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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 3 July 2010

A particular Minang’s Ode.

Takuruang nak dilua, taimpik nak diateh

The Minangs or Minangkabau people have played a prominent role in Malay economics. In the history of Kuantan where I stay, the earliest traders and merchants were Minangs. I still buy my songkok from a famous minang shop in Kuantan, Haji Ahmad Gundal. Some of the restaurants in Kuantan are owned and operated by Minangs.

The minangs are an economically driven Malay sub group.

Bumi sanang padi manjadi,
padi diladanglah manguniang,
padi disawah lah masak pulo.
Rangkiang panuah dek isinyo.

The prosperity of the nation lies at the root society's wellbeing.

The Minangs are the world's largest matrilineal society. In such a society, property devolves to female heirs. The descendants of Minang exist in large number in Negeri Sembilan. Rais Yatim , our Minister of Information is a Minang. Listen to how he speaks.

Adat biaso kito pakai,
limbago nan samo dituang,
nan elok samo dipakai
nan buruak samo dibuang.

Because of this matrilineality, some people believed it's the main cause why Minang males become robust people. As early as 7 years old, boys are sent to stay at suraus to learn the way of religion and culture. When they become teenagers, they are encouraged to leave their hometowns in search of fortune. They are instructed to learn and wise up and contribute their thinking to run family and nagari when the take their place in councils. Due to their culture that stresses the importance of learning, Minang people are greatly-represented in the educated professions. Some like Rais Yatim becomes a minister.

Minangs are also renowned as merchants. It is said the minang can give the Chinese a run for their money at business. A Minang peddler would trade his wares as that of the e finest quality- mari mari tuan tuan dan puan, barangan saya ini yang terbaik. Kalau di lambong gerenti tidak pacah; kalau tarampas ia berdarai.

One of the earliest saying I learnt from my minang fried was this saying- don't know whether its spelt correctly: - taka taka sapuluit, bila bertanak ia berdarai. .

I therefore salute the Minangs for their tenacity. I enjoy their songs and their food and some other things.

Unfortunately, one particular minang is veering dangerously into the list of people, not only I, but many others despise.

This particular Minang's life philosophy is as follows:-

  1. Kalau kono Korong, nak kek lua
  2. Kalau jalan beduo, nak jalan kek tongah
  3. Kalau tarimpit, nak kek ataeh
  4. Jangan mencuri kecuali tepakso
  5. Jangan bezina, kecuali beselero.

This particular minang wants to win and profit at all cost. He cares about himself only.

I hear people talking about this powerful retiring KSU for a long time. Why don't we start with the Information Ministry first. I hear, the KSU there is even more powerful than the minister who changes modes often and adopts the above philosophy of a minang.

There is market talk that his KSU and he are planning to propose giving out 1,000,000 e books or laptops to people. If each e book is sold at RM 1200, that will amount to 1.2 billion baby. Imagine some Croesus amount of money serving as retirement gratuity.

Burn baby burn!


PANJI HITAM 61 3 July 2010 at 09:39  

Salaam Dato Sak,
artikel dan komen di bawah diambil dari

Ternyata Vincent Tan tak peduli apa UMNO nak kata. Dia dedahkan keadaan sebenar. Ini baru betul-betul raja judi. UMNO terkebil-kebil dengan tindakan berani Vincent Tan. Tak ada siapa berani tegur. Lepas laku taukeh besar kita ini," tulis Husam.
written by malaysianforever, July 02, 2010 18:18:12
Mengapa Vincent lebih berani? Because Najib is beholden to him just like Mahathir. If you were to observe carefully, many of our BN leaders, MCA, UMNO or Gerakan or MIC are under the thumbs of big time tycoons. You know la why! No need to explain la!!

UMNO and Najib sedang bermain dengan api yang besar…hanya PERKASA boleh membantu dengan mencegah dan mengelakkan permainan api ini dari terjadi.

Statistics prove that most devastating large fires start out as a small manageable fire which can safely be extinguished.
Falsafah Panji “ The best war to fight destructive fires is to prevent the fire , if need be, to create a manageable fire to suppress the uncontrollable large fires”

No burn, baby, no burn !

Anonymous 3 July 2010 at 10:23  

You write SO much. We all care. But the powers-that-be? NOBODY seems to be able to touch them with a ten-foot pole!
But do continue. You seem to be privy to things we don't know. But like a lot of other concerned readers,.. please do watch your back.

Red Alfa 3 July 2010 at 12:21  

Salam Dato'

I would agree as very apt with your "burn baby burn!" and may it shall be the eternal hell fire as very deserving to those who have enriched themselves betraying public trust: "bangsa and ugama"!

So I must disagree vehemently with PH 61 suggesting that we must protect the Malays because of whatever they have got themselves into which VT is threatening to use to "burn them". I say they deserve not only to be exposed by VT but must also face legal prosecutions and if found guilty must suffer the full penalties as prescribed by law. Yes they deserve to burn in both "dunia dan akhirat". PJ 61's being indignant of VT has become so berani to challenge this very Melayu "right and privilege to do mungkar" is most misplaced!

No sympathies shall be accorded to such scumbags and this is right and proper diagnosis and treatment UMNO must fully endorse to check this sickness of molly-coddling the leadership ranks who are "Melayu Bangsat" they have become!

JohorMali,  3 July 2010 at 15:15  

Dato' Samongkal
Your article on the Minangs brought me memories during my childhood days, where for any slight misdeed or mistake that I inadvertently caused, I'd be admonished by my Melayu friends but not without the demeaning conjecture ... " memang budak Minang tu..."

Why you strongly emphasize on the" Minangness "of that particular KSU, I do not know!
Compassion or greed comes in many colours, if you care to observe.

schenker78 4 July 2010 at 09:38  

panji hitam,

vincent berani pasal mahathir support dia dari belakang. Dont be naive. Most top 10 msia richest are mahathirs crony much of these top 10 holding mahathir family money???

Not to forget the richest malaysian, Daim who hide his billions from Forbes list.

Daim and mahathir will lead in the world list of Unseen money.....

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