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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 16 July 2010

Walla on the Malay response to low culture

Here is a very worthy riposte on my article on UMNO and its low culture. It is a piece written by the very cerebral Walla whose identity remains elusive save to the few. He answers I think, the challenge posed to the Malay which invites his appropriate response. How will the Malay meet the challenge? Here is Walla:-

'Muhyidin is addressing the low culture when talking in combative tones. He talks about the basic beliefs and basic things closest to the Malays.'

Therein lies the dilemma of UMNO - are the basic beliefs of the Malays heartland not amenable to change? Are all to think the Malays have been so secluded from the world that they cannot accept new ways of doing old things, new measures of what will make for success, new yardsticks of acceptable governance behaviour, and most important of all, be able to unflinchingly accept enough of reality as it is spelled out so that they will stridently make the necessary effort to improve themselves?

Or does having a monthly thousand ringgit free allowance be considered without further thought to suffice for a carefree life in a country of weakening currency, depleting resources, irrelevant skills and reducing subsidies?

Yet there are other Malays. They are no different from the non-Malays. They can hold court with anyone else of the world. They can exercise new mobility, engage in intelligent discourse based on rationale and reason, and keep their minds open to new possibilities and interpretations even while their eyes stay focused on the direction of their thoughts.

The difference between the first and the second is that the first stay rooted in their dashed hopes and static surroundings while the second accept reality as it is, embrace change as it comes, make the sacrifices as are required, take the risks as they are coined, and sink or swim as everyone else does in a world of tides. Thereby, living more.

It remains to add the dilemma of UMNO can lead to the dilemma of Malaysia - but only if UMNO is the one that continues to lead by the temperature, perceived or real, of low culture. Because it will be the blind leading the blind.

For instance, Muhyiddin can't be blind to the fact there are no extensive science and math references in bahasa after the student finishes school. And since he also knows that a high income economy has to be innovative which in the modern world at least means more know-how of science and maths, how will the students out from school cope better in the next phases of their studies or even when they are on their own working to research new products for use, evaluation or marketing?

A simple solution would be to let the parents decide which medium of instruction should apply for their children's' education, and provide the requisite national support.

By applying a blanket approach and taking the vote box route, he has shown he doesn't lead for national interest but he only leads based on the perceived interest of low-culture ignorance, thereby putting the future of the nation at risk, what more the objectives of the national plans and visions which his administration has painted.

How different will it then be from starting a mega million enterprise and then pulling the first guy from the street to lead it?

There is something else to bear in mind. Inherent in a low-culture setting is its own seed of self-destruction. It doesn't have escalating notions of standards. Standards which develop from one rank to another manifest progress away from triviality, reducing mistakes and waste, increasing productivity and performance, yielding higher returns and more prosperity. They are the signposts to map out new pathways to improving one's own destiny. After all, the world owes one a living but one has to work hard to collect it.

Those who have developed standards will balk when someone says it's alright to blow a few hundred million on a new fishing technique which fails. Because, having standards, they will constantly remember the money wasn't theirs to play pucks with in the first place.

That's how countries can become richer or at least not poorer, so poor that that subsidies have to be removed, even when their governments can meanwhile spend needless millions on frivolities like a twenty five million ornamental rod to remember their leaders who have neglected to nurse low cultures away from illusions.


Anonymous,  16 July 2010 at 22:02  

Muhyiddin is taking the 'crab box' strategy to win the vote box. How?
Keep the rural Malays rooted in the kampongs and the kampong rooted in urbanite Malays.

In such a set up Malays will always be dependent on UMNO for survival.
Because they will never get out of the box since the Perkasa and UMNO Malays will pull them down each time they try to get out of the box.

Meanwhile the aristocrat UMNO Malays will have wine, cake, cheese and meat strewn all over the table, women in the bedrooms, while laughing their way to the bank every other day.

Keep the Malays misinformed, ill-informed, create fear, make them look vulnerable and they will vote for UMNO.
Meanwhile, all Muhyiddin's kith and kin will be given all opportunities to advance in wealth and fortune.

Anonymous,  16 July 2010 at 23:39  


Another pepper spray from dear Walla with every endeavour he/she is trying to open up the eyes of the many sleepy heads still dozed away in the wheel chairs!

Knowing it's a mission impossible, she is still trying her words as a eyes opener and or crack heads opener!

Let alone the success rate, she is worthy of my applause.

But mind you Walla, you are talking about trying to coach the blinds and the mainly one-trick pony who are only good at politicking, walk with tongkat and asking for penalty kicks those kinds of kampung players to play FIFA World cup standard on a level field!

Can they? I doubt!

But anyway, it's a good try. No risk no gain right?

All the success. Malaysia Boleh...Walla boleh!

Anonymous,  17 July 2010 at 02:39  

whew, Walla u blow me away. Thanks for exposing the riposte, Dato'.


flyer168 17 July 2010 at 04:42  

Dato' & Walla,

Well said....

Just taking excerpts from your articles...the answers have been identified...

Political realities in the age of NEM — Sakmongkol AK47 - July 02, 2010 - Who champions Malay rights/economic interests? -

"We will not abandon the Malays.
I, the son of the PM who thought about the NEP will not betray my father. When one is reduced to seek refuge behind a father figure (in DS Najib’s case literally), one has lost the argument.

He is not an operator like his father was. The father was brilliant in being able to rope in first SUPP, then Gerakan into BN’s fold. PAS came in very much later.

Gerakan was headed by the intensely anti Umno/Malay Lim Chong Eu. Tun Razak understood the inner dynamics of the opposition leaders who had tasted power.

They wanted to remain in power for as long as possible. Tun Razak gave them precisely that — share power and give them the feeling both in form and substance; they are together in the driver’s seat.

Najib hasn’t got the smarts like his father. What is his greatest problem now? Just look at him playing Chinese Chess, visiting the Chinese temple in Sibu the last time, all out with his lu tolong gua, wa tolong lu approach. What do these represent? ...

What is Najib’s major problem? He hasn’t got a major domo or in the more current term ala Da Vinci Code, he hasn’t got a seneschal.

He can’t possibly take care of everything under the sun. He has ministers who wait for his decision, unwilling to take charge. He has a second finance minister who appears hesitant in making major decisions...

Dr Mahathir who has a constitution of a superman had two major domos — Daim Zainudin and Megat Junid. People who did the dirty works — whatever the term means.

Who has Najib got? Dato Najib seems to be indecisive.

You have honorific titles? They are easily taken away as shown recently. But does Chua Jui Meng lose his intelligence; lose his education (a lawyer by training)? He loses none of these. These were the things he worked for, fought for, struggled and earned. These cannot be striped away. It’s in the person. In personam as they say legally...

But the LCE/SRP dropout, who gains an honorific title, does not lose his imbecility or his mental level shortcoming. Such a fellow, if he loses his honorific title, is left naked with his deficient mental state baldly exposed...

Many people would like to see Ibrahim Ali disappear. That would be a serious mistake. Ibrahim Ali is but a cog in the wheel- the raw Malay community who sees much of their eminence eroded.

It was Ibrahim Ali and his group that carried the day, that day...

PM Najib, rightly or wrongly is seen as kowtowing and pandering to Chinese wishes. Today he plays Chinese Chess. He probably doesn’t know how to play Malay Chess.

I was saying, maybe some people need to invent a halal bak kut teh so that the PM can show that he likes all things Chinese.

Maybe “Taek Jho Lo” who gets a large chunk of land in Johore under his personal name, can provide some personal lessons..." Unquote.

Other sons of the Who’s Who would prefer this method...even to destroy his own country Internationally...

160709 STS Sanctions on Scomi chief -

You be the judge.


Anonymous,  17 July 2010 at 06:57  

UMNO is applying the same tactic as what the Communist party of Malaya did in the 70's and 80's,to win the hearts and minds of the poor,cut them off the rural areas from the urban,and now UMNO is trying their very best to deny correct information from flowing to the rural folks especially the Malays.The difference is the Communist tried the gun barrel but the UMNO is using the govt control mass media.
Wouldn't it be easier if UMNO uses their brain and stop politicking along racial lines, instead used the Malaysian label. Why is USA such a great nation. Simple, they unite under one banner AMERICAN.The president stands for Republican as well as Democrat's. Why is Indonesia one because it's under one banner known as INDONESIAN and so are many other progressive countries. It's people like Mahathir, who are dividing the country along racial lines because at the age of 86+, he forgets that race base is wrong. He is still entrapped in the box, probably because he is so possessed with the idea of installing his son Mukhriz as close as possible to the prime ministership.
UMNO is all about racialism,feudalism, caste and capitalism. Its entrapped in it's own box because it's leaders are weak and can't stand on their own feet. The leaders need crutches from their own NGO's, especially the bad NGO's. Najib is telling MIC to befriend 'good' NGO's but why is UMNO trapped in bad NGO's, like Perkasa, Pekida and many others. If only the UMNO leaders think and stand as ONE they are losing the battle.Mr.Prime Minister stand aside and away from these NGO's and individuals that are promoting all these negative cultures and you will see the Malaysian public support you.
Malays today are smart and are getting smarter by the day. The old malay's are going, gone or goner then what UMNO?????

schenker78 17 July 2010 at 09:51  


what made you think msia needs mudin.... he is another mahathir , will become as worse as mahathir if become PM with ISA, Lalang 2, etc...

I dont like najib because he is staying in power for glamor, to cover his wife shopping expenses, playboy, traitor to the first wife n children....

What is this bullshit MRT costing 43billion...?? Did he ask parliament to approve this. Can we have a vote in Dewan Rakyat??

Can we have nationwide referendum on this??? People outside Klang Valley not going to benefit this...Would they agree taxpayer money flies???

Is this project mee segera just in case BN loses GE13, many people with interest to Gamuda, MMC can run with the money...

Penang was lucky to escape Badawi's BILLION DOLLAR corridor projectwith Patrick Lim 'Badawi'

When your UMNO going to cancel the Monsoon Cup?? why spending rm300million of Terengganu Oil Money per year on stupid sailing competition for mat salleh...???

Be rest assured Terengganu will go back to PAS and PAS will be in line for Johor MB and Perak and Perlis as well....PKR will grab Negeri Sembilan....

Anonymous,  17 July 2010 at 10:30  

cont 2of2

There r some Malay M’sian’s political dawning at the distance due to the effort of some enlighten & conscious Malays. BUT they r in very small minority. The task to wake-up their lost kindred is difficult. Just like comparing the success rate of a cold-turkey drug treatment. There r also the unfortunate factors of incubated feudalism, religious reminiscing, hypocritical selfishness, lie ahead.

All these can be overcome provided there is a will to face the mirror to look at what’s one true self is.

Then again, the numeric quantity comes into play. The might is on the other side – so many choose either to flow along silently or to move on – outside the cocoon.

And this is sad for M’sia as it’s a political reality that only Malay M’sians can help to change the course of the Malaysia Maru. To sail or to sink - lies with their demographic number! And for that matter alone, those that is most needed to lead r in minority &/or have migrated. (For those dick-heads, pls read carefully, before defining the race of the minority here).

Dato, can yr conscious call break this circle?

Anonymous,  17 July 2010 at 10:30  


Every politikus worths his/her socks will have to identify themselves with the Malay hearthland.

And this is where the low culture of the Malay resides, & sustains by the continuing substance-abusing charms of umno.


A generation of Malay M’sians has tasted the freely given fish of the NEP since its inception. Not many, even now, have yet mastered the skill of fishing, though there r pocket of adventurers started to create beachheads here & there.

The crashing point is MAJORITY of the Malay heartlanders now, consists of type3 people – ignoramus through & through. They r the creatures of the NEP circumstances that have reached adulthood to continue the tongkat circle.

The type2 heartlanders, who behaved ignorant due to circumstances, BUT act with honour had passed on.

In a sense one cannot blamed the current type3 heartlanders for been behaving as such. How can one develop any new senses of adventuring to the outside world when one is getting freebies daily for years under a protected cocoon? More so when there r type4 people, among their own kindred, agitating them to cultivate that siege mentality that’s so vital to both their sense of continuing well-being. I should ketuanan, u horray to help me raise my ‘political status’. After that I find loopholes to enrich me & my cronies, then the miserable crumbs r farmed out these heartlanders in the name of Alif Ba Ta.

Izzn’t this the CONTINUING saga of the Malay M’sian’s politic?

cont 2

Anonymous,  17 July 2010 at 10:48  

Well when you have a crapy PM and DPM what can you do? They just dont have that class and brains to lead the country.
When you have this two top guns talking about malay this and that what can you expect ?
Down in tiny red dot south , have you ever heard old senior LKW talk on chinese this and that ? All major race was treated equal.The malays were thought to act and think on their own.They were not belittle by Government of the day.
Down in bolehland you all know what is happenning?
Today the poor malays are made to be in seigh mode and that they will lose everything to the non malays.Imagine an old ex PM can say the malays will one day be drivers when his family can live with their perpetual wealth?What fears was he driving at?
This is the quality of UMNO leaders you have today and the funniest thing is that they get away with it!

Anonymous,  17 July 2010 at 12:34  

The worst part is after all these postings to those knuckleheads that we have to control our spending, we have yet to see ONE action to ensure our Rakyat's money are well spent!

They are continuing to bloat their spending and always look around which GLC or whatever have huge reserves to plunder and give excuses to build huge buildings they do not need...just to make 10% of a billion ringgit.

We continue to build mega building for all kinds of excuses and even Parliament was once suggested to have brand new buildings costing billion ringgit (after as usual ..over runs).

Yet these guys are asking us all to pay for the sugar we drink so that they can cover their expenses which could have come from those wastages.

Sorry to say .. we are goner as a country... even if Pakatan is able to form the next government. It would be too late.

It is easy to say.. hey change but another to actually get the little Napoleons to change their ways.

The terrible spiral will begin. When the costs begin to rise relatively to their wages, the exodus of good talented and highly demanded educate guys will start to move. Just no choice.. patriotic or not, food on the table is more important.

This is what is happening in most failed states.. and we are approaching one such.

Anonymous,  17 July 2010 at 13:31  

I must confess that I am the "low class" Malay mindset that cerebral Walla refers to.

Wat does a low class Malay like me really want?I want transparency,opportunity and good governance.Altho low class and shortsighted..I also want a good education for my children.

Is PPSMI the answer to a good education >>nope.Is 9A+ the benchmark of a good education>nope.

Are open tenders & competitiveness the answer to transparency & good governance? >> nope.

The racial issue is used by politicians to divide & rule.The spoils of the victory is not shared on racial lines but by those in power,the power brokers and the financiers.

Only shreds of the NEP-induced wealth is given to the Bumis (as a group)to appease and confuse the masses.

The real battle is not the Bumi is the BN mindset.The country have been plundered by BN..the spoils of their continuing dominance is shared equally by UMNO,MIC,MCA,Gerakan ; make no mistake about it.So, you have PKFZ,IPPs,APs,Telco,Astro,MRR2,KLCC,MRTs,ERL,Gaming Licences etc etc.

What a low class Malay wants (as a group) is not even 2 % of all that treasure.We are not even looking at RM 52 b share allocation nor RM 43 b MRT contracts.

The BN propaganda raises the spectre of MALAYS demanding for MORE and resisting 1Msia but in actual fact,its their own folks doing the bidding.

So,cerebral Walla..would you consider Malays who voted and/or are members of PKR/PAS low class too?

Warga Malaysia,  17 July 2010 at 13:47  

Sakmongkol you have republished Walla's comments in a post but with regards to my comment you still have not given justification to your accusation that DAP practices Chinese First polity. You have not listed even 1 DAP policy which you consider Chinese first. You have also not responded to a commentator who listed matters brought up in Parliament by DAP asking which of those issues are
Chinese First.

If you were wrong in accusing DAP of practicing Chinese First policies, and it seemed so by your inability to justify your accusation, the decent thing for you is to admit you are wrong and withdraw those words. Are you a decent human being?

schenker78 17 July 2010 at 14:06  


mungkin ibrahim ali ni kawan baik kamu...........

tapi orang ini boleh percaya ker??
lompat2 untuk politik, tak ada pendirian langsung....bila orang tak berpelajaran dan katak tempurung jadi MB, itulah masalah melayu....

Perkasa ini Mahathir punya, bukan Ibrahim Ali....dia mana ada duit untuk menubuhkan satu NGO tanpa ada solid backing....

Silap haribulan, aku tak heran kalau Vincent Tan yang menaja Perkasa. Kalau Pakatan Rakyat memerintah nanti, Vincent Tan sudah tak boleh bikin wang macam hari ini. Saya percaya nanti Pakatan bagi Sports toto buat 2x sahaja nombor ekor seminggu, kalau sekarang boleh dapat sampai 4 kali seminggu termasuk special draw....

Kalau muka sewel macam Ibrahim Ali memimpin, tolak Perkasa ....

kalau Tengku Razaleigh menubuhkan Pertubuhan Mantapkan Ekonomi Melayu, sila sokong......

George Bush, Tony Blair, Ibrahim Ali, Mahathir dan kawan karib, Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe adalah bangsa korup yang sama....tak ada beza pun....

Mahathir selama ini pun dalam poket Amerika dan CIA. Kalau dia sembunyi duit dalam Swiss bank atau Cayman, kamu ingat CIA tak boleh tahu....Hentam Amerika itu wayang aje. Kenapa hubungan rapat dgn tentera US, boleh training dgn ATM dalam hutan di Malaysia. Mahathir buat Perjanjian Jungle Warfare dgn US. Kenapa???

Cara US adalah dapatkan info buruk pemimpin tertentu, blackmail dan jadikan dia boneka USA. Dah banyak masa zaman Cold War esp di negara amerika tengah dan amerika selatan yang kesemuaany dulu pemerintahan diktator...

Anonymous,  17 July 2010 at 14:38  


Muhyideen and DS Najib is akin to two sharpshooters aiming either too low (Muhyideen's low culture) or too high (DS Najib's high and rare atmospheric targets)....

Both Walla and yourself are akin to two sharpshooter's sighting buddies trying to show them where the targets are!!

Well...Looks like Lim Kit Siang's and Anwar Ibrahim's Shotgun methods may still win the day.

On BN's side we have Tun Mahathir's "Loose Cannon" (so says George Soros)and Ibrahim Ali's Catapults both of whom occassionally points towards Najib and Muhyideen's Teams..

Whilst we are all watching and savouring the Rise in prices of all and sundry, some of us are raring to go to the polling booth to teach these fellers a thing or two!!

Joe Black

sakmongkol AK47 17 July 2010 at 16:00  

anon 13:47

i heard you the first time. what good for me to answer yo if you dont allow me to reason out? moreover, whatever i think is of no consequence to what you have already made up in yr mind.

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  17 July 2010 at 17:50  

I thought ‘Low Class” belongs to perempuan cabaret like what P. Ramlee said…..

Now you degraded and downgraded the kampong Malays as “low class’….

Weel done mr. walla…

So how do you define a ‘low class’ malays? Those spm 3rd grader?
Wait, before you defend yourself you didn’t say Low Class but low culture, which culture did you mean? The Malays or Malaysian in general. Since we’re talking about UMNO it must be the Malays you were referring to.

The Malays umno or non umno are not living a daylight dream, the leaders are. And we the low class Malays are trying our best to change that…..whichever way we can. We do not succumb to pas, dap or pkr rhetoric that this country is a gone case unless and until they take over. We don’t need to become a liberal Malays and declare we’re just Malaysian and we talk no malay, see no malay and hear no malay to prove that we love this country.

The leaders and politicians from both side are not stupid, they knew about this..but they blindly ignore it and took advantage because they are just politicians. Please do not associate anything umno is doing with all Malays…we are pissed off too but that doesn’t mean we have to support Anwar, N.Aziz or Kit Siang because they are equally guilty for making this country such a mess.

4godsake,  17 July 2010 at 19:00  

"Please do not associate anything umno is doing with all Malays…we are pissed off too but ......"

>> Likewise, please do not associate anything MCA or Gerakan were doing with all Chinese, we are pissed off too!

They could be seen as 'panders' for their own cohorts but not us, the Chinese at large!

We dun simply throw pot shots on the decent and intellectual Malay brethren but those wicked and racist fat ass ultras are our target!

Only if we can be abided by the motto - "Respect begets respects" & "To live and let live" and void of all politico mess, Sakmongkol's AK47 will always stay a decorative!

No more kick and knee and punch!

Is that an ideal of all?

Anonymous,  17 July 2010 at 19:46  

but walla calls me low class..wants me to do batik.

schenker78 17 July 2010 at 20:10  

melayu umno bukan low class..... melayu umno tak ada kelas langsung....

Anonymous,  18 July 2010 at 06:22  


i have just this to say of you. You have outgrown UMNO!!

Anonymous,  18 July 2010 at 19:54  


Indeed yr absence is long overdue!

U talked one thing & these NEP benefitors interpreted the others.

Talk about education down the drain!

Another RM10M to train the unemployable graduates is in the cut, while one wonder what did these graduates learned in the uni's in the first place?

Izzn't this a result of the low culture, holy cow!

Here's another show of 'low culture' - u proposed a scheme for subsidies cuts, & yet u intentionally let the biggest & unwarranted subsidy in bolihland remains.

Know what I'm talking about?

AP for imported cars, of course! On last count it's worth RM1.5B a year(30000 AP papers x RM 50k a piece). So what's that compares with the RM750M saving form this latest subsidies cuts?

The latest subsidies cuts affect all bolihlanders while the AP enriches a few cronies for helping to keep the war-chest of umno, YES?

Oh, maybe these 'low culture' people needs another lession in arithmatic! That could also explain why most of them cannot run a proper business - zero arithmatic skill coupled with a grandfather's heirloom mentality!

Fo those Malays umno or non umno, who r not living a daylight dream, why so quiet about this AP scam, eh? Or izzn't it a sin in that 'low culture' to run down a daylight robery of yr kindred &/or cartel?

BTW Islam definitely forbids that! What say u - The Malays umno or non umno who are not living a daylight dream?

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