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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 6 March 2009

An Afternoon with Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah(4)

Khir Toyo? Can we ever forgive him for losing out the premier state of Selangor? He lost Selangor for us. That should be the main point to nail him. How can you want somebody who lost something precious to us, to now lead us?

TRH was emphatic on that. Any self respecting CEO who had lost the crown jewel in the company's portfolio would have offered to resign. Any self respecting Samurai would have offered to perform Seppuku.

I hope the delegates to the Pemuda Assembly read this. For all his stage-managed triumphant performance at the debate between the 3 contenders, Khir will never be able to erase the ignominy of losing out Selangor. And he had the gall of attributing that loss to lack of support from the federal government. And he aggravated our disappointment when he attributed the loss to being not nationalistic and religious enough.

Is Khir Toyo forgetful of the fact that Selangor is the most cosmopolitan of states in Malaysia? He seems to forget that he is MB of a state where there is a sizeable population of independent minded and educated non Malays. He is not addressing the Utusan Malaysia crowd per se mind you. There are the Malaysiakini and Malaysia Today crowds, those Star and Straits Times crowd and so forth. It is the person like Khir that pulls UMNO into the whirlpool of racism.

UMNO was never a racist party. Stresses TRH. Yes, it looks after Malay interests but it was never a racist party. The party that Tunku Abdul Rahman fought for, the party Tun Razak struggled for was a party that was mindful of Malay interests. But it fought for these interests with dignity, respect for others, tolerant of others' interests and stayed the course with the rule of law.

UMNO is teetering on the brink of moribund nationalism and descending into an abyss of pure brinkmanship. Surely when Khir Toyo placed blame to the federal government for being not supportive enough and UMNO being not Malay and Islamic enough, these are just an outpouring of brinkmanship.

So, ignore his comely camaraderie, back slapping and newly found sportsmanship of exchanging lewd and bawdy jokes with the delegates. The objective remains, to find the right and better leader for UMNO youth.

The UMNO youth leader of the now and future should be one who has the mental presence and wherewithal to adopt an inclusive political approach.

Tengku, I said, UMNO appears to have alienated the younger generation. Ask any young voter who they wish to vote, probably 8 out of 10 will vote for the opposition.

Yes indeed said TRH. You pun tahu- during elections. Tengok saluran 2 dan 3. Mana ada nak pergi undi BN?

The pemuda leadership has failed miserably to attract the youth of today.

There was a sad tone in TRH when he said that. TRH placed the blame principally on Hishamudin Hussein.

John Pang who was also sitting in the session knew that I would come to the issue of Khairy Jamaluddin.

YM Tengku, Dato Ariff is currently embroiled in a polemic with other bloggers on the issue of KJ. He has put interesting arguments to which non Malay UMNO watchers such as myself and liberal minded Malays are warming up to.

A nice intermission I thought. Tengku I said, I am supporting KJ not because of KJ simpliciter. For your information I have never met the young man nor do I know him. I am supporting for what he represents. And what he represents, whether KJ knows this or not, is a symbol for opportunities for anybody who comes after KJ- my children, the children of anybody out there who wants to participate in UMNO. KJ represents a symbol that anyone can free himself or herself from the tyranny of being judged on account of your genealogy, blood ties, or on account of the post you held before. KJ represents hope for the unnamed masses, the digits that make up the majority of UMNO members.

That is the principal reason why I have endured the virulent and trenchant criticisms that have found their way into my blog. And I have not censored them.

TRH gave a thoughtful reply.

Indeed among the 3 candidates, KJ is the more suitable candidate. He is smart and during these times, we need smart leadership. I am saddened by the observation that the overall intelligence of our leadership is regressing.

I noted the diplomatic reply of TRH. He was willing to go as far as KJ being the more suitable under the circumstances. Not the best, but the more suitable.

The only chink in Khairy's armour at the moment is Khairy's arrogance. Perhaps that is due to education abroad where one immerses oneself in the surrounding culture. And one aspect of the culture of the west is one learns that one gets ahead by being audacious, outspoken, projecting oneself as overtly confident to the point of superciliousness. What KJ has to do is to de-westernise himself and infuse more Malayness within him.

I thought that was fair comment from TRH.

That is the general problem with UMNO. It ceases to be Malay. A Malay is not disrespectful of elders, of others. A Malay doesn't compromise on corruption.

What do you have out there? You have a giant Ponzi scheme- where leaders outbid each other to secure votes from delegates. How do you resolve conflicts in situations where everyone has the money to buy vote? asked TRH.

In that situation, conflicts will be resolved by violence. People shoot each other for dominance and for imposing their interests.

That is a very disturbing prognosis indeed coming from the sanest voice in the land.


kluangman 6 March 2009 at 22:26  

Kerana bimbangkan pengaruh Khir di dalam Pemuda UMNO dan satu satunya ancaman kepada KJ untuk menjadi Ketua Pemuda sebelum munculnya Mukhriz maka KJ melalui Media Prima telah menghentak habis habisan Khir Toyo untuk mengurangkan pengaruhnya di dalam UMNO tetapi malangnya di ambil kesempatan pembangkang untuk menewaskan Khir di Selangor.

KJ adalah orang yang bertanggungjawab menyebabkan Selangor tewas kepada pembangkang dan adalah wajar Khir menjadi penghalang KJ untuk jawatan Ketua Pemuda.

Di saat saat akhir, mungkin Khir akan memberi laluan kepada Mukhriz ???!!!!

azizuddin zulkufly,  6 March 2009 at 22:35  

Dear Dato',

I am saddened too, with the political direction nowadays. I speak as a rakyat marhaen, who would like to see Malaysia to prosper with stability and to move forward, rather than backwards.

I am thrilled with the interview you had with the prominent figure in Malaysia, the likes of TRH and TDZ.

TRH is a true gentleman and a statesman.
TDZ is a strategist.

To be able to share their thought across, it is a pleasure. and pleasure to read your blogs, too.

For one to get involved in politics, it is an open secret most of them do it for self-interest rather than untuk agama, bangsa dan negara... that's my personal view. Nevertheless, i still am sure there are still people with true grit and calibre whose willing to do it untuk agama, bangsa dan negara... just like the old days. I hope the best, for my beloved Malaysia.

TRH is the PM we never had. Too bad.

azizuddin zulkufly,  6 March 2009 at 22:44  

Dear Dato',

How can i have your email?

sakmongkol AK47 6 March 2009 at 22:50  


my e mail is at the sidebar.

azizuddin zulkufly,  6 March 2009 at 22:54  

Dear Dato',

I didn't noticed.
Browsed your profile, but couldn't find.

Many thanks.

Greenbottle 6 March 2009 at 23:09  

i keep coming to your blog not so much because of the position you take, but more because you write well...better than most political bloggers...but sometimes i detect sloppiness such as this...

"....YM Tengku, Dato Ariff is currently embroiled in a polemic with other bloggers on the issue of KJ. He has put interesting arguments to which non Malay UMNO watchers such as myself...."

pardon me, but i thought you're a malay umno man, but the sentence above indicate that you're a that so?

and this sloppy logic...

"... The only chink in Khairy's armour at the moment is Khairy's arrogance. Perhaps that is due to education abroad where one immerses oneself in the surrounding culture...."

you can't be serious... there have been hundreds of thousands of malays who studied overseas since their matriculation days (including me too) but if this make one arrogant than i must say that that someone is a real bastard and not worth supporting.

and if one should not support khir toyo because he was the reason for losing umno what then kj? he is seen to be one of the main reasons why BN lost so badly on march 8.

Dhahran Sea,  6 March 2009 at 23:30  

Salam Tok Sak,
Thanks so much for your untiring & brilliant efforts in getting those interviews with TDZ & now TRH! Unfortunately I'm still NOT convinced that kj is the man for KP though... to me INTEGRITY and CREDIBILITY are two important MUST-HAVE traits of leadership, and among the three candidates kj & kt sorely lack both; and though MM might be lacking in contributions (but again, what are are "contributions" of kj & kt?), he at least scores relatively higher on these two traits than kj & kt. So Tok Sak, sorry, I still couldn't go with you on kj, and I hope the perwakilan also would be able to tell the quartz from the diamond (in the rough). Hehehe!

Anonymous,  6 March 2009 at 23:53  


wah@janggo 7 March 2009 at 00:14  


If KT as CEO of a state have to do the Seppuku, what about a meddling Group CEO SIL who lost 5 states and 2/3 majority in Parliment.

Yes I agree with you that UMNO is not a racist party. It is a Malay party and to its benefit its a pragmatic Malay party, who is willing negotiate as first among equal and share power and firm enough to maintain the fine balance of what is a peaceful and prosperous Malaysia. It is not an apologetic Malay party.

And yes its what Tunku Abdul Rahman fight for but his laisse faire sp? attitude towards the plights of the Malay result in the festivities of May 69.

Since we are talking about TAR and stuff.. I am not trying to be an alarmist but the backdrop and if we look at the way things build up at the moment with the insults and attacks to the Malays and Malay Royal Institution if we are not careful it look eerily similar to 69 God forbid.

KJ is like the punat bisul in current UMNO debacle, you got to kill the punat to cure it. Of course we also have the excesses and corruption problem to content with

But anyway, even if he wins the KP post I am ok with it. Without his FIL I don't anyone would stand for his shenanigans if he try.

That got me into wondering after tasting all the power without the responsibility with SIL around he is fighting like hell for the KP post. This the guy who want to be PM by 40, surely the queue to Najib won't accommodate that.

I am not sure if he has the chutzpah to ask one of Najib's daughter (if he even have one with the right age) for marriage.

Wonder what his motivation then?


As for the multi-racial thingy, I am not sure if he ever done anything solid on that, he is as KT and anyone in UMNO. His only claim to that is the Setiakawan bit, so far only talk.

You seems to have a fixation to family, grandfather, father, son leadership thing but you seem to forget how KJ got rocketed to UMNO stratosphere.

halim,  7 March 2009 at 01:57  

Dear Dato', with regards to the comment that Umno has ceased to be Malay, what are your thoughts to the current popular view (among the anti-Umno crowd at least) that it is due to the infusion of, how do I say it, Indian-muslim members into the party? I am not being racist ok, cmon you just hear and read the same line all the time. Great blog by the way.

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  7 March 2009 at 04:02  

This is not about UMNO only. The country is at stake here.

UMNO must not only win new members but must also win back those that had run to PAS and PKR.

KT – PAS and PKR people despise him.

KJ – PAS, PKR and UMNO mmm DAP people despise him.

MM- has soothing effect and very likable person, he even won a seat in PAS infested state. Tactically the right person to bring back the fence sitters.

danny,  7 March 2009 at 04:22  

To: Greenbottle

Read the sentence before and after the paragraph you have a problem with.

"....YM Tengku, Dato Ariff is currently embroiled in a polemic with other bloggers on the issue of KJ. He has put interesting arguments to which non Malay UMNO watchers such as myself...."

The fact that Dato Ariff is referred to in the third person should've been sufficient to clue you that this was John Pang talking to Tengku Razaleigh.

Greenbottle 7 March 2009 at 05:37  

Dato Sak;

apology, my mistake on that first's me that is sloppy in my reading there.

and thanks for pointing out Danny.

sakmongkol AK47 7 March 2009 at 07:01  


that sentence...he has been embroiled in a polemic- refers to the voice of John Pang.
as to the immersion of values- i thought i said,maybe its because. if you are not, then good.
some people just went for 2 days to the UK and they come back with a spoken English with an English accent. some went to India for 10 years,but they never come back and speak English with an Indian accent.

Anonymous,  7 March 2009 at 07:30  

"The Pemuda leadership has failed miserably to attract the youth of to day ... TRH placed the blame principally on Hishamudin Hussein".

I have often wondered why Hishamudin was voted KP in the first place. I have not seen much contribution from him except kris weilding which was imitated by the younger brat. Now he has sizeable nominations for VP. I don't think he used money, which is a plus point for him, but would he contribute much as VP - he would likely be placed in the next cabinet by his cousin Najib.

Like Najib, he was given a good place by TDM in appreciation of their fathers' contribution, as admitted in his blogs. This is the kind of decision making that has led us into the quagmire we are in now. To be fair to TDM, he did not push MM up when in power, but was he hoping his successor(s) would return his courtesy?

Then you have the feudal Malay mentality of supporting the offspring of rulers, of Prime Ministers. We have not seen direct dynasty creation in Malaysia yet but with politicians becoming billionnaires (creating "war chests" the bast.... say) and rampant money politics persisting, we may not be far from there. With the kind of mentality of the UMNO delegates, Hishamudin, KJ etc would likely be voted in.

What to do with this country? With the kind of politicians running this country? With the drunken stupor we are in?

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