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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

UMNO- The Day After

Before I comment on the verdict by the disciplinary board on KJ, I shall say a few things on what has happened to Ali Rustam. I was travelling just now and wasn't able to catch up with the latest news. Accordingly I can give no more than a cursory view of the proceedings.

4 years ago, to borrow the expression given by a commentator at my blog, Ali crashed the red lights. But he wasn't caught. Isa Samad, the man who told everyone who got his money but did not vote him, that they shall be held accountable at Padang Mahshar, wasn't that lucky. He was stopped by the traffic policemen in the form of Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen.

Today, Ali Rustam got his comeuppance. The last time he wasn't caught, he grew emboldened. He thinks he can do anything and he is untouchable. He thought he had the Tameng Sari keris with him. Well today, the D Board has caught up with him. The traffic policeman may have aged by 4 years, but is still up and about.

Isa Samad, the man who was severely punished 4 years ago, must be a puzzled man. He went on TV saying that UMNO shouldn't have any more money politics. If he was the only one caught and punished and that he represented the sum total of all corrupt practices and that he has been severed, UMNO should by definition, be pristine. It must be wholesome.

But it is not. If UMNO is not cleansed, it can only mean one thing. UMNO ITSELF should be dismembered. It is the one that is corrupt. It seems I am not the only one coming to this conclusion.

Unbeknownst to me, I am only repeating what Tun Mahathir said this afternoon. "Today the problem with UMNO is that people see it as a corrupt party and it has no credibility and they really look down on UMNO as being irrelevant."

By banning Ali Rustam from contesting, the board clears the way for Muhyidin Yassin and M2Taib. Odds are that, MY will win hands down.

But wait, Tan Sri. If it was true that, DS Najib made appeals to Tan Sri Tengku Ahmad Rithaudeen to be restrained on Ali Rustam, that is something you must carefully ponder. You may not have it plain sailing after all. It may not be a walk in the woods for you. Here is my take.

  • By telling everyone that Najib needs a strong deputy, you are arrogating upon yourself that quality. You are saying, you are the chosen one for Najib.
  • Your rivals, both M2 Taib and Ali Rustam the vanquished, will say they are not exactly chopped liver. What is it that you can do, they cannot and wouldn't do? Conferring upon you that attribute may only make that attribute an overrated one. One becomes strong with the office one holds.
  • Musa Hitam was strong. Anwar Ibrahim was strong. But they didn't last with Tun Mahathir proving that the PM does not need a strong deputy. It is an essential attribute but not determining one.
  • By saying that Najib needs a strong deputy, you are indirectly suggesting that Najib is a weak leader. The message that goes down the line with UMNO people is, that MY will dominate. That kind of message will not be well received.

Unlike KJ who is being made to pay dearly for saying he wants to be PM by 40, Muhyiddin is a real contender for Najib's post. He does not exactly fit well in the mould of Tun Dr Ismail. TDI was a strong deputy in the pattern that Muhyiddin wishes himself to be in. But TDI had the discipline to play a complimentary role to Tun Razak. Muhyiddin on the other hand, is sending mixed signals. All his talks about Najib needing a strong deputy suggest a desire to play a dominant role.

The more essential attribute at this level of the playing field is compatibility. The question people will evaluate is, is Muhyiddin compatible with Najib?

They will evaluate the significance of Najib's attempts to intercede for Ali Rustam. What is the significance of Najib's attempts to intercede on behalf of Ali Rustam? That action, despite appearing desperate, strongly suggests that Ali Rustam is the preferred candidate as Najib's deputy. Najib's willingness to take the risk of appearing bias, would fortify this proposition.

Only the strong will of the self respecting Tunku Ahmad Rithaudeen prevented a reversal of the board's decision.

Ali will not be enamoured with Muhyiddin's patronising request for him to accept the decision of the board with an open heart. Indeed Ali will be crying foul. It will not be unexpected if Ali decides to turn his support for M2 Taib. Right now, Ali has his bazookas aimed at Muhyiddin.



Anonymous,  18 March 2009 at 01:36  

Dato, are you still dreaming?
Those are peoples that will destroy UMNO, still you are supporting them? Wonder why KJ's is not being punished like Ali? Is it due to SIL?
I sensed that you are angry with certain quarters, but don't let UMNO is destroyed.

Anonymous,  18 March 2009 at 02:33  

Kalau dah rasuah tu, patut tak kedua-duanya dilucut dari jawatan yg mereka sandang ?

Keadilan ape ni ?

Nani Cheras

Anonymous,  18 March 2009 at 06:48  

anon 01.36.

apasal kayu betul kamu ni? dato ni beri analisa nya mengenai apa dia lihat sebagai kemungkinan perkembangan dalam politik UMNO. jika kamu baca blog nya dari dulu, tak pernah pun dia sokong ali rustam.
mengenai KJ lain- dia memang sokong dan tentu akan jawab pertanyaan kamu.
anon 02.33.
apa yang nak di hairankan. bergantung pada digri keselahan. kalau teruk sangat macam malaun melaka tu, tentulah lah kena berat. kalau buat salah sikit je, tentu kena ringan sikit.

Anonymous,  18 March 2009 at 07:55  

So'al nya, mengapa yang lain tak di kenakan tindakan? Nampak macam pilih kasih, selective prosecution.

Takut kalau banyak sangat nanti tak ada pemimpin yang bertanding? Tak mungkin, tak akan ada vakium dalam parti. Tak mengapa jika yang kurang pengalaman naik asalkan jujur, bersih dan berwibawa/ ada integriti.

Tindakan saperti keatas Ali Rustam meningkatkan hormat orang ke atas JKuasa Displin. Tengku Ahmad Rithaudin dan Ahli2 nya nampak ada tulang belakang. Kuasa nya di takuti. Moga2 politik wang berkurangan.

Harap JKuasa Disiplin teruskan tindakan - ke atas yang lain2 pula.

nightcaller 18 March 2009 at 08:27  

Well, Ali Rustam is the selected fall guy for now. But I believe that all is not well in the house of UMNO.

Something drastic need to be done now before the puss and the cancer sends UMNO to an early death.

Ali Rustam may have some cards under his sleeve but he needs toplay it now before the PAU. Otherwise, his "road to glory" will be a dead end.

What if the following scenarios happen?

Do Ali Rustam has the will to do it? Do he has the support to engineer it? And since Ali Rustam is from Melaka, he should has some Hang Jebat blood in him to execute the plan, if he want to..He has nothing to lose so it is his moral duty now to nurse UMNO back to health...

Till then...G'nite M'sia...wherever u are...

Anonymous,  18 March 2009 at 10:12  

Dato, I have read a lot of opinion on UMNO and we can sum up all these viewa that UMNO is a real cunt.
So I and family as well as my in laws have made no mistake of leaving UMNO just 2 wks ago.

Our family do not want to be a member of a party headed by Najib with Rosmah around him.

We know Rosmah well enough that warrants us to leave the party before the party collapses.

Najib is incapsulated by Rosmah and this would cost us the nation.


Anonymous,  18 March 2009 at 10:17  

KJ is guilty but allowed to contest. What is your opinion on that, Sir?

- Sang Pendekar -

Anonymous,  18 March 2009 at 12:24  

Salam Tok,
UMNO needs something between "darah" and "najis" in the form of "milk" nowadays... it doesn't need Ali Rustam or MM2Taib or KJ, or.... x1000!

Anonymous,  18 March 2009 at 12:27  

U refrained from dressing down KJ, why??? Something very fishy here. Is it because u say that u supported him and now that this has happened; and u are trying to generate some interesting arguments to exonerate???
Are u saying that KJ is not involved in money politics??? oh, really???


Anonymous,  18 March 2009 at 12:36  

Dato Sak,
Eden dari Tampin, tolonglah cakap kek Najib tu, jgn hancurkan nogaro sayo ni.
Tak buleh nak bayangkan rosmah bini eh tu, hancur...hancur. pompuan tu akan kontrol laki eh.
Kito oghang Nogori, kona bona dengan keluargo Rosmah ni.
Tak dapek nak corito...hancai.

Anonymous,  18 March 2009 at 14:01  

Wah, ada macam2 jenis rasuah ye dalam UMNO ni. Ada Rasuah kecil, sederhana dan besar! Ada rasuah yg kalau buat pun takpe cuma dpt amaran je dan ada yg hukumannya tak boleh bertanding je. Takde langsung hukuman masuk penjara ye... Kalau macam ni lebih kurang macam menghalalkan yang haram lah ni. Orang islam/melayu/malaysia dalam UMNO ni ada pakai undang2 lain selain dari al quran dan kanun jenayah negara ye. Ahli UMNO ni special nye sampai ada hukuman lain yg tak sama dgn hukuman orang kebanyakan. Masih lagi mengaku islam ke? Masih lagi mengaku rakyat Malaysia Ke? Malaysia dah ada undang2 ttg rasuah tp tak pakai utk UMNO. Islam pun ada undang2 rasuah tp tak pakai pun.... Apa kerakyatan kamu dan apa agama kamu orang UMNO oiii.....

SameerKhan 18 March 2009 at 18:01  

I think the comment by shows that the chemical change in his brain has gone haywire.
The best is to leave him alone.

SameerKhan 18 March 2009 at 18:04  

And to Sang Pendekar... well it shows that he is not a pendekar himself. You're a disgrace to the word Pendekar.

Anonymous,  19 March 2009 at 21:18  

funny aie.

not clean enough to contest DP post, but ok to continue as MB of Melaka. Really beats me.

by the way, where's the cows and cars agency. aint no cows in Melaka? or waiting for cowwebs, ahmad?

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