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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Initial thoughts on the RM60b Stimulus

The finance minister has unveiled his stimulus package plan. It is RM60 billion. The size of the outlay is good. It is almost 10% of the GDP. That’s bigger than Singapore’s RM50b.

There is no dispute to that figure. Indeed it turns out to be bigger that what the experts were expecting which was around RM 25-30b. On this point, the finance minister has over-achieved his target. I would say it is always better to have a bigger stimulus than a smaller one. Reason? Bearing in mind that our forecasters and experts are nor prescient, an over stimulus package takes care of their less than accurate calculations. There is more fat to subsist on in the event they turn out that way.

I have always been taught about this maxim. The shortest path between two points on a plane is a straight line. The straight line is not only the shorter distance but is also economical. I can already hear the protests- well life is not a plane. Well then the applied mathematicians have this maxim that the shortest route between two points is an interconnected network.

Translated into economics, this maxim means the better way to commit benefits to the recipient is a direct one. Take the present case of our stimulus package. Many of us now know it as the mini budget. It is RM60b. How do we ensure that this 60b reaches its terminal points? First, if it’s a plane, via straight line to the terminal points. If it has to travel through a network of distributing points, make sure these distributing points are a network where the leakages to the flow are minimal. Accordingly, if our attention is to make more money available to the spending public (whether they are investment and consumer spenders), our focus must also be directed to avoiding actions that slow down that flow.

So why then do I have the feeling that this 60b stimulus fund is reaching the terminal points through a circuitous network of distribution points? And then the RM60b, is not a single shot in the arm. Its spread over two years. Where does the RM30b position itself in the 2010 budget at the end of this year? It’s back to the same old way of doing things- just a variant of legislating our way through. Its back to the system of father knows best central planning.

Let’s ask some other questions. Who hoards up the cash? Banks naturally is the answer. How can we induce the banks or other financial intermediaries ( khazanah and what not) to ease money flow? Probably the monetary authorities can look into possibilities of (a) stop paying interest on reserves. This reduces the demand for reserves releasing more money into the market to stimulate aggregate demand. (b) Impose a tax on excess reserves. Again, inducing banks to hold just the right amount of reserves and force them to apply loans to profitable business ventures.

Just one month ago, the finance minister and everyone connected with managing the economy, say our economy is growing. We are definitely achieving a growth rate of 3.5%. There were similar prognoses from people who think they manage the economy. Those who think they know economics were also saying similar things. Until of course the government produced its 4th quarter growth figure. The economy grew by just 1%.

Suddenly, boom turns to gloom. Our leaders now say, we are in for a rough period, the finance minister is now saying, and the Malaysian economy will contract by -1%. When our finance minister presented his first stimulus package of RM7b, he was still looking at a growth rate of 3.5%.

Even then, that figure was disputed by many people, most notably by Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. TRH was hinting at a growth rate substantially lower than 3.5%. It would be around 0.5 per cent and 1.5 per cent. Of course TRH’s counterpoint was dismissed by many. After all he is but a has been finance minister. His views were also dismissed as just verbiage from someone who failed to secure nominations for the UMNO presidential race.

But serious minded economists did not share the Finance Minister’s enthusiasm. The logic behind a more pessimistic prediction is quite clear. The Malaysian economy is trade driven. Our economy depends on the economies of the developed world. We produced and manufactured and the developed economies consumed. If their economies are suffering, we can anticipate reduced trading with them. That would result in lower earnings.

The worsening economic data from Malaysia’s main trading partners and export nations were quite evident. .The World Bank said that the world is facing its worst performance since the Great Depression, with developing countries bearing much of the economic pain.

1. Global industrial production will only be 85% of what it was in 2008 by the middle of this year.

2. World trade is predicted to experience its largest decline in 80 years, with the sharpest losses expected in East Asia.

Financing declining trade will become more difficult:-

1. Many institutions that have provided financial intermediation for developing country clients have virtually disappeared.

2. Developing countries that can still access financial markets face higher borrowing costs, and lower capital flows, leading to weaker investment and slower growth in the future.

But why was our government not forthcoming with the gloomy economic scenario? At one time, one leading banker was even thanking god that our economy is insulated by the worsening global economy. That’s an economics premature ejaculation.

Singapore which is heavily trade driven economy was more circumspect. It quickly acknowledged its technical recession and set off to carry out remedial measures. It committed SD20b in as a single shot in the arm.

Ah, because, says the government; the structure of the Malaysian economy is different from their neighbour down south and not as exposed to the gyrations of the global economy.

In addition, until recently, there was little evidence that recession would visit Japan and several other markets for Malaysian goods and services so quickly and in such a devastating fashion.

In simple terms, the Malaysian government did not prepare itself. It says, this will come to pass.

This is what you get when politics rule the day. People think that bad news should be managed well to prevent a plunge in consumer spending. The attitude of the government is that Malaysians are by nature a pessimistic group and could overreact. If they do, announcing a recession would induce a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In other words, the Malaysian public is not so smart.


otoote 12 March 2009 at 11:51  

Whatever we do in life-Murphy's Law will be lurking behind our back.

"The shortest distance between 2 points is always under consctruction"

And you know how difficult it is to drive along these roads ... some of the goods will fall off your trucks...time will be longer and damage to your vehicles...not to mention...all the detours will set off your bearings that you dont even know where you are heading to. And in all honestly , I don't beleive in Najib to lead us out from rough waters- he just dont hv the guts to make serious and crucial decisions on his own capacity.

Anonymous,  12 March 2009 at 13:13  

Rm 60 b over 2 years...lots in form of guarantees...very little "direct" to the middle class to decongest cashflows (how to spend?)..

Very little impact in 2009..thus -3.5 % GDP decline very much in the works..

I do not understand the very misplaced confidence in Khazanah >> they hv not performed well and not prescient enough to spot the opportunities.Only good at repeating consultant geekspeak and publishing multi colored books.

Sorry Sir..this crisis requires a different remedy but the govt still giving panadols.

Raison D'etre 12 March 2009 at 15:54  


I am a believer of the saying "We shouldn't talk ourselves into a recession" but the said phase where such a statement be relevant has long pass us.

We are just seeing the start of a long hard trip down, methinks.

As to PM2B's "-1 to 1%" verdict, well it's late but better than never.

Anonymous,  12 March 2009 at 23:16  

Remove APs for sugar,rice,wheat, monopolies can be manipulative.

Aps for imported cars shld be thru open bidding.

Anonymous,  13 March 2009 at 01:17  

know why the stimulus package is big? Well , they know they only have a few years left.... to spend

Anonymous,  13 March 2009 at 05:10  

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The black list counts Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, China, North Korea, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Uzbekistan, Syria, Tunis, Turkmenistan and Vietnam. These state transformed their network into an intranet, preventing the users from accessing information they are interested in, but are considered by the state as undesirable. These states took repressive actions against Internet users who provided such undesirable information.

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Setaraf dengan Zimbabwe...alamak...

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Anonymous,  13 March 2009 at 11:44  

Najib missed out on the Income tax cuts. this Income tax cuts will get the public to spend directly more and money will get into the system faster

Anonymous,  13 March 2009 at 12:15  

i am not rushing out to spend and neither are most of my friends.
Our investments are sinking faster then submarines (and with no rescue in sight ),the cash we will be getting from our FDs this year is reduced by 40%,nothing to ease my cashflows from the taxes...and we are not business man,not borrowers nor in the market for a new car.

Maybe the guys vying for govt and PFI contracts,the guys working in GLCs,the guys owning companies and have a lot of borrowings are now doing their bit to boost consumer spending >>but hope they're doing it in Malaysia and buying Malaysian goods and not in london,perth,milan...

I was brought up in the old school of being prudent and to save my money BUT each time there is a crisis my FDs returns gets chopped and those guys who borrows gets the benefit from my suffering.Aren't those guys who over leveraged themselves the creator of all this more and more frequent financial crises?

No Mr PM2B..your stimulus plan is not doing a Viagra job on the old retired codgers like me and my friends.In fact we are just hoping that we will have enough to buy your subsidized essentials to help Mr Kuok and syed mokhtar sustain their monopolies.

Thanks a dozen

Anonymous,  14 March 2009 at 10:15  

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Haji Mat Saman bin Haji Fakhrul Radzi

Anonymous,  14 March 2009 at 13:31  

Dear Dato',
Its down to credibility or the lack of it. TR is a credible leader, he called the spade a spade, I do remember even Tun Dr Mahathir said that Malaysia will not fall into a recession. I like your last comment, 'perhaps the Malaysian public aren't so smart after all';because anybody with 33.2 TMNet dialup connection could have Googled the Baltic Dry Weight Index to see Global shipping come off by a whopping 90% in the 3rd Quarter and figure out that as we are a trading nation, some of those goods that have now been taken out of the world's conveyor belt were actually from Malaysia.

There is perhaps much more that I would like to comment on such a well written article, but I'd prefer to focus on the need and necessity for an alternative media. Save for a few good men, most of our so called iconic leaders, well, are more interested in their own (or children's) well being than telling the truth. As to local MSM, ....the less said the better.

So we need blogs,we need people like yourself and we need the truth.

Apocryphalist 14 March 2009 at 14:07  

Tuan Haji Mat Saman bin Haji Fakhrul Radzi,

Saya terpanggil untuk menulis mengenai ulasan panjang lebar “Tuan Haji” ini, kerana topik yang Tuan bawa tidak ada kene mengena langsung dengan topik perbicaraan yang sedang diperkatakan dalam blog ini. Seolah-olah “Tuan Haji” mempunyai agenda tersirat yang ingin disampaikan. Ma’af saya berkata di sini bahawa sekali imbas membaca surat “Tuan Haji” ini, tidak dapat tidak saya lari dari kesimpulan bahawa Tuan adalah salah satu daripada berikut:-

1. Tuan seorang yang beragama asing, mungkin kristian, dan menyamar sebagai seorang Islam untuk memberi pandangan Tuan. Cara “Tuan Haji” bersusah payah menaruh nama yang penuh beserta dengan pangkat Haji dan nama bapa sekali juga sabit: kebanyakkan mereka di sini puas dengan hanya nama nick sahaja. Seolah-olah “Tuan Haji” mahu sangat dikenali sebagai seorang melayu, Islam dan haji pulak tu. Ini semua saspek.


2. “Tuan Haji” adalah seorang Islam, tetapi terlalu tidak termaklum dan kurang pembacaan, disertai dengan jizbah ruhaniah yang sungguh lemah sehinggakan lebih mempercayai propaganda ugama asing dari mempercayai kaum seugama sendiri. Kalau ini benar maka bermuhasabahlah “Tuan Haji” kerana apabila perawakan serta penyampaian kita membawa ketrampilan seorang yang berakidah bukan Islam, maka itu bermakna kita sudah jatuh ke sasar yang sungguh hina dalam agama.

Kenapa saya berkata demikian? Kerana ini:-

Saya tidak pernah mendengar mana-mana orang Islam menyumpah atau melaknat ugama Kristian, samada secara individu, peribadi apa tah lagi dari mesjid-mesjid Kerajaan sendiri. Boleh Tuan buktikan dengan fakta-fakta yang tegar segala tuduhan yang “Tuan Haji” lemparkan? Kalau tidak, Tuan telah melakukan satu fitnah yang besar kepada kaum sendiri, kepada kerajaan, kepada JAKIM (kerana semua khutbah ditulis oleh pihak mereka) dan kepada orang Islam secara ‘am. Ini yang membuatkan saya syak bahawa Tuan adalah dari golongan (1) di atas kerana Tuan tidak faham akan kedudukan “hierarchy” atau polisi kerajaan menangani ugama lain di negara ini.

Kenapa saya katakan mustahil orang-orang Islam melaknat kristian? Kerana kita telah diajar begitu didalam al Quran dan telah dipesan oleh Rasulullah. Kita selalu kritis terhadap mereka, benar, tetapi secara ilmiah dan rasional. Malahan mereka lebih kritis juga terhadap kita, dan ini tidak menjadi apa-apa. Sekali sekala, terdapat pembunuhan dan pertarungan Islam-Kristian di merata dunia: Bosnia, Indonesia malah di zaman perang Salib dulu lagi tetapi kesemua ini adalah natijah dari pergaduhan politik yang kemudiannya dibabitkan dengan agama: “Kau bakar mesjid aku, aku bakar gereja kamu” atau “Kau larikan anak dara aku dan tukar agamanya aku musnahkan kau dan semua keluarga kau” dan sebagainya.

Tuan kemudian menyelar kaum sendiri dengan menyatakan orang melayu Islam di negara ini sumbang muhrim. Ramaikah? Menjadi satu budaya kah? Dari ajaran Islamkah itu? Dengan mendayu seperti demikian, Tuan telah mengimani perkara ini sebagai benar secara menyeluruh. Seolah-olah kalau ada pun ianya adalah kesalahan ugama itu sendiri.

Tuan tahu berapa ramai kes-kes penganut Kristian dari barat seperti itu? Tidak - tak payahlah saya sebutkan kes-kes pincang sosiologi membabitkan penganut biasa. Nah – bacalah bagaimana sampaikan rahib-rahib mereka sendiri yang melakukannya. Secara besar-besaran!! Kerana ini Tuan sanggup menghina kaum sebangsa/seagama Tuan sendiri?

“Tuan Haji” juga seorang yang sungguh “misinformed” atau, sekurang-kurangnya seperti saya katakan tadi, mempunyai pengamatan yang sungguh terporok, mungkin dari pembacaan Tuan yang terhad. Tuan katakan mesjid di sini penuh hanya waktu jumaat, dan gereja kristian setiap hari. Pengamatan Tuan adalah terbalik. Mesjid mana yang Tuan hadiri? Pernah kah Tuan pergi tengok apa yang berlaku di gereja? Pernahkah Tuan membaca mengenai gereja-gereja di barat?

Mesjid-mesjid di Tanah air kita ini, banyak yang dipenuhi 5 kali sehari, lebih-lebih sejak kebelakangan ini. Mungkin tidak melimpah-ruah seperti waktu perayaan, tapi dua-tiga saf itu adalah biasa, walaupun pada waktu subuh. Kalau sembahyang Jumaat itu, tak usah nak cakaplah. Di bandar-bandar seperti mesjid Jamik, Tabung Haji, BTR, kampung pandan, kampung bahru, para pengunjung membina saf sehinggakan ke jalan-jalan raya. Masjid Wilayah, Mesjid Negara dan banyak lagi perlukan polis trafik khas untuk kontrol para pengunjung.

Tuan tuduh kerajaan merobohkan kuil dan gereja. Sila berikan fakta Tuan. Setahu saya, jika ada pun kerajaan robohkan rumah-rumah ibadat ianya bukan kerana so'al ugama, tetapi so'al "zoning" atau permit. Surau, mesjid dan madrasah pun ada yang kerajaan robohkan berdasarkan sebab-sebab yang sama. Adakah ini bererti kerajaan muslim di Malaysia ini benci kepada Islam? Kalau ini tidak dibendung mahukah Tuan melihat rumah-rumah ibadat dibina di merata tempat tak kira di mana, seperti Mid Valley? Hanya berdasarkan "mimpi" atau "ilham" ketua penganut mana-mana ugama? Kedengkelan pikiran Tuan sungguh memalukan saya.

Fakta palsu yang Tuan ingin semaikan dan kelirukan mengenai “gereja penuh” itu senang saja kita cantas jika kita melihat fenomena pengunjung gereja di barat. Mitt Romney, calon presiden republikan Amerika, pernah mengeluh mengatakan “Europe's cathedrals are indeed so inspired, so grand, so empty”. Beliau menyalahi penganut mereka sendiri yang "too busy or too 'enlightened' to venture inside and kneel in prayer." Di England, gereja-gereja ditukarkan kepada mesjid kerana mereka tidak mempunyai pengunjung yang ramai lagi. Mesjid Aldgate East di London masih mempunyai batu-bata berukiran nama Yahudi walaupun sinagog mereka telah ditukar menjadi mesjid. Di German, Perancis, Portugal, Jepun, Netherlands malah di Vatican City, Rome sendiri, mesjid tumbuh sebagai cendawan, dan penganut-penganut agama asal di tempat-tempat tersebut ramai yang berpusu-pusu menganut Islam. Kedua-dua site yang disebutkan bagus dibaca tak kira jika niat Tuan Haji mahu berdakwah, atau “Tuan Haji” mahu berdakyah.

Bagaimana ini semua boleh berlaku? Senang sahaja.

Pertama, dogma Kristan yang diunjurkan oleh St Paul (dan bukan oleh Nabi Isa) terlalu tidak masuk akal sehinggakan penganut-penganut ugama itu terpaksa mencari jawapan yang berada di luar pengajaran ugama mereka.

Kedua, setiap agama harus berkembang tetapi para intelek dan cendekiawan barat makin ramai masbuq dari akidah mereka sendiri. Untuk itu, kekosongan yang baru ini harus ditokok tetapi di mana kah hendak mendapat penganut baru? Jawapan: di negara-negara dunia ketiga yang mana mereka “segan” untuk berdebat dengan rahib-rahib yang baik hati dan datang ke sini, apa tah lagi jika terdapat banyak manafaat ekonomi dan wang tunai. Sila baca di sini .

Dalam isu nama Allah dalam bible juga, Tuan Haji sudah terlalu ketinggalan sangat jauh. Hujjah-hujjah sudah diberi, fakta-fakta sudah dibentangkan dan pihak Kristian juga telah dicabar untuk melakukan sesuatu untuk menunjuk kemurnian niat mereka supaya jika benar, usaha mereka itu boleh kita semua bantu. Tapi “Tuan Haji” masih lagi mencanangkan lagu lama, “tak kuatkah Iman kita hinggakan kita takut…” atau kurang lebih begitu.

Tuan, bukan masaalah takut atau tidak. Masaalah tidak terbendungnya penipuan menggunakan nama yang suci dan Tunggal itu untuk didakyahkan menjadi satu Entiti yang beranak, yang manusia, dan yang mengajar bahawa anak Tuhan ini mati kerana dosa manusia. Sanggup Tuan Haji membendung dan bertanggungjawab atas segala penipuan yang akan digula-gulakan kepada anak-anak melayu Islam yang akan diajar bahawa semua ini adalah sama nanti?

Jika "Tuan Haji" adalah seorang (1) diatas maka saya ucapkan maju jaya dalam langkah-langkah penyamaran. Jika Tuan Haji adalah (2), ingin saya katakan saya malu dengan minda sebegini dan Tuan perlu membaca, belajar dan berdiskusi dengan muslim-muslim yang lain dengan lebih kerap lagi.

Anonymous,  14 March 2009 at 16:58  



Cukup tepat dan padat hujjah2 sdr.

Setuju sapenuh nya.


Anonymous,  14 March 2009 at 19:08  

AK47, what can you say about the Malaysiakini report that the EPF dividend for 2008 will be approximately 4.5%?

Would love to hear your thoughts on that one. Thanks.

Anonymous,  14 March 2009 at 20:34  

Haji Mat Saman ni bukan orang Islamlah.
Mana ada orang melayu yang namakan anaknya nama “melayu lama” seperti Mat, Saman, Bidin sementara nama bapa lebih “Islamik” atau lebih glemer: nama ulamak, nama wali Allah, nama sahabat. Seolah-olah kesedaran merosot pulak ke arah jahiliyyah dan makin lama makin ke-arah melayu lama pulak menamakan anak-anak. (Bapanya, datuknya bersusah payah guna nama Fakhrul Razi, seorang wali Allah, sementara anaknya dinamakan nama Melayu zaman Datuk Bahaman. Dan Saman tu nama apa tu? Samaniyah ker? Atau Saman polis melayu? Mat pulak tu, bukan Muhammad. Mana datuknya yang jadi peminat Wali Allah tadi? Hahahaha lawak sungguh.)

Mungkin dia ni bukan melayu tetapi banyak membaca dalam bahasa melayu, boleh menulis dalam bahasa melayu, berkecimpung dengan orang melayu tetapi mempunyai kebencian yang mendalam kepada orang melayu. Apa mungkinkah dia ni seorang guru sekolah yang ramai murid melayu? Cuba bayangkan masa depan anak-anak kita bergantung dalam tangannya…

Betul: kawan ni seorang kristian. Dia selesa menggunakan perkataan “congregation”, sangat bersemangat tentang Cavalry Center Bukit Jalil dan lain-lain. Mungkinkah dia salah seorang penulis Kristian yang menggunakan pelbagai nama dahulu, cuba kemukakan idea beliau tetapi teruk kena belasah di blog-blog Pro-Melayu lain?

Haji ni ada agenda sendiri yang tersorok la. Dia mahir dalam blogging, mungkin ada blog sendiri yang tidak berapa popular tetapi datang ke sini buat pertama kalinya (yakni menggunakan nick melayu celup ini buat pertama kalinya) tanpa tersangkut-sangkut, tidak seperti seseorang yang tidak biasa menulis komen dalam blog.

The Real Haji Mat Saman:
(The Artist Formerly Called Eyes Open Wider)

Anonymous,  14 March 2009 at 22:08  

Saudara Apocryphalist, dan
Saudara The Real Haji Mat Saman;

Tuan-tuan berdua ini macam adik beradik kembar - tajam mata kepala dan mata hati - hingga nampak temberang "Haji Mat Saman bin Haji Fakhrul Radzi" ini.

Satu kelibat ikan di air tuan-tuan dah tau jantan betinanya. HMSbHFR ini membuat beratus kelibat dalam sepanjang komennya.

Saudara Apocryphalist juga saudara The Real Haji Mat Saman bukan setakat tahu asal usulnya, malah tahu apa kitab dibacanya, apa sentimen hatinya, di mana padang ragutnya, siapa tolan seiringannya, ka arah mana kiblatnya, cerah suramnya rumah ibadatnya, dan yang paling cuba disembunyikannya ialah tiap tahun dia naik haji ka Pulau Pinang.

HMSbHFR, bukankah lebih baik jika kamu isytiharkan yang kamu ini anti-Melayu dan anti-Islam. Susun atur hujah kamu mirip kemahiran kawan kami bernama EWO. Kamu sagurukah ... munkinkah orang yang sama?

HMSbHFR, comen kamu sedap dibaca; sedap lagi ketawakan jalan hujahnya ... tahniah ... sesuai untuk Peraduan Raja Lawak ke4 tahun depan.

Anonymous,  15 March 2009 at 10:17  

In the mini very significant component that was generally not picked up by the press is the KL CORRIDOR project.

After Pak Lah's groundbreaking Southern,Eastern etc corridors,most would have thot that the corridor concept is fully covered geographically.

However,the brilliant think tanks have delved deeper and came out with the KL CITY CORRIDOR...a brilliant corridor concept with the huge potential of further consultancies,branding exercises,launches and lots of batik shirts.

AND the potential is endless...we have JB,Penang,Ipoh,Alor Star,Kucing...endless potential city corridors that can be created from ground zero.

The corridors will create fantastic spin offs and employment including rubbish collection services,security services,CCtv..and will enhance Tenaga's bottom lines with the higher electricity demand.

To make it even more attractive,various services shld be considered i.e a broadband service linking all corridors,a city corridor cable tv cum satellite radio network with Arabic,Mandarin,Indian,Mongolian channels,education hubs within the corridors,a mugging hub..

To cater for the richer visitors ,we shld have an exclusive corridor for politicians,high networth individuals and movie stars..

The concept is really exciting and I can't wait to be mugged in one of the corridors as I trip on an uneven surface and fall on my backside to another broken tile.

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