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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 23 March 2009

Factoring in Tun Mahathir.

I am loath to find fault with our great Tun Dr Mahathir. In the final analysis, he will be judged by the court of public opinion. Simply put, his 22 years have stamped an indelible mark on our country's history. Malaysia is what it is today, as a result of one man's determined vision. There was a time in my own personal life, if I dreamt of insulting TDM, I felt compelled to wake up and apologise to him.

He has undeniably earned the right to be cranky. He can, like a character alluded to by Lord Blackadder in the Blackadder series, sit on the payment and make catcalls to passing females. Who can ever talk back to TDM? He is after all a father figure to all of us.

TDM has had 22 years of his rule. He has done a lot more great things. But he has also done a lot of costly mistakes for this country. The MEC city in my hometown of Kuantan near Gambang was a monumental error of judgement. TDM was suckered by a glib-tongued trickster of a businessman. The many IPPs that he sanctioned are placing great costs to the country. Malaysia is still burdened by the cost of certain highways that lead to nowhere.

TDM is not infallible. TDM's latest self appointed role is as the guardian of our nation's soul. Shortened into abbreviation, that spells GOONS.

He must let go. Allow others the chance to do their job; the water level will rise to its natural mark. When Tun became PM, there was no one who can talk down to Tun. Tun Hussein did not for it would have gone against the principles of the man himself. Tun Razak had been dead. In short, TDM has had more or less unbridled latitude to do whatever he pleased.

There will never be anyone who will come close to his own measure of a leader. That is simply because TDM is the singularly unique measure of what a leader is. We have already seen what the measure has reduced Pak Lah to.

There is no one who can censure TDM. Imagine the tremulousness of anyone younger and following after TDM, summoning the courage to do that. That would be equivalent to either Jiang Zemin or Li Peng investigating Deng Xiaoping. (Adapted from Francis Seow's Beyond Suspicion.

Now TDM has turned his attentions to Dato Seri Najib. The man has not even sat in the chair; he has already been prejudged and pre-measured. Out with the corrupt! thundered TDM. Yes yes of course. DS Najib will do it in the same manner as TDM did to corruption in his 22 years.

Just like TDM, Dato Najib will address the issue of corruption based on the facts and not mere suspicions. He will not be forced to do so, simply because TDM says so. DS Najib must politely decline TDM's invitations however forceful and earful those are.

The new administration under DS Najib will encounter difficulties if it does not factor in the influence of Tun Dr Mahathir but it will also be dismissed as ineffectual and lacking fortitude if it allows itself to be nose-thumped by the blistering thunders of TDM.

The greatest disservice that TDM is doing to this country is to arrogate himself the position as the final arbiter of things here in Malaysia. Sorry Tun.


kluangman 23 March 2009 at 09:48  

Apakah kesilapan Tun di Gambang sebesar kebijaksanaan Dolah dalam koridorayanya !!!


"Tetapi benarkah kita akan merdeka selama-lamanya? Memang benar. Walaupun kita tidak buat apa-apa untuk mengekalkan kemerdekaan, bukankah sudah 50 tahun kita merdeka? Apa yang hendak dikhuatirkan? Lima puluh tahun, 100 tahun lagi pun kita akan merdeka walau apa pun kita lakukan. Takkanlah kerana kita ambil 100 Ringgit duit sogokan maka akan hilanglah kemerdekaan kita? Kita boleh sembahyang hajat dan terima 100 Ringgit lagi. Orang lain terima lebih daripada kita., katanya satu juta. Masih kita merdeka. Tidak benar kerana sedikit rasuah kemerdekaan akan hilang.

Tetapi ingatlah penjajahan tidak selalu berbentuk penaklukan secara langsung. Penjajahan boleh berlaku walaupun kita miliki pemerintahan sendiri. Ia boleh berlaku apabila pemerintah kita yang dipilih dan diberi kuasa oleh kita sudah menjual diri mereka kepada orang lain, samada dari dalam negeri atau dari luar. Atau takut jiran marah." - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad dalam ucaptama di perhimpunan dan sidang kemuncak Pribumi Perkasa Negara di Kuala Lumpur pada Ahad, 22 Mac 2009.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 09:51  

woit kluangman,

engkau ni memang bergayut kat blog sini ke? blog kau sendiri amacam?

Ti Lian Ker 23 March 2009 at 10:00  

Tun is highly arrogant and egoistic. What makes him think that he is the ultimated judge of what's right or wrong?
Why is he inciting racial hatred amd getting away with it? Who is he? How cam he decide who can be a good leader or not?
Wasn't he the one who appointed Musa? Anwar ?and Abdullah over Najib? Oh! All his appointments were wrong...they all cannot work with him.
Wasn't he the one who recommended Najib? And now he is recommending Muhiddin...
Read my lips...he is paving way for Mukhriz...Tun! you don't have to be a racist...Mukhriz is just your puppet in your list?
Good Luck to KJ. I think he has better brains though he has rough edges. Excusable, cause he is young.
Tun! Who says your son didn't participate in UMNO elections. What happened to Mokthzani or whatever. He is missing? A failed politician and businessman? Did you bailed him out?
Or was it us who bailed him out.
Stop throwing your tantrums before you lost your respect in history books.You already lost in UMNO. Did you failed to get a place to be a delegate?
I think you are just making a nuisance of yourself and as have your own agenda.
Bruther! Let's give KJ a chance!

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 10:23  

sorry dato sir,

u gave an erudite argument to show your naivety.

do u think pak lah will resign if dr m does not step in. if he is of the stature u accorded him do u think he'll be content to just watch a bozo of a PM and a bunch of juvenile adviser running the country and the malays to ruin and shame.

he lend weight and urgency to the realization of the majority in the cabinet what a blunder pak lah is, his juvenile adviser and his yes man entourage are, but probably had to brush off concern bcoz the damage that pak lah can do to their career.

as for najib..

u can give all the erudite argument u can give on all the grand design of an overhaul that need to be done on UMNO, the fact remains UMNO enemy no 1 is corruption. this need to be weeded out before everything else.

and UMNO have failed on one count when the DB gave a 'melepaskan batuk di tangga' rulings, like they always do, with their recent deliberations.

and everyone know corruption is the cancer that's eating-up UMNO and everyone know it is terminal.

given the failing do u think dr m will be content to just keep quiet and not urgently remind UMNO in the last 2 avenues that it can make good:

1. delegates to vote out the corrupt

2. najib not to appoint the corrupt in the cabinet

on the one hand u ppl said UMNO cannot be saved because of the rampant corruption but on the other hand you pooh-pooh urgent and ernest effort to eradicate corruption.

i guess kj campaign have become such a contradiction such that it have become cartoon on one hand, and on the other hand it has become a noose that has continually tighten on his neck.

wah@janggo 23 March 2009 at 10:43  

ti lian ker,

i think fair minded ppl among other communities other than the bumiputera have give dr m fair hearing and dr m come out tops, he was know as an ultra-malay before that.

i am not the kris waving kind of malay and as liberal as u can get but it was quite a shock to me when loose cannons among u ppl questions what was already carved in stone, (well almost..).

lets be frank, i have put it that the shitty leadership of pak lah have brought out the worst in yr ppl being ingrates, stabbing the malays on the back at a moment of weakness.

it don't take economic science (the kind dato sak understand very well) to understand why u want pak lah to continue and humoring the juvenile kj.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 10:51  

court of public opinion kata, tdm is the best.

kalau hussein onn senyap, tunku abdul rahman bising. merah telinga tdm kena sound dgn tar banyak kali..

tapi he was magnanimous. dia minta maaf kat tar. pak dollah dgn bodoh sombong dgr cakap menantu, terus menerus mengherdik tdm yg melantik pak dollah secara free jadi tpm dan pm dulu. tak kenang jasa macam ni lah yg tuhan balas cash kat dunia ni.

kj kena amik iktibar. hukum karma. apa dia buat belakang tabir tuhan tahu.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 10:54  

ti lian ker dgn komen semberono dia akan menjerat diri sendiri kemudian hari.

ini lagi satu org tak kenang budi. mcm bagus je ti lian ker.. dah byk sangat berjasa ke?

bila nak masuk PKR?

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 11:28  

Ti Lian Ker

All chinese are selfish and chauvanist who are only self serving people.

By supporting KJ, you are showing your true colour.

Mahathir is right. People like you are ungrateful immigrants!

KJ is a pengkhianat bangsa.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 12:07  

TDM bercakap pasal corruption macamlah dia bersih sangat dalam 22 tahun jadi PM!Dia nak sangat hentam KJ supaya anaknya menang.Dengan tindakan LD memberi amaran pada KJ hari tu, dia dengan rancak sedang membanting KJ supaya kalah..aiming at KJ's weak spot at the moment.
Tun? You memang one our heroes as a PM.Tapi can you swear by the Quran that you did not abuse your position and indulge and encourage thick corruption during your premiership? Do it quietly in the mosque!Just do it and tell us!Now you're trying to find a cure for the disease that you brought amongst UMNO members!You have got away with your corruption.Now you want others to be punished and weeded for corruption that are minor compared to yours!Whats wrong with TDM? Just to make MM menang he is pretending to be a saint??MM is not corrupted???

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 12:08  

Dato' Sak,
As far as I am conserned TDM is the cause of all evils within politics.
Pak Lah and Najib are his by product.
Pak Lah is a man who is so lazy to think while Najib is the chief of corruptors.
Rosmah will rule us all while Muhyiddin was a big thief while he was the MB of my home state of Johore.
Everything is not right anymore and just wait for the demise of UMNO and BN.
We have tried to change them but they are not able to do so.
So just leave them and let them feel how the rakyat feel all these while.
Hell with BN

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 12:13  

Macam mana dato' sir boleh cakap baguih2 awal2, padahal blum terbukti.

Yang dah terbukti tentang hebat2. Kalau dato' sir sedar yg manusia ni tak sempurna taklah ini macam.

Betulkan persepsi dato' sir jangan ikut emosi.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 12:29  

Anon 12.13
Rasanya yang berlawan dengan penuh emosi ialah seorang bapak yang lama menjadi PM tetapi enggan mengaku anaknya tak sehebat dia.Orang lain semuanya tak baguih.Anak dia je baguih!

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 12:54  

Is Tun Dr Mahathir the 3rd rail of Malaysia politics?

To all those who do not know the term, it alludes to the electrical grid, where if you touch it, you get electroctued and you certainly died. (Case in Point Dato Tian Li Ker)

(1) To all those who say that non-Malays would love to see KJ around because he is their 'man', I say very good. Then the next time when KJ actually leads a demo, whether it is questioning the economic inequality or defending the honour of HM the Sultan, or championing other socio economic issues affllicting the society, please be very happy, because the non-Malays also support him on that. So if everybody supports each other, whats the problem.

(2) Ok let me play stupid. Tun Dr Mahathir is the greatest leader in history. Without him, Malaysia will be in the doldrums, and we can all forget what ever Tun Abdul Razak did with, or Dato Onn Bin Jaafaar, or Tunku Abdul Razak. No to us, Tun is the greatest. So what he says, we must accept. Simple, lets rename UMNO, party Tun Dr Mahathir, and the Malays as Kaum Dr Mahathir, then I am fine with it. Then I do not need to use my brain and I will agree 100% with what ever Tun says, because if not I am seen to be a traitor to my race. So if Tun orders the ACA to close an investigation on the Governor of Bank Negara who had RM 100,000 in his laci, that is not covering up corruption, that is merely protecting his staff from undue durress. So let us twist the way we look at things, so that in everything Tun Dr Mahathir must appear as right, because a dissenting opinion is that of a traitor. Happy?

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 13:27  

TDM sayangkan melayu dan malaysia. Pasal tu dia masih berdiri tegak memberi pandangan dari segala sudut ekonomi, politik dan pelajaran. Orang lain tak sayangkan melayu dan malaysia. KJ dan DSN tak sayangkan melayu. Pasal tu dia di hempuk.Mungkin juga tok sak tak sayangkan melayu pasal komen TDM. Nampak gayanya kita semua terpaksa ler kena undi MM. Baru nampak sayangkan melayu.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 13:47  






Khairy salah guna Seri Perdana untuk kempen?

Kempen pemilihan Ketua Pemuda UMNO makin sengit. Dalam keadaan makin mendesak, Naib Ketua Pemuda UMNO Khairy Jamaluddin menggunakan Kompleks Seri Perdana sebagai pusat untuk berkempen.

Sepanjang hari ini, beberapa kumpulan Ketua Pemuda, Naib Ketua Pemuda dan Perwakilan G2 diundang ke Seri Perdana, untuk berkenalan dengan MP Rembau. ‘Gula gula’ tarikan yang dimodalkan ialah Perwakilan berpeluang untuk bertemu mesra dan bicara secara peribadi dengan PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Namun begitu, terdapat Perwkilan yang terpedaya dengan ‘gula gula’ ini dan hadir ke Seri Perdana. Peluang yang diambil kesempatan ini Khairy lakukan pada masa PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah sedang mengadakan lawatan rasmi ke Kuwait.

Persoalannya, apakah Khairy mempunyai hak dan kelebihan untuk menggunakan premis rasmi Kerajaan Persekutuan bagi tujuan berkempen?

Apakah Perwakilan yang hadir di Seri Perdana itu begitu mudah termakan dengan ‘janji’ Khairy dan begitu alpa dan tidak peka dengan keadaan sekeliling sehinggakan tidak sedar sebenarnya PM ‘Flip-Flop’ Abdullah sedang berada diluar negara dan Khairy yang memperkudakan segala kelebihihan bapa mertuanya disaat akhir ini?

Nampaknya, calon Ketua Pemuda UMNO ini amat bongkak menyalah-gunakan harta Kerajaan, memandangkan bapa mertuanya ialah Perdana Menteri dan Presiden UMNO. Walaupun Lembaga Displin UMNO awal minggu ini mengumumkan bahawa calon ini terlibat dengan salah laku etika politik wang dan hanya diberikan amaran, namun sifat bongkak yang ‘tidak makan saman’ ini amatlah keterlaluan. Apakah Perwakilan bersedia untuk membuat pilihan samada WANG atau BANGSA???

Bayangkan, apa lagi salah guna kuasa pemimpin ini akan lakukan apabila diberikan kuasa kelak?


Nostradamus 23 March 2009 at 13:54  


R.A.H.M.A.N Theory (Teori R.A.H.M.A.N)

R - Tunku Abdul Rahman
A - Tun Abdul Razak
H - Tun Hussein
M - Tun Dr. Mahathir
A - Datuk Seri Abdullah
N - Datuk Seri Najib

M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R Theory (Teori M.A.H.A.T.H.I.R)

M - Mahathir? Musa? Muhyiddin? Mohd Ali? Muhammad Muhd? Money?????????
A - Anwar? Ahmad Zahid, Abdul Rahim? Abdul Hadi Awang? Altantuya? ???????
H - Husam Musa? Hishammuddin? Hang Tuah? Hang Jebat? Hang Siapa? ?????????
A - ??????????
T - ??????????
H - ??????????
I - ??????????
R - ?????????

Why teori MAHATHIR? (Kenapa teori MAHATHIR?)


Answer coming soon! Subject to endorsement by DYMM SPBYD Agong.
(Jawapan akan menyusul! Tertakluk kepada DYMM SPBYD Agong perkenankan.)

Tips from Nostradamus: (Tips drpd Nostradamus):

1. N for Najib in RAHMAN theory? Najib's full name is Mohd Najib and not Najib only. (N untuk Najib di teori RAHMAN? Nama penuh Najib ialah Mohd Najib dan bukan Najib sahaja.)

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 14:03  

Wenger J Khairy

I agree with many things you say. But please don't play stupid. People like me don't have high IQ, may rush and miss your 1st sentence in your (2) and believe the rest of what you wrote after that sentence. Now I'm rushing this little comment and may miss my lunch.

Like TDM, he tried the merajuk way, the sarcastic way. Professor Gomez's book quoted a news article (can't remember, poor memory me) saying TDM was the one who started discussion on the NEP a short while before he relinquished power, also stating he was shameful of being protected like a Red Indian, Pak Dol followed with the "tongkat" idea, and look what we have now in terms of questioning whatever is Malay.

TDM started the billionaire power thing, purchase of UMBC by TDZ, then purchase by Pernas, use of the MOF Inc & Petronas facilities, including buying his son's ailing company by Petronas-owned MISC, etc. The 1st Malay billionaire came from TDM's time. TDM himself said in his blog that he and one of the Ministers during his time handed MR1+ billion to Pak Dol as UMNO assets. Those who were around during or have read about ex-Selangor MB Harun Idris' corruption court case would remember that half of what was received went to UMNO, the other half into his own pocket.

Agree with you we must tackle the root of the problem. So we must speak more and furnish more details on those billionaires and bloody 10 percenters.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 14:06  

Ti Lian Ker said...
Tun is highly arrogant and egoistic. What makes him think that he is the ultimated judge of what's right or wrong?
Why is he inciting racial hatred amd getting away with it? Who is he? How cam he decide who can be a good leader or not?





"The Malays cannot even defend themselves; if they meet and talk (to defend themselves), they are called racists." - Dr Mahathir

"Melayu Kini Cemas". In his 100-para address at the gathering of Malay NGOs under the Perkasa umbrella this morning, Dr Mahathir Mohamad warned the Malays that they are on the verge of losing their political power. They are being called immigrants in their own country by others who have forgotten the Malays' hospitality. The Malays face external attacks as well as from within by their own so-called liberal brothers who have become shamed apologists to those who accuse the Malays of practising Apartheid against other races.

And faced with these attacks, the Malays are not even allowed to defend themselves. If they do, they are called racists, Dr Mahathir said.


Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 14:10  

Wow Anon 13.47
Why so very emotional today?
I am very sure sakmongkol doesn't answer to small boys who whine and howl and stomp their feet in a fit of jealousy.Hoi! KJ nak ajak delegates ke Seri Perdana apalah salahnya.TDM lagi teruk! Openly and fiercely campaign openly untuk MM.Apalah kpala hotak hang nak dengki sangat!Takkanlah orang nak respect PM yang flip-flop kan??? TDM lainlah!Satu dunia sayang dia!

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 14:16  

Anon 12:29

Hang betul la melayu yg tak kenang budi, selama hang duk dibawah pemerintahan org tu selama 22 tahun sampai hang leh pi sekolah, mengaji elok2, sampai hang leh mengutuk mengata org tu...

Kalau pemimpuin tu teruk la sangat, dah lama hang bodoh takat tu jugak...tak dapat nak balaih ruangan komen pun...

Apa punya turrr laa... Ini macam ka org melayu.. ini macam punya org ka kita nak dengaq dia punya komen. Bingit aja cakap... tapi kesedaran, bersyukur tak daq langsung...

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 14:30  

Saya tak cakap la dia MM greatest sampai apa segala dia cakap pun betui. Tapi tak dapat nak sangkal compare dengan aneka macam ragam yg berlaku hari ni, boleh dikira beliau adalah yg terbaik. Sebabnya selama negara kita dengan dia..negara kita bertambah makmur, dia perkuatkan/majukan lagi setelah segala usaha digembeling oleh 4 PM sebelum beliau.

Bandingkan aja dengan yg duk ada sekarang ni..takka haru. Walaupun beliau tak terkecuali dari kesilapan (sapa yg tak buat silap, hang aku pun buat silap)
tapi ketrampilan beliau sebagai pemimpin tidak boleh disangkal. Kalau hang benci pun...dalam hati hang,..mmg hang tau.tapi biasalah org kalau dah tak suka...mmg suka cari benda2 lain kasi menonjol nak tunjuk betapa tak baguihnya seseorang tu.

Memang kalau hang cari silap org mmg la dapat.. cuba kalau sesapa pun cari silap hang..pun dapat gak cari.

Tapi biasalah..hampa semua mmg bese dan mmg ahli/pakar dalam mencari kesilapan org... Setakat nak cari salah org..pastu nak jatuhkan org atas beberapa kesilapan yg lain. Mana ada org yg tak buat dosa atau kesilapan.

Bila kita buat silap, kita perbaiki, tapi kerja hampa semua bukan nak buat 'solution' tapi buat serabut lagi, laga2kan org, suruh org tu benci itu dan ini.

Kalau hampa tinggi sikit ilmu islam, hampa mesti sedaq yg dahulu didahulukan, yg tua kita hormati apa lagi yg berjasa.

Org nak habaq pasal kewibawaan dia menjadi PM. Ketrampilan, bukan senang2 org nak punya traits pemimpin ni.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 14:37  

Anon 14:10

Orang kalau baguih, mmg ramai punggung tak leh duk diam. Memang ramai yg dengki. Sebab dia pemimpin yg tegas.

Kalau yg tak tegas, punyala senang nak dinasihati.Maklum kurang fikiran cara kritis.

Jangan pandang rendah dengan small boys. Sebab pandang rendah la, maka last2 tok tok sekelian pun bukak blog memasing nak tarik perhatian small boys.

Lepas tu dah bukak blog. masih lagi nak ikut old school of thots. nak beza2 small boys punya pendapat.

wah@janggo 23 March 2009 at 14:38  

yo wanger bro!

u talking about the the inconsequential after event clowning antics, demos, parliment farcas, etc? well.. everyone got a good laugh n i guess nothing more.

the warning kj's UMNO youth give to karpal is a gem, karpal must be pissing in his pants at the prospect of being called a liar. ppl of substance rais yatim, mukhriz n others call for the govt to charge karpal under the sedition act. i don't remember kj's UMNO youth ever made such call, that would asking FIL to make difficult decisions. tq god at long last the govt act.

if u r still clueless, i got news for u, what is priced by the likes of dato ti lian ker et al, is the before event 'bozo'zity that has his meddling fingers in just about every half-baked policies that the govt comes out with, that has resulted in all the flip-flopping and all the calamities that has happened especially to the malays.

i actually initially have very high regards for kj, u know la out of oxford n those kind of stuff. i am a sub-prime student out of itm. i remember during the last oic conference he was one of the panelist being interview on the side of the conference with one other guy an indian professor from ukm, the interviewer was rehman rashid.

man.. he dominates the interview, the prof was left with scattered murmurs here and there. i thot he is really something.

but there is still hope though! he got to be rehabilitated:

1. for being CORRUPT

2. he got to go through the hard knocks of being a politician n not rocketed by FIL.

on item 2 i suggest pemuda delegates VOTE KJ OUT, leave him in the political doldrums for few years. with no FIL around we see whether the got the mettle to claw his way back up again using all his creativity n premium education minus the CORRUPTion and spoil brat antics.

i m an electrical engineer btw.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 14:41  

Orang kalau tak dengar cakap org tua memang susah hidupnya...

Nak-nak lagi, kalau yg tak reti bersyukur..

Macam Si Tanggang...

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 14:43  

KJ mmg outlah..

wah@janggo 23 March 2009 at 15:00  

n wanger,

kj rehabilitation must come with strict instruction a court injunction would be better to be not nearer than 100 meter from any of najib's daughter. :D

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  23 March 2009 at 15:00  

When everything else failed, blame it on the father.
How easy the conclusion would be.

However we should thank this latest posting because at least we now can confirm our suspicion that the KJ machinery will forever be attacking TDM and forever will detach it self from TDM ideas and belief.

Whats wrong with TDM looking over the current PM and PM2B and putting them on the right track? Who else can do that?

Why is it short lived politicians always blame and have grudges against TDM (eg. Ti Lian Ker?

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 15:39  

Aku pun rasa ada unsur2 jealous.

Bagaimana mungkin KJ nak lawan idea-idea Dr M, Mana mungkin seorang yg tidak terbukti politiknya mau lawan Dr M. Nak berlagak dengan oxford aja ke? Masa lawan bercakap dengan Khir Toyo pun dah terbukti kemampuan bercakap yg tak seberapa. Ini Oxford nieh heheheh.

Aku hanya mampu gelak. Sekilas air dilaut sudah ku tahu jantan betinanya..

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 15:57  

Saya merasa Najib pemimpin yg last. Itupun tak tau berapa lama boleh bertahan. Bertahan nya tergantung kepada sebab dan akibat. Apa yg beliau akan usahakan untuk memerangi semua perkara yg berlaku hari ini. Ianya kenalah berterusan dan tak boleh hangat2 tahi ayam.

Kalau tak berjayanyanya Najib, mmg tiada siapa lagi boleh diharapkan. Kalau ada pun, jenis2 yg flip flop juga ataupun yg lemah. Malaysia tidaklah sepertimana yg berlaku dizaman 4 menteri sebelum ini.

Anda yg menentukan. Hentikan benci membenci dan bersifat haloba ingin kenaikan pangkat, nama, wang dan segalanya. Apalah ertinya pemimpin jika tidak merenung kepada kebajikan dan kemakmuran negara.

Kita ketandusan individu sebagai pemimpin yg merasa perlu menolong rakyat jelata. Kita lebih banyak kepada pemimpin yg berpura2 yg jatuh menjatuhkan antara satu sama lain.

Kita juga tidak ada hormat kepada org yg lebih tua, tidak mengenang budi dan mencari2 salah org yg telah berjasa. Tolak tepi kesalahan beliau jika ada, itu adalah lumrah manusia.

Kita banyak kepada pemimpin tak jadi yg perasan bagus tapi tak bagus manapun utk seluruh malaysia secara total. Kita dipenuhi dengan manusia yg suka mencari salah org lain, tetapi individu tersebut tidak pernah pula mempertikaikan apakah sumbangan nya pada negaranya sendiri. Balik2 cari salah TDM.

Lebih baik fikirkan apa yg dah anda usahakan utk melayu menjadi bersatu. Jangan laga2kan rakyat tetapi usaha utk satukan mereka.

Dehra Dun,  23 March 2009 at 16:19  

Tun Mahathir is attempting something no other known politician worldwide has ever contemplated, and that is to drive politics at age 84. The Great Tun has already succeeded in the department of news content. The media has faithfully relayed his thoughts to the world. This is another first. To remain agile at his age is a measure of his intellectual prowess and drive.

Is Tun scoring as high on the emotional and paternal front? I shall not prejudgme this towering hero.

Tun will have, however, to brace for more incisive scrunity if the Great Statesman starts hounding the new Prime Minister;

1) Tun, are you, Sir, not making a distinction between Pak Lah and Najib? So Pak Lah was not such a big mistake after all?

2) Who in your reckoning, Sir, could have actually succeeded you. Tun Musa? Tun Ghafar? Anwar? Rais? Sanusi? Tengku Razaleigh?

3) Have you Sir had the opportunity to admire any other Malaysian politician post-Tun Razak? What are your thoughts on Tunku? Tun Hussein? Tun Dr Ismail?

I think Tun Mahathir's biggest achievement is to have planted courage in our soul. This is the same courage which Sakmongkol has invoked in conceiving this highly thoughtful piece.

No, there is no doubting Tun M's legacy. It is how he manages his throbbing mind in the next few years that so excites and infuriates us.

Should he lunge at someone even younger than his youngest son, who happens to be a fellow contestant in the Pemuda race?

Tunku did not claw, say a young Najib, when the first Premier was on the Dissenting Circuit hosted by Tengku Razaleigh.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 16:29  

Dear Saudara Wah@Janggo,

I like your comment, got some humour, I get your point, especially the subprime student part. Some I agree, some I disagree.

Part which I agree
(a) Policy malaise attributed to the 4th floor. I agree 100% with this
(b) Dominating the interview shows naivete

Since you and I agree on this point, no need to elaborate, I save it for the part we disagree on

Part which I disagree
(a) KJ acttion in Pemuda UMNO as inconsequential.
This part I disagree. When KJ first came into the picture, he pushed very strongly for greater Bumiputera participation and for the NEP to be strengthened. As to the entire Karpal thing, I was on record as saying it was good that the Pemuda confronted him. So some say confront him, others call for the sedition charge, so end of the day action is taken. I don't see how this differs from a policy of no action, something is seen to be done and something is done.

(b) Reject KJ for being corrupt
Lets define corruption. There are a couple but the best seems to sound 'inducement to wrong by improper means or bribery.'

We all know the supposed inducment aka all those freshly printed Agongs. Whats the wrong - Vote for Me. Consider this counter example :-
(1)Vote Me = Development
(2)Do not vote Me = Death

We saw examples of (2) in Kelantan over the last 20 years and a blatant act in 1999 over Trengganu. Is the proponents of (2) as guilty as corruption as well, because if they do action (1) they get development, if don't do action (1) and (2), they get screwed.

My point is simple, KJ did everything required of him as a politician schooled in the politiccs of Dr Mahathir to get ahead. I dare anybody to challenge me on that last point.

Think about it, you are pretending to be a sub prime, but it shows your mind is AAA.

(3) Stay away from Najib's daughter?
No lah, I think KJ likes his present family very much. Btw, just out of curiosity, would you marry Najib's daughter given the chance? Perhaps you can be a super KJ in the future :)

PS: To all those who think we are arguing, this is just exchange of opinion. A lot of what Tun said on Sunday is correct, but I just happen to disagree with him on KJ.

Wenger J Khairy


Part 2 of response to anonymous.

Ok one must contexutalize the entire billionaire episode with what had shaped Tun's thinking till that time. He had gone to Korea and to Japan where he saw how business chaebols worked and figured he could replicate the same thing here. He thus pushed forth to privatising large sections of the economy to a hands of a few individuals. Now you may not know, but Putin did the same thing to some extent. However, the end result is clear, all from Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Russia, all failed.

Tun thought he was smarter than free market capitalism. He will never admit he is wrong, even though he clearly is sometimes. So people do not know how to differentiate him to take the good and leave the bad.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 16:33  

Are You Gonna My Way,
Can you ever give a fair opinion? But more importantly, does the word 'fair' register in your vocabulary?

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  23 March 2009 at 17:10  

Wenger J Khairy,

More important is does ‘Fair” register in KJ vocabulary? You yourself agree about the fourth floor contributions. What about other people businesses being hijacked by the so called KJ people. The toll gate collector of the so called KJ people.

I’m being fair does not matter much because I’m not the one who will be given the power to partake in the running of this country. After the said malaise not only by the fourth floor but in whichever floor, can you convince me that KJ will use a “fair” mind in his judgments and dealings?

That’s for him to prove and for me to be convinced.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 17:34  

Are You Gonna My Way,
Please say this with a straight face
"Only in Pak Lah's 4th floor time, does business plans gets hijacked"
and I will call you a liar to your face.
Business plans gets hijacked all the time. We were all taught at a very young age, its not what you know, its who you know.

Who taught us this?

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 17:36  

Sumbangan Dr Mahathir sebagai pemimpin masih terpahat di hati rakyat.

Masih adakah generasi Patih Gajah Mada yang dengki dengan Laksamana Hang Tuah?

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 17:37  

Kami tak mahu Oxford hidung tak mancung pipi tersorong2.

Tapi tak mahu pemimpin melayu yg takda nilai2 melayu dalam dirinya. Seorang yg tidak mengenal untung menjadi pemimpin kami.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 17:38  

Ayahanda Tun seorang yg saya hormati.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 17:39  

Ayah Tun masih dihargai. Sekurang2nya beliau pemimpin yg sejati.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 18:03  

Waah..kesian Tilianker.Cakap apa dia fikir pasal Tun terus kena bahan in an a very racial manner.But I am glad the anti-KJs talk in their stupid unthinking way.The non-Malays who read this blog at least get a clearer picture of the MM supporters! Btw siapa yang bertanding KP ye? TDM or MM?Kalau TDM memanglah KJ kalah.

Wong Pencen 23 March 2009 at 18:18  

Let's look back at perspectives and perceptions. Why are everybody making so much noise over what was said by a FORMER prime minister.

Those who are against said that TDM have no right to say what he said as he himself is not practicing what he said.

Those who are for said that we must all listen to what he said as he was the greatest prime minister we ever had.

Will I get the same response when I put up a comment on similar subject? No. Never.

Why. Simple. What I say don't influence others. What I say don't swing votes. Why. Because I am a nobody. Unlike TDM. He is INFLUENTIAL.

He has no power to execute what he want to happen. He just say out his opinion, just like you and me. The difference, what he says and the way he say it impact others.

Even the SAKMONGKOL AK47 is not spared by the influence, to the extend that he appointed TDM as GOONS and place the credit back to TDM for self appointing himself. SAKMONGKOL AK47, you should take credit where it's due. Don't have to fear anything. TDM is just an X. He has no power. Your AK47 is more powerful.

You put up such a long posting just to say how wrong TDM is and was, then terminate with "Sorry Tun". That only highlight how much influence TDM has on you and how much TDM may affect your fight to get KJ to be voted as Ketua Pemuda.

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  23 March 2009 at 18:19  

Wenger J Khairy,

At last we agree it’s a level playing field now between thieves, robbers and hijackers.

But which thieves and robbers will we choose?

The Ali Baba whose only beneficiaries is his 40 thieves or a Robin Hood who gives away to many people.

Don’t need to bukake my face with justification for being a better educated hijacker than the other hijackers.

Your last innuendo was a cheap one.

editorialblog 23 March 2009 at 18:21  

Monday, March 23, 2009
Di sebalik kenyataan2 Tun M...

Sejak kebelakangan ini, malah sejak beberapa hari lalu, media arus perdana atau media alternatif seperti laman web dan blog, menyiarkan bermacam-macam komen daripada bekas Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang kita sayangi dan sanjungi, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Sama ada mengenai isu semasa, ekonomi hingga politik, saban hari Tun akan memberi bermacam-macam komen-komen beliau kepada media massa. Apa lagi pada saat-saat genting pemilihan pemimpin tertinggi Umno yang akan bermula esok.

Kami berasa amat hairan, apabila Tun M terus menerus membuat ugutan dan mencari kesalahan orang lain jika projek mega beliau tidak berjalan lancar. Setiap hari sekarang ini ada saja majlis yang Tun perlu hadiri dan akan mendapat liputan media massa, malah MSM sendiri memberi ruang kepada beliau untuk menghentam kerajaan.

Ajaib juga kekuatan yang ada pada Tun untuk terus menghadiri majlis dan bercakap banyak.

Selidik punya selidik punya selidik, rupa-rupanya tindakan Tun membuat bermacam-macam kenyataan, terutama ketika Perhimpunan Agong Umno akan bermula esok sebenarnya ada udang di sebalik batu.

Sebenarnya, tindakan itu adalah salah satu taktik oleh Tun untuk memancing undi daripada perwakilan Pemuda Umno untuk anaknya, Mukhriz.

Dengan mengeluarkan kenyataan setiap hari atau bercakap banyak, maka Tun akan dapat memastikan nama beliau tetap diingati. Dan secara tidak langsung orang akan mengingati Mukhriz yang kini bertanding jawatan Ketua Pemuda Umno.

Sama ada kenyataan itu baik atau tidak, ia adalah sebagai 'lif' untuk membawa Mukhriz ke atas.

Inilah salah satu cara halus untuk berkempen. Tun tidak membuat kenyataan terbuka tetapi secara diam membantu kempen anaknya.

Malah tidak hairan jika hari ini atau esok Tun akan membuat kenyataan atau meminta perwakilan Umno memilih anaknya - Mukhriz - sebagai Ketua Pemuda Umno yang baru kerana beliau menganggat anaknya bersih daripada politik wang.

Edkitorialblog terbaca tulisan Hard-T mengenai pengundi dan kehendak akar umbi.

Memang benar, usia KJ ialah 33, Khir Toyo, 44 dan Mukhriz 45.

Oleh itu, Pemuda memang patut diketuai oleh orang muda. Usia 4o ke atas bukan lagi dikatakan orang muda. Usia 40 ke atas ialah usia orang tua manakala usia 50 ke atas ialah usia warga emas.

Lagipun, para editor kanan MSM berpendapat Mukhriz perlu lebih banyak mempelajari cara menjawab soalan-soalan yang dikemukakan oleh wartawan. Memang benar, Tun bijak menjawab soalan, tetapi kebolehan itu tidak turun kepada Mukhriz.

Editorialblog, tertanya-tanya mungkin juga terlupa bila Tun jadi Ketua Pemuda Umno?

Oleh itu, biarlah Pemuda Umno dijaga, digilap dan diperkasakan oleh orang muda bukan mereka yang usia sudah melebihi 40. Melayu jati, bukan Jawa. Ini kerana bangsa Jawa tidak mengaku mereka Melayu.

Dan nasihat Editorialblog kepada Tun ialah cukup-cukup lah mengeluarkan kenyataan. Cukup-cukup lah menegur. Anak kalau setiap hari ditegur boleh merajuk, begitu juga orang lain. Zaman tun sudah berlalu dan kami serta ramai lagi rakyat masih sayang dan hormati Tun.
Jangan kerena segelintir orang di belakang Tun pun melatah, marah sana sini tak tentu pasal. Zaman Tun dulu pun sama politiknya.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 18:33  

Ti Lan Ker kena Ti Kian Kiao, tapa lah dah kata isu Tun ni cukup sensitif, tetapi bukan apa Tun kata 100% tak boleh pakai. Banyak yang baik tetapi kadang kadang, beliau ni menyelitkan agenda tersendiri dan menjadikan agenda umum. Ni yang I tak setuju, misalnya, yang dia kempen nak halau KJ tu bertanding tu masakan anaknya sedang bertanding?

Aku tak 'bukake'kan muka siapa siapalah, tapi, walau sedemikianpun, siapa yang makan cili,dia yang rasa pedas!

Para pelawat diminta memberi komen keatas ucapan Dia Pilihan Saya di laman waziboy.

sori dato', ni nak bubuh iklan..

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 18:48  

I don't think Tun will be satisfied till KJ is banished to Siberia for the rest of his life.

Omong 23 March 2009 at 18:55  


KSM... remember this acronym?

Tun wanted to retire a long time ago but he was asked to stay on

in case you forgot KSM means "kerja sampai mati"

he wants rest but malaysians keep going back to him for HELP

22 years of sacrifice and you pick one tiny error

KJ is found guilty but merely warned - does that mean he's now clean

you remember he QUIT UMNO because he's disgusted with the weak leadership

did Tun VOLUNTEER to be the advisor?

or was he approached?

Let me hazard a guess, they approach him out of desperation and Tun could not ignore their pleas of "demi bangsa, agama dan negara"

Temuljin 23 March 2009 at 19:02  

I am loath to find fault with our PAK LA In the final analysis, he will be judged by the court of public opinion. Simply put, his 4 years have stamped an indelible mark on our country's history. Malaysia is what it is today, as a result of one man's CLUELESS vision.
There were more failures that happenned to and during TDM's tenure but amidst all that, there was a time we are very proud to be
Amongst the comments you received in your blogs are ardent and probably dogmatic supporters of KJ or rather part of HIS Machinery. I find it too low to answer to their vicious,arrogant rebuts on whoever have an opinion other than how they want to perceive. My only fear is that they are doing more damage to KJ's journey to Leadership with their blatant accusations and assumptions that are very unbecoming of Malaysians. May I suggest that they be less rude and if they are claimed to a little bit clever...beradat la sikit dik.I also fear that they are vindictive which I can only pray God Forbid, they are not.
VIRTUOSITY is a big word and there more people out there like that that are not violent...verbally or otherwise.
Be careful with your accusations as they only reflect the company KJ keeps and it is not really good isn't it.
Bash me if you like for it reflects your Personality and quality that makes people fear the qualitie that KJ has.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 19:33  

Sahlah! Its a KP race between TDM and KJ! Of course any stupid idiot will know whos the winner!Sorry KJ.The old man wants the KP post..very badly!

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 19:51  

Tok Sak kata "There was a time in my own personal life, if I dreamt of insulting TDM, I felt compelled to wake up and apologise to him".

betapa to sak hormat pada TDM. memang tok sak tak berniat nak bekurang ajar pada beliau. tapi tok sak adalah pemikir yang serius. tak semestinya bila kita tak bersetuju tentang sesuatu hal tu bermakna kita membenci TDM.

sedangkan kita anak beranak pun boleh berbalah nak pilih restoran mana nak makan. kita tak kata pun anak kita kurang sopan sebab tak ikut cakap kita. cuma selera orang muda tak sama dengan selera org dah tua.

masanya dah tiba untuk beri peluang pemimpin baru berjuang tanpa perlu di papah oleh orang lama. ini dunia mereka, dunia pemimpin lama dah berlalu. walaubagaimanpun kami tetap sanjung TDM..

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 20:05  

Wenger J Khairy

I see your points. But do you know that when out in the political wilderness running a clinic in Alor Setar long ago, TDM was also memikul project paper, promoting the Pahang Pulp & Paper project to Tun Razak/ Tan Siew Sin at that time? Nothing wrong with it but it's very difficult for me to believe that he wasn't interested in being a billionaire during his 22 years in power. All sorts of allegations were made and he was quite sore with the fellow who alleged that he and his family had nearly RM1 billion Fixed Deposits in a Jewish bank in Singapore.

Don't get me wrong. He has done a lot for the country but I'm not sure whether we are paying too high a price for it and whether his son MM should not bear any sin of the father in terms of perception and being a good and corruption free leader.

It's good that he reminds Najib to have a clean cabinet etc but how I wish he had a clean one during his time so that people would give more regard to what he says these days. It's good that he talks about the sad state of afairs of the Malays and national unity but I can't understand why he started discussion on the NEP and why he said he felt ashamed of being protected like Red Indians. Surely not because he has created the elite Bumiputera business class - that DSAI alleged were mainly his cronies - that he felt was enough. Surely he realises that so many other Malays have not felt much benefit from the NEP. It's good that he spoke about the Social Contract but all the non-Malays have benefitted fully from the citizenship right that they have used up from generation to generation, until eternity, whereas the Malays have not even 20% of corporate quity - and only corporate equity at that.

How corruption became rife during his tenure. Many of us have been living on our blood, sweat and tears all along, telling our families to live within our means, kalau tak ada tu buat macam tak ade saja lah, grinning and bearing it when tak cukup itu tak cukup ini. Yet the corrupt bas..... are so filthy rich from just power and influence, flaunting their wealth until the poor us melior air lior, until some started to ask if they can, why can't we?

I disagree with your definition of corruption. It's not just taking or giving money. It includes delaying action, kerja menyeleweng, corrupt mentality. The Oxford Dictionary has a good definition. I hope budak Oxford and Tingkat 4 tahu. But they couldn't care less about using government offices for personal political gains. Apa ni? Macam ini nak jadi KP Pemuda and national leader? Teruk lah negara ini.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 20:47  

Saudara Anonmymous,

Had to reread your comments a couple of times to try and frame your point of view. Some points worth commenting. Let me try and comment where I feel is appropriate

(1) As to Tuns contribution to the development
We all know, and I acknowledge the transformation he accomplished during his reign, but here is a point many people miss. You see with Tun its like a rocket hurtling at 24,000 km/h. Yes you seem to get where you are going real fast, but if your off course by even the 1 degree, your gonna end up far away from the destination.

This is Tun's biggest flaw - the lack of a control mechanism. Take the 1997 Financial Crisis - we have all been told it was down to speculator, and there was nothing wrong with Malaysia its all the speculators fault. So what lesson do learn? Nothing - hate the Jews I guess. Now, I actually had the opportunity to have some discussion with some of the greatest minds in corporate finance. They said, look most SEA corporates were heavily borrowing US Dollar for Ringgit based projects, and what was the real strength of the Ringgit vis a vis the dollar? Every currency will achieve equilibrium with another currency because of the inherent differences in inflation, as our economy had incorporated price control at so many points, our inflation rate is extremely artificial. So when there is a run on the ringgit, corporates suffer because their asset is in ringgit, their liability in dollar. That excaberates the situation. Yes, we instituted capital controls, and things worked, but thats not my point. By never acknowledging mistakes on our part, we cannot self-correct errors in navigation, and hence we find ourselves in a political, social and economic quagmire.

Tell me, do you believe this spin that somehow, a couple of dunderheads in the 4th floor of any office can somehow alter the course of a RM 1 trillion economy?

Of course not, of course the issue is more complex, so we must learn to deal with complex issues with some complexity, not simplify and scape goat people to cover up our own inadequacies.

(2) Dato Mukrhiz is not Tun Dr Mahathir. So let each be judged on their own.

(3) Yes your definition of Corruption is a better one. If that is the metric, tell me, who is not corrupt? So lets try not to pin blame on any single person, saying that person is corrupt.

(4) The post is for Ketua Pemuda. The qualities are unique for this post, requires fast thinking, some degree of bravado, and a propensity to take political risk so as to keep others on their toes. Thats the job, well, who do you think fits the bill?

FredKDS 23 March 2009 at 21:06  


First of all the baby boomers criticising TunMM here would have probably been in classrooms or playing truant when TunMM became PM and now sound as "know it all's".Secondly lets put corruption out of the equation by my question to you, simplistic as it may be. Please let me know which country in the world does not have corruption in their government? I do not condone it but thats reality. Despite this corrupt administration, the BN had lost two states max and had its 2/3 majority intact in all the GEs even during the Constituitional Crisis and DSAI issues. How come? Please don't raise election rigging because if that was so he could have easily make it a clean sweep every GE! Sadly this younger generation tend to bad mouth TunMM without realising the many serious situations confronting the nation TunMM had to resolve,up and until the last economic and currency crisis. Issues like the London Metal Exchange, AFCLIO and the General System of Preference. This issues as well as the plight of the Palestinians come to mind.

Anonymous,  23 March 2009 at 21:08  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Apocryphalist 23 March 2009 at 21:47  


People can have differing opinions but as long as they voice them out in an orderly and respectable way, they should be accorded some hearing and due respect. What more if the person giving opinions is someone who have some recognized stature and standing in the community.

In this spirit I abhor untowards slingshots thrown freely at Dato' Ti Lian Ker here. I am sure the good Dato', being a political figure and a statesman of repute, see things in ways which people on the ground do not. His view on things, though much I do not agree with, come from years of experience as a politician taking care of the wants and the needs of people under his constituency.

We are talking about malays here. But remember, there are other tenets of being a malay that probably people miss: that of being respectful and "budi-bahasa". Throwing vulgarities and obscenities negate the very kind of culture that some of us are ready to die for defending, which makes the whole issue a bit conundric.

So please, either use tact or head in presenting arguments in respectable blogs or go to places like MalaysiaToday if you really cannot control your urges to be profane and verbally iniquitous.

Anonymous,  24 March 2009 at 00:20  

The malays have a saying that one have to do good deeds during his lifetime.Even in power be humble and do the righteous way or else be ready to taste urine at your grave.
Perhaps old TDM is asking for it!Some of you are worshipping him like God.Look! if it were others to be PM instead of him they would have been better than him then what?
So for those fans of his please dont be emotional as he is not a saint without fault or perhaps his fart is sweet smelling to you cult worshippers!

Anonymous,  24 March 2009 at 02:33  

One wonders... where was Dato' Sak and Ti Lian Ker when Tun M was still in his office?

Busy jotting down Tun M's speech or loitering ard to get close to his office?

Ti Lian Ker, r u very much intimidated by the Malays? We dont cross your path and please do not cross ours.

Lets not forget when KJ's boss has to put his foot down that he is still the Chief Pemuda UMNO? How arrogant KJ could be when he by-pass his boss to challenge his opponents for debate session... The Malay says - KURANG AJAR!

Once again I ask... where were u and Ti Lian Ker when Tun M was still in his office?

Anonymous,  24 March 2009 at 07:15  


We don't talk about corruption simply because corruption exists in other countries as well? Simply because BN still retains 2/3 majority? What are you talking about? Yet you say you don't condone corruption. What do you mean? Just accept it as reality and keep quiet about it? You are pathetic.

This is the kind of mentality that has allowed corruption to become so rampant and even systemic in this country. Don't you sometimes very seriously think about the conditions your children, grandchildren and their descendents would be living in the future? Even if you are very rich, the Chinese, with 4,500 years of history and life experience, have a saying that wealth lasts for three generations at most.

Do you want this country to be like Indonesia, Philippines, India, Pakistan and Bengladesh? The rich richer the poor damn poorer. Or Zimbabwe, Congo and other Arican countries that are full of chaos and their people endlessly facing untold miseries. Due to corruption in all its forms and manifestations.

Do you know that historians and sociologists have written books saying that if the ills of society are not criticised, they will become the norms of behaviour and society will rot?

This is a free country where people even question the rights of the Malays and have their own version of Malaysian history, but don't let unchallenged anyone saying put aside talk about corruption. Corruption is the most despicable and destructive kind of cancer to mankind and must continuously be criticised and talked about.

Anonymous,  24 March 2009 at 09:03  

Ramai lagi yg tak habis habis kena tipu dengan Tun Belit tu...

Dah berenti jadi PM dah la...

Ni sibuk nak naikkan anak yg tak ada bakat langsung...

Sebab belit dia la kita yg susah le ni...kena bayar tol mahal la tapi kompeni tol tak pernah rugi...

Belit oh belit...


Anonymous,  24 March 2009 at 09:05  

Anon 18:03

Sebab selalu fikir org stupid la, hari tu UMNO kalah. Kalau PKR pun fikir begitu. Terimalah nasib yg sama.

Well bro, dont ever think other ppl are stupid.

Is it because they respond in Bahasa Melayu make u think they are stupid?

Anonymous,  24 March 2009 at 09:11  

Anon 7:15

Lu kecoh la mamat. Ko ada pernah jalan sampai amerika ke, ada sampai china?

Ke ko jalan tempat2 org kaya jer. Apasal tengok congo aje..Wey, tempat lain pun ada corruption juga. Amerika lagi ler banyak.. Tapi punyala besar.. sampai polis pun kata "ada aku heran"...susah la mau jaga itu besar punya negeri..

Negeri sekangkang kera ni boleh la ko propaganda ka macam banyak sesangat...kalau compare dengan jumlah penduduk amerika..sana lagi la ba nyak korupsi nya.. Saja je ko tak nak buat perbandingan..

Maklum segala yg ompitih buat ko pejam mata sebelah aja..Sikit2 nak cakap china bagus.. Dah bagus sangat apasal ko tak migrate aje kat china. Tak plak ko nak pegi ke sana.. Duk sini mengacau keharmonian org lain pulak...

Pergi la ko china tu.. Tengok ko punya chinese saying tu leh tahan berapa generasi...

Anonymous,  24 March 2009 at 09:19  

Anon 00:20

Hehehe, la..suka hati org kalau nak rasa kentut sesapa wangi.. Kentut PM wangi pun dia leh dengki.

Solutionnya , lain kali bikin kentut wangi. baru lah org suka...

Bila buat kerja..buat kerja betul2. sapa yg worshipping like dia God. Tapi antara yg terbaiks setakat ni. Org kalau dah suka tak bleh halang. Majority wins ok. YG masih lagi dengki, lepas ni sila create kentut yg wangi2...supaya lepas anda telah tiada di tempat itu...bau wangi masih mengharum..

Kalau hati ko dah busuk tu..busuk jugak.

Moral of the story: Sila kentut wangi2.

P/S : Dah kentut busuk, jeles pulak ada org kentut wangi..hahaha

Siti Zainab,  24 March 2009 at 09:58  

Saya seorang rakyat Malaysia biasa yg punya kuasa undi dalam setiap pilihanraya. Hanyalah satu undi. Terlalu kecil.

Kerana terlalu kecil, mungkin opini saya akan dilepas pandang. Malah opini saya juga mungkin dikira sebagai kelas bawahan atau cakap-cakap org yg tidak berapa pandai. Apalagi bila saya berbahasa Melayu, bagi sesetengah org, menunjukkan betapa kurangnya tahap pendidikan saya. Yalah, bagi setengah-setengah orang.

Bila seseorang memberi pendapat atau komen, saya dapati ada yg memandang rendah antara satu sama lain. Jadi, pilihan saya malah ramai lagi, ika saya sedang ingin membuang undi, perkara yg saya akan amati adalah berikut:-

Adakah pemimpin yg sedang emosi berpidato itu memandang rendah pada org biasa seperti saya. Adakah beliau memandang org lain bodoh. Adakah seseorang itu begitu mencanangkan2 OXFORDnya atau entah apa FORD yg dia ada.

Penjelasannya senang aja, seorang yg riak dan mendabik dada tak mungkin akan prihatin akan rakyat jelata.

Kriteria seorang pemimpin pada ramai org bukanlah kepada keoxfordan nya tetapi personaliti yg sederhana, cakap serupa bikin dan keikhlasan dalam menangani masalah rakyat. Jika terlihat membuat sesuatu yg bertentangan dengan islam, lagilah kurang popularitinya. Dan kerjanya mestilah terbukti. Kami tak suka yg cakap2 kosong aja. Terima kasih pada Dr. M kerana sekarang kalau nak berpolitik, dah tak boleh pakai cara-cara lama. Pendekatan kenalah original dan level anda mestilah kredibiliti pemimpin. Betul kata Dr M, menangnya PKR, adalah kerana org dah muak dengan UMNO. Kerana terlalu sombong. Tapi akibatnya, kita semua yg merasa. Yang berlaku adalah tanda-tanda awal. Bukan kerana apa, kami tak dapat lihat pemimpin yg berkredibilit dalam barisan yg perlu kami pilih.

Kami rakyat jelata, kami mahukan results, kami dah pilih kamu, maka jalankan kerja kamu sebaik mungkin. Dan semestinya seorang melayu yg menjaga perihal melayu. Tolong jangan jual pasal Oxford lagi. Kami muntah mendengarnya.

Kami tak suka nak dengar penjelasan bagaimana org ini dahulu dan bagaimana org ini sekarang. Tolong buat sesuatu.

Tapi jika saya diberi memilih sekali lagi dan setelah dilihat keadaan melayu sekarang, kami lebih memilih Tun Dr. Mahathir sebagai PM, kalaulah boleh. Kami berasa aman selama pemerintahan nya.

Kemakmuran dapat kami rasai dan tak ada yg berani memgugat melayu seperti hari ini.

Sebenarnya ramai yg berasa gusar setelah beliau menamatkan perkhidmatan sebagai PM. Tapi apa nak buat, ada yg ingin melihat perubahan. Sama-samalah kita merasai kegetiran nya.

Saya selalu menyoal diri saya. Adakah yg perihatin tentang masalah ini. Apakah jalan penyelesaian. Ada sesiapa terfikir?

Anonymous,  24 March 2009 at 11:15  

In the final analysis, he will be judged by the court of public opinion.

Nampaknya TDM masih laku di arena politik. Ke intellektualan nya marvellous dan di cemburui lawan dan kawan dalam selimut.

Anonymous,  24 March 2009 at 17:55  

i wish your space get many more 'wenger j khairys' comments. his comments are like 'penawar' to all the rest of the 'racun' thrown in.

Anonymous,  24 March 2009 at 21:36  

Tun Kutty Mahathir

Father of Arctitect Malaysia. Yes
Father of Arctitect of Corrupt Malaysia. No?

Ari 12 May 2010 at 15:57  

nice posting gan ..lanjutkan

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