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Saturday, 28 March 2009

The way forward.

I thought we would have moved on after KJ won the ketua Pemuda. We would be looking at how to re-engineer Pemuda UMNO. We look forward to infusing Pemuda with new work culture, values and purpose and commonality in aim.

But the long knives are still out there, looking for blood. I suspect the antagonists are mostly supporters of Mukhriz.

Their loyalty to the defeated Mukriz is laudable. But please be reminded that Mukhriz was also beaten by Khir Toyo too. If it were a straight fight between KT and MM, Khir Toyo may have also defeated Mukhriz. So the Mukriz supporters must also assign blame to Khir Toyo and indeed more so, because IT is KT who siphoned off support for MM.

Having been defeated at the UMNO polls the Mukhriz supporters are looking for a convenient avenue by which to blame KJ. Hence they are eagerly looking forward to the 2 by-elections at Bukit Selembau and Bukit Gantang. Unfortunately, they are wishing for the worse. They are hoping to see UMNO lose so that the blame can be assigned to KJ.

Is KJ bigger than DS Najib and Muhyiddin Yassin? The director of operations for by-elections will be the Deputy President of UMNO. That will be Muhyiddin. It is Muhyiddin who will be directly in charge of the 2 by-elections.

Hence, the person primarily responsible for the fortunes of UMNO in the 2 by-elections will be the newly anointed Deputy President. All the wings- wanita, Pemuda and Puteri will be assisting Muhyiddin to ensure UMNO wins in the two by-elections.

It doesn't stretch our imagination then to conclude the following. If the sabotaging mentality still persists and they do mostly in the horror-struck minds of Mukriz's supporters, then it is reasonable for us to link UMNO's possible defeats to the work of saboteurs within UMNO. Can we then link those prospects to Mukhriz Mahathir? The answer is No, right?

But I get these kind of snide asides from sneering and sarcastic commentators. One particular obnoxious commentator said:-

  1. it will be interesting to see how u defend UMNO this next few days with KJ as the corrupt UMNO youth in charge. How can u defend and tell the voters out there and make UMNO more attractive as compared to PR?
  2. That be an interesting read that must be! Ur job doesn't stop when KJ becomes youth chief. Even now u r still defending him instead of defending UMNO against opportunistics opposition.
  3. See how difficult life is now? The voters (incl. UMNO members) are disgusted when someone who is guilty but allowed to contest due to his FIL's influence and position.Stop looking for scapegoat for this predicament of yours.
  4. Look outward for a second and see, read, hear the wrath of common people against the folly of the delegates, the Lembaga Disiplin and pro KJ bloggers.

My answers:-

The first point links KJ directly to the expected defeat of UMNO. KJ is only a cog in the bigger UMNO wheel. DS Najib is now at the helm and Muhyiddin is the deputy. Then there are the Wanita,and Puteri leaders. They are collectively responsible for the prospects of UMNO. If one is blameworthy, then all should.

The misfortunes that have befallen UMNO since the 12th General Elections cannot be attributed to KJ at all. To do that would subvert any sense of fairplay. UMNO has fallen from grace simply because of several factors which I have written as well as others who have done so more thoroughly. UMNO as a whole, the entire leadership, the entre party are responsible for its own fate. To assign blame to KJ is to force us to accept that KJ is as big as UMNO. Not fair.

The issue shall not be the defence of KJ. Why should that be the issue when confronting the opposition? We are putting our own on trial before a hostile pakatan court? That is a mentally unbalance thing to do.

For that matter, even if you place Najib and Muhyiddin before them, both these people are already condemned. The issue shall be to offer UMNO as a whole, under a new leadership as a political party that is more viable than the Pakatan party. That will take a lot of convincing and reasoning by committed party members. That is the issue. It would be the height of idiocy and inanity to offer the defence of KJ as THE issue. That would be a stupid thing to do.

Point number three has been answered several times over. I find it incredible for people who have condemned Pak Lah as the ineffectual and lacklustre PM and UMNO president would, on the same breath put it to us that Pak Lah wields considerable influence to determine the outcome of the Pemuda contest and the findings of the UMNO Disciplinary board. What kind of argument is this? KJ was orphaned as soon as Pak Lah announced his agreement to hand over power to Najib.

As to point number 4, may I suggest the commentator to recognise that more people are warming up to KJ than the disgruntled sore losers?

Now, let us engage the Mukhriz supporters. They would have liked it more had Mukhriz won the Ketua Pemuda post. That means to them, Mukhriz has the winnable quality that can endear him and by extension, UMNO to the rakyat. Of course we can argue Mukhriz lost because he paid allegedly only RM2000 instead of the alleged RM5000 to Pemuda delegate. This is not my point.

My point is since Mukhriz has the winnable quality that can endear him to the rakyat, why doesn't he campaign alongside KJ to ensure UMNO wins Bukit Selembau and Bukit Gantang? I am sure Mukriz does not need to be a Ketua Pemuda to offer us his undivided support and services. How often have we heard that if we want to contribute to the struggle of the party, we can do it even without holding to a position? Let's see Mukriz walks this talk.


Anonymous,  28 March 2009 at 22:52  


Didn't KJ just announce that Deputy Youth, YB Razali take the lead in the three forthcoming by-elections.

So, should anytime MM slip on a banana skin, it will be all the works of KJ.

Come on, grow up guys. Go vent your frustrations to the jerks in PKR.


Anonymous,  28 March 2009 at 23:14  

KT was also described as such. But he still beat MM very comfortably.

So, what is it with you HeShe Noor Faiza?

Go suck eggs.

zooky 28 March 2009 at 23:39  

I think all should emulate JMD, the gentleman blogger. He congratulates the winners --without being snide. I respect this blogger.

I wasn't rooting for kj either (heck, I'm not even an Umno member), but I think kj's so far saying all the right things -- needing help from mm and kt to unite pemuda.
So kira ok lah tu.
Orang umno ni tak nampak ke the bigger threat -- the opposition parties.

Wah Al-Subangi 29 March 2009 at 06:52  


Lets not get lost on the basics, obviously the printed first Agong's head still prevails and this is bigger that everyone else put together.

At the start of the just GA there was an inspiring urgent call for transformation and every dormant, listless UMNO members jumped to their feet full hope in anticipation. At the conclusion of the GA the message they got.. same old, same old.

Wah Al-Subangi 29 March 2009 at 08:45  

..and with zooky even non umno member was getting excited.

btw, i congratulate kj too

umno r going into the by-elections just a wee bit better state than when they lost the 5 states just bcoz kj will not have a free hand like in FIL time. really not the lonjakan that najib is talking about.

i can be grudgingly cool about kj being the youth head but to say let's not do anything about corruption, came on..

and azeez in the MT #$#$W? i didn't hear on tv when the announcer announce the winner n i saw him mingling around n i thot he was congratulating the winner.. hahaha!

mat rempits must be a crucial demography kj is targeting.

anyway congratulations to azeez too !

Anonymous,  29 March 2009 at 10:19  

I'm an ord UMNO member and I voted the opp in the last GE because of my dislikes to the Kerajaan 3 Beranak and all their kaki ampu

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