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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Malays: changing mental landscapes

Actually, the Malays has nothing to be proud of. We have to understand and accept our weaknesses. We are lacking in so many things. As I see it, the Malays are going backward. The Malay mind has to be revamped and re-programmed. We cannot go forward using the current mind-set.


What can people like Ibrahim Ali help to advance the Malays? What happen to our government servants? Every decisions, however minor, has to be brought and decided by committees. What's the use of sending them to Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, etc. Where is the delegation of duties in the government? even buying stationeries has to go to the committee. You can see the quality of Malay university professors talking on TV talk shows. They talk to please their hosts and to protect their positions, rather than truth and facts.

I am not sure when the gentleman says we have nothing to be proud of, he means he isn't proud to be a Malay. I hope it isn't that. Perhaps he means to say, we have no economic achievements to be proud of.
His- " we are so lacking in so many things and " as I see it, the Malays are going backward". That reflect his real meaning.
Why is that so? He has partially answered by inferring that the problem lies in the Malay mind which has to be revamped and re-programmed. We cannot be proud of the current mindset.
The mindset.
Our mindset- we think the solution is to put a few gold coins in our pocket. We want as a matter of right, irrespective of the meritorious qualifications we invested in, a 30% this and that. The contractors want 30% of open tenders. Why should we the other Malays agree to that? You get the 30%, that doesn't solve the Malay economic problem. The contractors demand the same thing year in and year out.
That way, we haven't targeted the fundamental point of how to sort out Malay economic problem. You cannot solve by appointing some Malays as directors here and there, chairman here and there, chairmen of GLCs who have the habit of losing money at that. You don't solve by appointing retired civil servants to prominent corporate positions.
I was talking to a very senior UMNO veteran who has walked and still walks with people in the corridors of power about this proclivity of appointing retired civil servants to prominent corporate posts. I mentioned Tan Sri Ahmad Sarji- he is good I said. Good at what? Came the answer. He hasn't done a single day of business using his own money and his only forte is apple polishing. He is- like you said( saying that to me) good at writing P Ramlee songs only. You don't appoint people who have no inkling about how business is run.
Nor can you solve the Malay economic question by reserving 30% of open tenders to Malays. Why do we have to give them contracts if each time, they do nothing but engaged in tricks as mentioned by a commentator who was an ex JKR engineer? Furthermore, that strategy has been proven wrong and will not work. It has already been proven by the disappearing RM 52 billion worth of shares that were cashed out.
You can't solve by doing things half way. Or in the famous words of our once Great Helmsman, half past six measures that sadly, were also some of his doings. You have to move a generation on the learning curve, get educated, be more competitive, like to work hard. You sort out the problem by enhancing earning capacity. That comes through hard work, be more clever than the other chap, be better than the other bloke. Move a generation- that's the strategy. Not move sections of people. That strategy has been proven wrong.
That's why I think the PM has lost an opportunity. He got spooked by Ibrahim Ali. He should have put his foot down and declare we still have affirmative action policies which are going to be played with new rules. The elements of the NEM must be spelled out. It's basically a good idea to place Malays on a different footing. A new environment demanding adjustments from a whole generation.
So the Malay gentleman at the age of 65, has got on to something. That shouting rights here and there get us nowhere. The rights to a 30% share in corporate equity saw RM 52 billion gone up in smoke( I mean in Havana cigar smoke). That's equivalent of giving the recipient of that pink forms or free shares, a gold coin without telling the chap how the gold coin is earned. That's equivalent to giving the chap a fish without telling him the fish is gotten by the fishing rod, by the fishing net, by boats going out to sea. The solution is to increase earning capacity or in the spirit of using fanciful terms such as ecosystem, enhancing capacity. But you don't achieve enhancing capacity by wishing it, you achieve that through being clever, being better, working harder, being more disciplined, motivated, desirous of all round improvements. In the end, we have to answer this question- how does having ' a right' improve our economic performance? We don't achieve all that, insisting it as a right, that this government give us everything we need from cradle to grave. School bags for our children, bicycles for our children etc.


Richard Cranium 21 July 2010 at 09:06  

I have school-going kids.

What I tell my kids is no different from what my other Chinese friends tell theirs.

1. Don't expect anything from this government.

2. There is very little future for you in this country in the years to come.

3. Your competitors will be hungrier, and more willing to go the extra distance. And these will likely be the Chinese, Indians, Vietnamese, Indonesians, etc. Not Malaysians.

4. This country is heading for racial troubles -- it will get far worse before it will get any better.

5. This country is losing the economic war.

So, how is this different from what Indian and Malay parents tell their kids?

Tell me if I have no reason to be afraid for my kids?

TomCat,  21 July 2010 at 09:45  

As a non-Malay of similar vintage as the Malay Gentleman and likely similar education background, I empathize with him and you. The Malays are no different from other races, if they have not been conned and betrayed by self-serving greedy politicians. Too much have been written about this problem but no one is doing anything about it. Now, if only people like you and other like-minded Malays form your own pressure group to positively take back the Malay future from the these politicians whether UMNO or opposition and the likes of Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali, the next generation of Malays will certainly be able to stand proud, very proud indeed.

Red Alfa 21 July 2010 at 11:40  

Salam Dato'

Indeed one would agree even more if your title says Changing the Mental Landscapes of the Insecure UMNO Malays.

The set objectives by changing their mindsets as you suggest are very achievable. The objectives have been/are already being achieved by the Malays who were pushed out of the "gravy train" a decade ago together joining those who never were. Really having to survive "out there" have brought the best in them and you wouldn't be wrong being the optimist, Malays will be hard working, innovative and competitive and I say they can/will be more than survive!

Only those 30 percenters who are all too dependent and who will scream/fight to keep UMNO in power and themselves on the "gravy train" will find themselves helpless and the future hopeless because they have yet to develop now the skills for open competition.

I may have to add the senior civil servants now approaching retirement with little hope of the promise of the nest eggs you refer, when UMNO loses power and with no business skills whatsoever, they are/will be fiercely striking out for those "guarantees" and their "rightfuls".

It is the easier way out, they are joining/will join PERKASA berbondong-bondong because PERKASA is expressing and "resolving" their fears but not the "more difficult" solutions you are suggesting which call for changing their mindsets.

Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 12:07  

Ok, my name is eekaa, the one who wrote to you in last post. First, sorry to offence you, but I was expecting much better words as you are talking about my race. Something like you go into a shop for a nasi kerabu, but then, you find it has no budu, some sort like that, you know what I mean, then you feel oh my, this shop doesnt sell nasi kerabu, it is a fake nasi kerabu. How disappointed you would be, wouldnt you? Ok sorry about the intro, this is the thing you must know, what avenue a Malay has to enter a business? If there is any, you think you can succeed? No way, all have been monopolised and in no way you can even be succesfull not because the Malays are bad. So think along that line, and tell us your view, true views. Thanks btw this post is via handphone, sorry for lousy English

schenker78 21 July 2010 at 12:18  

the 52billios worth of shares is sold, lets say at 200% higher because as part owners they might get at par value or at a huge discount during IPO...

150 billion in cash is with some group of malays in some hidden banks in malaysia or maybe swiss, cayman or zimbabwe banks or in Daim's banks in Africa.... that makes the umno malays richest in malaysia ...not ananda, not sugar king and not syed mokhtar....even ananda might be holding mahathir's portion under never know....

take away the top 50 richest in malaysia and re do a per capita income survey.... i am sure chinese will be ahead followed by malays and indians, ibans follow behind..

Just ask mahathir and daim to declare their family wealth and proxy, i am sure its running in the tens of billions....

By the way, mahathir son still own beer company in Filipina, San Miguel....

kluangman 21 July 2010 at 13:15  

Sometimes a variety of opinions and criticism only create more confusion and error.

Government today is the choice of the people, give them a chance to run on what is already planned. They are also "changing Malay mental landscapes" in the interpretation of their own.

The collapse of a nation is sometimes necessary to get the better future.

schenker78 21 July 2010 at 13:17  

bukan tulisan saya....

He calls himself John Low! Goes shopping with Najib's son, Niza. Hails from Penang and the son of an established Penang businessman in construction. Went to school in Union High, Penang. He was the brain behind the 1Malaysia Development Board whom got funds in from Kuwait. His Kuwaiti henchman is one Hamad Alwazzan!! Notice recently that the 'master developer' of the TUDM base in Sungai Besi will be 1Malaysia Development Board. That's where he makes his dough by charging the Board a purported RM500million bill for 'consultancy' work, his usual modus operandi. Now, not the entire RM500mil will go to him but to his shopping partner / parents.

FW, Texas adalah salah satu aerotroplis yang paling sibuk di dunia. Di bandar-bandar Mid-Cities yang berdekatan dengan lapangan terbang antarabangsa telah menjadi tempatnya bagi berbagai industri aviation, termasuk syarikat simuflite.

Malaysia kerap menghantar kapalterbang-kapalterbang mewah pensendirian untuk diservis atau diperbaiki. Ini termasuk kapalterbang yang dipunyai oleh Yang Dipertuan Agung Malaysia. Kursus latihan juga diadakan disini untuk cara pengendalian kapalterbang-kapalterbang tersebut. Disinilah juga terdapat komuniti kecil dari Malaysia, dan Indonesia.

saya berkerja sebagai seorang Sushi Chef dekat sekali dengan SIMUFLITE, dan golongan besar pelangan kami adalah perkerja-pekerja dari lapangan terbang tersebut.

Baru 2 hari yang lalu, aku didatangi seorang jurulatih penerbangan bersama kawannya memakan di Sushi Bar. Hati aku tertanya sama ada kunjungan rombangan dari Malaysia untuk menjalani latihan pernerbangan, kerana biasanya member aku Zaid akan menjemput mereka ke rumah untuk mengeratkan lagi silahturahim. Melihat name tag di kemejanya, "SIMULFLITE TRAINER" aku pun sibuk melepak dengan kedua-dua pelangan tersebut. Dari diberitahu baru tahun lalu SIMULFLITE membuka cawangan di Kuala lumpur, dan Malaysia telah jarang menghantar pelatih-pelatih kesini........

TIBA-TIBA kawan jurulatih tersebut bertanya saya kenapa Malaysia begitu kaya raya. Dibertanya saya sama ada saya mengenali seorang peniaga berumur 28 tahun namanya J LO. Beliau merupakan seorang juruterbang yang selalu menerbangi J LO ke merata tempat di USA, dan di serata dunia seperti California, Las Vegas bermalam di Ceasar Palace bersama J LO. Beliau memberitahu kapalterbang yang membawa bagman ini selalu dipenuhi dengan arak. J Lo orang ini yang selalu belanja boros seperti wangnya tidak dimiliki beliau. Kerap ke negara-negara Arab seperti Dhubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, pernah ke Ka Chin pengunungan di utara Myammar berniaga junta mlitari disana. Pernah ke Zurich mungkin simpan wang haramnya? Diberitahu J Lo baru berkahwin tahun lalu, dan beliau berasal dari Pulau Pinang. Ayah J Lo bermastautin di KL, dan juruterbangan tersebut pernah memakai kapalterbang mewah untuk menghantar saudara mara J LO dari Pulau Pinang ke KL semamsa beliau berkahwin.

Sepanjang penerbangan di merata dunia, anak Najib juga kerap bersama beliau. Biasanya juruterbang tersebut diarah untuk mendarat ke Singapura sebelum ke Malaysia. J LO suka memilih mendarat ke lapangan terbang yang kecil di Malaysia dari khalayak ramai. Juruterbang kurang faham apakah perniagaan si muda 28 tahun ini? Bagaimana beliau mempunyai begitu banyak wang sekali. selalunya membawa beg-beg lugage yang besar masuk dengan berpadlock ke destinasinya, dan kebiasaan pulang tanpa beg-begnya. mungkin itu wang-wang tunainya kot.............

4godsake,  21 July 2010 at 13:20  

" We don't achieve all that, insisting it as a right, that this government give us everything we need from cradle to grave. School bags for our children, bicycles for our children etc. ".....

> Hasn't enough clear that Dato has told the facts?!

Looked at the Indons. At one time they also thought that their Chinese brethren were enriching themselves thru easy job of collecting gold bars dropped from the sky, so to say, they envied and became so jealous, and ran wild and woolly..hence arsons were on!

They began to burn down the properties, shops and factories etc. all those owned by the business people mostly owned by their Indon Chinese brethren!

Stupidity was what even their Supremo General Susilo would accord for those acts! And crazy is the word to say it all to describe the rogues.

By burning down the money collecting outlets, the poor Indon workers would have their rice bowls crumbled. The bosses had got their places to go. Monies and assets have been stashed somewhere else safely in custodian just like our ex-So and So have done so alike!

The Nation's economy dropped and virtually plunged! FDI pulled out due to scary of mob-rule and all LDI became FDI of other Nations!

The local poors became poorer 'cos of jobless and the rich still maintained filthy rich and continued to enjoy greener pasture in else lands!

Wanna become rich? Worked it out as Dato has told! The fish doesn't come swims by itself to the plate for serving! For those who worked hard in the padi field would have become guru to tell their peers, the rice never grow from the mud by itself but need efforts to plough the land coupled with the hectic planting process!

Simply, if no brethren who are hard working enough to generate income for the Nation, from which corner of hell could the bigoted morons garnered enough cream for sharing? If the cake is that big and yet, the moronic and lazy punks keep asking for that 30% wouldn't it be insufficient also to feed their pot bellies of those like the fat toad's?!

So the solution is, pulled up the sleeves everybody, and all bloody sleepy and dreamy heads must come up to the level field and slog. Then only you got the right to talk about sharing and with privileges or bonuses for the more hard-working blokes!

Otherwise you know what the hard-working ants will grumble?

"Bloody hell, they are like the robbers"!

Have you heard that, pirates?!

Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 14:55  

We have so many catalysts; the MRT is the biggest, and with the budget coming up, this will boost interest in the market.”

Read more: KL stocks to surpass pre-crisis levels: CIMB

How subtly the press & financial community promote the Gamuda agenda?And if govt later says "NO" will seen to be a flip flop backtracking..indecisiveness..etc etc...and MARKET loses confidence.

Similarly,PKFZ bonds,IPP re nego >>its all about the sacred financial community loss of confidence,

So,battle is on many2 fronts.
Utusan however is only focussed on Selangor sand & rubbishing the opposition whilst glorifying the UMNO leaders.

Thats the UMNO Malay mindset in a nutshell..bodek bodek but without long term vision.Kais pagi..

nstman,  21 July 2010 at 15:07  

I have a Malay friend. He was a civil servant. he retired with a few thousand a month. Now he is a director of a few chinaman companies. His name is good enough for these companies to get contracts. He now gets about rm40,000 a month. He doesnt know the intricacies of business. And for good measure he doesnt even know the inner workings of his companies. Now we know why Malays are taking a short cut to success. No need to put in much effort but plenty of reward. Now we know why Sakmongkol is spitting his teeth and spitting blood over this despicable state of affairs.

eekaa 21 July 2010 at 15:18  

Sorry Bro, quite a while ago, I sent you a post, to apologize if I have offended you by saying words.

BTW, I read little of your blog, so, perhaps I have misjudged your writings. Any way, its all up to you as a Malay to "safeguard" or to nurture the Malay interest, and to write the same in that manner. The better the Malay livelihood is, the better the whole Malay community will be. That's what I have thought.

So, thanks.

Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 15:58  

Dato Sak

Excellent commentary from you on the Malay gentleman's letter.

Calling a spade a spade.

Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 16:01  

Takes a long time,hard work & lots of ups and downs to build up a Company..
Fast tracked companies do not have same level of fortitude cos balance sheet (at the growth phase) not resilient enough to withstand any short term financial shocks.

Whats key is the core strengths i.e the business model,network & creativity driving the biz.Can that be retained thru the financial restructuring?

The political masters will never understand this basic premise and can never differentiate between the two.

If leadership changes catalyses a corporate leadership change too,then we go back to square one every 5 years.

Thats the mental mind change needed to generate a sustainable BCIC.

schenker78 21 July 2010 at 18:25  

i find this funny to read....written by datuk jema khan.

In Malaysian politics, tenuous so-called facts can be spun into full-blown novels, full of intrigue, excitement and juicy titbits to raise one’s heartbeat. Take the murder of the Mongolian model. If Razak Baginda didn’t know Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his wife, would there have been so many works of fiction spun out of this one little fact? I don’t think so. The facts as they stand are that poor Altantuya was murdered by two overzealous policemen who have already been convicted and sentenced to death.

That, however, by itself does not make for a good story and that is where Razak’s link to the Najibs comes in. With that link, all sorts of wonderful stories can be concocted to excite the public. Add to that a Submarine deal with tons of money involved and we have a brand new bestseller, even if it is fictional.

Our latest story is, of course, Anwar Ibrahim, the CIA spy. Some blogger in the US said so, so it must be true. No smoke without fire right? I wonder when he was recruited and if he was trained in Langley, Virginia. What skills did they give him? Can he kill with a karate chop or break someone’s neck with his bare hands?

Perhaps Saiful knew all this, and that is why he gave in so easily? What else could make him so scared of a 60-odd-year-old man? Perhaps when Anwar was in Georgetown, supposedly lecturing, he was actually going back for a CIA refresher course? Could his CIA handler have been Wolfowitz? We are in for a lot more works of fiction on Anwar, no doubt.

Anwar too has been exercising his creative prowess with the APCO story. Woe beholds any company doing business in Malaysia with Jewish links lest it be seen as an agent of Mossad. I suppose if Anwar can be a CIA spy, why can’t we have elements in our government who work for the Mossad?

I suppose it is possible to create a story to link most of our leaders to some spy agency or other in the world, if they have visited the country where the agency is domiciled. We are talking fiction, after all. Though I have to admit I can’t really figure out which agency would want someone like Ibrahim Ali.

What about RPK, the fugitive? Surely someone can come out with a photograph of him with someone who looks like a terrorist (anyone with some facial hair will do)? Can’t we concoct a story to say that he is the leader of some terrorist cell? Maybe he can be the new poster boy for Jemaah Islamiah to replace Azhari and Nordin Top? I am sure the British will send him back then.

If we still can’t extradite him, can’t we say he is actually a spy for MI6? After all, how did RPK leave Malaysia without a trace? Surely he must be either a trained spy or terrorist, with those skills? What about his wondering all over London so freely? No, MI6 agent sounds better, methinks.

Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 19:08  


Mahathir tu dah pamper orang melayu sangat. Dia tu jaga kita macam bayi.

Sekarang melayu tak tau nak independent lagi. Mesti minta 30% ini dan itu....kena minta tongkat.

Mahathir tu suka cam ni supaya orang melayu bergantung kat UMNO. Jadi, UMNO baru boleh menang dalam PRU. oang melayu kebanyakan bergantung pada UMNO bagi ni dan tu...jadi kita akan undi UMNO lah.

Ini political game. Jadi sekarang, orang melayu yang konon. PRofessor kangkong...banyak lah tu di U tempatan.

Itulah cerita kita.

orang kampung

kluangman 21 July 2010 at 19:34  

Hal otak manusia ini ada satu cerita.

Otak orang Cina dikatakan paling murah, otak orang India dikatkan sederhana murah/mahal tetapi otak orang Melayu dikatakan cukup mahal.

Berbanggalah orang Melayu apabila mengetahui otak mereka diiktiraf paling mahal, tentulah bergeliga.

Jawapan sebenarnya ialah otak orang Melayu paling mahal sebab otak orang Melayu jarang atau langsung tidak pernah digunakan, masyarakat tidak mampu atau tidak mahu menggunakannya kerana terlalu mahal, manakala otak orang Cina sangat murah kerana mudah dan selalu digunakan.

Jadi kalau anda, anda nak pilih otak orang mana?

Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 21:13  

Professor Dato,

I suggest you start a University of Sakmongkol AK47 and enrol Ibrahim Alis around the country to attend your lectures. Then award degree of "How to Fish" for you keeps from the University of Sakmongkol.

Guaranteed with such courses Malaysia will have a future.
Until then we just have to dream on.

Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 22:14  

Hahaha..kluangman, you are so profound in articulating a logic which ostensibly sounds true! But.....

Sepatutnya awak punya logik adalah sikit senget...

Otak orang cina jadi paling murah adalah kerana ia selalu dipakai berkali-kali dan sudah jadi tua itu sebahnya ia menjadi paling murah yang mengikut logik awak, betul?

Tetapi saya tidak 100% menerima dan menyokong logik kataan awak dan merasa sepatutnya otak Melayu memang adalah yang termurah sekali!


Itu kerana ada banyak otak-otak Melayu Umno dia orang ada mempunyai otak yang nampaknya baru dan jarang dipakai tetapi masalahnya dalam otak-otak itu, ia tidak mengandung isi langsung! Saja ada air kosong didalam tempurung!

Adakah air kosong bernilai lebih mahal daripada otak yang terpakai macam mana pun?

Jangan marah dik, itu semua ejek saja!

Walau demikian, sekarang Melayu adalah nasib baik kerana ada satu Dato yang dia sendiri panggil nama Sakmongkol! Dia punya isi otak cemerlang yang terlalu banyak.

Tak payah beli, saja ada tempurung yang sukarela membuka untuk menerima, isi-isi yang berkualiti baik akan diberi dengan percuma juga!


Khun Pana aka johanssm 21 July 2010 at 23:18  

The sad thing is that not every Malays are willing to face real reality or at least stop for a minute and think.
By merely claiming that it is their rights as it is written in the Constitution is certainly blocking their own minds and hinders their progress.
To make things worse , the Malay leaders themselves are busy securing their own power and positions without thinking for the rest of the ordinary Malays.
To them (malay leaders) is all about Malays and not Malaysians in their speeches. They just wants to stay forever and to garner blind support.
It doesn't help at all when Dr Mahathir is also playing the same tune.
It is very hard to be a good Malay Muslim in Malaysia isn't? Especially those from umno and perkasa.

Greenbottle 22 July 2010 at 08:56  

dato sak has been wwriting about the plight of umno & the malays for so long that i wonder if he can tell us what is an ideal malay archytype according to his mind?

i suppose the closest to him would be khairy jamaludin?

KJ is bright, suave, business savvy, highly articulated, confident, motivated, liberal in outlook , very ambitious and as a bonus very handsome.

KJ is a model product of UMNO unlike the majority of other umno products who are corrupt, greedy depend on crumbs thrown out by umno and worthless.

but is KJ the kind of malay that we want? for me personally god help the malays if this is the kind of person that we want the malays to be...

my kind of ideal malay archytype would be a composite of khalid samad + husam musa + nizar jamaludin + nik aziz + karpal singh...

note, i do not include even one umno person in my ideal malay archytype or PKR people.

an ideal malay must have a sense of justice, fear of god (truly islamic), idealistic, free from racism + all the other good attributes that KJ has (minus his negative attributes).

and i guess UMNO will NEVER ever be able to producce this ideal malay archytype simply because UMNO is inherently faulty and has been so long at the top that they are too corrupt and screwed beyond redemption.

the way i think is the only way to save the malays is for us to KILL umno and all malays unite under PAS and like the pheonix perhaps we may rise again from the ashes....

schenker78 22 July 2010 at 09:09  


maybe you should read this....

Anonymous,  22 July 2010 at 11:19  

Macam mana nak ubah mindset atau mentality or whatever u want to call it? Those buggers yang dato nak "overhaul" tu currently practising a winning formula.Untuk mereka , why change a winning formula? Yelah, u sit at home and shake your legs and yet u still make tons of money by practically doing nothing kecuali jual nama u aje.Mana lah those buggers nak pikir about anak bangsa or pahala dosa?
Its a bloddy waste of time.rather than whinning about it.Take action lah.Action speaks louder than words.

4godsake,  22 July 2010 at 12:16  

Hi Greenbottle (is it meant for 7up or Sintao beer from China)?

Ha! Joke aside and lets come back to your ideal...... kind of ideal malay archytype would be a composite of khalid samad + husam musa + nizar jamaludin + nik aziz + karpal singh.../-

And this is classic concoction of a character of an avatar quality, the perfect Malayness not only Greenbottle wishes to change its 7up content for this spinach juice, the whole Nation is yearning for it too to roll out from the mint right now!

Whilst taking unpredicted time to wait for such perfect substitute to the scummy Umno-ist Tom and Harry like of people, corruptible to the core, can we set our Nation to a pause mode and hold it on until it's reboot?!

The answer is definitely a big NO!

You see, the American military department has already invented their laser beam weapon which is powerful and lethal enough to shoot down an auto piloted air plane, we are still here at best good at brandishing a rust eroded kris, decrepit amid all the yappy morons! This already bad enough a a scenario and killing for the national image and advancement, to pause it will be a real disaster we better prepare to rub shoulder with the archaic and collapsing Greek!

Looks like whether it will be offensive, as my suggestion sounds, to the venerable Dato or the gullible Umnoputras, i must also tell my heart words---

"Wait no more, we have been waiting for half a century or more, can we still wait?"

How many 50 years do we all own kicking in this promised land?!

So to say, Change the seriously flawed playing cards now to a dice is seemed to be a Hobson's Choice for every patriotic nationals of our beloved Nation!

Be it a cannibalized avatar Greenbottle has just gracefully found as a composite of ideals we must also use it as a dice to throw out to gauge our fate!

No more procrastination please, brothers & sisters!

PH Chin 22 July 2010 at 12:45  


Perhaps the gentleman is talking more about the UMNO Malays of today instead of the Malays in general.

I've great respect for Malays like Tok Guru, Zaid Ibrahim, Khalid Samad, Nizar Jamaludin, Husam, Bakri Musa and many more friends.

And respect is earned, not given.

So there's hope yet for the Malays if the current UMNO leaders are replaced by people like you and KJ.

walla 22 July 2010 at 13:00  

If you will let me say without disruption, I think what the Malay gentleman has written is candid. He is saying there is a problem with the Malay mindset which makes it less progressive.

But i would like to add that problems are actually verbs, not nouns, journeys, not destinations.

Having said that, what i lament is this tendency NOT to see a problem as a problem but to see it colored through some lens.

In other societies, the lens may be of a different poly-color. But in ours, it has consistently been about the 4R's of race, religion, rights and royalty.

But i ask myself are these the things that global reality is concerned with?

Take rights. Let's say i have a right to this or that. But how do you actualize and sustain a right? Politically, someone replies. Ok, let's say that's the way. When someone is thus politically given sustenance of a right, what happens next? He or she is given cash or kind, someone else suggests. Kind to include opportunities. Good, now where does the cash or kind come from, i ask curiously?

So far, the cash or kind has come from the ground and from the taxes. The government, any government, is here just an intermediary to collect and dispense the cash or kind.

What we have learned is that a lot of the cash or kind that's from the ground is about to finish. Oil by next year, and gas in five years time.

Since so many of our IPPs run their reactors on oil and gas, it means in five years time, our electricity bill will go through the roof. When electricity is very costly, so too everything else. Even the powering of the computer by which you are reading this needs electricity. Maybe it's all for the best after all, since you won't then have to read my @#$%!# posts.

All this means that unless the people can make more money within the next five years in order to increase tax payments to compensate for the falling-off from mining revenues, we will be heading for the stone age using candles.

Now, how are the people to make more money? That will have to come from a more pro-business government and, for want of a better phrase, a more innovative and inspiring ecosystem (;P).

So far, who has been laying the foundations of that humdinger thing in this country?

People who treat achievements as verbs and not nouns, unlike those others who choose to compare it race to race so as to find an excuse to be evasive and defensive in order not to change their mindset in order to keep their spoils.

Note that i said spoils and not rights.

But does it matter from the angle of global reality, you reckon?

walla 22 July 2010 at 13:01  


Therefore, is the antidote to the problem of the 4R's to be the 3R's of reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic?

That's just the basics of the basics, mein fraulein fuhrer.

In today's world, basics are not enough. You need IEQ. That's intelligence integrated with emotion. No point having intelligence separated from emotion where intelligence may see a problem as a problem but emotion will see the same problem as linked to some other emotion.

But IEQ itself is also not enough because people with the right intelligence and the the wrong emotion can do more damage than people with the wrong intelligence and the right emotion.

We need fairness.

The mental landscape of this, well, land, has been missing that quality of fairness in the IEQ equation for too long.

Anthropologists may tell us that only human beings can be fair, although we know we also belong to the animal kingdom. All other species cannot subscribe to the notion of fairness. It's not in their vocabulary. It's only in our homo sapiens lexicon. Somehow or other centuries of tussling have made supreme we should be fair to one another in order to continue coexisting.

What is fair when we put on the 4R lens? It is 'give me a chance because i have been born in need'.

That sounds fair and it sounds fair because in each of our hearts, there is another thing. Let's call it humanity.

But if a government gives one a chance because he or she has been born in need, shouldn't fairness be also exercised for others who are also born?

But they are not born in need, someone expostulates. Really? Answered with a real conscience?

Now why is all this a problem? Because if we have IEFQ, and that includes the fairness quotient, then we will also have gratitude independent of the 4R's. We will be grateful to those who make it possible for us to enjoy our 'rights'.

But this has never been shown before. In fact, we can trawl the deepest waters of our muddied ponds for even one instance when gratitude has been voiced and acknowledged to those who have helped made it possible for so many to say 'a friend in need is a friend indeed'.

The question is - why?

So can we blame so many for so many years to ask that IEFGQ be short

and just call it, at irish-speed, FQ?

Anonymous,  22 July 2010 at 16:30  

viola! you created a brouhaha with these latest articles, and really gratifying is the quality of the comments received. You have invited proactive participation from a wide spectrum, some from regulars and from some who somehow wished to stay on the sidelines, but nevertheless felt they must throw in their opinion. The politicians in their ivory towers, in their high and mighty positions have to better sit up and quake because there are Malaysians who care and care greatly. If I have got this right, as the saying goes, they can fool all the people some of the time, but they cannot fool all the people all the time.
We can go round and round the mulberry bush, the people have to realise the fate of the country is in their own hands, not the politicians. Time to act, bro!


Anonymous,  22 July 2010 at 17:12  

Walla,you said,|"what i lament is this tendency NOT to see a problem as a problem ..."

No, the problem is the REFUSAL to see it as a problem.

They DO see the problem,but REFUSE to accept it as a problem.

They are NOT stupid not to see the problem.

What Dato Sak has been trying to do is to get them TO SEE the problem. Commendable but it is barking at the wrong tree.

The issues and solutions for addressing those who REFUSE to see a problem and that of those who CANNOT see the problem are very different.

schenker78 22 July 2010 at 18:03  

pekerja buruh indonesia lebih mahir dari org melayu , kenapa.....harus ingat jangan anggap semua orang indon miskin dan x berpelajaran....

yang dtg cari kerja kt malaysia org2 miskin, terlalu ramai penduduk di Indonesia...middle class indoneisa kalau lawan orang melayu kt malaysia, memang kalan orang melayu sini...

kenapa begitu??

UMNO telah malas-kan org melayu, asyik bagi tongkat, majoriti melayu sudah x tau berdikari...

tgk pada skill orang indonesia....boleh bina bangunan tinggi2, ada kemahiran masonry, kerja besi, etc....kalau panggil orang melayu buat tahu bikin ker???

msia dapatlah stadium badak runtuh, ceiling runtuh, crack MRR2...saya percaya orang Indonesia kat sana pun memandang rendah kat org melayu sini pasal majoriti malas dan xde skill dan suka alibaba, kaki enjoy dan dangdut....orang indonesia rajin, sebab itu boleh maju x kira mana mereka berada.......

orang filipina sama dengan malaysia...dalam filipina pun gov rasuah kuat, sebab tu majoriti yg ada skill lari kerja luar negara dan htr wang balik....sama seperti malaysia...tanya je brp puluh ribu org melayu kerja overseas....saya tahu sebab saya kerja overseas jugak...

Anonymous,  22 July 2010 at 18:08  

I just finished reading a malaysiakini article about the KSU head honcho saying that no action will taken against the SDO guy who whacked the CM ,calling him "biadap" among others.The KSu in fact is saying that the SDO is innocent of any crime.Hehehehe.Very fUnny lah dato.
Lagu mana nak tukar mental landscapes dato if still in a state of denial macam kes di atas?
Lebih baik concentrate dengan landscape projects and tenders aje lah.

Anonymous,  22 July 2010 at 18:26  

Assalamulaikum Dato Sak,

You seem to hit a major vein in writing... and I somehow feel that the old man may be you in a parallel universe?

I was reading eeka's comment on Malays having no avenue into business.

My question is - apa lagi yang awak nak? Govt dah bagi macam macam - bagi modal, bagi share, bagi kedai, bagi itu, bagi ini - tak jugak pandai pandai meniaga. At the last count, RM 52 Billion.

That's the consequence of getting things handed on a silver platter to you. Everything comes easily, so there's no real need to survive in real world.

The one that you see senang lenang sekarang, masa dia susah merempat, modal tak cukup bank tak nak kasi loan, gaji pekerja tak dapat bayar orang tak nampak. Yang tau nampak masa kedai dah besar, pelanggan dah banyak. And inevitably they are Chinese.

Business is hard work. Very hard. Cari benda nak jual, dapat tempat sewa, hire orang, cari supplier, modal, untung etc etc. Tengah masa nak start, modal tak cukup, competition banyak, harga naik etc.

And whoever that does it better than everyone else wins.

Tak percaya? See the AP system. How many Malays get it? Did the Chinese car dealers die? They just find ways to overcome it. Need bumi requirements to do certain business? No problem, they work with it - or around it.

When you have it easy, you never know how to compete. How to work hard. How to build capabilities. How to strategize.

Yet, anyone - regardless of race that solve the problem and do better than their competition will make it. No other way - unless you are with UMNO.

If you want to complaint - itu susah, ini susah - think about it. Nak makan pun susah bang. Kena cari nasi, berjalan ambik lauk, lepas tu kenas suap, kunyah kunyah sampai 40 x, telan... Lepas tu kenyang pulak...susah nak berjalan...

Yes - just bloody excuse.

Kalau takder jatidiri, nak bersaing memang takut. Tak konfiden. Nak berdebat dengan rasional pun tak tau nak bawak point apa.

Sudahnya menjerit jerit - Melayu..melayu..melayu

Tell me - if you are a non Malay that achieve things on your own without govt help, you arent upset?

I have a feeling also that you, eeka, are several people. My guess is someone from within the ruling party. Faced with facts, you cant argue. You cant debate.

So you throw tantrums like a child. Wake up - you have no idea what competition is.

Melayu Baru

Anonymous,  22 July 2010 at 21:08  

Halo bro. Melayu Baru, i just came back from a round of jogging, so exhausted, as you put it, nak jalan pun susah, more so when i jogged with an empty stomach!

Switched on my laptop, i read the way you ajak the kindergarten eekaa, my little room suddenly burst with plume of laughters! That's right, exactly that's the way you should ajak a whining good and mischievous kid that way!

He got a buffalo cheek to first throw his wet tower on our Dato Sak. and then came back like a crying owl asking for a lecture based on the ad nausea silly utterance viz.

...."Any way, its all up to you as a Malay to "safeguard" or to nurture the Malay interest, and to write the same in that manner..." the way Dato, when you in the moderation process have read the above, how did you feel?!
Puke the whole desk?....

Thanks Melayu Baru of giving me the answer! The up-tightness which revealed thru your simmering articulation of English + Malay mix top notch lecture likened a grandpapa was teaching his grandson how not to behave like a spoilt kid, my Bravo with the highest pitch to you!

And look at this --

"The better the Malay livelihood is, the better the whole Malay community ..."

I really pity Dato and wonder how he survived his ? terms of YBship in his past constituency?

If this eekaa is one who could represent the many nincompoops who belong to the family of Umno heritage and i am cock sure they would have approached Dato in his pusat perkhidmatan or in his division throwing him the same humbugs!

I can count from far how many bags of vomited bloods had Dato already stashed in his private fridge for giving donation to the blood bank.....!

When this eekaa saw people driving big Mertz and of course Chinese driven, he was sleeping under the thick bushy Havana tree and kept grumbling Chinese were stealing his Havana cigar, lavishly puffed away like heaven!

Dang! What a sickening baby who would cry whole night long until the neighbours sludge him shits!

Again..What has this trash -...

"The better the Malay livelihood is, the better the whole Malay community will be..." do with Dato when his eekaa's kingpins are supposedly to be concerned of instead he's teaching Dato how to behave like a Malay hero!

Why not then he seek recourse from his fat daddy Ibrahim Ali?!

eekaa, your stupidity has really irked me awesome and please lah do yourself a favour by not simply spew diarrhoea in a place you don't suitably associate to!

As for your 'state of the art' most gullible question of how you could do business when all have been monopolised, Melayu Baru has given you enough counselling. Still need some more advice?

Ok, mine is - You better go back to the kampung and plant padi lah 'cos you would only cause more indebtedness to all of us the tax-payers by defaulting the SME loans or what ever you may possibly con it out from somewhere!

Sorry to say, you have not that kind of calibre to match even the char koay teow ah pek in no way!


'Cos you haven't learn enough from Dato Sakmongkol!

Stop crying please, baby!

eekaa 22 July 2010 at 23:03  


I can only answer the Malayu Baru via my blog, its too long for him to understand the real world.

Anonymous,  23 July 2010 at 10:20  

My advice to Anonymous 22 July 2010 21:08

No point in debating with eekaa.

You cannot never win an argument with recalcitrance and stupidity.\

It is like asking the deaf to listen to listen to your point of argument.

Don't waste your time. People like eekaa are best left alone in their little Malay world.To people like eekaa,nothing exists outside the shores of Malaysia and the only people who matter to him are Malays.

To eekaa,Malaysia cannot survive without Malays. Only Malays matters in Malaysia.

Don't waste your time...move on...people like eekaa are the very cause of the poor reflection of the greatness of the Malay culture and heritage.

In the political climate of today, distinguish clearly between an UMNO-Malay and the ordinary pak ciks and mak ciks whose politics is to find ways to make a decent living each morning they wake up.

Anonymous,  23 July 2010 at 10:26  

For people like eekaa, their world view is constricted by the politics of Umno of the last 50 years and they just cannot come out of it.For many UMNO Malays who have mutated into the likes of Ibrahim Ali,their constricted world view,ie the world owes the Malays a living, has been hard wired in their brains.No amount of enlightened education or intellectual discourse can change that.

Without generational mutation, it is impossible to bring people like eekaa into the 21st century, a century that depends a major paradigm shift in cultural attitudes of the Malays so as to compete for economic survival with the rest of the world, let alone to compete against fellow non Malay Malaysians.

Anonymous,  23 July 2010 at 13:29  


I think you are the one who do not understand the real world. If with NEP you complain susah to do business, what about the rest of us non-Melayus without any privilege but obstacles everywhere ?

schenker78 23 July 2010 at 15:01  

Presiden Pas Abdul Hadi Awang berkata, orang Melayu tidak lagi harus dipimpin oleh Umno, sebaliknya oleh PAS kerana semua kaum di Malaysia menerima orang Melayu adalah teras politik.

Beliau juga berkata, sudah tiba masanya untuk Umno-BN berehat dan bercuti daripada memimpin negara untuk membina partunya dan membentuk dirinya semula.

“Sebagaimana yang berlaku dalam demokrasi negara lain, dia boleh kembali berkuasa selepas diperbaiki dan kita boleh buat silap kalau kita memerintah,” katanya.

Hadi juga berkata, sepatutnya rakyat yang benar-benar demokratik akan memberi peluang kepada parti lain untuk memerintah.

“Mereka lihat dulu dalam masa lima tahun dan selepas itu mereka boleh membuat muhasabah terhadap semua parti termasuk Umno-BN, bukan kita sahaja,” katanya lagi.

Anonymous,  23 July 2010 at 16:18  

U guys can never change yoirmindset, if that what all of you want to do, good luck.

Anonymous,  26 July 2010 at 17:26  

To Anaon 13:29,

Like to comment.

Since Anon is allowed, here is my comment.

What about the rest of Non Melayus.

Sorry lah Non Melayu, I think you lie lah,

I see majority Non Melayus chauffeur driven by Melayu, and smiling only,homecomings to big bungalows, what so difficult?.

U guys have the social capital advantage over the Melayu. Built by your clans during the nincompoop British rules and still using it to demoralize the local until today.

Only some of your clans go to national schools, the most of you to Chinese schools, and when elected as a member of dewan, utterly speak the word "awak duduk" as "awak dodok". It was lucky you guys didn't say "awak dodek".

Your generation has been here many years, still cannot speak Malay like Indonesian Chinese speak Malay. How could we like this sort of thing?

So how, can we trust this sort of thing. Sorry lah, no more of this thing in this country we have got enough. Hidup Perkasa.

Anonymous,  18 August 2010 at 00:57  

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