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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Sakmongkol AK47 with TRH(5)

Tengku, I noticed in your recent entries, you have written about the UMNO ideas expounded by Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Razak. It is as though, you are reminding and exhorting the UMNO leadership and UMNO in general to go back to first principles, as it were...

The Tunku was a great statesman. True, he didn't have the technicalities, but he has an overall sense of history and propriety. His vision was to see Malaysia evolved into a country where all the different races can live in harmony. He was mindful of Malay interest and he sought out to achieve those without injuring the rights of others.

What was the basis on which we achieved independence? And what was UMNO's approach to achieving that?

That UMNO is a Malay party is an unchallengeable fact. But it was never racist. It sought to achieve independence through consensus building. This was the guiding principle that drives UMNO. It's always seeking to achieve consensus to achieve its aim. This was also the guiding principle that guided Tunku and the first principles that you mentioned.

That was in 1957. The other milestone in our history was the formation of Malaysia. That was in 1963. It was also conceived on the idea of consensus building. That it was possible for different races in Malaysia to come together and lived in harmony. In order to do that, we have to practice mutual respect and trust. We go back to upholding the rule of law and the constitution.

This was the idea that became the cornerstone in Tun Razak's formation of the BN. It encapsulates the practicalities of working together to achieve common aims. It wasn't just a political means to reduce politicking. It was a means to institutionalise consensus building.

Tengku, to me you encapsulates what's best in Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Razak. You straddled both generations. What is the problem in UMNO now?

The idea of UMNO- what it stands for, fighting for Malay rights, dong that with dignity and respect for the laws has been hijacked by people with possess little credibility. We achieve things through consensus building, without compromising our dignity.

The only recourse for people with little or no credibility is always to assume violent posturing- not necessarily acting violent but proffering to.

What do you think are the root causes?

UMNO has ceased to be Malay. A Malay doesn't condone corruption. He is not disrespectful of others. UMNO does not represent the Malays anymore. As you have said, we got only around 2 million votes the last time. In Selangor even the Malay youths did not vote for UMNO.

UMNO has become un-Malay. We don't go around bashing peoples' heads if they don't agree with us. UMNO has refused to listen to the voices of the people.

The leadership insulates itself from the heartbeat of the people.

You know, in the last elections, the Military Intelligence people; the SB produced bounded reports on the state of Malaysian politics. The reports indicate, holding elections in March 2008, was not an opportune time. Unfortunately, the leadership read the reports only after the elections.

I had the chance to ask the leadership during an occasion in Kelantan ,why the urgency to hold the elections in March? The answer was- the leadership liked the number 13. (The elections were held on the 13th of March 2008).

Tengku- if by way of reading your statements, I get this feeling of hopelessness, how can we save UMNO? I am sure people like you who have been in UMNO and have been an integral part of UMNO, and people like my generation and the younger ones, who have benefited from UMNO, surely we do not wish UMNO to be extinct? And as everyone knows, you left as a matter of principle, to form Semangat 46. What is there to prevent UMNO from disappearing?

Correction...I did not leave to form Semangat 46. Tengku Abdul Rahman did and invited me to join...

My apologies Tengku—but back to my question, what's there to save UMNO?

UMNO has power. It's not easy to dislodge those who have power. But we can't live on the brink and precipice all the time. It's not good for the health.

We must go back to the people. Win their confidence. Restore our credibility. The UMNO leadership must go on bended knees and ask forgiveness from the rakyat. Humility is in order.

Speaking on humility Tengku, why do you think, this quality is sorely lacking in most of our leaders?

This is the other problem. Humility is lacking in our leadership. If we were to state the facts that UMNO is losing ground to any UMNO leader, he will come back to menacingly say-how do you know? Arrogance has blinded the leadership. Rather than engaging us in fruitful discussions, they fly off the handle.

So the only recourse is to allow the people to teach UMNO. In the next elections, people will teach UMNO and Dato Najib. And then it will become like you said previously, the N in RAHMAN becomes E-N-D.

In the past, even the UMNO president joined us for refresher courses. Tengku Abdul Rahman did. He sat with us on the floor. We would call lecturers and intellectuals to lecture us- to remind us of our responsibilities. And you know Tun Razak dearly loved these courses. That is also a sign of humility- the leadership coming to terms and acknowledging their own frailties and foibles.

There was a melancholic tone when TRH said that.

Arrogance comes from an inferiority complex really. Those who have these complexes will camouflage their weaknesses by aggression. They think the only way they can put forward their ideas is by treating others as adversaries. Have you noticed how many of our leaders prefer surrounding themselves with not so credible followers?



Anonymous,  7 March 2009 at 14:58  

TRH is indeed a man of wisdom. How I wish he is the one who is actually guiding the leadership instead of being ignored by the inferior leaders and the (blinded) MSM

- The Man from Labu

Dhahran Sea,  7 March 2009 at 17:00  

Salam Tok Sak,
Now, I FULLY AGREE with TRH's points of view and observations - and I could surmise from these that the GREATEST culprits that have done disservice to UMNO in the last five years is PAK LAH, SIL &CO. So nak support kj & kt lagi ke kita Melayu? These two tak ada CREDIBILITY & tak ada HUMILITY & tak ada MALU/MARUAH (in my opinion lah). So kalau Melayu/ketua bahagian UMNO masih gatal nak support these people, what can I say... its a democratic country, but jangan nak menyesal esuk lusa...

Anonymous,  7 March 2009 at 19:40  

dhahran sea,
we see you are making it a personal crusade to offer snide comments. that's alright by us.
because we take comfort in knowing that what is not seriously written is correspondingly not taken seriously .
your forte seems to come up with a sudden and sneaky conclusion but all the while pretending to understand dato sak's reasoning. you have no clue to what is going on.
all you manage to show,is that you are an opportunistic bastard.

UMNO offers no future to common men under Khir Toyo or Mukhriz. so, we support KJ for ketua Pemuda

Anonymous,  7 March 2009 at 19:44  

I like TRH's observation - UMNO has become un-Malay. Corruption, arrogance, etc. I agree with him, a lot.

The coming General Assembly will confirm that the same kind of leadership will come into power. The same corruption condoning, arrogant and non-Rakyat respecting bunch referred to by TRH. One does not see the prospect of a strong, non-corrupt character holding the helm. The goons would still be around. TRH, even TDM, can't do much about it.

Perhaps it's time for some non-corrupt, even relatively unknown, politicians to form an alternative and genuinely Malay party and start drawing away UMNO members. It can gain momentum come PRU 13. But make sure no current UMNO bahagian, cawangan and ordinary perwakilan get in, except those clearly not involved in money politics.

Try also to go for those PRU 12 dissenting voters. They have seen PR performance and many have expressed disenchantment, indeed, disgust.

I do wish the alternative would come into being soon because I think UMNO would be doomed and, in any case, it would no longer look after the interest of the Malays except the party leaders and their supporters. Others have already been making fun of us, laughing at us, questioning Malay rights, showing no respect for Bahasa Malaysia, the institution of Malay rulers, etc.

Anonymous,  7 March 2009 at 19:58  

kalau melayu tak reti bahasa, masih nak sokong penyamun macam khir toyo dan mukriz yang bertenggek atas tengkuk bapak nya, UMNO akan hancur. kami sokong pandangan Ku Li.

kuldeep 7 March 2009 at 20:11  

Read the Edge weekly today to know the extend of arrogance and greed of our leaders and their favored ones...

I refer to the Submarine Rescue 25 years concession awarded on a direct nego at 98m per annum.Whereas there was another unsolicited proposal for only 20m per annum.

I would think that after the controversies surrounding the actual purchase of the subs our leaders would be extra careful to be fully transparent on any related activities..but obviously they are not at all concerned.

They would hv all the explanations to justify their actions and that the 98m and 20m are not apple 2 apple,security,lives at stake,best breed etc etc...but the rakyat no longer believes.No controversy if open,transparent bidding..why not do that in the first place?

Can TRH really bring a change?

If u recall Pak Lah came in as Mr Clean..with a stated mission of open tenders,transparency etc..And Mr Khir Toyo was specifically chosen to be the MB cos he was squeaky clean.So,in the end did they bring about a change?

I guess the Umno machinery is so vast and can only operate if lubricated generously.Thus,the pressure is on the leaders at every level to feed the hungry monster that hv been created.Even to populate an event requires transportation,food,drinks and a small token of appreciation...or else no one turns up.

The opposition runs more on promises,commitment to the cause and pure spiritualism.

So,the only option for Umno is to mutilate and regenerate itself as a new specie.The dinosaur needs a rest.Losing a limb or two is not unnecessarily bad if the gangrene is rising...

Eyes Wide Open 7 March 2009 at 20:27  


A harmonious vision for Malaysia beautifully articulated by Ku Li. Too bad he and you seem to be the scant minority in UMNO.

IF only such quality personalities had the opporunity...our country will not be in such deep doodoo now...

Anonymous,  7 March 2009 at 20:31  

TRH, why dont you leave UMNO and lead the charge of a 3rd independent coalition comprising of parties sharing your wills and faith?
I am sure TRH will find strong support for his vision
then, this country may see HOPE again.

Anonymous,  7 March 2009 at 20:37  


Good info on the Submarine Rescue
thing. Imagine, RM78 million a year difference, for 25 years. They will also say this is a matter of national security and defence secrets must be protected, no transparency required. What the ...

Agree with you people don't trust them anymore. There was talk about big gun politicians benefitting.

Because of so much money politics and corruption, one wonders how UMNO can mutiliate and regenerate itself. Would appreciate your giving some details as to how you think this can be done.

kuldeep 7 March 2009 at 20:58  

Anon 20.37...

Info is in Edge Weekly this week...good source of wats happening in the biz world..behind the scenes stuff and a pretty good read.Their online is great and first with Web2 design mindsets.

Umno money supply have to be frozen and only drips not the current deluge..and tight monitoring on expenditures for each branch,division..and so on.There will be revolts and renegades but the true believers will emerge and lead the change..ppl like Sak.

Dhahran Sea,  7 March 2009 at 21:28  

Anon 19:40,
"UMNO offers no future to common men under Khir Toyo or Mukhriz, so we support KJ for Ketua Pemuda."

Well Mr Anon &$#@, your line of thinking says a lot about you... probably another paid baluchi of kj... what can a SIL of an (outgoing) PM, who lacks credibility in the eyes of many Malays do to the "common men"? (just look at the stats of how many Malays, even UMNO members DIDN'T vote for UMNO in last GE, and many analysts attributed this to kj's arrogance & character). kj is the most "uncommon" among the three candidates, and how is he going to appeal to the "common men"? Unless, of course, many of the ketua bahagian UMNO have been bought to become "common men"? Man, when kj managed to only garner a handful of pemuda umno "followers" (1,000 out of 50K++) in his "Perak concert" recently, what do you make of the grass root support for him? You go on supporting kj, by all means, but as for me I honestly think his time is up, and its all for the good of country.

Anonymous,  7 March 2009 at 21:35  

Its a really funny...lots of ppl here are not even into UMNO and yet trying to rationalise as to who is the best guy to lead Pemuda Umno.

Wats good for Umno need not be good for the ppl as a whole?Itu taste ada difference lo..

I would like Nik Aziz to be Umno KP (but unfortunately I guess he is a wee bit too old)..But I am sure none in Umno will agree with my choice.

Anonymous,  7 March 2009 at 22:13  

How to change???Like Ku Din was commenting..with Puteri and Putera wings the money politics habits gets ingrained much2 earlier.

And how come political secretaries so rich one?

Anonymous,  7 March 2009 at 23:37  

tengku, tengku,

tak habis habis. tengku ni memang tak sedar diri. semua orang melayu tak mahu tengku jadi pm. sudah lah duduk diam diam. jangan buat kacau.

jangan lah nak gunakan nama tun razak dan tengku abdul rahman untuk mendapakan perhatian. nampak sama taktik macam si-dollah tapi backfire. jangan ingat orang melayu ni bodoh tengku.
dulu suruh pak lah letak jawatan dan kutuk pak lah dalam semua hal hari ini ampu pak lah dan kj pula. tidak faham apa jenis manusia tengku ini. suatu hal tengku saya bukan peminat si-dollah

sungguh tak faham. saya rasa tengku dah tak relevan lagi.
saya tidak pernah lupa akan peritiwa bmf dan lorraine esmee osman dan siapa budak melayu yang mati kena bunuh di-hongkong tu saya pun tak ingat.

no heart feeling tengku but anyway you are the worst FINANCE MINISTER MALAYSIA EVER HAD.

cantik rumah tapi macam rumah puaka

Anonymous,  8 March 2009 at 00:17  

You know, in the last elections, the Military Intelligence people; the SB produced bounded reports on the state of Malaysian politics. The reports indicate, holding elections in March 2008, was not an opportune time. Unfortunately, the leadership read the reports only after the elections.

Why had SB and MI allowed themselves to be used to collect intel that had nothing to do with their roles and responsibilities ?

This only proved that SB and MI had always been the tools of UMNO.
Will TRH change such unholy and cozy relationship when he does become the PM ?

sepadu,  8 March 2009 at 10:58  

Anon 00:17

It's their job - the Police Special Branch and the Military Intelligence Directorate.

SB looks after the security of the country from the Police angle, the MI from the military angle.

They have to be on their toes always and assess threats from time to time. The MI looks at external threats and, previously, the Malayan Communist Party terrorists. When the Haadyai Peace Agreement was signed, and in times of peace they have to be prepared for any contigency that might cause chaos in the country. Civil unrest can cause chaos and they have to be ready to be called in, like during May 13 1969.

We have to thank the SB and the MI and appreciate the work they do, the advice they give the political masters in the interest of continued peace and stability in the country. Only that, as TRH pointed out, arrogant and poorly advised leaders didn't heed the analyses of political situation furnished by them. As a result, we are now nearing a chaotic situation in the country.

Let's hope and pray that we won't reach a situation that would require military involvement to calm things down.

Best wishes.

Anonymous,  8 March 2009 at 17:20  

Arrogance comes from insecurity complex.

And Ku Li acknowledged KJ's arrogance. Hmmm ... you heard it yourself.

Anonymous,  8 March 2009 at 19:59  


MI - external threat to the nation
SB - internal threat to the nation

Praytel how does preparing a report on what the citizens are inclined to vote considered as a threat to the nation. It is basically a "threat" to BN's survival. Shouldn't BN invest in their own research people to conduct such studies ?

MI and SB, it seems, is nothing more than the running dog of UMNO and the tax payers have to foot the bill for such non-threatening exercise. So when will MI and SB learn their real roles ?

sepadu,  9 March 2009 at 15:54  

Anon 19:59

You appear bent on blaming UMNO and BN. Although I'm not a member of any political party, I'm not sure whether I should entertain your questions. However, I'll make one attempt.

The SB and MI security analyses/ reports would not have been furnished to the leaders in their capacity as leaders of political parties but as members of the Government. Whatever the Government of the day may be. I believe if BR is in power, the BR Prime Minister would also be furnished such analyses/ reports.

I have not seen such analyses/ reports myself. But based on what I heard and read (like that mentioned by TRH to Dato Sak), I imagine that they may not be specifically on the inclination of voters but the broad picture of the mood of the people, their reaction to actions and statements made by Government leaders, news reports and spoken words of NGOs, business communities, civic organisations, etc. If such an analysis suggests that 13 March 2008 would not have been an opportune time to hold PRU 12, it would have been based on those things.

Best wishes.

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