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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 22 July 2010

The Malays: changing mental landscapes- continuation

What can people like Ibrahim Ali help to advance the Malays? What happen to our government servants? Every decisions, however minor, has to be brought and decided by committees. What's the use of sending them to Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, etc. Where is the delegation of duties in the government? even buying stationeries has to go to the committee. You can see the quality of Malay university professors talking on TV talk shows. They talk to please their hosts and to protect their positions, rather than truth and facts.

I am looking past the name. The Malay gentleman who wrote the e mail could have really meant, what could the approach and thinking represented by Ibrahim Ali do for the Malays? If that is the real meaning, we are in business- we can debate the issue.
I have written some articles about Ibrahim Ali. Indeed for the sake of objectivity, I have met up with him  together with my blogger friend Aspan Alias. I wasn't interested in judging Ibrahim Ali as a person, but was keen to explore the thinking behind the man. He has his good qualities, his supporters will say. We are not going to take that away from him. The man has his foible and all that, but I have said, UMNO can't ignore those people who are slowly gravitating towards Ibrahim Ali and his movement of reasserting Malay interests. In the interest of objectivity, I have chosen to ignore the ad hominem argument. The kind of thinking and approach that Ibrahim Ali represented are bigger than him.
When such a body exists and for a specific purpose at that, reasserting Malay interests- it could only mean that what have been done thus far, are being eroded or are perceived to have been abandoned. The core of the objections centered on a belief that the government is forsaking all policies regarding Malay interests in favor of new policies planned by the Najib administration. For example, the policies of Malay economic privileges are being replaced by the New Economic Model. The primacy of Malay nationalism is being replaced by the concept of 1Malaysia. The sanctity of Malay rulers paramountcy is being attacked by legal liberalism.
The principal object of derision is of course the adoption of wholesale free market solutions, prompting Ibrahim Ali to declare that the free market is not for Malays.
The supporters of Perkasa are alarmed that the economic policy elements that were supposed to be a help to Malay economic advancement have been rendered useless. so Perkasa held its own Malay Economic Congress to issue notice that the movement fights for continued Malay economic rights and privileges. It was also a signal to UMNO telling the party that UMNO no longer holds a monopoly as the vanguard or spearhead for Malays and Malay interests. The rising approval for what Perkasa stands for and the increasing number of adherents to its cause, the rapidity by which it is assimilated into the Malay psyche reflect also, a worrying de-coupling of absolute and unqualified Malay support to UMNO. Its telling UMNO that it must realise that Malay support is not longer unqualified blind support. That support for UMNO is contingent on whether it continues to safeguard a wide ranging of Malay interests. It was also a stark reminder to UMNO that it cannot move on without addressing Malay issues.
it could also mean that those things which the Malays hold dear to them such as his language, his religion, his political institutions are also being attacked. Hence when I spoke to Ibrahim Ali he was recounting the time when Anwar Ibrahim came over to him and stroked his shoulders and patted his back. Ibrahim told Anwar Ibrahim- I won't condemn you provided you don't touch these things- the New Economic Policy, Dr Mahathir and Malay kings.
The fears and hopes represented by Ibrahim and Perkasa haven't been addressed fully by the Najib government. It's not sufficient to say, you won't abandon the NEP by reminding everyone at the Perkasa Economic Convention you are the son of Tun Abdul Razak without setting out details how you want to achieve the economic goals.
The NEP can't be entirely wrong. It was a realisation, that Malay economic issues can't be left to chance or free play of market forces and that some form of interventionist policies were needed. Personally I accept this argument. Paucity of a commercial and economic past, Malays lacking in skills and capital, acumen, the necessary business culture etc. we can't leave everything to the luck of the draw and hope some will emerge to come up tops. That happens but they happened selectively to selected people.
Somehow the selection process was flawed. Those who cashed out the RM 52 billion certainly fit the bill of those who cop out. The immediate step is to ensure that none of those within the RM 52 billion ever get another chance. Have we done that? Perkasa should have demanded that anyone within that 52billion group needs to be blacklisted permanently.
So, not wanting the Malay economic problem solve itself out, makes intervention by the government since 1970, necessary. This idea of picking winners, selecting an elite to spearhead society isn't new. All countries have them. The US has its West Point and all the ivy league universities and exclusive prep schools. Because they believed from the start, that every society needs a group to act as catalysts- so they try to imbue those who went through the hallowed halls of their institutions, the determination, the integrity to serve god, country or community. The British has their Eton and Harrow. Malaysia had MCKK where well born Malays once were sent there to study to take the reins of government. We now have a variety of residential schools preparing bright students. We haven't taught them how to lead perhaps.
So, selecting those who can spearhead Malay economic success, in a sense is an extension of this thinking- that we needed a select group to act as catalyst and yeast that lead to rising.
But the issue was how was the selection done? We didn't have a system or ecosystem that pushes up the people with quality to serve as the spearhead. We can't deny this- we failed as evidence by those who cashed out RM 52 billion worth of equities. We failed because the selection was arbitrary and depended on one or two people.
DS Najib has to find a system, that's capable of sifting through and pushing up the real players.


schenker78 22 July 2010 at 19:30  

ibrahim ali probably is one of the person cashed out of 52billion.

thats why he is quiet..

Anonymous,  22 July 2010 at 19:32  

Really need to assess & get the facts on the Rm 52 bil Bumi often bandied about.I can think of 5 factors that may have contributed:

1.Those who received shares had to borrow money & pledge the shares as collateral.Market crashed in 1997..they lost out cos not able to meet the margin calls.
2.Some of the so called Bumi shareholders are merely fronts for the primary shareholders.After the moratorium period..the shares just shifted to the rightful owners.The Bumi gets a small fraction.
3.Some Bumis sold out some of the shares to average holding costs or eliminate debts completely.In the go go years of the nineties IPO boom..selling 30% of the holdings can pay off the acquisition costs.
4.There were re-structuring,mergers or even liquidation of some of the IPO companies.Further,valuations may have reduced substantially.
5.Generally valuations have dropped in many of the go go companies of the nineties.

Thus to say that RM 52 bil is the "real money" cashed out may not be entirely true.Maybe 10 to 20% at best is the more likely number.

I believe this type of analysis should be done by the Universities as part of the learning process n future development of the Financial community.

To this day..I don't believe any one have done a full academic research on the failures of the "go go" companies of the nineties,similarly,there's no academic assesssment of the success or failure of the WAU program,GLC transformation,IPP models etc.

We have too much generalisations and not enough true academic analysis.

And without understanding the can we plan the future?

Anonymous,  23 July 2010 at 09:08  

'We have too much generalisations and not enough true academic analysis.'

Let me give these to u to chew on;

1)No transparency on ALL infos, whether commercial &/or official, especially those that hide under OSA & the likes.

2)Academicians r either hand-cuffed by the AKUjanji act or r nincompoops waiting out their professorship tenure in 'good behaviors'

3) Even when there r REAL revelations, most of the official channels r in denial mode & the personnel involved started finger-pointing, that might lead to the higher-ups. & that CANNOT be allowed.

BTW, the 5 reasons that been mentioned r so-so crappy arguments, that shown the writer is in denial mode, because he THINK MARUAH BANGSA is been attached!

Just think - think about the timeline of events that lead to the RM52B's squandering by the favorites!

Think also par vis-a-vis market value.

Go buy a mirror, ok? There r many cheap sale, here & there.


Quiet Despair,  23 July 2010 at 09:44  

Morning Sak and everyone

It is really pitiful to see Najib being hemmed in left, right and centre by his wife, Tun M and Ibahim Ali.
He should stop being Mr Nice Guy and exert himself I am the Prime Minister.
He's got good policies in place. But he fails in doing the explaining.
The fault really lies in him. He tends to vaccilate and flip-flop when it's not agreeable to the people.
Ibrahim Ali will not take centre- stage if Najib lay down how the NEM will work well for the Malays as it is in synch with the DEB.
Knowing the Malays feel side-lined, Ibrahim took the golden opporunity to organise the Bumiputra Econmic Congress.
And it looks like to the non-Malays especially, Najib caved in to the Malay demands.
What contained in the resolutions are in the NEM already! But it looks like Ibrahim Ali thought of it.
All we hear from Najib is our competitiveness with the world, the private sector role and appeasing the Chinese.
We dont hear how Pak Abu, Bah Semai the Orang Asli or Jinggut the Iban are gonna be taken care of under the NEM.
It's heartening to note that in Sarawak yesterday he finally said IMalaysia will benefit the people from the most remote areas of Sarawak to the urban sprawl of KL.
He also said scholarships will be given to the poor especially those in the long houses although their results are not super excellent.
That is what scholarship is all about. Not only for the kids in KL who have all the benefits to get straight As.
In the scholarship issue, he has bowed down from a 10-As well rounded students to every Minah, Ah Chai and Ganesh who get 9As.
He back-tracked from the earlier announcement that the Government did not have enough money and from next year, no more scholarships be given for first degrees.
Talk of no money, yet everyone get scholarships!
This is but one example on what a flip-flop Najib is.
And his ministers too are not helping him any.
The mouth-piece Rais cakap sebutir-butir, is too busy choosing Batik shirts to be worn on National Day.
I think Idris Jala shouuld be delegated to go on road shows to inform the people on the policies since he's in charge of the KPI labs.
I have seen Jala on a TV show explaining the KPIs and I am impressed with the way he rattled out the statistics without resorting to notes.
He made the hour-long interview interesting and I came out really understanding the issue.
Its clear Najib is gearing for the elections.
Foremost should be the information on the NEM before he go to the people for a fresh mandate.
Communicate with the people who really matters - the fixed deposit voters of BN like me.
Thrash this out or BN will lose.

Anonymous,  23 July 2010 at 11:09  


The doctor (PM) need to first remove the cancerous tumours (corruption, cronyism, greed, etc) inside the pateint (UMNO/BN) to ensure the patient has the highest chance of survival and becoming healthy again.

So far the doctor has either been clueless or useless or the patient is so terminally ill that there is no hope of survival and the only recourse is to let the patient die. My guess is all the 3 above.

Quiet Despair,  23 July 2010 at 13:21  

Happy 57 Najib.
Many times you flipped-flopped.
But we still love you.
Let us eat some cakes.
Share and share alike, okay dear PM.
Yam Seng to a better Malaysia.
Dear Chinese pals, please join us.
It's a Hennesy Cognac toast you know, as usual to cater for your taste.

4godsake,  23 July 2010 at 13:35  

As i follow Dato Sak's articles of 'The Malays: Changing mental landscapes' until this last piece (i hope it's the last), i begin to set myself into introspection mode...

For 50 years had past, many our forefathers founded the land and gave as independence had also well rested in peace, only we are as their descendants, still unrest of enmeshing ourselves in spats, squabbles and even uproars on issues sometimes being seen as trivia!

Like the racial split, it couldn't have happened at all, after 50 years!

Only a few of visionary leaders like calibre of Dato Sak are climbing the high mountain preaching sermons of Change for the vast number of gullible fans and wannabe NEP but the result is questionable!

Numbers tend to drive people crazy! In umno case, of course, i am not talking about the 4-D and the jackpot numbers as our PM had also in his press statement mentioned, punting numbers is no umno culture but the Chinese's..

Of course not, well said, since they need no punting, 8-digit numbers in pay cheques were by giving, sagu hati!...

So I am talking about the numbers that lately the PM proclaimed, Umno has already garnered more than 3.8 millions members and going for more to add, make it the world's biggest Party....

Ibrahim Ali also has his abacus and a big trumpet to blow that he rose from a lone ranger now Perkasah has been snowr-balled to have more than few hundredth thousands fans carrying the crucifixion cross sort of the salvation army's crest!

But, does it mean by having these numbers, they are going to make themselves stronger than ever and smarter to drive the peoples and the Nation as a whole to greater height and excel further?!

Sadly, we only see all the pawn downs are in the retrogress movements!

Of all we people have the slightest brainy substance know, quantity is never a quotient of quality mentality wise speaking.

Even the commoner will say - the blind is leading the blinds this is an unchanged norm! As it is in Umno, it was said to be lacked of real vision even the Wawasan 2020 is now being marked with big ? mark no one dares to reaffirm that it's still achievable by then we being an advanced Nation! The alibi is - subject to external factor!

High Income Nation now is a new vision! Or rather it's another Blind's vision?!

This is the catch 22 situation our beloved Nation is facing. All kinds of vision would be shot to the air like fire crackers and down on the field we would have heard all the bravos until soon enough, the sparks subside, the sky will revert to darkness!

We call this a glimpse of sparks vision!

Lets face to the facts of life, the fact of mentality changes be it the mental landscape or whatnot if they do have a landscape, a masterpiece!

For 50 years we were drifting in the cesspool amid the float-some of garbage and stink. For this, does anyone dare to punch the denial mode at all!

Deeply obsessing our pollies were the old masters' colonial intoxication and the so-called concoction of Machiavellian polity!

Advanced Technocracy and Meritocracy has become too hard or too harsh to learn to break the layer of entrenched cocoon in the Machiavellian minds of the many Malay (Westminster) mental landscapes in Umno!

This is what Dato Sak being given the task! And you are given the permission to use your AK47 as it needs.

By God's willing!

Anonymous,  23 July 2010 at 13:50  

Quite Despair,

If you don't vote BN, perhaps you can enlighten us who you would vote for, Ibrahim Ali ?

Anonymous,  23 July 2010 at 14:34  

Dear Datuk Sak

In order to continue ruling the country, UMNO needs to rein in corruption and move to the political centre.

By not reining in corruption, you keep on losing more and more Malay support. As it is, almost 50% of Malays are already voting against the BN.

How can UMNO rule if you keep on moving to the right?

By moving to the right, you alienate more and more non-Malay voters (who if you remember, apparently helped to keep BN in power in the GE of the late 1990s)

It's not too late for UMNO to reform!

Phua Kai Lit

Quiet Despair,  23 July 2010 at 16:57  

Hi Anon 13.50

Gladly and without an iota of guilt or regret, I will tell you I always voted for BN eversince I was eligible to vote. Alwats have and always will.
And I think you too must not be ashamed to tell us you are a DAP voter.
Or you have just become politically aware and just started voting ever since Anwar formed Reformasi? Or you are now registering after Zorro and gang started the get voter campaign to trounce BN in the coming GE? Hahaha.
Malays have always been politically aware and their lives revolved around politics.
That's why we give you to control our economy.
My choice is simple, why the need to try and see whether there can be a better government.
My premise is also though I gain nothing from UMNO, the fact that others do thrive successfully, that means that ruling party is good enough.
I can't be like smart you when your child is going to UK next year on a JPA scholarship, you will still vote opposition.
I regard try, try business or testing the balloon of voting as trying to fit condom for size. Regard it as used and flush it down the toilet.
Maybe, and I say maybe if that Anwar fella is not there, I may try to vote Pakatan. But I am not a gambler.
I can tell you I am a Selangor voter. My neighbors Left, right, behind and in front (2 Chinese and I each Indian and Malay) are grumbling and regretting voting Pakatan.
They come complaining to me because they know I am an UMNO follower.
I just smile smugly. I do not want to rub salt into their wounds since I love them too much to offend them.
No I tell you so or tau takpe. Just ingat jelah.

Anonymous,  23 July 2010 at 18:12  

quiet despair,

u are quite a despair yourself. completely ignorant n oblivious of the world out here. good luck to u man.

fyi, there's a big chance your 2 chinese n 1 indian neighbor is lying to u because its really hard to argue with people like u.

walla 23 July 2010 at 22:34  

We may say the human life-cycle has three stages. When young, develop values to protect growth. When middle-aged, formulate methods to spur growth. When old, improvise to stem retardation.

Shall we similarly say that our country's life-cycle mirrors that of a human being?

When Malaysia was young, we politicized to unite.

When she is as now at middle-age, we should be professionalizing to develop...

so that when she reaches maturity in her systems...

we can then improvise for her to jump into the next life-cycle for later generations.

But what has happened so far is the politicizing in the formative years continued right into the middle-stage until the professionalizing part got cannibalized which means we next cannot improvise because to improvise you will first need professional standards in everything - how we think, organize, execute and interact whether at an individual or grouped or institutional level.

Let's expand this line of thought.

First, by professional standards, i don't mean just the western methods although the british colonialists had left us with an administrative system including a method on how to think about things.

Professional standards should be best-practice global methods sharpened with local characteristics.

Secondly, we realize our biggest challenge is how to solve the legacy problem that is the toxic residue from years of grandiose schemes.

We may say this problem is now reflected in our present inability to move from middle-stage to final-stage of life-cycle one because we had been serving ourselves a diet of illusions propped up by a mixture of loaded freebie policies and skewed disincentives which in turn split all focus and effort needed to build world-class capabilities.

walla 23 July 2010 at 22:35  


And that is why when we read the latest World Investment Report 2010 (, we find that our FDI has plunged 81% in just one year while we only have 10% of what are needed by way of science and technology workers to transit from a middle to a high-income economy and this is further aggravated by having only 20% of the R&D investments needed to be an innovative economy, all this on the base of a workforce 70% of which having only general SPM education.

Meanwhile our neighbours are either not sliding as much as us in FDI inflows, or have rebounced to be the world's best performing market on the wings of brains from our land which will probably also explain why of the two thousand three hundred patents filed by our citizens, too many of them have their forwarding addresses in that neighbouring country instead.

Thirdly, the government realizes all this. Perhaps that's why they have the NEM and its extensions such as the corporatisation of Mida to bespoke investment terms, meanwhile looking towards attracting technologies and techniques which can drive new value-adding businesses to our shores to trigger enough transformation to prepare for the next stage of improvisation before this first life-cycle ends.

Fourthly, what the Perkasans and those at their gates seem to want is a return to status quo where privileges and perks can continue to be given as before in the growing stage.

Since we are way beyond the growing stage, we are therefore set for a collision course between what was which is demanded again and what has been calculated out which needs to be achieved.

However, since what was demanded was a consequence of what was achieved, what is demanded will have to be a consequence of what can be achieved. The former the egg, the latter the chicken.

Science recently proved that the chicken really precedes the egg. Therefore, what must be achieved must therefore precede what is demanded.

What must be achieved is more investment.

Investors have voiced they cannot accept those special demands.

This is global reality.

The government is fully cognizant of that irrefutable fact.

Going forward, investment is the only word left to all of us.

The NEM and its extensions manifest the imperative to get investment inflows again.

Furthermore, the size of our investment outflows is already a telling signal that even our own people are finding here so less attractive than elsewhere that they are willing to overlook they will be giving more jobs to others than to our own.

If we ourselves think so, what more others who have other cherry pickings of places to invest in this global climate of uncertainty?

So ...what is demanded cannot be met because investors, global reality and our own peculiarly warped national development cycle so far say so.

In the light of our remissions and omissions in capability-building, do the Perkasans therefore have an answer for anything?

Can they for instance attract investments on their own so that the NEM can succeed enough for us to be a high income economy to afford the means to meet their demands?

walla 23 July 2010 at 22:35  


Without investments, there will be no new jobs and revenue to pay wages. Which means the public sector itself may soon have to devolve as employer of first resort for even the Perkasan groupings themselves.

With oil and gas falling off the radar, the national debt will certainly balloon beyond its present 55% of GDP, perhaps reaching grecian proportions, and while one notes the debt is ringgit-denominated, the weakening of the ringgit against other currencies which are strengthening against a weakening US dollar which remains a default trade currency will mean our fiscal leverage will continue to go downhill as the world stage moves away from our traditional US-centric market base which itself has already lost credit-worthiness.

With desubsidization and possibly a new tax regime, we will enter the end-phase of the first life-cycle on loose and shifting foundation for the majority because if they cannot make more, they will have to draw on their reserves which in turn will load the very social safety net that the government will increasingly be not able to provide as its own debts rise.

Meanwhile the Perkasans want to bring back the legacy problem as the solution.

But how can a solution be formed from the same problem it is to solve?

The blogger says Najib has to find a system that will sift through and push up real players.

Since we are already at this middle-stage of our first life-cycle as a nation, he can only do one thing - professionalize, not politicize.

And that is why when the chief secretary to the government who had earlier spoken against little napoleons resorted to asking a chief minister to check with the underlings of the federal government's SDO instead of getting the SDO himself to do his job with greater care so that unnecessary arches won't collapse in a botanical garden that has seen better days, wouldn't investors we are trying to attract be wondering whether the botanical garden's simian denizens have wrought havoc on the institutional framework left to us by the colonialists?

Unless we are in Zimbabwe or some other such states, a government is supposed to serve the rakyat. By Eastwood's any-which-way, serve.the.rakyat, not serve its own political masters, especially when the civil service should be uniformly and sufficiently independent when discharging their services. It's service, not political mileage, that is mentioned in the General Orders.

If they can't, should they take exception to the rakyat wondering if they are not little napoleons?

When Napoleon himself put his hand on his heart in his usual pose, he must have been sincere about his dedication to the service and glory of France. Can one say the same of the little napoleons in our civil service? When they put their hands on their hearts, are they working in the service and for the glory of Malaysia? Or just one segment of the national political landscape that is called Umno?

And that is why Najib must take steps to professionalize the Malay mental landscape.

That step is needed to placate and enthuse potential investors and brains. After all, without money and brains, it is impossible to drive investments and without investments, one cannot get more money to pay off debts, stave bankruptcy, even.

After all, didn't the minister mentor of Perkasa himself once admit that without money nothing moves?

Anonymous,  24 July 2010 at 07:06  

Quiet Despair,
Good try, but your promotion for UMNO doesn't work in blogs. UMNO is on a self destruction course. It's headed for a crash landing in or near 2013. The Indians and chinese who you say are encircling your place of domicile are either dumb, deaf or plain stupid. Anyway, good try for the promotion, maybe next time it would work but not now.
Khir Toyo has shown his real colours and also NOH OMAR. These gentlemen cannot hide their real self. So keep voting UMNO and keep keeping your 2 cents paid to you by the gerombalan.

Anonymous,  24 July 2010 at 07:18  

What difference does it make to us, the under privileged bumiputra's as to what the figures state. We the less fortunate have been discarded from the govt's redistribution of the wealth merely because we do not possess the qualities required to become a successful businessman via UMNO's way. UMNO's way is 'you scratch my back, I scratch your's'. The only one's who are allowed to scratch are the followers just like the 'ayahpins movement'.
The govt should make a precondition that any bumiputra vying for the govt contracts must employ a 'certain' number of bumi workers. Why give all the riches to one bumiputra at the expense of others. He or she should have a corporate responsibility. Just like in Islam, 'Fardhu Kifayah' or social obligations. Today we have the same bumi's who happen to be the cronies of the top leaders of UMNO getting projects, sometimes really for them but most of the time for their masters. Later these projects are resold to big non malay corporations at a very minimal sum. So the malay at the kampung level gets no gain from these masters.

Anonymous,  24 July 2010 at 12:40  

Anon 07:18,

"Later these projects are resold to big non malay corporations at a very minimal sum. So the malay at the kampung level gets no gain from these masters..."

> With due respect, this is only your own wishful thinking.

The project definitely was not sold for a minimal sum but a mammoth sum!

Those creeps who were so pampered to get the jobs in terms of multi-millions would have sold them at a marked up of not less than 20% or up! Use your fingers to calculate, 20% x 100-millions is equal to how much?! Is this amount minimal or mammoth?!

The poor taker of the project would have to again bear the costs of doing up the project, at best, if he's not also connected to the 'looters' peer group, could only make something less than what the privileged master earned without his need to sweat a drop of water. Yet the on the job Contractor has to bear all the risks of getting slow or no payment for the job! Again, the greasing in the process of know what i mean? Nothing is free!

There was once an ex-finance minister who had been very much blessed by his equally corrupted master by hush-hush policy allowing him to acquire thousands of hectares of agriculture lands in the Northern States, with peanut price of course!

Until ripe time, he sold them out to Corporate Developers as prime lands for star rates. The one who would have said 20-millions was only good for him to buy 'kuah chi', still remember?

Go and ask his neighbours, did they receive any 'green pau' during the Raya? Zero!

You are such a graceful thinking chap (or a spin doctor for those corrupted masters i wouldn't have known), would still believe that they are also the benefactors who had compromised with a minimal price to enrich the real under-privileged hands on Contractor who are mostly Chinese!

They are also like you if you considered yourself an under-privileged who had scratched the wrong side of the shoulders of those demonic masters, and greedy!

The only difference is, why they can get job and you cannot, all boil down to money and capability lah!

Of course, they also talk about 'cable-bility' lor...

But one thing which is indisputable - the end doer of the job is one who must have capital investment and creditability that they are capable of doing up the job hands on!

Provided you have the above two credentials, you are on the way to kill also, regardless of race!

Only one thing i sole concur with you, those who have the privileges to scratch shoulders of the greedy bears would normally won't help out the poor Malays!


Have you ever heard about what is - Sulit?!

Could i be wrong that the Chinese contractors are more the benevolent to have at least offered some good business for the vendors and machine operators and even the 'greasee' some extra income for all we know, they have also the families to feed.

ong 24 July 2010 at 22:40  

"The NEP can't be entirely wrong. It was a realisation, that Malay economic issues can't be left to chance or free play of market forces and that some form of interventionist policies were needed."

This argument appears logical and reasonable. Even I can understand and agree with such argument. However these are the facts:-

1. Malays who otherwise would not have the opportunity of tertiary education gets educated even beyond normal tertiary education because of the NEP.

2. After getting educated because of the NEP, the same Malays gets jobs with the help of the NEP. In the case of government jobs they fill over 90% of the vacancies because of the NEP and 99% of top posts are reserved for them also because of the NEP although the NEP never stipulate these conditions.

3. Those Malays who decide not to 'makan gaji' and instead go into business get to 'sapu' most of government procurements for both goods and services on the premise that Malays are born with only three quarters of a brain, one leg and one hand and therefore requires a helping hand and a helping leg. In certain government agencies the Malays 'sapu' 100% of government procurements.

4. To me even up to this stage is still fair and reasonable because as decent humans those of us born with a full brain, two good hands and legs must surely assist our handicapped fellow humans.

5. What starts to agitate, irk and anger me is that after all the NEP assistance, these previously handicapped people now have their brains fully developed, have grown another hand and another leg but still refuse to let go of the NEP.

Anonymous,  26 July 2010 at 14:25  


In the era of ever changing world, where change is the only constant, apparently time is standing still for the UMNO Malays.

Many professional Malays have migrated to greener pasture and young Malays have adapted to the borderless world.

UMNO will know if 'UMNO dulu, sekarang dan selama-lamanya' holds true, comes the the next GE.

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