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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 8 July 2010

The State of UMNO


The PM says FELDA Is a prudent investor. Prudent means, applying money judiciously. Whether FELDA does that, will be debated. We welcome the assurance given by the PM that, anyone is free to inspect FELDA's books. So when busybodies come knocking at FELDA's doors, please don't come up with 1001 excuses not to share information.

I hope UMNO people read my recent articles of spending and responsible fiscal policy. My friends ask me, why do I write in English. I answer because I want to reach out to a wider audience. Can I write in Bahasa Melayu? Of course I can. I have written a few in BM and I can immediately see that readership drops. That means that Malay generally don't like to read. Or the topics that I write is boring. It could be for these reasons. I am inclined to say, it's the topics that I write.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand. Any objective reader looking at the comments that came in, will conclude the UMNO is facing a serious credibility problem. Not only people in general distrust what UMNO says now, they are also suspicious when money is entrusted into the government's hands.

So there you have the state of UMNO. So you answer whether UMNO is ready or not for snap polls. UMNO is ready as it can ever be , in 1 year's time, in two, now. if it holds nap elections now, the outcome is predictable. It will lose more seats, MCA will be virtually wiped out and PPP will remain a basket case political party.

Has anyone studied the various statements issued by the PM and DPM? They are talking at cross purpose. Muhyidin is increasingly seen as more nationalistic than Najib. He speaks of the issues championed by Perkasa for example. Muhyidin is astute in this sense- he is a team player in the sense that he strikes common ground with the UMNO heartland.

We know UMNO will be in deeper trouble when Tun Dr Mahathir starts to criticize the present UMNO leadership. So if we want to know the health condition of UMNO, watch and hear DR Mahathir.


Quiet Despair,  8 July 2010 at 10:08  

Saudara Sak

Yes indeed, Tun M is the barometer of UMNO's health.
He is the doctor who constantly carries the thermometer to check Najib's body temperature.
So far, so good, the good doctor declares. Najib is hale and hearty. No high fever to warrant a bed rest and nursed by Rosmah.
Najib jolly well earned Mahathir's silence.
Tun M is happy he's allowed to act as Minister mentor.
Always globe trotting, the last visit being Kazan. Kryzystan has courted him to be the war mediator.
Hmmm, cunnig Najib to keep Tun M fully occupied. And Tun M is happy he's not fogotten. Glad he shares the limelight too.
Note the daily sound-btes of Tun M on TV and also Rosmah.
Ysterday Najib visited Felda Trolak and he's a Santa Claus promising bonus for the settlers come Ramadan. Pocket money for Raya.
He was jubilant, whipping up the sentiments of the Felda people by asking should we sue Suara Keadilan for ayingFelda is bankrupt.
He got a resounding YES.
Can someone please tell him, stop talking ala Anwar Ibrahim lingo and stance. Stretching the r-r-r words, for example.
It comes across as so unnatural unlike Anwar's sound-like Ezam and Azmin.
P. S. Giving goodies to Felda points to an electiosns after Raya, is it??

Anonymous,  8 July 2010 at 10:08  

Dear Dato Sak,

Your articles shows that you are a very objective person regardless of your political inclination. You come across as a true Malaysian who only wants to see a progressive and clean Malaysia minus the race and religion agenda. I admire you for your writings and clear conscience.

I truly hope your aspirations and mine will come true that we will one day be a United Malaysia where every single one of us will call ourselves as Malaysians first and last and live in harmony in this country. I miss the 50's and 60's where we were really a Muhibbah country.

schenker78 8 July 2010 at 10:19  

mahathir is a symbol of disgrace to all doctors.

mahathir is a Crook Mind Bridge Builder with a craze for money and power.

Even when facing his death age at 85yrs, he still busybody with politics and racism instead of playing with his grandchildren.

I do read his blog and write my piece of mind, 4/5th of my comment is always censored by the nyanyuk Oldman.

better character people die early, Hussein Onn, Tun Dr. Ismail...but crook minds like mahathir, ling lion sik, samy vellu, taib all living long life even while cheating poor and ignorant ppl...

Anonymous,  8 July 2010 at 10:51  

Of course, UMNO is alway ready for a snap poll. What is the point of spending so much money on party machinery if it cannot be ready.

But, ah, the real question is whether the rakyat is ready to vote UMNO.

Anonymous,  8 July 2010 at 11:01  

When most things of public interest are shrouded in secrecy and whistle-blowers being threaten by branches of the BN-gov, that really speaks volume of their integrity, credibility, trust and confidence people have.

Anonymous,  8 July 2010 at 11:39  

You mention about UMNO/BN's credibility, what credibility - there isn't any at all. They still plunder & squander the nation at will but on the other hand threaten the rakyat that the country will go bankrupt by 2019 (or maybe sooner). Govt coffer is already empty, now they want rakyat to tighten their belts in withdrawing subsidy, increase gambling taxes, raise petrol & diesel prices, impose GST,re-issuance of sports betting licence & etc
They still spent billions in buying military armor trucks, navy support cruisers, submarine maintenance + defense contracts, 36 railroad coaches for ailing KTM, petronas formula one racing, APCO contract, obsolete 1 Malaysia clinic & many many redundant white elephant projects.
Isn't it penny wise pound foolish.
These morons are just unfit to rule!
PR maybe new & inexperience but I have never seen anyone charged with corruption of over RM100K. None in PAS Kelantan. As for BN you should know the astronomical figures lah!

Anonymous,  8 July 2010 at 11:52  

You are absolutely right. UMNO/BN is more or less as ready as they will ever be. But since they have time, UMNO/BN groupthink means no one is going to stick his neck out by agreeing to election. Only when there is an implied consensus that its not going to get better will a GE be called. Najib is probably scheming that a whole bunch of people share the blame if election result is not good. Its his best option for survival. If he can't stay long, he still want to stay long enough to steal enough and retire.

schenker78 8 July 2010 at 11:56  


Malaysia oledi part of ZOPFAN - Asean anti nuclear pact ...

Why cant ASEAN countries do a loose pact like NATO in Europe so that suspicion removed among these 10 country...err...make it nine as I hate Burma-Myanmar....Burma shoul have never admitted into ASEAN....what a disgraceful country worst than Malaysia and Vietnam...

Europe had Nato and EU after WW2 to preven war among themselves... we have seen peace for the past 65 yrs....Our region unlikely to go war at each other.

Stop putting Singapore as bogeyman. Thay are only building up for defence as they are surrounded by bigger countries. They will never attack 1st as their priority is always business not war like Communist China or USA....

When we have a such defence pact, no need to buy all these crap submarines (which cant dive again), all these attack tanks, new defence contract .. scale down the army in the whole region and focus on economy only....

schenker78 8 July 2010 at 12:01  

i was reading malaysia age 70 birthday, Ringo Starr of Beatles pray for peace and love...

in malaysia , at age 85, mahathir prays for racism and hate.

Anonymous,  8 July 2010 at 12:41  

Dear Dato,
Its time you start a mirror blog in BM although you mentioned response is poor. Every journey starts with a small step forward.This must be done as Malay readers will only trust a blog written by a true Malay patriot vs a non-Malay one.

Look how easy the poor and simple folks of Felda were seduced by the PM's spin! Reason is because their only source of news (print/radio/TV) are also the gomen's propaganda machines.

Its sad that these rural folks are taken advantage of by the PM using tipu-helah and fear tactics. And the best part is that these poor folks don't even know that they have been had. A 1-2 double sucker punch & kick in muay-thai style!

Your BM blog will have a following and no matter how small it starts off it will grow as intended by nature. Malay readers will slowly but surely see that what you write makes sense but you must be patient for your seed to grow.
All the best and may the truth you pen brings hope to this nation we Malaysians call home.

Non-partisan,  8 July 2010 at 23:43  


So you're expecting or even praying for his early demise.

Instead you may expire first, not a second late and not a second early, right on the dot as decreed by God.

If you haven't prepared yourself for the hereafter, please do so as from now.

schenker78 9 July 2010 at 06:03  

non partisan,

i am not afraid of death. I welcome it even if it is tomorrow. Ringo Starr and I will visit that 85yrs Old Man in hell.

I am waiting for that public holiday. I will party or watch movie or go to the beach when they declare public holiday and give candies and sweets to my family and friends.

More than half of Peninsular Malaysia will be happy for that coming day....

By the way, What are the odds for a guy younger by 50yrs++ to die on natural causes than a bypass IJN visitor within next 1 year ....

All people will die. Welcome Death...I like Final Destination movies...

Anonymous,  9 July 2010 at 07:11  

Dato Sak
UMNO is facing credibilty problem.Just for comparison. It was reported in the main stream media, one Dato WAN ADNAN, Eco Kerajaan Negeri Pahang,reported that 'robbers' struck his house to get his RM300,000 and they were ALL KILLED by police power. My question:-
1. How come an EXCO keeps so much money in his house?
2. How did the robbers know that he has so much money in hand?
3. Why robbers killed has no names mentioned,no write-up pon their previous crimes, in fact nothing at all to convince the general public that they were indeed robbers.
4. Could it not be that they were part of the 300,000 deal and came to demand their fair share. I think the police should work like the 'CSI' team to solve this mystery.
Well, whatever it is, hopefully the police enlighten us the general public as to who the 'robbers' were
and how did they know about that much of money in hand.

Anonymous,  9 July 2010 at 08:59  

Dear Dato, I hope you will continue to write in English. There is a certain special way and flavour and pragmatism in how you write and address issues, highlight concerns and dig deep into topics instead of just skimming the surface. With also the personal touches and comments, you captivate the reading audience. I look forward every day to read your articles.
Kind regards,

schenker78 9 July 2010 at 09:02  

Exco wan adnan.....hmm...

i dont even keep rm1000 in wallet or many gold in the house...we just go withdraw the atm or use internet banking for our transactions. even though we have safe deposit box in the house, we mostly keep documents there and some gold, not cash....

those who keep tens of thousands are those with black money or duit rasuah. If it was a Pakatan guy, police and MACC would have immediately investigate.

Musa Hassan is a crap IGP, just like his brother actor, Jalaludin Hassan...

what a crap family.

why cant our police like in the US, they can even investigate the President like what happened to Clinton and Nixon.

Dr. cabut gigi, En. toyol harus diaudit pasal mempunyai kekayaan melampaui batas di Selangor....

Non-partisan,  9 July 2010 at 09:57  


Who are you to determine that someone should go to hell? You yourself may be a good candidate, but still I can't that say for sure. It's God's will.

Death comes in many ways and in many forms beside natural causes. You may be young (perhaps 50 years younger) but no guarantee that you may not meet a gruesome death prematurely. Again it's God's will.

Do you want a draft copy of your orbituary prepared for you to go through before it becomes final?

Anyway, you are too insignificant to have any celebration other than to offer my condolence to your family.

May God bless you soul.

schenker78 9 July 2010 at 10:34  

Non Partisan,

As I said,

gruesome or not i dont care....maybe i will accompany maha firaun in hell....i am sure he will suffer more than myself in the Cooking pot....

I am no angel, but i dont do worse than mahathir in my short lifetime as you say.... i wont die a as a scoundrel and not an asshole like what the old man is....I come from a poor family but I dont mind and I am not ashamed of it. I am proud of my family.

i am sure you and your family also suffering due to mismanagement of mahathir...while this Old man is rich, lives in Mines , drive Porsche, sailing in Mediterranean sea once a year with all their Black money and crony money.....

unless you are a kaki bodek mahathir who are still Ignorant, continue with your stupidity....

Even with Dato' Sak trying to educate you fools, you stupid UMNO people are still ignorant.

Mahatir is a Kerala Mamak where Tunku Abdul Rahman once call him in Dewan Rakyat "Pakistan itu"...

Mahathir b. Muhamad Iskandar Kutty...he is so embarrassed from his father's lineage that he hides the Kutty Malayalee name... He call his father as a Malay even though his father is a pure Malayalee......

UMNO is a stupid organization led by Bugis, Turkish and Mamak geng. Where are the Melayu tulen???

Why UMNO is in English?? Why you people feel that when you call UMNO as PKMB in Malay, nama tak glamor???

Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu??? (BARU) ah....atau UMNO english....mana satu best???

Non-partisan,  9 July 2010 at 12:15  


How sure are you that he'll suffer more than you?

I'am not aligned to any political party neither do I a 'kaki bodek' of TDM.

I'm just a simple and ordinary human being without much opulence but descent enough to appreciate the contributions he has made to the country as a whole.

I presume you were born in 78 (still a young chicko)and a PR's diehard. That's being the case, I can't blame you for whatever you have written against TDM.

Whilst there's still time, repent and be good to fellow mankind. Then you'll realise how beautiful the world is and how charming the people are especially those you harbour so much hatred.

May God bless you.

Anonymous,  9 July 2010 at 12:30  


No doubt Tun Mahathir is good indicator of the state of UMNO in general.

However the main challenge to UMNO today is its credibility and corrupt leaders.

Sadly Tun Mahathir is the wrong doctor to diagnose UMNO's sickness.

schenker78 9 July 2010 at 13:47  

I am not a PR diehard.

Just like in football, i dont like Brazil, i support underdog teams.

I want to see 2 party system or in the UK. They can change government every 5yrs if the voter wishes between the 3 party.

Malaysia is like Vietnam, China and Singapore, u can label them it communist country, fascist (like what Zaid Ibrahim said), dictatorship, junta or whatever....

its not a democracy....its hiding behind democracy by fooling peopple like you who sanjung tinggi2 mahathir...

Jangan jadi gila pemimpin. Kalau pemimpin buat salah, hukum dia termasuk Mahathir, Najib, Rosmah, Anwar Ibrahim, Haji Hadi, Lim Kit Siang.....

Orang2 macam awak lah yang merosakkan negara dengan terus memilih pemimpin bongkak, gila perempuan, kaki judi, kaki rompak, kaki sial.

Bukan sahaja awak ni, banyak orang Cina , India hulu, Sabah sarawak masih bodoh2 belaka. Memang kamu semua padan muka pasal kos hidup kau orang akan naik sampai anak2 tak boleh tahan....

Naik kan jer Khir Toyol jadi MB masa GE13. Teruskan dengan PM Najib Rosmah sampai 2019 sampai bangkrap dengan handbag dan shopping berjuta2. Tahniah.

MB Khir toyol nanti buat jamuan raya Rumah Terbuka kat banglo Bali Shah alam... Pi lah makan puas2 kat sana dengan anak bini kamu....

Non-partisan,  9 July 2010 at 16:16  


If you think that I'm eulogizing TDM you're totally wrong. I'm just appreciating for whatever good he has done to the country out of my sense of decency.

It's hell of a difference between eulogizing and appreciating someone. I don't wish to go into details.

I also don't wish to further get embroiled in this protracted argument for fear along the way I may go down to your level akin to a psychologically-impaired moron.

schenker78 9 July 2010 at 18:39  

me 'psychologically-impaired moron'
thank you dude...

non partisan, u are very non partisan for msia.

just as paul keating said ' recalcitrant mahathir (kutty)....and there was a big hoohaa...

i am sure you are older than me but you are not as smart as dato' sak.

feel sorry you are getting dumber as you ages.

I am not a close minded person, unlike you i have really seen the world.

I have worked in Johor, Sudan, Yemen, Surabaya, Madura,Singapore and Dubai. I have met and worked with at least 15 different nationalities in our projects.

I think you better go fly around and see how other countrymen lives before you come and teach me, who for you is a lunatic moron, but mahathir, ibrahim Ali and Najib are your great Idol alongside Mussolini, Mao Zee Dong, Marcos and Suharto.....

What Mahathir achieved? Nothing. He just used Proton and Petronas to swindle more money from taxpayers and citizens alike.......

Maybe you are a rich guy who lives on a golden house and never tasted poverty or you are a poor middle class who is an ignorant fool worship Mahathir and Siti Nurhaliza while do not much work, malas and boast a lot.

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