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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 19 July 2010

The changing mental landscape of Malays?-2

The government says they are doing all these. What I can see it is all talk and no action. I sometimes cannot comprehends the reasoning and logics given by judges, including those sitting in the highest court. DS Najib has been talking non-stop of everything that can bring good to the country. But I didn't see any result, as if he forget everything he said once he finished talking. Our DPM has a brain more like a 17-year olds. And I didn't hear anything worth listening from the UMNO vice-presidents, and what more senior ministers, especially Rais Yatim.  When I think of the country's future I feel hopeless. I don't think UMNO, under the present leadership, can lead the country forward. I hope your writings will be more forceful and cover wider subjects especially on reinventing the Malay minds.


We now move on to a another portion from the Malay gentleman's note.

I hope I am wrong in treating the Malay gentleman's thinking as being representative of the typical Malay man. I would have thought, the things that matter most in the mind  of the Malay man and all Malaysians is economic development. That's the first function and most important at that of the government.
In what kind of environment is economic development and advances best achieved? This basic question needed to be looked at carefully. Recently, in the monthly or weekly assembly the PM has with civil servants, he spoke of creating an ecosystem where the best talent emerges. I suppose by that he means the culture- set of beliefs, social precepts, principles by which the best among peers will emerge to lead the nation. Such a proposal is laudable.
How do we achieve that in an environment where we know, the talent level among our civil servants is wanting in many aspects? Our bureaucratic lethargy perhaps is slightly better than the infamous Indian bureaucracy. We share the same default position-taking as far as revolutionary and unconventional ideas are concerned. Our default position to new ideas is to say no. No to this project. No to that proposal. But eventually the proposals we first submitted resurface by a new proposer under a new package.
So, I would guess that the default position when our PM is talking about an ecosystem that promotes excellence and a culture that allows emergence of talent is- Go And Fly Kite. We hear recently of widespread stoppage of directives from politicians when powerful KSU's demand written instructions from politicians before they will even commit any work. Because the powerful fraternity of KSUs still remember when one of their own, Dr. Abdul Aziz was done in by Anwar Musa. So it's now retribution time. So I am skeptical when the PM speaks about that ecosystem, as to whether his exhortations went down well.
Let's build that ecosystem in UMNO politics first. Create that culture where the talented can prosper. The fastest way to lose public confidence is to contradict ourselves . if we have this basic stand of wanting to create such an ecosystem, let's set that ecosystem in UMNO politics.
Our system as it is now, is that of a privileged society based on the privilege of property( read wealthy) and rank( read lineage). Desiring the ecosystem which the PM wants, requires the cessation and giving up of a privileged society based on the privilege of property and rank FOR a society where men are rewarded according to their ability and contribution to society.
The universal principle borne out in history is that only when men are encouraged to give their best will society progress. So the ecosystem which the PM mentioned must incorporate the principle of creating a culture that makes it worth for a man to give his best. That can only occur when the principle that a man is justly rewarded in accordance to his ability ,diligence and determination is put in place or willed in place. In an ecosystem where the lazy and the incompetent were rewarded as much as the industrious and the intelligent,, we will end with an ecosystem where the abler will hold back so as not to work harder than their under-performing brethren.
Next, the leadership.


Anonymous,  19 July 2010 at 21:30  

what la you, talk rubbish like a standard one pupil.

sakmongkol AK47 19 July 2010 at 21:34  


pls write not like a standard one pupil then. bring it on

Anonymous,  19 July 2010 at 21:46  

Assalamualaikum Dear Dato' Sak,

I read the old man's letter, and I can tell you that I agree with his observation.

I am a Malay, age 40. My parents used to live in squatter house in KL. I am also among the lucky few who were sent to study abroad, courtesy of the DEB and BN government. In a way, I am indebted to the governments' policy, for my father who worked as a petrol pump attendant would never be able to send me to local university - what more halfway around the world.

Life abroad open your mind in many ways. There, I encounter sons and daughters of famous politicians and chief ministers. They are there also courtesy of government scholarship.

As long as they are qualified, lets send all the bumiputras abroad. Herein lies the problem - they arent qualified. They became spoilt brats - famous for throwing parties and having too much fun. One became alcoholics. Many were trapped in new found freedom. Many descended into a state of decadence.

After my return to Malaysia, I didnt care about politics. I have many friends in politics - all from UMNO - and seeing how they conduct their lives make me sick. Money is almost not a problem in the roaring 90s. Thousands will be spent in one night, and there are many of those nights.Why was it spent that way? It came too easy, via many ways. Still, Im not interested in politics.

In my 30s, I got promoted to higher positions in MNC - and started to deal with many politicians. There, one incident crystallize UMNO in my mind forever. It was an awakening, that made me realize what UMNO is.

This politician and I were discussing about general state of Malays - power grab, money politics, enriching the clans and supporters.

He said these to me - "Kau nak tau tak? Kalau UMNO terus dengan style macam ni, nanti satu hari semua melayu jahanam"

I looked at him. I cant believe its coming from him. This person is a ketua bahagian. And I ask him "But Dato', why are you in this yourself?"

And he said this "Eh! Esok kalau Melayu dah jahanam, anak bini aku nak makan apa?"

There. The word that was told to me many years ago - still clear in my mind. What do you see today is even worse. There's no more honor among thieves - but free for all. There's no clear leadership. And the word of the man may be true.

The fight for power and wealth has made UMNO a stage IV cancer patients. Now, the remedy to this is clear - you know it, they know it, and every Malaysians know it. But that remedy will kill the patient.

And that's why I said that voice of conscience like you will always be like Cassandra. you know the future. You tell it to the masses - and no one believes you.

May your effort be rewarded, but I doubt that UMNO in its current shape and form will take the medicine. The mess has become too big to correct. I have since distrust UMNO - as many of my friends in the same age.

Oh yes - as parting note. The friends abroad? They are now ADUNs in an east coast state involved in a long standing feud with their CM.

Melayu Baru

Anonymous,  19 July 2010 at 22:02  

LOL... I could help laughing until my tummy ached on your opening paragraph.

Yes that is right. What you mention about the proposals resurfacing . It is not rare but very common. If you are a nobody and want to propose a good proposal that helps the country... rest assured it gets no where but somehow resurface under a different name.

Enjoy your writing a lot..

Red Alfa 19 July 2010 at 22:07  

Salam Dato'

On the PM use of the term "ecosystem", blogger M. Bakri Musa suggested PM should have used "environment" or "culture" instead. Given that it was typically 'jib-e-rish' anyway as was suggested perhaps we might have to be less critical as to what he had actually meant?

Even in the lesser context such as creating the "environment" and the needing to develop the "culture", it would be just that much of his mountain to move. That is his record to date!

He is known to read a lot, only now we guess just to pick up the buzzwords so as "to talk" but it's really just beyond him "to walk any talk"

It's really will not be him or this UMNO/Government that will work on your or any good idea of a solution.

But please don't stop. Next the leadership. Yesss!!

Soon-to-be Government listen up!

Anonymous,  19 July 2010 at 22:07  


we know why you say this article like standard one pupil. YOU have the mind of a standard one. LOL

xyz generation,  19 July 2010 at 22:11  

Malays should treat politician like their servant, not their master.
Be it PKR, PAS or UMNO.

If they perform, that's what they are paid for.
If they don't, just fire them.
Simple as that.

After all, it's their choice to serve us.

so, change your mental landscape.
We're in the new millennium.

4godsake,  19 July 2010 at 22:32  


It seems that our PM has got too many fancy ideas - 1-Malaysia lah, high income nation lah, now ecosystem pula!

When having idea is good sign because all actions begin from idea and idea to planning, then only action.

The problem here is, before one action has been taken off for the very 1st idea, the second and third and fourth would ratchet in like a urinal bowl to contain 4 'shotguns' at a time! How to do work like that?

Before 1-Malaysia thingy to put on ground and test run for its efficiency, and before the high income nation rhetoric proves its viability, this ecosystem certainly is another soprano typical to a Najib brand! Talk cock no action!

Of course we would hope that our honourable PM will prove himself as a proactive and visionary leader by looking farther beyond the former master's looked only till the East policy!

But not too far, until looking through the galaxy, it become hypnotically hallucinated and ultimately falls into a daydream!

Imagine, our Great Malaysia Titanic is helmed by a Captain who likes daydream, would he one day dream of he can drive the Titanic up the tree!

Just like Chinaman used to say - "His words can listen, the female pig can also climb the tree"!


yb,  19 July 2010 at 23:04  

UMNO is a party that is allergic to healthier transformation.

Absolute power has corrupted UMNO and these voracious untouchables are enjoying unlimited privileges to their hearts content in their heavily protected environment.

The word change is a taboo in UMNO. Mention the word change and they will get all uptight, jittery and panicky. Their mind is diffident and they cannot comprehend challenges.

When you apply pressure they will set into defensive mode and sulk or resort to abuse and threaten.

Being fools in UMNO and employing fools is both exceptionally rewarding.

Who needs an inquisitive intelligent mind when an ignorant fool is easier to manage and to control?


Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 01:15  


Bukankah UMNO yang membolehkan ramai towkay cina & india jadi kaya raya? IPP pun hampir 100% dicontrol oleh towkay cina dan gomen bayar berbilion2 untuk jaga mereka ini.

Jadi kini kenapa pula UMNO dok gila meroyan bercakap pasai perpaduan dan takut nanti Melayu hilang kuasa?

Orang2 Melayu dah hilang kuasa lama dah.....

Apa yang berlaku sekarang ini UMNO tu yang khuatir akan hilang kuasa dan saya rasa memang padan muka.

UMNO dulu ditubuh untuk bantu orang Melayu,tapi bila pemimpin UMNO ini nampak peluang bermacam2,
mereka lupa perjuangan asalnya.

Yang patut ubah itu adalah mentaliti pemimpin UMNO termasuk Najib dan Mahyuddin. Selagi ini tak dibuat lebih cepat UMNO menghadapi maut.


ahli UMNO,umur 65 tahun.

umar,  20 July 2010 at 01:39  

Do you decently think that UMNO can reform ?
My experience : I worked in JKR for 20 years. Resigned, opened my own construction firm doing all and sundry. I tendered for a project in Putrajaya.
Company A tendered 3.0 M
Company B tendered 2.5 M
My company quoted 2.0 M
I have worked on supervising on site for years in JKR. I know i can still profit by tendering 2.0 M

The project was awarded to Com A. On a sunday, they called me to Putrajaya. The Pengarah told me to do the job for 2.0 M although Com A has got the job officially. I was asked to be the sub-con. I have to come up with Bank guarantees and start the work with my own capital. Upon completion ,I have to collect my money from Com A.This com was not willing to put any upfront money. I did not take up the job. WE all knew COM A belongs to DG and crony.
So much for open tender or negotiated tender. Who is going to pocket this 1.0 M ? Sorry man, u can write about UMNO,PM, DPM for all your life and dream about rebranding or reform ! Malay leadership today is rotten to the core. We are being conned and robbed by Malay leaders . Melayu sudah hilang jati diri !

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 07:55  

There is a believe that among Malay that meritocracy should be preached among Malays without removal of the NEP. The problem with that believe is that the presumption is wrong.

Its wrong because NEP is not a true affirmative action program. A true affirmative action program do not use qoutas - instead it uses targets and handicaps. All results are transparent with all its flaws opened for all to see. From the start, using of targets and handicaps was publicly and administratively unpleasant, the politicians sold the idea of qoutas that were untransparent.

Take tender for example. A tender could be opened to all but a bumi tender could have been given a small price advantage over non-bumis to enable him compete. That would have brought out the best and real bumi entreprenuer. However, because it was politically more expedient and advantageous to the privilleged to use qoutas, such methods were dismissed.

Regardless, its too late in the game to even just do handicaps and targets now. The Malay problem now is that the gap between the privilleged and the rest is too wide. Even a more meritocratic system such as handicaps and targets among Malay will not spread the benefit wide enough. A more dynamic system is required and that means open competition to all. A system that is constantly bringing new opportunities that the priviillged Malays or non-Malays do not have an unfair advantage is required. That means moving up the education curve, up the skills and technology curve and creating new activities where its fair to all.

walla 20 July 2010 at 09:41  

The Malay gentleman said the government is all talk and no action. Actually it's the Barisan government which has been all talk and the Pakatan government which has been all action.

Take governance practices. No one can deny that the FOI statute that will be presented by the Selangor state government ranks as one of the most important governance measures in the entire history of this country. It will open up the books for the rakyat to see. If this is not walking the talk about transparency and accountability, what is?

That Khalid has invited the opposition, namely Barisan, to head the PAC of his administration is another masterstroke to show Pakatan has nothing to hide.

That Toyo could not return the compliment but gave an evasive response shows he and his ilk have things they don't want the rakyat to know.

Perhaps it has to do with sand mining, for example. Something going round the circuit this week goes like this: illegal sand mining has been going on since Toyo's time as Selangor MB; one day his office found out that there was a company with a legal license to do something but it was also illegally mining sand on the sideline. One of his staff was sent to accost the company director, demanding on the spot a cash sum of rm700,000 to look the other way - otherwise the business permit would be canceled. Pleading they didn't have that much cash around, the amount was finally pared down. The activities continued.

So when we see Toyo at the sand pit pointing at this and that, was he pointing at himself, subconsciously perhaps? Would sums such as this, obtained by abuse of position, what more outright blackmail palled by official hypocrisy, count as Umno wardlordism? Is this, in fact, the type of actions that Najib and the Umno supreme council can count as the ecosystem of this country?

Let me give you another example. Let's talk about race since it's such a favorite subject of some. One day a chinese man was robbed by a Malay man He went to the police station and narrated the event to the Malay policeman. The policeman asked him, 'are you sure you were robbed by a Malay man, and not a dark Chinese man?' The victim who was old and illiterate insisted he was robbed by a Malay man. So the Malay policeman helped him to write the report. It said the Chinese man was robbed by an Indian robber.

This is how the real ecosystem of this country has degraded.

walla 20 July 2010 at 09:41  


Which brings us to the request to build Wisma Wanita's. It might be a good idea in the long run but there are some niggling questions, like:

- who are you to ask the Mof in public?
- why the focus on buildings?
- is there already a program for women, especially their rights as human beings?
- will the rights contradict some of the religious laws?
- who are to staff those wismas and who will be paying their salaries?
- what are the kpi's for the program?
- have you also thought about using the rakan muda buildings and Umno branch mansions which are currently underutilized?
- do you know the exact financial standing of the nation, such data being available from the minister of finance I?
- what's your take on the demographic trend of more women graduates coming out than men graduates and its impact on the future of society in Malaysia?

Perhaps the gay of Bukit Bendera and his circus can help provide some of the answers.

Yet we can see the challenges which Najib faces. He has to go forward. Time is the essence. But he has a legacy problem. Too many have been cocooned from global reality they can even change history to protect their origin. It is a process of trying to defend the indefensible. It is as if being brutish and loud are their last line of defense against reality. Look at the way they argue things. The method has never been about looking at the problems as they stand, without recourse to racial overtones. And when their arguments fail, they jump to make ad hominem attacks and cast ridiculous slurs.

If for instance i suggest that the batik industry can be primed more to help the Malay heartland, it is because i think that's the fastest way to help them today. Not ten years down the line. But some people think that's a slur on capabilities. Well, fine, design that volkswagen hybrid engine, now.

What is depressing is that even some of the overseas-trained, like from LSE, Malay minds, have some sort of embedded chauvinism whenever there is honest criticism of the way the Malays are carrying themselves, even when the criticism has been constructive. This is extremely sad because they are part of the future of this country.

There are a lot of other things one can ponder about mental landscapes but i am starting to think it's a waste of time. I don't care very much to argue with people anymore. With investments tapering off, funds running out, debts ballooning every second, crazy ideas still being put up, spendings like wildfire, corruption uncontested (, jokers jumping around, how, man?

Just a few other points. Some are saying the DAP is anti-Malay. How come they have Malay office-bearers, and where exactly have they been anti-Malay? Two, LGE has shown that the Malays don't lose out when open tenders were practiced; the Malay subcontractors in Penang won most of them by open competition. Three, if the Suqiu had to apologize in public, why not Perkasa? Four,...what for, sak?!

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 09:48  

Dato Sak,

The PM should change the UMNO and BN "ecosystem" before expounding such values to the civil service. Otherwise he is like the father crab teaching his young to walk straight.

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 10:34  

I attended a dinner. One of the speakers said that in some circles, the K.P.I has become a four-letter word. Work that out!


schenker78 20 July 2010 at 11:31  

eekaa, please write more than 1 sentence so that we can know for sure you have passed SPM and argue with Sak better.... you actually writen like a UPSR standard....

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 12:33  

Walla..go & have a deeper understanding of the batik industry before u try to formulate ur grand plan.Visit and many others already changing the Batik landscape.Thus,walla your suggestions is as valid as any by the BN govt.

And yes..there are many Malays able to design hybrid engines..thats never an issue.Question is whether it is viable to do that.

The problem with walla is his mindset is compartmentalised i.e. reverse racialism.Its the old adage.."ambil ni 20 sen..pi main jauh2.." of the Malays.

Don't get side tracked please.Issue is not about "racialism" but about the the BN policy that encourages polarisation as a means of control..and it's success is clearly demonstrated by the infiltration into cerebral walla's mindset.

Now..forget the racial lines and get to the root of the issue.

Just bear in mind this little fable >> a man came home early cos he suspects the wife..and on reaching home saw a man running away in a hurry.So he threw a fridge at that guy..thinking thats the culprit.
So hubby is happy on justice done.
An innocent had broken bones..whilst the real culprit was in that fridge..unscathed.

So walla lets forget racial lines..we're all humans (thats someone's tagline here kan?)

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 12:56  

Parts 1, 2 and 3 very well written, also very interesting responses, fairly and openly (except for the standard one letter!).

Dato, bring on more such thought provoking articles.
Alas though, you and most readers write their hearts out, in despair and yet with hope that things will evolve for the better, the greatest tragedy is that our the leaders and their ilk do not listen but go on their merry ways.

kind regards,

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 14:50  


If you notice, there are more stories coming out from Malays about their own ordeals dealing with UMNO leaders.

The crux of the matter is that non-Malays are not allowed to comment on issues concerning Malays. Just look at the accusations of racism level at the non-Malays at the slightest suggestion that merit, open tender and transparency be the criteria awarding of scholarships, projects and in general, government contracts.

This is one problem you Malays will have to solve yourselves. Gather your enlightened brothers and go on your crusade. For if you fail, the dark forces will decimate your race.
Good luck.

walla 20 July 2010 at 15:33  

anon 12.33

i've no idea what you're trying to say.

perhaps ellese, quiet despair and some anons around will understand you better?

4godsake,  20 July 2010 at 18:51  

Dear Dato,

My hat up to you!

In Umno, should they have owned a few more of the sakmongkol like you instead of those sucks who would like to look east and behave like the Japs Samurai the same poseur!

When they brandished the antique kris in lieu of the samurai sword, they said that's only symbolic of fostering unity which is in tandem with their culture, and a tradition of hundredth years! Not an instigation, nor a threat at all!

Went down to the pasar and asked the butcher, they would have laughed like a horse and they did response in such a tone of mild - bring it on! Try my butcher's chop knife!

Of course that's a joke the hoi-polloi in the pasar used to response with great fun of seeing the krismuddin and the like ibrahim ali were on a show of charade.. Amusing!

They should indeed learn from you Dato, when the kindergarten eekaa was throwing disrespect on you, sort of you have got a slap on the left cheek! Instead of having the AK47 cocked up, you gave him the kindergarten eekaa your right cheek! Yet in such a friendly manner, you wished that he could just bring it on. Classic!

This is the virtue and tolerance that is very lack of in the big castle of Umno! We see more lunatic fringe than such an humble and urbane character short of like you, Dato!...

Keep it up. You will make a difference, in UmNO!

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 18:52  

We are all in the same boat..whatever is the color of your skin.

The politicians is merely using the "racial divide" as a tool to stake their claim to power.

So,walla,no preconceived limits nor perception on racial lines.Given the opportunity we can achieve our potential.

Let's have a level playing field...and I do mean a really level playing field.

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 20:49  

Anonymous@20 July 2010 18:52,

R u serious?

‘Let's have a level playing field...and I do mean a really level playing field.’

There will be 1st bailed out for the elites using the public’s money, then diminishing numbers of ’top scorers’ in all school exams, follow by crying of helps by FLCE classF contractors, follow by the classic amok showcase due to intense living pressure, then…..etc etc…(pls do continue at yr own pace...)

Look & sound familiar?

Or u r born yesterday for NOT knowing so! Typical type3 naïve ignoramus!

Let’s be REAL frank about the state of things about the cocooners – u need time to catch up & time is not on yr side while u keep dreaming yr tongkat dreams. In that dream u THINK of latest & newest inventions & yet forget about what u r really GOOD at!

U dont seem to realiase that in the natural scheme - u learn to walk before y run.

Ye – u r ready to design hybrid engine! – 1st have u resolved the bloody auto-winding window of the mamak’s pet love? Or has it NOT been resolved yet after 20+ yrs. 2nd what happened to the group of hand-pickeds, who worked with the Sauber team to come up with a new engine? Petronas has spended tons of OUR money to GET them trained under experts, what hacve they done in paying back? Nothing I’m afraid! Even Proton snared it in favour of that crappy campro engine from nowhere.

Incidentally Petronas had also invested quite a substantial amount of money to design/manufactured top-end motorbike. What happen to those bikes? The last report said they r sitting in a garage somewhere in UK waiting to be eaten away by rust! Sound so familiar with the way u guys works – where so much money, time & efforts r been invested & yet like usual zilch is the outcome.

So yr hybrid engine might need to run on hot air – that’s yr hot air!
So pls do wish upon the star & see whether u can fly! OK?

Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 21:24  


Bukankah UMNO yang membolehkan ramai towkay cina & india jadi kaya raya? IPP pun hampir 100% dicontrol oleh towkay cina dan gomen bayar berbilion2 untuk jaga mereka ini.


Itu betul juga, akan tetapi, tanpa towkay Cina dan India ini untuk membuat kerja, mana croni Umno ini nak dapat kontrek ?. Kalau ada knotrek tetapi tak dapat menyiapkan kerja mampuslah.

Jadi apa yang berlaku sebenarnya, towkay Cina dan India ini, membolihkan croni Umno jadi kaya sebenarnya - tanpa kerja lah.

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