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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

MCA- the rope is more expensive than the ape


The MCA is asking the government to allocate RM 1 billion for Chinese schools. These are the SRJK(C)s. This request was made by the MCa Health Minister. Necessary he says to re-capture Chinese votes for BN.
MCA must have thought, this amount is chicken feed compared to the millions and billions lost through leakages- overpriced purchases, corruption, government businesses gone bust. The other reason MCA ask this amount to buy Chinese votes is because, the MCA knows this is THE way Najib solves his problem.
Pay here and pay there. Allegiance is no longer secured through ideals, force of convictions, ideas, shared goals. Malaysian politics has degenerated into a system where the highest bidders get their objectives., what did Najib do in Hulu Selangor to get the fleeting Chinese votes? by promising to give millions to Chinese schools. The MCA noted this. What did he promise in Sibu- lu tolong gua, gua tolong lu.
That is an image, the PM must shed quickly. It's not the way a government does its business-paying its way and opening itself to political blackmails. UMNO doesn't need this kind of partner in BN any longer. Cut our losses and cast MCA adrift. Let's be pragmatic. MCA can't deliver Chinese votes through beliefs and force of conviction. They can only do by paying their way through. If allegiance is secured only through paying money, BN can go direct to the Chinese. Bypass MCA and appeal direct to the Chinese.
My ketua cawangan can do the same thing MCA wants to do. Pay his way through.
Let's have nothing to do with the MCA anymore . let's see whether they can go alone without having to partner UMNO. Can they get far without Malay support? Perhaps dislodging ourselves from MCA is the only way to knock some senses into MCA. All this while, UMNO is made to believe that we need MCA more than MCA needs UMNO.
The language spoken by MCA is not the language of a Malaysia envisioned by Najib. The Malaysia Najib envisions has the promise of a nation founded on the rule of law, meritocracy, good governance, corruption free, transparency. Don't be cynical- I said has the promise. As long as they are people within UMNO and other political parties subscribing to this ideal, that is all that is required to keep the flame alive.
The next step is to find allies and supporters who share the same ideals. Within UMNO elevate those who share these ideals. Reject all those who work against these ideals., within BN components, reject those who are fair weather friends only.
Cultivate political parties who share similar ideals. I have written in passing about the prospects to cultivate DAP politicians who have more in common to build a Malaysia envisioned by the PM. Perhaps it's time to engage the DAP.
What does DAP fight for? Good governance, transparency, fairness, justice and so on so forth. UMNO isn't allergic to all these provided the right people are in place. These are objectives desired by all in Malaysia. UMNO must show it is committed to these objectives.
Its time UMNO sees the bigger picture. Cultivating DAP and not MCA is part of the bigger picture of placing Malaysia on the right footing. If UMNO is a party in disrepute, it needs the countervailing influences of saner voices not urgings from those who nourish further degeneration like the MCA.
What is the bigger picture? The bigger picture is that of a society which embraces new values- good governance, transparency, containable corruption, rule of law. It's a society empowered by technology- people acquire information and knowledge. They form higher ideals, higher expectations. In such a society, UMNO's fate does not depend on what MCA,MIC or any other component dictate, but what the people now want. Those who align with what the bigger society wants will continue to be relevant.
So for UMNO it is a question of wanting to be relevant indefinitely. So it must factor what the bigger picture wants- not what the MCA or MIC or other component parties want. UMNO must lead not be led and dictated by parties like MCA. If MCA opposes the bigger picture and is impervious to factoring in new realities, reject them.


Quiet Despair,  14 July 2010 at 08:51  

Almighty Allah, My beloved Najib is trapped by his own doing.
Throwing money here and there just to win by-elections.
Few thouands to Chinese schools in Hulu Selangor, Another sum for Miri Chinese school.
Dapat apa? Habukpun tarak.
Where did this lead to? Chinese want more, more.
He should know better about MCA.
Beri betis nak paha.
Give the billions, they take gladly but will not translate into votes. No siree.
Money speaks la especially when money is your God.
MCA tunjuk taring sekarang sebab Najib nampak lemah. Kowtow kepada segala kemahuannya.
Turun syarat scholarship dari 10A kepada 9A untuk membahagiakan MCA.
Just let go the leash on the wild monkey to its place - the jungle. Or else it will bite the master.
Go fly kite MCA.
Sak, PAS and UMNO are making overtures for unity talks.
Good news.
Umno needs a new partner.

P.S. Whoa sama topic dengan Aspan. Bincang sama ek?

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 09:28  

Agree with much of what you say. But here is the problem:

If you throw out MCA, the end of BN is near - its a fundamental shift to right. You go head to head with PAS and you have to win it. UMNO/BN cannot win enough vote versus PAS to win. It must join with PAS to win and the only way it can join with PAS is for the core of UMNO leadership and essentially the party to surrender to PAS which they will not do.

If UMNO is going to throw out MCA, the entire UMNO/BN Cabinet might as well resign and hand over the PM to Hadi Awang. It will never happen.

schenker78 14 July 2010 at 09:33  

PAS will never again join a corrupt party. How could a party that attack UMNO as kafir can join them in marriage. PAS will be split in 2/3...Haji Hadi is not as sumb as you might think.

Be rest assured Tok Guru Nik Aziz will live longer than mahathir and deliver the final blow to najib and his 40 thieves.

Why would PAS joins a party which Najib accused of sleeping with Altantuya with his UTK C4 blow up, gets millions of Sukhoi and submarine commission which the French police investigating this week, Najib's son fondling mat salleh girls in US and drinking alcohol and who knows what else....UMNO is party taik...beyond repair....Need UMNO baru 2013....

Quiet Despair,

If you are married, pray that you get baby girls....they will be more Rajin and study harder and achieve better result and jobs unlike Malay men who are generally malas....thats true in Kelantan....

Only Malas malay men ask for tongkat sakti....People like you, Mahathir and Ibrahim Ali....

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 09:47  

Najib is confused and completely brain washed on this "racial" issue.

Lets look at scholarships>>based on meritocracy,he decides all 9A+ students will be given scholarships.

WRONG MOVE..and nothing racial.

MERITOCRACY cannot be judged by one single attribute.The idea is to pick the best candidates based on a basket of attributes.

And if only achievement in a public exam is the criteria..woe to our future.

The country would have failed to give scholarships and thus curtail the opportunity of some greats (who are not so good in exams) including PM Najib himself (assuming he's a real kampung boy),DPM etc etc..

Najib got so confused by the Chinese pressure group and without much analysis defined meritocracy as 9A+.
Its really embarrassing for the country to have the PM espouse such low depth thot processes.

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 09:49  

Myb the rope is the other way round behind the scenes?Too many shared secrets...

flyer168 14 July 2010 at 09:55  


Madey was a Firm Leader who made timely & firm decisions...

Dollah had KJ & his boys to make most decisions...

Jibby is a "Walking Zombie" facing all the "Implosions" around him including from his "Boss" & his "Advisers"...

Self Inflicted "Nightmares" haunting him night & how?

You be the judge...

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 09:56  

Dear Dato Sak,

Allow me to repost what I have said in Aspan's blog in BM.

Saya org cina, rakyat Malaysia. Saya tidak suruh MCA mewakili saya, MCA juga tidak mewakili keluarga dan kawan2 saya. Saya juga tidak mahu MCA menjadi wakil saya atau "berjuang" untuk saya sebab saya tak mahu diwakili oleh lanun, perompak, penipu dan kawan2 sekutunya.

Saya percaya maju atau mundurnya saya ditentukan oleh usaha saya sendiri dan bukannya kerana ada UMNO/MCA/MIC buat kerja2 untuk saya.

Siapa kerajaan, dialah yang bertanggungjawab atas pendidikan, perubatan, keselamatan dsb untuk rakyat. Bukan kerana dia BN atau PR. Siapa yang mengkianati tanggungjawab ini, dia harus dihukum, ditukar dan bukannya diterima buta2 sahaja.

Harap maklum, kalau orang UMNO nak naik minyak, tolong "mengamuk" hanya kepada orang MCA dan bukan orang2 lain yang cintakan kesejahteraan dan keamanan.

Ini tulisan ikhlas dan saya harap saudara juga berikan pandangan dan cadangan yang bertanggungjawab serta untuk kebaikan MALAYSIA dan bukannya hanya untuk BN.

Basically it sum up how i will vote and i do thank you for aspiring what is right for our country vs. the party most of the time.

Thank you and have a nice day Sir.

Cawan Lama

walla 14 July 2010 at 09:56  

'For UMNO it is a question of wanting to be relevant indefinitely. So it must factor what the bigger picture wants. If UMNO is a party in disrepute, it needs the countervailing influences of saner voices, not urgings from those which nourish further degeneration.'

- the heart of the whole matter.

An entire generation of Malays have been fed on mahathirian diet to think the world owes them a living and the right to dictate terms to other immigrants.

In Umno they found a vehicle to legislate that thinking into standard fare and then defend it by fiat of force, not rationale or reality.

But within a bigger picture, that generation of Malays is just one generation out of a procession of many generations to come.

How are these later generations to survive, thrive and coexist with the others if those implacable and unsustainable demands are continued just because that one generation still thinks they can elbow their way around global reality and bring back their version of the "good old times"?

The big picture enunciated here is if Umno cannot change itself, then it needs external forces to help prop its way to making internal changes. And that, by the method of checks-and-balances, the one method that Malay rightwingers and pathological sinophobes have denuded in their rush to play the zero-sum game.

But let us also consider if what the MCA has asked by way of a billion ringgit allocation for Chinese schools rankles so much that Umno should berpakat with DAP instead, what will Umno do if DAP also asks the same?

To answer this question, one must look even beyond the big picture at what is a constant. A picture has no identity without a frame. What is the frame before Malaysia today that is a constant?

The frame is global reality. The frame is economic relevance. The frame is investments. Without better economic performance, this country will grind to a halt. Then everything, from Umno to Barisan, from allocations to King and country, will go down the drain.

We are not that big or special to go tell the world it should accommodate the innermost wishes of a community some of whose members just belong to one generation fed free beyond its earning capability at the expense of others.

The problem with many Malay detractors is the same problem that too many of the community has been having - their inability to see ahead and their lack of confidence to build honest living.

What is ahead if we continue on the same warpath of trying to defend Malay this and that when it does not hold water anymore in politics, what more economics?

walla 14 July 2010 at 09:56  


If we ask Perkasa, Utusan, even the Mahathir and Mukhriz groupings in this blog, they will have no answer. Because if they have the answer, they would already have gone ahead with their solution.

What is ahead is for us all to frame the question properly - how to make Malaysia honestly successful?

The blogger has already given the elements of that. Everyone reading it cannot possibly disagree with them if they want to remain rational and reasonable. It's democratic choice.

That some chose otherwise would also explain the increasing tide of desperation in some of the comments that have been trying to revive the ketuanan emotion all over again. Such as Umno has been generous in not closing the chinese schools when it was holding majority seats. But in doing so, have they conveniently ignored the fact that they are using the same constitution that props their temporary power which same instrument also protects the right to mother-tongue education of the others? How does one go around such an irksome 'oversight' by our utopian forefathers?

It is a crying shame to harbor such untactical thoughts because now the two-party system will be even more entrenched in order to prevent a two-third majority from forming under Barisan - so that Umno cannot change the constitution to wield power to close chinese and tamil schools.

We have debated vernacular education matters before. Something about integration and unity. In a nutshell of the conclusion, people have asked is it really integration that is intended or assimilation in reality to a malaynified setting which has not showed a single instance of (a) good academic standards, and (b) global relevance?

What is the global reality today? Over a hundred years ago thousands of chinese workers were indentured as slaves to build the californian railroad. Only recently were their bones unearthed in some plot of land in California. Today China has sold, even helped finance, lock stock and barrel a worldlclass highspeed train system to that same state, touted the US' premier science state. What goes around comes around.

Closer home at least twelve percent of our export trade is to China. They don't speak our language. If we want to do business with them, we have to talk to them in Mandarin, the medium of instruction in our chinese schools. Singapore knew that and reversed its language policy immediately. Are we going to shoot ourselves in the foot economically by trying to ignore the demands of global reality just so to make a few Malays feel more comfortable just because they can't change their own mindsets? Can they contribute that twelve percent on their own to our national trade figures and coffers? Maybe they can tell Sime to shaft its palm oil exports to China because there are bigger issues on hand, namely the survival of the Malay race but only in the form and shape as defined by their group because all other definitions of what should be Malay interests and cause are illegal?

Global reality or testicular fortitude. Make your democratic choice. Umno, and some, need to wake up.

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 09:56  


Why are you so hard on MCA. You cannot blame MCA for asking for RM1 billion. After all they are only following the PM's lead. They obviously believed that giving out money to buy votes is the PM's 1Malaysia concept. The government coffers have plenty of money to give out as long as malaysians vote the PM's choice of candidates into office.

Malaysia will never run out of money because there will be plenty of inflated high price projects to feed and drive the local economy into a wild frenzy exceeding the government's forecasted growth numbers. Yes, I am very optimistic about malaysia's future under the current BN leadership.

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 10:25  

You know something? Part of this 1 billion will leak into MCA's kitty and the leaders' pockets.
The Chinese today cannot be bought. They are just fed up of the BN government. They want fairness, good governance, transparency and justice.
Don't insult the Chinese, MCA?
Sibu Chinese showed their middle finger to Najib. Has he no shame?

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 10:31  

Never will DAP work with an immoral and racist UMNO.
Why should DAP give this dying party a life line?
UMNO is beyond redemption! Let it die.

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 10:57  

Dato Sak,

You write as if UMNO is the angel and all the component BN parties are the devils. Lets be truthful and call a spade a spade...UMNO and all the BN component parties are from the same devil's bloodline, thus they are all the devil's reincarnate.

Do you really think UMNO will change for the better? Don't you think that UMNO should set a good example for all the component parties and opposition parties to emulate? What's the point of UMNO discarding all the useless component parties such as MCA, MIC, PPP, Gerakan, etc and UMNO itself is delusional it can form a pact with DAP and PAS for a corrupt free and good governance government?

Action speaks louder than words. UMNO has to change and show proof it has changed for the better before trying to teach others they are the example to be emulated. Try by eliminating the corrupt and rent seeking mindset from your fellow UMNO members first before embarking on the rest of the journey to a true 1Malaysia.

d'enricher 14 July 2010 at 11:00  


The best part about anything is, you ask, there is a 50% chance you will get, so since most of the time, "tak bagi pun dapat offer", might as well ask, the chances are even better.

Anyway, your comments on DAP to me, admits the fact that what they offer is something worth thinking off. Now more and more Malaysian wants a government that they think are working for them (us the rakyat) not for their own pocket.

As mention by "Cawan Lama", I would like to agree.

Anyway, a question that need to consider today by all. is the government today seriously wants the BEST for the Rakyat?

I don't think so???


Quiet Despair,  14 July 2010 at 11:40  


You are a DAP cadre right? Fine.
I have moved on.
I dont reply to vengeful, nit-pickers.
But I just wanna tell you I was a Colombo Plan scholar.
And now because of the education I got and working hard, I don't want government hand-outs.
I have a boy and a girl- One I send to Oxford and the other to an IVy league school in the States. All with my own money.
They qualify for JPA or other numerous scholarhips on offer here. But we dont want to be greedy and take it, like some who take the Malay quota because of jealousy or kiasu.
Stop being so bitter. Your race is now numero uno under Najib.
You can have all. No problem.
We look forward to being under DAP.

To all friends here

Sorry for sounding takbur and boastful.
I am replying to Schenker78 and one or two in earlier postings who think Malays are second-best and never deserve a scholarsip.
The point I was making then, there are many Malays who send their kids to Cambridge, Oxford or Eaton with their own money.
Not because we fear competition like they accused.

It is shameful if we can afford it to take scholarships just because we want to fight with the other races.
Now we are laughing who are the real beggars when they so proudly call themselves superior and belitteling the Malays and all the government apparatus.
Terbalik hantu kera, is the Malay expression for one who swallow their own spit.
We look forward to you working in small government office and as doctors in rural areas.
Can? 80pc will not come back. The girls will marry Mat Sallehs and take citizrnship there.
But it's okay, our Government love free-loaders.

Quiet Despair,  14 July 2010 at 11:43  

Cawan Lama

You are like many of my Chinese friends whom I love.
Luckily I don't have a friend like Schenker78.
Please see my reply to you in Aspan's blog.

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 11:54  


To throw out MCA or not ? That's the question.

If UMNO does, BN will be damned.

If UMNO don't, BN will be destroyed.

Apparently UMNO is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Quiet Despair,  14 July 2010 at 12:14  


So true.

CSL: Datuk, 10As my people still cannot get one. Takutla, parents making big noise in the papers.
Najib: Still cannot get ah. Why?
CSL: Dowan la this well-rounded thing. They like to study only. Dowan to play sports. Many fail in oral interviewla. Don't know anything on current affairs. Cannot talk properly one. Just memorise text books.
Najib: But you all got money what. Go tuition from Standard One. Go Chinese school some more. Very expensive education. All good in Maths and English.
CSL: Kasianla. How I want to explain. They all at MCA HQs want more. Vry angry onela, dey all. But dowan local lah. Musr go England or Australia.
Najib: Okaylah. No need sports okay. I lower the bar to 9As. Dont worry la. All can get. If still not chet get, call me okay.


Hello Datuk Seri, Samy Vellu here.
Samy: Ayoyo Datuk, Hindraf olready Send memo to Agung at Istana Negara.
Your faultla Datuk, ask you to help, you help very little.
Now Indians think hindraf only helping them.
Najib: Cool Samy. I already direct JPA to give all with 9As.
Samy: Thank You Datuk. I will make sure Indians vote for you.

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 13:15  

" Within UMNO elevate those who share these ideals "
I hope Najib read this, the writer is being polite.

Alfred E Neumann

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 13:24  

Quiet Despair said..

Colombo Plan scholar, ye? What a bloody waste.

There r 4 type of people inhabit this world.

Type 1 - educated & thus intelligent. Most of all act with honour. A rare species!

Type 2 - ignoramus not by choice but by circumstance. But still act with honour. Common among ALL human.

Type 3 - ignoramus through & through & thus act without honour. They make the world goes round.

Type 4 - educated & yet act without honour. The education is a total lost! A scum that's!

So which type u belong to? I'll give u a 4 for been free-loading under the disguise of NEP & then continue be one without uplifting yr kindred through TRUE & HONEST effort!

I wonder what example u set for yr children despite them being to institutes of higher learning.

Afterall George Bush Jr is also an IVY league product.

schenker78 14 July 2010 at 13:42  

me DAP,

i never even join any political party, i always on the fence.

you are a big fool. I voted PAS for 2008...

Its good as you paid for your kids education in UK with your money. Looks like even you are not confident with UM and other Univ in msia...

I am proud to say i studied in USM, I entered thru merit not thru any BN party....

I dont weaken Malaysian ringgit by buying pounds to study in Oxford like your kids. Any way congrats as your kids looks bright and ask them to work there, better prospect.

Unlike Najib and Rosma who spends taxpayer monet, i worked overseas with Malaysian and other foreign companies and bring in foreign exchange into malaysia with my salary.......

I contribute more than those who spend government money like Najib, UMNO and other assholes....

Since your family member studying in Oxford, just dont turn out to be like the other Beruk Oxford, Khairy jamaluddin....

I dont have any streotype on you. But you generalize people in the Opposition like what Awang Selamat, Ridhuan Tee Celup, rais yatim, Utusan Malaysia and other nonsense idiots write ...stop your bloody UMNO s the same with Hitler propaganda.....

rexuan 14 July 2010 at 14:10  

"MCA- the rope is more expensive than the ape"

what a title. simple yet it summed everything that you want to convey in your article. like it very much. but if u were to put it in malay, it'll sound even better.

"MCA - tali yg lebih mahal dari beruk"


Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 15:06  

Yes. MCA can go fly kite. UNMO should do something game changing. I like your idea of UMNO working with DAP. Forget about MCA - the Malaysian Crook Association.

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 15:14  

We are indeed a STUPID country getting more stupid by the day..

So far>>

9 A+ auto scholarhips Vs 1Sport1Student

Now we got 1State 1Theme Park by MCA lady.This is about the dumbest suggestion and will open floodgates for justification to travel round the world on study tours.

This MCA lady is dumb n making us dumber.Whilst the MAIN DRIVER of tourism potential i.e the web is not improved (cos no budget)..she goes gallivanting round the world.

Please improve out TOURISM website..make it INFORMATIVE with UPDATED data.AND PLEASE NO PHOTO OF PM & 1st LADY & other dignitaries.Visitors to Malaysia wants travel info not political PR .
FOCUS,FOCUS,FOCUS..ask an Irish guy to say that very2 quicklt >>thats wat BN is doing to us.

Wat else?

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 16:08  

Quite Despair, salah nama. You are not quite at all. But why despair. Do something about it like dato here. If rich non-Malays get government scholarships, they must be cronies of your good friends. Who approves them in the first place ? Tanya Ghani Patail kenapa dia tak bayar balik pinjaman. Dia tak mampu ke ? Ada ramai lagi kawan-kawan engkau yang begitu juga. Tanyalah MARA kenapa tak ada duit bagi pinjaman lagi. Orang yang tinggal di rumah kaca tidak boleh baling batu.

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 16:15  

Quite Despair.

End of the day pergi complaint dengan Najib lah. Bising2 di sini tak ada guna. Najib lah yang buat keputusan muktamat kan ? Don't bark up the wrong tree.

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 16:51  

Datuk and all,

To some extent, I agree with Najib. Malays will only realised when they're losing and that's exactly what Najib is doing.

Do you remember how Tun M cried for his failure to make Malay more competent? Najib knew Malays WILL NEVER CHANGE if we help them more.

So, if MCA wants 1 billion? I'll say, yes.

If DAP do not want Negara Islam and PAS agreed, yeah that's better.

If some chauvinist here who has loads of money (because of divide and rule policy 50 years ago) but still cry foul to get scholarships, yes, let them be.

We WANT to make Malays dissatisfied about all the things, so that we can have their support later in PRU13.

I say, we have to see the big picture Datuk Sak. Biarkan tali lebih mahal dari beruknya.


Biarkan DAP perintah Malaysia sekali je, supaya orang yang sedang bermimpi tu sedar.

Cuma kalau sedarnya terlambat.. maaflah.

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 23:38  

Is it true that during the first sodomy saga , when the malay vote was split, the slyfoxes took advantage of the situation to demand certain things among which was the meritocracy practice in selecting univercity undergraduates?
Are they trying to pull the same stunt again?

Anonymous,  15 July 2010 at 17:31  

Oi Quiet Dispair, please lah. MCA don't represent me. MCA is just like UMNO & the rest of the BN parties - all greedy bast**ds. You want to hantam MCA than hantam MCA but don't just generalise all Chinese. I just want a Government which is honest, transparent and works in the interest of the country. You are nothing but an uncouth racist if you keep on wholesale blaming the Chinese for your problems.

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