintah di Malaya. Ini lah jenis nya.

Nanti dia kata pulak orang dia lawan Portugis di Melaka, Chin Peng dan pengganas2 komunis di Malaya dulu patut di puji dan macam macam lagi mengarut.

Tak guna layan jenis ini. Dia mesti nak coba menang walau apa pun, nak lebih, tak kira apa. Jenis dia minta British campur tangan hingga British masuk perintah negara Malaya, aku tak mahu campur dia, tak mahu respon lagi. Biar dia shiok sendiri lah.

Anonymous,  1 April 2009 at 20:35  

Wahai Anonymous 5:23 (17:23),
Saya setuju dengan prinsip tersebut. Panggilah mawar dengan nama DEB, NEP ataupun KJEP (paling bes), namun yang penting adalah samada nikmat dapat dirasai oleh kaum Bumiputera di kampong yang jelaslah jauh ketinggalan.

Walaupun konsep sebegini berdasarkan nilai nilai yang murni, ianya senang diekploitasi. Makmumlah, kita kan manusia dan kalau polisi yang dibanggunkan kelak tu ada kelemahan dari segi falsafah, pendekataan dan KPInya, ia akan di salah guna oleh orang orang tertentu.

Misalnya, kita kata agihkan 1,000kontrek bernilai RM 200,000 ke bawah (peruntukuan RM 200j bagi mereka yg lingkup matematik,...ahem..), siapa yang bakal dapat. Kalau mengikut perhitungan saya, yg bakal adalah kroni jugak, mungkin mereka yg menjadi ketua cawangan dan suku sakatnya. Mereka tu dah kira yg paling kaya dikampung, berumah besar, berbini dua, berbadan tegap. Bukan mudah, bro....

Oleh yg demikian kita memerlukan mereka yg berpelajaraan tinggi untuk menggubal dasar dasar tersebut. Mereka yg paham selok belok ekonomi dan politik dan mampu berdikari kerana kita tahu, tekanan politik akan tertimbul apabila ianya berkaitan wang dan kuasa.

Mari kita renunglah, sama ada kita hendak pemimpin yg bakal memberi pendekataan yg baru ataupun terus terikut ikut budaya Melayu yang penuh dengan hasad dan rasa dengki, tanpa mendatangkan apa apa faedah kelak.

Yg anonymous lain tu umpama beruk. Tak paham apa yg aku hujah ni

Wah Al-Subangi 1 April 2009 at 22:55  

Misalnya, kita kata agihkan 1,000kontrek bernilai RM 200,000 ke bawah (peruntukuan RM 200j bagi mereka yg lingkup matematik,...ahem..), siapa yang bakal dapat. Kalau mengikut perhitungan saya, yg bakal adalah kroni jugak, mungkin mereka yg menjadi ketua cawangan dan suku sakatnya. Mereka tu dah kira yg paling kaya dikampung, berumah besar, berbini dua, berbadan tegap. Bukan mudah, bro....

menarik wenger.. ini sudah tentu merujuk kepada kontraktor klas F yang merupakan satu demography pengundi yang penting bagi UMNO.

depa ni kena diuruskan dengan bijaksana dan telus. duit sampai kesasaran nya dan matlamat nak menjana ekonomi di kg dan membina kemahiran mat2 yang fail maths ni bermula dari kelas F dan yg berkebolehan seterusnya graduate ke kelas2 yang lebih besar tercapai.

disini aku nampak dua pendekatan yang contrasting antara Pak Lah dan Najib.

kalau aku masih ingat Pak Lah dalam antara ucapannya yang terdahulu selepas dia jadi PM mungkin dalam PAU yang dulu dia dengan angkuhnya menyuruh kesemua lebih kurang 30,000 kontraktor kelas F bumiputera cari keja lain.

terkejut beruk aku dengar, ini dari seorang politician yang senior ni yang patut tau betapa pentingnya demography ni kepada UMNO, ini dah jelas Pak Lah jauh pada degup nadi rakyat. lepas tu dia kelam kabut kow-tow balik dengan kontraktor2 kelas F, ini salah satu dia punya flip-flop yang paling dahulu. flip-flop dia semua adalah sebab jauh nya dia dari degup nadi rakyat. sapa smart alec yang advice Pak Lah ni..

ds najib dalam ucapan pada PAU yang lepas telah menyentuh isu kontraktor kelas F ni dan berkata dia akan membela nasib depa. Secara langsung mengesahkan betapa pentingnya depa kepada UMNO dan betapa dekatnya Najib dengan degup nadi rakyat. ds najib dengan bijaksana secara halus telah memberitahu rakyat marhean UMNO dia BUKAN Pak Lah. in ds najib betul2 1st class politician. ini betul2 naikkan semangat aku, of coz kalau diikuti pelaksanaan yang bijaksana dan telus.

point aku betul kena cari leader yang intelligent, boleh pikirkan penyelesaian kepada isu2 besar yang dihadapi oleh bangsa Melayu tapi kematangan dan kebijaksanaan yang tinggi juga penting.

kalau setakat raw intelligence belambak dalam UMNO ni, berapa sangat beza antara satu dengan lain? banyak yang grad dari ivy league university tapi intelligense + maturity + wisdom dan dekat pada degup nadi rakyat membuat perbezaan langit dan bumi.

what do u think of tok pa? grad double first from a top aussie U.

Wah Al-Subangi 1 April 2009 at 23:23  

of coz on top of semua tu, leader tu kena clean.

Anonymous,  2 April 2009 at 00:05  

tok pa tu baik, tapi Oxford saya rasa ranking nya lebih tinggi.

Saya setuju dengan pendapatmu. Kontraktor klass F merupakan benteng kuat UMNO dan tidak harus dipermain-mainkan

Anonymous,  2 April 2009 at 08:56  


I sincerely and seriously wish to know the kind of support KJ has in order to understand whether it really represents the entire spectrum of Malay youths, whether the majority of Malay youths nowadays have an entirely different set of values from what I had known, and whether I can accept KJ as a leader. Since you are a strong KJ supporter, perhaps you can give me some ideas on

- the various categories of his supporters: age groups, occupations, education levels, domicile (urban or rural).

- the 304 voters at the GA: also as above. And how many of them you think hold Division and Branch posts, even as ordinary c'ttee members.

- the Setiakawan and Mat Rempit groups. I don't understand the latter group - what I read and heard about them are mostly negative and have been wondering how come KJ identify himself with them and what has he done to bring the negative types into the fold.

We have read and heard enough of the usual commments for and againnst KJ. Dato Sak has given his views on those, some I disagree but I respect them.

Now let's hear about his supporters and GA voters so that we can understand him and his position more.

Anonymous,  2 April 2009 at 09:12  

Wenger, org cam kau ni la yg org nyampah. cakap bagus2 nak tolong melayu, tapi sendiri panggil org lain beruk. Orang akan fikir, kita2yg at least boleg gak layan blog ni kau panggil beruk, apalagi org kampung yg tak reti apa pun.

Apa punya org la lu...Aku kompem, berapi pun kau cakap, mulai saat ni kau dan mentor kau sampai "toben" pun org tak layan..
Aku nak tengok la lepas ni nasib kau camna...Teringin nak tengok daya kompetitif kau tu...

Melayu pandai2 bukan takda, ramai juga. Jangan lah kita downgrade bangsa kita sendiri. Cuma yg jadi downgrade tu, sebab melayu2 pandai ni punya perangai2 yg bertentangan dengan nilai2 etika murni. Mungkin banyak ilmu tapi pengisian diri tu kurang.. Itu pasal byk ikut perangai syaitan...

Aku masih nak berbalik pada ajaran Islam juga, aspirasi aku untuk Melayu dan Malaysia adalah seorang Islam yg berpengetahuan tinggi dalam islam dan pada masa yg sama mempunyai ilmu2 dalam bidang2 sains dan teknologi dan apa2 yg diperlukan lah untuk bersaing dalam dunia mencabar...

Jadi, bila begini, manusia itu punya nilai diri yg tinggi, ilmu yg dimanfaatkan kepada manusia lain dan juga dirinya sendiri.

3 perkara ini penting; diri sendiri dalam memperkasakan diri menjadi manusia yg tinggi nilainya, ilmu untuk masyarakat tanpa melupakan Allah swt.

Org begini saja yg tahu nilai undang2 dan dapat menjalankan keadilan. Tidak dapat adil seseorang itu jikalau hatinya bukan kepada Allah swt.

Bila org tersebut memikirkan keadilan, dia sebenarnya takut pada Allah swt. Dia akan menjalankan haq dan adil kepada manusia kerana inilah suruhan Allah swt.

Dan semestinya nilai2 islam itu perlu dijaga dan yg boleh menjalankannya hanyalah pemerintah yg beragama Islam.

Yg lain2 patut menghormati dan kamu2 yg lain juga tidak akan dianiaya.

Masalahnya, dimanakah org pemimpin) itu?

Anonymous,  2 April 2009 at 21:07  

Salam, saya rasa tersangat kelakar membaca comment eyes wide open mengenai amerika buka 'pintu' untok semua kaum. Kamu belum kebulur lagi tinggal diMsia ni. Yang kamu nak ialah segala2nya, typical of bangsa tidak mengenang budi.

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