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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Not All Things to All People

I am now thinking maybe, the Pemuda UMNO contest is a beauty pageant contest. It's just like the Miss World contest. The two runner ups are wishing for some dirt to be brought to surface to disqualify the actual winner. Maybe she has posed nude in the past or acted in a soft porn movie or somewhat. What they couldn't win on merits and personal strengths they hope to be given by way of some cooked up stories.

We watched with chuckled bemusement at the way Khir Toyo ran frantically on stage to raise the hand of Pak Lah who was raising the hand of TDM who was raising the hand of Najib who was raising the hand of Muhyiddin. It's like the Japanese cabinet linking up and shouting Banzai!

It was one big happy family. I am sure Khir must be thinking that if KJ is stripped of the title, he would be the first claimant. But, that would also mean, MM still does not get the coveted post of ketua Pemuda. It shall go to the tempe man.

I haven't seen any statements from either MUkhriz or Khir Toyo to ask their supporters to stop and desist. Now UMNO must be united. Let's not start a scorched earth battle tactic.

There are talks going around that just because MM did not win, the ketua Pemuda does not need to be given a cabinet post. If we remember, the idea of declining a cabinet post if he should win comes from Mukhriz alone. His idea wasn't shared by the other ketua pemuda aspirants then.

By doing so, Mukhrz has shown his leadership immaturity couched in terms of hiding behind a showy moral higher ground. He was planning to show that he wasn't after any post.

What is leadership without application? So let's leave him alone. The is therefore a stronger argument to say, if he was not interested in having a cabinet appointment even if he had won the KP, then, all the more, he shouldn't be considered at all now that he has lost.

The ketua pemuda must be given a cabinet post to allow application of his leadership skills and to provide input from the emerging voices of the young. DS Najib must recognise this. In doing so, he needs to jettison much of the advice given by his 'advisers' who are mostly half past six insufficiently trained apparatchiks.

DS Najib must insulate himself from the deafening shrills of the hecklers on the sidelines. He does not have to please everyone. I have said this many times to him personally, he needs to command only 70% of the votes to win. He can't be everything to everyman. The most dangerous thing is to accept what's volubly articulated by the few as representing what is generally felt by the whole.


Wah Al-Subangi 29 March 2009 at 11:09  

It really haven't got pass you Dato that the issue really is bigger that everyone else put together.

You earlier said is KJ bigger that Mahyuddin or Najib?

Is KJ, Mahuyiddin and Najib plus everyone else bigger than the corruption that's sapping the life out of the party?

Anonymous,  29 March 2009 at 11:10  

Dato Sakmongkol,
I followed your writing quite often and I assure you i like it very much.
But Dato, why is DS Najib not going out to sue all the papersn and magazines that write about his involvement in Altantuya case?
Its damaging and unacceptable issue Dato.
I sugest he resigns now. Muhyiddin supports him because he understand that Najib is in trouble and that is why Dr Mahathir supports Najib to ease an easy passage for Muhyiddin in short due.
These people are all deciding over personal advantages. Mahathir is just as corrupt as the rest I think.

Anonymous,  29 March 2009 at 11:14  

I don't know how to elaborate the way you do Dato'
I think Najib is finished and he continues the country is also finished.
So shy to see him leading us with international community looking down to him.
Dato, we are also finished.

Mohd Arshad Raji 29 March 2009 at 11:39  

Khir Toyo has nothing left for him now, and that was the reason why he jumped up stage to raise the hands of Pak Lah. He is insignificant in Selangor now, where even his former Exco's no longer supports him with his present problems over the Balkis issue. Hence he has to show himself up on stage with Pak Lah and the rest. In fact he has no right to be there. That tempe eating man must now be thinking that he would be better off in his country of origin, than to be in Selangor.

Hamba,  29 March 2009 at 11:41  

UMNO is not a chess game but a 'snake and ladder' board game....It really showed as the PAU ended and the winner were lucky ( lucky dice) or fortunate enough to have higher and well placed ladder..You know what I mean...ladder? Snake...anyone? The problem is the winner of this low IQ board game will be governing the country. God saves us.

Wah Al-Subangi 29 March 2009 at 11:50  

anon 11:00

I guess they follow KJ old mantra "don't look at the perception don't look at the reality"

Now with the LD decision it's has become a reality for KJ, I wonder what's his new mantra.

Something that includes "Witch-hunt" probably, I thot I heard it in Dato Sak earlier post.

Wah Al-Subangi 29 March 2009 at 11:53  

oopss sorry! it should be "don't look at the perception look at the reality"

Anonymous,  29 March 2009 at 14:05  

Dear Dato,

We all humanly cannot be all things to all people. By extension,it would be extremely unreasonable for us to ask our leaders to be all things to all people. All we are asking is for them to be more than 50% of the things we expect of them.

I doubt that KJ can even fulfil 30% of what we expect from a Ketua Pemuda Umno, based on the many uncomplimentary things said and written of him. No matter how much we put forth the case for him, his liability will always be the perception people have of him.

But I suppose that we cannot change things very much now. By all means, give KJ a cabinet post. Perhaps in due time he can rid himself of all these perceptions and become a true leader in the mould created by some of his ardent supporters. And satisfy his detractors as well.

Sometimes it is so hard to give up what one has experienced as tools to power. It would be convenient to keep using those preferred tools. Let us see if KJ is strong enough to discard those tools. If he can, so will the percetions go. And then, perhaps, he can show to us all that he can at least be 70% of the things to all people.


Donplaypuks® 29 March 2009 at 15:11  

I don't thing it's quite over in UMNO especially with all these police reports, a favourite hobby among party politickers.

Both KJ and Ali Rustam have been found guilty of coruption. Under any other circumstances the MACC would have stomped in like Stormtroopers; they may still do that!

Equally Ali is not going to go away quietly with this selective disciplining by UMNO and indirectly, Najib. So too Mukhriz who will feel undone by double standards; we have already see Daddy M firing the 1st salvo!

No, all these half arsed posturing reflects a weak and dying UMNO which will be exploied to the full by Pakatan Rakayat.

We live in interesting times indeed!

yem 29 March 2009 at 15:28  

I have seen in your previous posting especially during PAU , you have to defend Khairy as Ketua Pemuda and to achieve the mission you have to shoot KT and MM.
Pemuda also will face the similar situation as they have to defend their leader rather the leader protect them cause the leader is the liability.
During the process of defending other people within the party has to be scarifies and the end the whole party effected and if the practice continued that the end of UMNO.

Anonymous,  29 March 2009 at 15:47  


My take:

1. KJ be made Minister in PM's Dept

2. Zahid to attend spoken and written English classes. There is a good personal tutor in TTDI. His newly minted PhD means nothing.

3. Never reinstate Jamaluddin Jarjis in the Cabinet. He messed up MOSTI. Only gives research grants to his buddies - no hasil after so many donkey years. Look at how he ketepikan Dr. Mazlan Othman during the space project take-off. And don't forget how he fondled the hotel girl's buntot and then paid her off to remain silent. He is one single big liability to UMNO. And look at how he licks his lips when he talks - exactly like a dog lapping its tongue. Don't believe - watch his mouth the next time. He looks like a third rate porn star.

4. Shabery Chik with his frothing and frog like mouth should be warded off. As Minister of Info, we need somebody with both brains and looks. He has neither. Shaberry reminds us of some Amazon native without the bracelet holding the tongue. Generally, Malay men are not that ugly ok.

5. Tell corrupted and lesbian Azalina not to report to work anymore.

6. Can somebody teach Mukhriz to play one sport at least if he is thinking of being a Minister, busok busok sepak takraw. Notice one thing the Mahathir clan are non-sports people, but want to occupy macam macam posts - look at Marina AIDS lah, the other brother F-1 lah. And they all look like well fed tadpoles.

7. Make sure Rosmah Mansor doesn't appear too often in public. Her physique amounts to visual pollution of the highest grade. I will say no more.

8. Tell Sharizat to behave less Tamil-like. Otherwise may give Sami Velu ideas.

9. Retain Shahril Samad.

10. Source out cabinet ministers from outside UMNO. I am available.

Ok guys, my next 10 do's and don'ts will appear next Sunday with the compliments of Sak.

Thanks Dato'.

Anonymous,  29 March 2009 at 15:53  

And lets have Dato Azeez as a full Minister...he will epitomize umno's transformation.

Anonymous,  29 March 2009 at 16:11  


Anonymous,  29 March 2009 at 16:12  

1. give azeez putra a chance. He will bring UMNO to greater height. some of his "mat rempit" turns to putera members and can do "wheely" better than KT or MM>
2. Datuk, you should be in the cabinet too. At least now your son could well become KJ followers.
3. KJ should get a Ministrial position. He has carried FAM to a greater height. not afraid of USA and we need thick face like him to face PKR/PAS supporter. if they "boo" him, KJ could always say "biasa la".
4. Don't bring RAIS. he knows not what he talking about.
5. Bring shaziman as one of Menteri Besar replacing any of the MB that failed to make it to MT. My old man use to say if a person talks and white thingy came out from side of the lips or mouth, it will bring good luck to an organization.
7.all Pemuda new line up should be timbalan menteri. With bags of money in hand, they will be able to tackle our economic problems once and for all.
8. Bung Mokhtar as the defacto menteri kebudayaan, belia dan sukan. He will have the aura to ensure all the karaoke joints in pudu and kawasan sekitarnya got more business
9. ismail should stay where he is. His son's aura (much like you Datuk) would be able to ensure Astro beats media prima! After all media prima is known to give bad news to people of malaysia.
10. Lastly, take KT and MM out of UMNO since their "berani berubah" is actually bringing bad influence to UMNO than good. MM doesn't know to play any sport! Imagine if he goes to villages and younger generations ask him to play ketiting, does he has the stamina!

wow. with this new line up all UMNO is going for another 50 excellent years and thanks to you too datuk, for making it all happens!!


Unknown 29 March 2009 at 18:52  

"DS Najib needs to jettison much of the advice given by his 'advisers' who are mostly half past six insufficiently trained apparatchiks".

"I have said this many times to him personally"

self-appointed advisor??

Ariff Sabri 29 March 2009 at 19:39  

what do you know? i mean i have spoken to him on this subject in the past whenever such topic arises. i am merely stating that which has taken place. if i am to talk to him, i will say the same thing. you dont have to please everybody.
yr sarcasm and cynicism are noted.

Zaid,  30 March 2009 at 14:40  

Can UMNO be only left to true-blue Malays? Mahathir could then create the United MAMAK National Organisation on his side for all Indian Muslims to join. After all, he already discarded UMNO lama.
This would ensure an actually Malay and better UMNO for all Malaysians.

Anonymous,  30 March 2009 at 18:15  

"I have said this many times to him personally, he needs to command only 70% of the votes to win...The most dangerous thing is to accept what's volubly articulated by the few as representing what is generally felt by the whole."

Thus, by your own assessment, another reason why KJ shouldn't be made Minister--if Najib were to take your advice. KJ only got one third of the votes for the KP post, with the majority of Pemuda delegates against.


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