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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 8 March 2009

The Jack Nicklauses of PKNP

The person who sent me the e mail calling himself Jack Nicklaus made the following points.

  1. PKNP do not sell the land, this time only leasing in which they will continue to get income for the next 30 + 30 years... and on top of it they would be getting extra income thru dividends (a real bonus actually) from the courtesy of the two gentlemen's idea....(this is real good deal for PKNP... oh yes, PKNP do not really have the risk at all)
  2. I could spell out more about the gentlemen's story but hope the above is sufficient to at least raise a reasonable doubt about the negative comments hitting at the two gentlemen and PKNP.
  3. So Mr Ariff, please do the right thing.
  4. I know some might be just sour grapes, lack of journalists' experience and maybe just half glass empty thinkers'... but hey just give them a break and let see and hope they succeed... its going to be good for PAHANG...


So I am going to do the right thing. He has invited me to do so. It is written in his point number three. And the right thing is to expose the bald stupidity of PKNP managers. You have the state's premier GLC managed and run by mentally-challenged managers. Assuming this idiot who calls himself Jack Nicklaus is part of PKNP's management team, there is no mystery now to know why PKNP's business record registered nothing of significance. It has been a nightmare one after the other.

If the PKNP managers spend more time perfecting their golf handicaps, we are not surprised that PKNP has not been able to score. But it makes us wonder, how these Jack Nicklauses of PKNP have all the time to play golf instead of devoting time at their desks thinking of business strategies.

Point number one, merely proves to me that PKNP is nothing more than a tuan tanah. What is so great of receiving income from land rented out? Whatever the terms that you can creatively think of, you are nothing more than a glorified land owner. Being a passive recipient of land rents hardly distinguishes your business acumen from the Malay man on the street. If this is the way, PKNP conducts its businesses, it can appoint me as land broker and I can make some money there. Does anyone notice how this Jack Nicklaus says- Oh yes, PKNP do not really….you would be forgiven to think he is sexually hallucinating.

Please tell us the Pahang public how you can add value to this business facility? It is a facility right? Land is alienated to you by the government without much hassle on account of you being a GLC that is entrusted to assist the Malay economy. You then proceed to rent out the land at a certain price. Anyone can perform this bloody function. It does not require a behemoth of a GLC to perform this perfunctory role of tuan tanah.

I doubt very much the management of PKNP knows what business deal it's going into. The business proposal was actually transferred to PKNP when the MB discovered the CEO of Pasdec was doing a private deal with the originators of the business proposal. So for all and sundry, please know, that this proposal was not an original idea by PKNP. It was just transferred to them.

Let me ask you again, how do you add value to this boon that you are unexpectedly given? Have you looked into the possibility of securing the contract for dredging works? Or has the dredging part of the business of deepening the coast off Tanjung Agas and the next 4000 acres coastal area, been reserved for the other Ali-Van Dijk (a variant of the Ali-Baba) Inai Kiara? You dumb asses can surely do what Inai Kiara is doing; team up with a reputable Dutch dredging company and demand that you want the dredging business. Barulah you go up the value chain. If not, budak darjah 5 pun boleh buat apa you buat.

I am offended by this Jack Nicklaus nincompoop who speaks in patronising terms and condescension asking us to give PKNP a break- it's good for Pahang, it's a bonus etc. Are you inviting me to list down the business deals that PKNP has botched up? These included:-

  1. The highway bricks fiasco.
  2. The south African business venture
  3. The whatever you are doing in Phuket
  4. The deal on Kuantan Parade
  5. The Mahkorta Square caper when PKNP through Pasdec secures only 17%.
  6. The sale of the former Hotel Samudera
  7. The deceit that's happening with Tembeling Resort.

So please don't come down on us with all this good for business lecture by PKNP.

With all these failures under your belt, you still have the conceit to parade around as prima donnas? What you are actually revealing is your bald stupidity hidden behind officious titles. Poodah lah!


Anonymous,  8 March 2009 at 05:04  

Salam ziarah. Such a great blog.

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Sokong The Good,  8 March 2009 at 06:48  

Bravo, Dato. More of these, please.

Though you are no longer Wakil Rakyat, you have the knowledge and insight, you still have clout and the Rakyat respects you. Every member of the public supports you in such exposures except the corrupt bastards. To hell with them and I'll bet they won't dare squeak about the Highway Bricks and the many other fiascos.

PKNPs are supposed to protect, promote and become the custodian of Malay interests. They should be making tons of money because the States give a lot of land and other assets to them. Instead of making money, they bring losses. Largely due to improper, shallow-thinking planning, lack of business strategies, non-checking of facts, inadequate monitoring of projects, attention being hijacked by their vested interests.

It's high time these nincompoops get exposed. Many of them should be disposed of. Young small brains or not-so-young narrow minded yet kepala angkuh - they think they are big-time corporate figures konon, bringing their golf sets here and there, always thinking of whatever cuts they can get from business proposals coming their way. Ridiculous.

Nation-wide, there are a few successful and laudable SDC ventures run by people with integrity, but by and large they are very sorry cases. They should weed out those small brainers, angkuh and no-integrity fellows.

M.SEPIAL 8 March 2009 at 07:22  

Salam Sakmongkol,

Pening lagi terpening antara fakta dan angan-angan.Ooop " Sungai pahang Air nya DERAS, Sudah deras berliku-liku, Orang Pahang Hatinya Keras, Tetapi selalu tertipu". Sakmongkol berapa bonus PKNP beri tahun lepas... dengar nya 2 bulan gaji... Ini makna mereka untung. makna pengurusan nya cekap. Bila cekap makna berniaga untung.

Maaf jika tersilap.

Anonymous,  8 March 2009 at 09:21  

Sdr M. Sepial

Mungkin pada keseluruhan nya PKNP untung. Tapi ini kerana 1-2 anak syarikat yang kepimpinan nya jujur dan berwibawa yang membawa keuntungan besar. Kalau yang lain lain pun berkepimpinan jujur, tentu lebih banyak keuntungan dan besar lah danau untuk kepentingan orang Melayu di masa depan.

Masaelah nya mereka yang tidak jujur, curi tulang, makan komisen, tidak menggunakan otak sapenuh nya, atau menyeleweng kerana ada kepentingan diri sendiri. Jenis ini mesti di singkirkan.

Salam kpd sdr.

Anonymous,  8 March 2009 at 09:32  

I was in Kuantan in 1991/1992.

PKNP just do not have any business module.

What happen to the satellite township. That piece of land was farmed out in plots and most end up with developers and contractors outside Pahang as the locals do not have faith with PKNP.

During the same period. No banks would give loans to PKNP, even when they were alloted Mentiga shares.

By the way what happen to the GM who went on to be CEO of Pasdec.

Anonymous,  8 March 2009 at 09:38  

Oh, i was offerred a few parcels at that township, which i did not take up as I was working for an organisation which end up as the only one working for them to raise funds.

But as a responsible citizen country, i help organise road shows and invite investors to revive the confidance of the economy as the locals just do not have any confidance.

Anonymous,  8 March 2009 at 15:23  

other types that such Jack is good at?
like having the Fisheries Dept giving a monopoly to some obscure parties to market plastic containers. as usual, its about 50% higher than the market price and fishermen are now up in arms. End result, shortage of spply of seafood in wet markets now and we consumers have the short end of the stick again.
when does this Government learn, Datuk to get rid of such rent seekers? THis is mutated NEP, far cry from the well intended thoughts of our forefathers.

Anonymous,  8 March 2009 at 22:55  

As a political animal, PKNP is susceptible to political pressures in making business decisions. I am sure tons of letters requesting favors landed on the table of the Chairman and CEO of PKNP almost everyday. I was told, certain State assemblyman tried to make a quick buck by applying for a shop-lot developed by PKNP in Jaya Gading. As this YB did not pay up the down-payment within the grace period, the shop-lot was sold to another buyer. Later it was made known that this YB was trying to sell to someone else before committed to pay the down-payment. In other word, try "berniaga atas angin" lah. This YB later threatened to sue PKNP.

The same YB, when became ex (because he was axed) tried the same tactic to buy Kuantan Bricks (not Highway Bricks)by offering certain ridiculous price. Later it was revealed that he was acting for another party, again try to "berniaga atas angin".

These are two cases that were related to me to proof that PKNP is a political animal that attract politicians from inside and outside Pahang, trying their luck to make a quick buck and those failed to fool the management of PKNP would use every opportunity to "hantam" PKNP just because they don't get what they wanted!

Anonymous,  8 March 2009 at 23:54  

anon at 22:55
please tell us has a certain mokhtar nazri made full payment for the purchase of kuantan bricks or has it been sold for a pittance.
b) kita juga nak tahu, what happened to the millions of Ringgit worth of machinery bought for Kuantan bricks.
c) true or not, all shoplots built for PKNP/PASDEC are 'bought' first by employees who then resell the shoplots to buyers for harga yang lebih tinggi.
d) pls tell us how many pknp employees bought the condominuiums at Tembeling resort either by not paying anything or just minimum downpayment but then rent these units out but refuse to make full payment to PKNP.

Anonymous,  9 March 2009 at 12:51  

Anon 23:54

Good of you to come out with these kinds of info. Kita mesti dedahkan pekong mereka, not for vengeance, but to stop them from bermahraja lela and continue to berak di sana sini, and discourage others from buat busuk dan merosakkan negara.

We cannot expect answers from them because dia orang tak mahu buka tahi dia sendiri. But we can keep asking and throwing allegations based on whatever we know of their tembelang.

Otherwise, during good market condition, anybody asking ada lagi unit rumah di projek of interest, the answer will always be tak ada. Then they ask for contact phone numbers. Tak lama kemudian some bastak will call offering units at a higher price than listed.

Let's dedahkan such bastaks.

Anonymous,  9 March 2009 at 14:58  

Anon 22:55

If you are trying to defend the PKNP management, why don't you ask your friends to tell you how to answer Dato's allegations point by point? Or are you a member of the management who has no concrete answers and arguments except to point out the "niaga atas angin" allegation by 1-2 ex-YB?

I dare you, I challenge you and PKNP management, to do so. Produce the facts, figures and acceptable or rational arguments for the decisions made pertaining to the many projects listed by Dato Sak.

Would being "a political animal" justify the many PKNP failures? Was PKNP set up as a political organisation? Was PKNP not set up to do business? What are you people talking about.

True, there may be politicians wanting a piece of the cake. But good managers would make the business make money first. If you make the project profitable, would there be politicians asking you to be sacked?

I hope to hear from you and the likes of you. But then I suppose you don't have or the PKNP management would not part with the facts, figures and arguments on the failed or ailing projects.

Sad specimen of business managers.

Anonymous,  9 March 2009 at 21:33  

PKNP (and all state agencies/companies) needs a formalised "whistle blowing " process.

Simply,a special committee is set up headed by Dato Sak and 3 other independents..ppl without fear or seeking favors,intelligent and most of all honest.

Proper channels to lodge complaints on illegal practises by the mgmt shld be established including thru emails,letters,sms,phones...

The whistleblower will hv protection and rewards too.

Its not a political animal for it to succeed.

Anonymous,  9 March 2009 at 21:34  

Pandai juga budak Mokhtar ni..syabas

Anonymous,  10 March 2009 at 11:42  

Sdr/Sdri di 21.33

Saya harap YAB MB baca cadangan anda.

Kalau tidak, harap setaf nya baca dan beri tahu dia dengan jujur.


Anonymous,  11 March 2009 at 15:40  

One PKNP subsidiary I know that is well run and profitable is Far East Holding Bhd, a public listed company.

It is headed by Dato Kamarudin, a man of high integrity, who is qualified and well experienced and I hear dia tak sombong pun.

Agak nya subsidiary macam dia lah yang bikin PKNP boleh bayar 2 bulan bonus.

Anonymous,  24 March 2009 at 08:57  

kita ni kan tak sudah2 kira untung rugi orang je!! cuba cermin-cerminkan diri sendiri... he he he

Anonymous,  24 March 2009 at 12:41  

Salam,kalau kita bercakap isu yang tidak berdiri atas fakta yang kukuh, maka jadilah ia satu perbincangan yang sia-sia. Memang mudah untuk menuduh org tapi sukar untuk kita membuktikan kebenarannya. Itulah hakikat yang sebenar. Nilailah diri sendiri, jg dok asyik cari kesalahan org lain. Apakah selama ini, tiada langsung kebaikan yang disumbang oleh PKNP? Apakah ukuran dollar & cents tu menjadi ukuran perbandingan. Hentikn lah, kalau semata2 nk memuaskan satu pihak shj. Pd Dato' Sak, carilah isu lain. Byk lagi isu yg boleh didedahkan utk kebaikn neg. Hakikatnya, pknp ada pengerusi dn ahli lembga pengarah yg menentukan perjlnan dn dsarnya dimna pihak pengurusan
tidak boleh buat keptusan dgn
sewenang2nya.Kalau ada yg x betul, laporlah pd SPRM @ pihak berwajib. Hrp mklum.

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