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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Son –in-law vs. Son-in-fact.

Let us remind ourselves, the KP contest is among people of the same party. Although, each one seeks victory, one does not humiliate one's opponents. Our opponents bring out the best in us. We therefore honour our opponents. The acrimony stops as soon as the contest is over.

I am glad KJ has the presence of mind to publicly state this unspoken ethics among gladiators. That was what he said at an interview with MM, Mingguan Malaysia( not Mukhriz Mahathir).

The 794 Pemuda delegates must cut through the chaff. When they sit in the Dewan at PWTC this 25th March, they must banish all perceptions and spins that have been manufactured and fabricated. That rule applies even to my writings. If the delegates think that what I have written have been sufficient to raise the level of reasonableness about how we look at KJ, then he deserves our approval. We select him as our KP.

And please remember, this time you are voting in secret. No one big brother is watching you. I see one stupid commentator says the grassroots have spoken overwhelmingly in favour of Mukhriz. How? By the show of hands? Perhaps this fellow has never been a Pemuda or even attended a grassroots UMNO meeting.

He is therefore ignorant about the interplay of human emotions during a cawangan meeting. The Malays are very reluctant to dishonour someone out in the open. Dia orang malu muka. Perhaps the ketua cawangan, ketua bahagian or representatives of the candidates were there. On account of outward show of respect, they nominated Mukhriz.

I wouldn't pay too much attention to the number of nominations. Remember in 1987? Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah received far less nominations than Tun Mahathir, yet nearly came close to beating TDM. And Mukhriz is certainly no Mahathir.

I have already debunked the unreasonableness about the spin of KJ being the SIL. We are not looking at a contest to decide who is or is not the SIL of the PM. Let us be clear. The question of death and marriage are in God's hands. Mati dan jodoh adalah urusan Tuhan. Accordingly it is unreasonable to diminish KJ because he is in fact, the SIL of the PM.

What advantages has KJ gotten by being the SIL? Businesswise? These are the same advantages obtainable by anyone if he is (a) the son of a PM or a former PM or (b) he was an MB. Mukhriz is certainly not a vegetable when it comes to business interests. So those who want to argue on the basis of insisting that by being a SIL of the sitting PM confers undue advantages must accord fair treatment to everyone. MUkhriz has the advantage of being the son of the larger than life figure of Tun Dr Mahathir who by the way, all and sundry unshakeably regard as unmatched in all aspects. TDM easily eclipses Pak Lah on whatever levels. It would follow then, whosoever is associated with Pak Lah, in fact suffers disadvantages.

In fact being the SIL of a sitting PM is almost a liability to KJ. On the other hand being a son in fact of a former PM has the added advantage of feeding of a hankering of those halcyon days. Mukhriz enjoys the advantage of people romanticising the past and enjoying the nostalgia of the Mahathir days. So don't overplay the issue of SIL.

From the moment Pak Lah agrees to hand over power to DS Najib, the long knives were out. If even the name Pak Lah is being abused, there is more reason to expect a name of a KJ who is just a young punk, being defiled. If being Pak Lah confers no advantages, so how does the assertion that the name of KJ who is only a derivative of the Pak Lah name, enjoys any? The name of Pak Lah is not even strong enough to resist calls for him to resign. How can we accept then, being the SIL of a weakened name, confers advantage? If being the SIL of law confers advantage, KJ wouldn't be hauled up before the UMNO DB right?


Anonymous,  21 March 2009 at 14:00  

The Pemuda Contest is not about selecting the "Suitable Boy"; one who saunters along, seamlessly defending the status quo; readily posing for the cameras, only to blink under the strain of a Karpal Stare. Consolidating the party at its presence standing shall precipitate the fall of the party which sits right there at the moment - the brink.

Pemuda must be led by a fighter in the Mahathir mould, qualities his youngest son does not possess in abundance. Mukhriz is the Suitable Boy but not for the new-age Pemuda Persona. The most dogged of Mahathir admirers have grudgingly accepted that Pemuda need Khairy Jamaluddin to drag the movement out of the near-danger zone where it now resides.

How do you honour Tun Mahathir then? You recognise his contributions by providing Pemuda Umno the much-needed steel and zeal, which is what Khairy Jamaluddin is all about.

The man told Mingguan Malaysia he would dish out important roles to Mukhriz and Khir Toyo, indeed the first tell-tale sign of a reconciliation. That is, unmistakably, the way forward.

Anonymous,  21 March 2009 at 14:19  

“ If you have a poor father, that’s not your fault…..but if you have a poor father in law, that’s your fault”

KJ, MM and KT please do your best for UMNO, Malays and this country. No grudges please, not to your opponents and certainly not to bloggers that hantam you all….

fazilogic 21 March 2009 at 15:13  

AYGGMW quoted: "but if you have a poor father in law, that’s your fault”"

Worse still if the SIL is proven greedy. Hancur parti, hancur negara, Perth here I come...

Anonymous,  21 March 2009 at 15:22  

Sak is nothing more than a small time spin doctor. After this PAU finished, he will gone with the wind.
Those who go for voting like me already decided not in favour of SIL. That SIL already found guilty in bribing, PAU is pay time. Pity for you Sak.

Anonymous,  21 March 2009 at 16:16  

Berikut excerpt terkini dari blog Dr. M. Hadiah untuk anak menantu:

Saya percaya Dato Seri Abdullah akan paksa Najib pilih orang tertentu untuk jadi Menteri Kabinet Najib. Kita tahu sangat keinginan orang ini menjadi Perdana Menteri termuda. Sebenarnya kalau pun dia menang, penyertaannya dalam Kerajaan akan menyebabkan pengundi tolak Barisan Nasional dalam Pilihanraya Umum ke-13. Apatah lagi jika dia kalah dan masih lagi dapat tempat dalam Kerajaan.

Anonymous,  21 March 2009 at 16:18  

So KJ, amacam dengan projek 1BToBePMBy40.

Manature 21 March 2009 at 16:44  


Now that I know you were a BN assemblyman before, I wonder if you stood for election March last year. Would you be contesting as a BN candidate in the next general election?

I have told my contacts to vote against any BN candidate irrespective of character, reputation or background. Why? BN whip which says to vote for bill, motion, etc originating from BN irrespective of merits and against any motion etc from opposition also irrespective of merit. And the BN whip is applied all the time which mean a BN elected representative cannot represent the interest of the constitutent. What is you reaction to this stand?

Anonymous,  21 March 2009 at 19:59  

Anon 15.22
As a loyal friend of sak, takpayah lah give the cynical kind of pity ok?? He doesnt need that sort of pity from an ugly-hearted and insincere commentator like you.Its you who needs the pity o so sadly!You have your jealous reasons for not liking the PM's SIL so be it!

Anonymous,  21 March 2009 at 21:33  

Actually I fail to see Putera Tanah Melayu's point in attacking Dato' Sak. Good luck with your one vote, anyhow.

Anonymous,  21 March 2009 at 23:09  

Tok Sak,
I’m a no KJ fan but yours. I now realize that I have a twisted mind. Liking you mean that I have to like your choice too. Reading back your stand on KJ make sense to me. You are firm and consistent. Willing to be whacked out if he loses means that you are a real fighter too. But what if he wins? I think DSN has to consider you in his next line up too…

Anonymous,  22 March 2009 at 06:26  


Khairy who?

Who is he? He talks well? Acheivement, any? What does he do for a living? No? How he raised Timur, Gabriel and his wife? Oooo... On Paklah's allowance?

What was his contribution to UMNO which enabled him to become Timb Ketua Pemuda uncontested???

Geez, Dato'. Masturbation blinds, you know?

Anonymous,  24 March 2009 at 09:53  

dear dato sak,

i'll have to disagree, very very strongly.

i think Pemuda Umno will lose much integrity and respect if KJ becomes its chief.

KJ is, yeah, smart. But he has little integrity.

He is the SIL and he has made sure that everyone knows and remembrs that.

those are not malicious gossip and baseless accusations against him that we've heard. no, sir. let me assure you.

he cannot be Pemuda chief. he has contrbuted nothing to Pemuda, the party or the country other than being the PM's SIL and cavorting with some of the most scandalous business people in the country.

dato...your support for KJ is unbelievable. it beats logic that a man like you cannot see the boy for what he is.

thank you

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