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Sakmongkol ak 47

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

UMNO and its low culture


It's better for UMNO to have a siege mentality. If it feels it is hemmed from all corners by enemies, it will be on its toes. Otherwise it's in denial syndrome believing in its own hype. One of the more recent hype that even the UMNO president is guilty of, is believing some states are its fixed deposits. Fixed deposits give constant returns. Business with risks give possible bigger returns. Nowadays, constant returns are just not good anymore. Your nominal value is eroded by inflation.
Johor is regarded as UMNO's FD. It was here that UMNO was officially launched at the Istana Besar in May 1946. Johor has therefore been regarded as a traditional UMNO bastion.
That will soon change by virtue of demographic changes. As a general rule whenever Chinese form 60% of the voting population, UMNO/BN tends to lose. As long as the opposition party under the PR stable secures 80% of the Chinese votes and just 30% of non Chinese votes, they can win. Suppose there are 60 ,000 Chinese voters and 40, 000 Malay voters. With 80% of Chinese votes, the opposition gets 48,000 Chinese votes and just 30% non Chinese votes they get 12,000. In total they will get 60,000 votes and that's 60% of total votes. sufficient to defeat the UMNO/BN juggernaut.
So before we go on treating Johor as an UMNO citadel, just take a look at how many constituencies have 60% Chinese voters. Then tell yourself, whether this state is FD for us?
Many UMNO leaders in Johor aren't as enthusiastic as the UMNO president in seeing Johor as a FD state. Because they see all around, many voting areas are showing the above numbers. The recent appointment of Chua Jui Meng as PKR Johor Chief signifies the confidence of the Opposition parties in making serious inroads into Johor. What if 5 more state seats were to fall into opposition hands and a number of parliamentary seats are taken over by opposition?
The more disturbing undercurrent is many UMNO people are not sure if the UMNO president is doing the right things for UMNO and this country. The over talking of the 1 Malaysia concept, the pandering to Chinese demands- these are 'inflationary' pressures that erode the value of your nominal deposits. The RM 1 you deposited 5 years ago is worth now 60sen? Translation: Even UMNO's support is not a sure bet any longer.
The UMNO people are starting to believe more in MUhyidin. He doesn't alienate the Malay heartland. We have to face it- the UMNO heartland still subscribed to what sociologists called the low culture- the people's basic beliefs and values. Muhyidin is addressing the low culture when talking in combative tones. He talks about the basic beliefs and basic things closest to the Malays. He is more believable then compared to UMNO president who talks about some nebulous ideas. The UMNO president risks alienating the Malay heartland, notwithstanding his rhetoric on FDs and the invincibility of UMNO's struggle.
Muhyidin Is not all liked by Johor UMNO but he appears to be the better horse to bet. Better than the ' ow' ' ow' minister of Home affairs- likeable but not up to the job.


Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 17:48  

It seems you believe its better for Muhiyiddin to take over. You are wrong. It will only hasten the end of BN, the decline of this country and UMNO with it.

The man simple do not have the modern skills to lead a modern nation. That is the bottom line. Look at his followers - they are all political animals not trained technocrats. You can't run a country with those skills.

sakmongkol AK47 14 July 2010 at 17:57  

anon 17:48
dont be nervous. i am stating the facts as i observed. you forget i am also UMNO.

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 17:59  

This article is giving us a mythical impression that it's from the horse mouth of ex-PM TDM!

And Muhyddin has been seen as the god son of that old doyen and hence the trusted proxy!

Should Dato Ariff also concurs with the feudalistic thinking that by giving in to the demands of reverting to the constitutions from the warped antiquated policies is a sort of 'pandering' from umno to the Chinese, then sorry Dato, I have to say that one such character is still seriously being intoxicated by the opium of Mahathirism and that he's still deep into the 'Cold Turkey Angst' which only a specialist can heal!

After so many decades had past, haven't an intellectual Dato has seen enough social-economical ills which undeniably descended from the warped policies that originated from the sickening 'elixir' vaunted and touted by the franchiser of that intoxicant (Mahathrism) pusher?!

Should Dato still think that the Nation could have become better by continuing to serve such vicious concoction on the rakyat, I am convinced that Umno is going to be a bygone case!

A day of reckoning will fall due on GE 13th forthcoming!

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 18:29  

Dato Sak

Najib is the PRIME MINISTER OF MALAYSIA. If he wants to be President of UMNO, he should let somebody else be Prime Minister.

He is to govern country. There is no article that the President of UMNO must be the Prime Minister.

UMNO must realise that governing the country for all is different from governing to the concerns of the Malays.

Obama does not govern for those who voted Democrat.

He is the President for ALL Americans.

UMNO supporters and members should come out of the kampung mentality... that when their President and Deputy President becomes PM and DPM, they govern the WHOLE NATIONS, not the narrow parochial and racially biased section of the Malaysian population.

The 21st century world of today will not wait for a Malaysia that has the dominant political party running it in retrogressive mode, a throw-back of pre-information revolution period.

sad Malaysian,  14 July 2010 at 19:48  

Yes even Sakmongkol will follow the leader like the cow Mooohidin irrespective of whether he is right or wrong irrespective of whether what he represents is good for the nation or not as long as he gets the support of the Malay. Looks like it will take another century before politics in Malaysia matures.

Quiet Despair,  14 July 2010 at 21:44  

Sra Sak

Najib and Muhyiddin are right in Johor being UMNO's FD.
The other states I am sure of still retaining BN rule are Sarawak, Pahang, Melaka and Perlis. BN will get back Selangor.
You must remember Najib is half Johorean. Normally you are emotionally closer to your mum's side of the family.
Thus you forge stronger links with the state.
Pahang is a just a political link which is rather sterile.
Johorean Malays have the air of superiority about them.
Not parochialism like Kelantan.
More polish. More finesse sense of pride.
Ada kebangaan tentang diri mereka lebih modern tapi menjunjung agama dan adat. If you come from Muar like Najib's mum lagi rasa superior.
If you don't believe, ask the Muar Malays.
Most of the Johoreans have long and strong links with UMNO. They are not breaking away with the tradition. They all go back long ways.
Like in Pahang, most in Joor UMNO all have some sort of family ties or connections among them.
I think PKR knows this. That's why they put a Chinese to lead PKR there.
Chua Jui Meng will not be making headways. Not sure he will win his old seat .
But I will like to see him contesting against CSL's son in Bakri.
Then there is the Palace factor. Hard for non-UMNO to handle the Sultan.
More so Chua Jui Meng, now that he's declared persona non-grata.

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 21:54  

Dato Sak

You need to create a critical mass of a group of UMNO opinion makers including those who have the ropes to walk the corridors power in UMNO to take on those mentally retarded UMNO leaders now peddling their out-moded views about the fate of this country.

The fate of the Malays depends on the fate of this nation and NOT vice versa.

And the fate of this nation does NOT depend on UMNO. The fate of this nation depends on ALL races born and bred in the country.

It is time enlightened Malays like you (and you can't do it alone) to go out to the Malay heartland (rural and urban) to bring them out of the kampung mentality.

It is this kampung mentality that has been exploited by those mentally retarded UMNO leaders, like those in Perkasa and those who see the world ONLY through their racially-colored glasses.

kluangman 14 July 2010 at 21:56  

Sikap low profile Muhyiddin sekadar untuk melihat UMNO yang sudah lemah tidak menjadi semakin bercelaru dan bercerai berai tetapi itu tidak bermakna Muhyiddin tidak punya kekuatan dan kelantangan untuk bersuara dan bertindak jika UMNO dan Melayu dilihat sangat terbiar oleh Najib.

Anonymous,  14 July 2010 at 22:09  

Najib pandering to the Chinese? That's news to me.
Non-Malay Malaysians do not feel pandered one bit. In fact..they probably cling to the belief that somehow reason/equity and fairplay will prevail...although it is all rethoric now.

Yes..Muhiyiddin is certainly appealing to the ugly side of Malay Chauvisinism....but this is more opportunistic as he works towards strengthening his position within the UMNO hierachy.

One thing is certain. Malaysia is going through this period of change..and what's need here is not for people to put their head in the sand but to work openly and respectfully towards what's need for our nation.

Non-Malay Malaysians are happy to accept and some even strongly support affirmative action but it must be done not on the basis of race. Malay Malaysians form the bulk of those who are less well off and if non-race based affirmative policies benefit Malay Malaysians...u will find that all Malaysians have NO axe to grind.

BN Policies is a combination of pandering to BN Cronies (UMNO, MCA, MIC & Others) and maintaining the visibility of race as the defining factor in all their policies.

Chin Chai Lah ( who doesn't feel pandered at all !!)

PANJI HITAM 61 15 July 2010 at 00:01  

Awesome again, Dato.

I think Najib knows his days are numbered (he cannot even handle 1 RPK) and so be prepared with TSMY to take over.

Anyway, I have been studying MY since the day he asked PL to step down His response (he predicted Spain will win because Spain defeated his favourite team, Germany - great man thinks alike) on the World Cup Final winner confirmed that he is a decisive Leader unlike somebody who played safe (as always)by saying both teams were equally good and both deserve to be the Champ. WT Fairy.

Anonymous,  15 July 2010 at 01:32  


I am a new comer to your Blog have been spending hours to write you numerous comments for one simple reason - you are seen as not that stuck up - my instinct can tell.

When there's lack of opportunity for us the Malaysian brethren to sit and chat in the kopitium, the blogger-sphere is the best kopitium alfresco we can chat with open minds.

So come back to the issue of race politics, i am here to write you some messages which i believe reflect a general or common thinking of my other brethrens - the Malaysian Chinese.

I am rather reluctant to use two words to describe my identity when one word 'Malaysian' is more than enough to tell who I am!

Why make it so cumbersome when the Sing people can just proudly address themselves as 'Singaporean' in any part of the globe, down town or in the village?!

Of course, the curse automatically goes to the like of TDM and his cohorts Ibrahim Ali kind of racists and the myopic dwarfs! They are the ones who wittingly put the wedges in the cleave causing it a racial split!

Those pea brains who continue to call us by all names - the pendatang, the beggars or what not better be alert of, or unless that's they ask for it - the vengeance!

If that's blood they are thirsty for, we are prepared too! Let it shed like drain if circumstances warrant!

We need no 'pandering' but only dignity and our birth rights! We dun ask for more than what we deserve fair to the Federal Constitutions could rightly define! Any law is a covenant of mutual understandings and beyond that it's lopsided and warped!

It doesn't matter how big the majority in numbers and how loud the sound of moos, warped law cannot be straightened and be pierced onto us! There is a limit of tolerance and patience as the saying goes - 'even the worms will turn, the rabbits can bite' and please dun try, even with AK47!

Isn't it the world now is talking about - harmony, togetherness and peace?!

Why all the ballyhoos and mayhem like they are the uncivilized rogues!!!!

Anonymous,  15 July 2010 at 08:42

Feld & Sime Darby profits of 1200 & 3300 per hectare is disgraceful compared to IOI of 10,000/hect and Wilmar 33,000 per hectare.

Kick out all those running Felda & Sime Darby and bring in PLANTATION professionals to run the company.

Behind all the talk of turnarounds & transformation are WASTE & INEFFICIENCIES.Its all paper shuffling and rhetorical bullshit.

PM please take action NOW.Khazanah model does not work and destroying value.

Anonymous,  15 July 2010 at 08:42  

Lets put it this way. If MCA and MIC leaves BN, BN will only have 55% and likely less of the Parliamentary Seats. Meaning any number of groups within BN, and from several groups of post-Taib Sarawak, or groups in Sabah can threaten UMNO.

There is no way UMNO can govern least of all someone like Muhiyiddin.

Anonymous,  15 July 2010 at 09:54  

'Feld & Sime Darby profits of 1200 & 3300 per hectare is disgraceful compared to IOI of 10,000/hect and Wilmar 33,000 per hectare.'

Now here's the glaring example for appointing 2nd best & paper-pushers to manage companies in the name of NEP.

Pray tell WHO r the one that's suffering the low productivity yield & thus the profit!

The fat-cat management, who does plantation monitoring & planning by sitting in the aircon office?

Or the poor peneroka who works the lands under the hot sun?

Its even more ironic that the man who managed Felda is going to manage Sime!

Talk about management musical chair.

NEP die-hards - u r definitely been conned - BIG TIME by yr OWN kindred! & the show SHALL continue, Ha!

Quiet Despair,  15 July 2010 at 10:02  

Chio Chai lah and Anon 01.32

You don't like being pandered to. But you are being pandered to.
More's the pity since you dont want and dont appreciate it.
Najib is pampering you in the spirit of IMalaysia.
Ref: The JPA scholarships and funds for Chinese school among others.
It is deafening sometimes to hear Najib always refering to the Chinese in his speeches.
So Muhyiddin has to temper the feeling of some Malays who felt slighted.
Not that he is more ultra.
We too want too hear Najib think of us, though whispring sweet nothigs.
But we understand why Najib is doing this.
We have to molly-coddle the spoilt child a bit more rather than the obedient child.
And the family understands.
Anon 01.32, why the threat of fighting blood-by blood?
No Malays are blood-thirsty.
You are sounding like the Chinese Ibrahim Ali.
Donald Lim is also acting childish. Like a child who sees the other has a toy, he must also have one - a better and bigger one.
This politics of extremism will not benefit anyone.
Let's face the stark, cold reality that no party can govern alone.
BN's power sharing is still the best bet. If not why do the PKR emulate it.
MCA and MIC, though look upon as irrelevant is still regarded as old Quran.
Not thrown away, but put in a proper shelf.
MCA and MIC are like the proverbial ditelan mati mak, di luah mati bapa. Cannot do without them.
The MCA and MIC must be realistic not to demand too much.
In the seat distribution for the coming GE, they should be given seats where victory is assured.
Samy must not insist a seat be given to Palanivel just to validate his position as Deputy Minister.

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  15 July 2010 at 11:27  

Anon at 15 July 2010 01:32

Your’re so polite in uttering and writing those threats to the Malays…
“”Those pea brains who continue to call us by all names - the pendatang, the beggars or what not better be alert of, or unless that's they ask for it - the vengeance!
If that's blood they are thirsty for, we are prepared too! Let it shed like drain if circumstances warrant!
We need no 'pandering' but only dignity and our birth rights! We dun ask for more than what we deserve fair to the Federal Constitutions could rightly define! Any law is a covenant of mutual understandings and beyond that it's lopsided and warped!””

At the same time you talk about harmony….

“”Isn't it the world now is talking about - harmony, togetherness and peace?!””

Maybe you people do have that stereotype image of being “” rambut saja lurus tapi perangai berbelit’”….
The Malays might have slight majority in term population….,.but in real life..the Malays have to deal with..double of your population..because of your people two-faced personality.
You expect us to be the saint while you run around freely in this country like the devil..

PH Chin 15 July 2010 at 13:10  


There's a saying, 'Justice is in every human heart.'

When UMNO addresses the so-called low culture - the people's basic beliefs and values, it is all about justice.

Is UMNO synonymous with justice to the 'rakyat' of Malaysia ?

Anonymous,  15 July 2010 at 13:39  


We are not nervous. We are not the ones who have to fight for survival come the next GE for we are not the incumbents.
As you yourself have accepted that it is low culture, how are you going to help UMNO raise it to the next level ?
So, guess who will be losing sleep ?

Most Chinese don't want to be identified with MCA. Whatever they ask for, they keep for themselves. On the one hand you say Najib pander to the Chinese on the other hand, you say Najib should court DAP and dump MCA. Does UMNO need the Chinese or do they not ? Perhaps it is more pertinent to answer this question first before you talk about strategies.

Anonymous,  15 July 2010 at 18:27  

1>RM 4 billion OPEX for PM's office
2>RM 240 mil Tuna Fish Letter of Support by DPM
3>RM xxx billion Felda cash depletions
4>> Revelation that action against illegal sand mining in Sgor is a FEDERAL matter
5> Larger scale Sand thievery in Johor ongoing despite reported in the news & TDM's comments
6>TDM revelation on Khazanah's failed Tuna Venture with eqpt lying idle in Langkawi.
7>TDM's cautioning care for Khazanah's Aman Resorts investments
8> Bala's Paris interviews

Thats JUST the bad news THIS WEEK.
Whats the good news?

How can the country survive?

mahaza 16 July 2010 at 02:45  

Anon 18:27 said :

Thats JUST the bad news THIS WEEK.
Whats the good news?

How can the country survive?

Can.... we just cut the subsidies.... to cover the loses

Anonymous,  16 July 2010 at 07:05  

Dato, Dato. You UMNO people never will learn as your minds and soul are so egoistic because you have been in power for 50 years plus. I have nothing to offer to UMNO as long as they keep looting the country and collecting taxes and traffic compunds from the ignorant public under the name of 'development'. See you UMNO people keep on lying for your own survival.
Cut subsidies, collect traffic componds to fill up the govt treasury. Have you ever thought about the on going action by the govt through the PDRM to collect the so called '2 billion' in unpaid traffic compounds. These offences if at all commited, the least the police dept should do is to hunt down the offenders and issue them summonses to appear in courts to prove , yes PROVE THEIR INNOCENCE'. Then when efforts fail at the courts only then the govt can 'blacklist' the offenders vehicle. Now, its different altogether, the offenders are not given a chance to prove that they aren't guilty of the offence charged.
So much for your UMNO.
Coming back to your stand Dato, I think the UMNO leadership is not taking you seriously, otherwise they would have offered you some 'crumbs' so that you can start hitting the opposition.
So, Dato I urge you to write on humanitarian issues. The blacklisting of vehicles to force or should I say threaten the general public into submitting to the authorities on this issue is illegal. Please do something good for the public and stop being an unofficial advisor to the UMNO leadership.

Anonymous,  16 July 2010 at 09:29  

Quiet Despair & Are You Gonna Go My Way,

‘We have to molly-coddle the spoilt child a bit more rather than the obedient child.
And the family understands.’

Bloody hell – well said indeed.

But..BUT… who has been sweet-talking to those spoilt child for that past 40+ yrs of NEP tongkat, so much so that almost every NEP products now claimed to be standing on his/her own for their current ‘status’.

Ya, they r indeed walking over the bodies of their kindred whom they have tramped to go up in status!

Talk about membalas budi! U people really desecrate the GOOD name of Islam!

‘If that's blood they are thirsty for, we are prepared too! Let it shed like drain if circumstances warrant!
We need no 'pandering' but only dignity and our birth rights!’

Sound so familiar! When this type of music been repeated back to u, u start to act ‘wise’ if I can only ass-u-med.

Where r u when those umno ultras spelt this cry?

‘but in real life..the Malays have to deal with..double of your population..because of your people two-faced personality.’

So who r the two headed free-loading monsters that u people r championing in the name of Alif Ba Ta?

Let me paraphrase u - ‘You expect us to be the saint while you run around freely in this country like the devil..’

Bloody SHAMELESS, GREEDY free-loaders!

Anonymous,  16 July 2010 at 11:18  

Quite Despair,
you said ...
"But we understand why Najib is doing this.
We have to molly-coddle the spoilt child a bit more rather than the obedient child.
And the family understands."

Quite Despair,
Any parent will tell you "spare the rod, you will spoil the child"
Parenting is just not in your blood brother.

The only difficulty any parent would face is, when a parent cannot see, which child, he /she is spoiling...this act s called "favouritism ".

Ask any parent and they will agree. Consider this as a parenting tip for you.
You can thank me later.

Anonymous,  16 July 2010 at 11:32  

Anon 15 July 2010 01:32,
as a newcomer to the blog and spending numerous hours to write comments, you need to spend more time thinking what you write.
Don't let your emotions rule your mind.Writing critically doesn't involve threats or battle cry. That is how any responsible person should converse, intelligently and peacefully.Next time if you feel that your emotions are running high, don't comment yet until the next day. When you are calm and able to think rationally.

Anonymous,  16 July 2010 at 11:53  

Quite Despair,

Senang saja. Tell Najib not to pander to the Chineselah. Case selesai. Buat apalah susah2 bahas whether the Chinese are being pandered to or not. See if he listen to you. If he does not listen, appoint Muyhiddin as PM.

PH Chin 16 July 2010 at 12:30  


Sorry for digressing.

Here's an interesting article by Lim Teck Ghee.

How to scare away investors – the Perkasa Way.

Anonymous,  16 July 2010 at 13:09  


Tiba-tiba terlintas untuk menyamakan UMNO dengan kiambang. Saya cek website DBP dan berjumpa dengan 2 peribahasa ini.

Umpama kiambang di air, akar tidak jejak di bumi.
Tidak tetap pada suatu tempat.

Bak mandi di air kiambang, pelak lepas gatal pun datang.
Benda yang diperoleh, meskipun berguna, tetapi kemudian mendatangkan kesusahan.

pelak = panas, gerah.

Saya tak mahu ulas peribahasa2 ini tetapi saya tertanya-tanya sama ada Melayu yang ada dalam UMNO dewasa ini mampu memahaminya.

Kalau Dato' berkesempatan, cubalah bercakap dengan pendokong2 ProWaris.


Quiet Despair,  16 July 2010 at 13:44  

Anon 09.29, Dear favored one

Free loaders?? That's you all now. haha

Birh-right?? Yep. When you take other people's rights.

Threats of blood-shed? Duh. We are shivering in our pants.
Who is scared of the keris which is but a symbol.
Who is scared of the aborted Gertak rally on May 13?

Don't go chasing beutterflies, you racist one.

anon 11.18, baby

Dont be such a cry baby. If I have my way I will spank the spoilt child.
Give him up for adoption.

Now you all are gloating for getting JPA scholarship demands. Not a squeak of thanks.

For the past two days, bravely complaining in the MCA mouthpiece about JPA not giving jobs commensurate with their qualifications.

Does JPA owes you a living?
Good enough you got a good degree on government money.
Find your own way throug life.

A stupid one wrote he was unhappy because he was given a PTD job.

We have heard so many complaints you all have not been given government jobs.

And PTD is an elitist service which dictates our policy.
What more do you want?

Another clear propaganda to run down our government bureaucracy.

Why do you gladly take the scholarships when you dont intend to serve?

That person should get a job as desk clerk at Taman Negara, where he is in the company of tigers and elephants.

Dont know whether the animals will kill him or he kills the animals.

Anonymous,  16 July 2010 at 15:08  

Quiet Despair,

So play ad hominem ye!

I'm think better quote Art Harun to u - type4 Pejuangan bangsa.

'This is endemic among Malaysians who are quite obviously less endowed in the cranium, I must say. When one could not rebut what one's opponent is saying, one attacks the opponent. If no credible attack could be mounted, one calls for his or her resignation. Whatever for?'

If u r REALLY NOT up to the claim of been a free-loader, prove me wrong! Dont divert the question.

Frequent umrah will not resolve yr sins as u people so claimed. Remember no one wants to be pissed upon on his grave when the time come! Allah is all knowing, let's be VERY sure about that!

Anonymous,  16 July 2010 at 15:10  


Some of your readers seems to think that you are in support of Muhyideen. What you have shown in this piece is not whether you favoured Muhyideen, but rather that Muhyideen is capable of grabbing the OPPORTUNITY to exhibit Pragmatic Leadership Qualities as opposed to DS Najib....

Muhyideen has been and will always be an OPPORTUNIST. Being an OPPORTUNIST doesn't make one a Capable Leader..Look at Abdullah Badawi...He was an OPPORTUNIST pandering to Mahathir until he finally achieved his objective of being the hopelessly ineffective Prime Minsiter.

Based on the latest half baked decisions made by Muhyideen, its likely that the same will happen if he becomes PM.

Joe Black

Anonymous,  16 July 2010 at 15:34  

Quite Despair,
"spank it and give it up for adoption "...
Do you have the heart , bro, we are talking about the child being our flesh and blood ?
It's easier said than done.

JPA scholarship is offered to everyone, all Malaysians , paid by the taxpayers money. Is it necessary to say thank you ? It's a right and an entitlement for all Malaysians, all race, bro.
Why are you upset ? It's not like JPA is offered to non Malaysians .

Don't get upset, life is too short to get angry. Tomorrow we are here healthy and alive, tomorrow we may just die from an accident or our health might fail us.
Take it easy, bro.

Anonymous,  16 July 2010 at 16:45  


See what is happening with the politics of the country? you have some commenters saying that the govt is pandering to the Chinese. what? a few million here and there is now called pandering. Do we not deserve those monies? Better still why dont the gomen cut out the indians chinese and the lain lains all the way. Me, a chinese? I don't feel pandered at all. I took 20k of my family's money(mind you thats all they have after scrimping and saving for yonks) to UK and got myself ACCA. I now send monies back to Malaysia. In fact i feel i am pandering to the malays. why? i just bought a house next to a malay chap who got it cheaper by 7%.

Anonymous,  16 July 2010 at 17:30  

The answer to UMNO's equation is this:

If UMNO is cock sure they can't get the support of the Chinese, they will get PAS to join them. Look at UMNO's gesture of allowing Harakah's printing permit to be renewed.

On the other hand, if they can get the Chinese behind them, PAS will get a treatment of the different kind. Period!

Anonymous,  16 July 2010 at 17:49  

Dato Sak

UMNO runs this country like those African dictators with their cronies.

Really, look at Kenya, Zimbabwe, Belgian Congo, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Tanzania, Malawi and Mali.

For 50 years UMN-Bn got away because it had full control of information dissemination via the mainstream media, (print and broadcast) and used racial fears as a leverage of power maintenance.

Today, information control is no more with the govt. The educated citizens have more control of information and these are slowing being relayed to their neighbours, relative and friends in the rural areas and to those who have less access to alternative media.

Now this B-Govt is using the fear of the public institutions and the bureaucracy to maintain power. Even this is being challenged.

Now Malaysians are going overseas to challaenge the media propaganda of the Govt.

And the rest of the world is taking more notice. Does it matter? Yes it does if Malaysia wants to foreign investment and wants to be part of the global economy.

Bala and RPK and the many Malaysian bloggers who are writing from overseas are stepping up the challenge.

Utusan Malaysia has long lost its credibity. PAS is spreading word in the rural Malay heartland of the falsehood of Utusan Malaysia.

So, what gives, next, for UMNO?

walla 16 July 2010 at 18:38  


For instance, Muhyiddin can't be blind to the fact there are no extensive science and math references in bahasa after the student finishes school. And since he also knows that a high income economy has to be innovative which in the modern world at least means more know-how of science and maths, how will the students out from school cope better in the next phases of their studies or even when they are on their own working to research new products for use, evaluation or marketing?

A simple solution would be to let the parents decide which medium of instruction should apply for their childrens' education, and provide the requisite national support.

By applying a blanket approach and taking the votebox route, he has shown he doesn't lead for national interest but he only leads based on the perceived interest of low-culture ignorance, thereby putting the future of the nation at risk, what more the objectives of the national plans and visions which his administration has painted.

How different will it then be from starting a megamillion enterprise and then pulling the first guy from the street to lead it?

There is something else to bear in mind. Inherent in a low-culture setting is its own seed of self-destruction. It doesn't have escalating notions of standards. Standards which develop from one rank to another manifest progress away from triviality, reducing mistakes and waste, increasing productivity and performance, yielding higher returns and more prosperity. They are the signposts to map out new pathways to improving one's own destiny. After all, the world owes one a living but one has to work hard to collect it.

Those who have developed standards will balk when someone says it's alright to blow a few hundred million on a new fishing technique which fails. Because, having standards, they will constantly remember the money wasn't theirs to play pucks with in the first place.

That's how countries can become richer or at least not poorer, so poor that that subsidies have to be removed, even when their governments can meanwhile spend needless millions on frivolities like a twenty five million ornamental rod to remember their leaders who have neglected to nurse low cultures away from illusions.

walla 16 July 2010 at 18:38  

'Muhyidin is addressing the low culture when talking in combative tones. He talks about the basic beliefs and basic things closest to the Malays.'

Therein lies the dilemma of Umno - are the basic beliefs of the Malays heartland not amenable to change? Are all to think the Malays have been so secluded from the world that they cannot accept new ways of doing old things, new measures of what will make for success, new yardsticks of acceptable governance behavior, and most important of all, be able to unflinchingly accept enough of reality as it is spelled out so that they will stridently make the necessary effort to improve themselves?

Or does having a monthly thousand ringgit free allowance be considered without further thought to suffice for a carefree life in a country of weakening currency, depleting resources, irrelevant skills and reducing subsidies?

Yet there are other Malays. They are no different from the nonMalays. They can hold court with anyone else of the world. They can exercise new mobility, engage in intelligent discourse based on rationale and reason, and keep their minds open to new possibilities and interpretations even while their eyes stay focused on the direction of their thoughts.

The difference between the first and the second is that the first stay rooted in their dashed hopes and static surroundings while the second accept reality as it is, embrace change as it comes, make the sacrifices as are required, take the risks as they are coined, and sink or swim as everyone else does in a world of tides. Thereby, living more.

It remains to add the dilemma of Umno can lead to the dilemma of Malaysia - but only if Umno is the one that continues to lead by the temperature, perceived or real, of low culture. Because it will be the blind leading the blind.

Anonymous,  16 July 2010 at 19:02  

First stage subsidy cuts orchestrated so poorly...and its only a very minute cut of the total the govt is looking at.

I just hope that it will be clarified cos its an important step in the rationalisation process.

But Industries need to be the first to have a no subsidy environment.

Now,its gonna be a double whammy for the consumers and will continue to get tighter as more cuts made.

we're in for a bleak year ahead.Pray that we will survive,

kluangman 16 July 2010 at 21:10  

Dato'...melihat begitu banyak komen yang dilontarkan di sini dengan penuh geram dan dendam khusus kepada Melayu dan UMNO, maka saya tidak nampak satu penghujung yang baik kecuali yang telah di asaskan 50 tahun dahulu.

Semua kaum di negara ini perlu menerima perubahan secara perlahan, orang Melayu harus akur kepada perlunya pengurangan subsidi dan pergantungan kepada kerajaan, orang India harus akur kemunduran mereka bukan kerana tiada peluang tetapi kerana kemabukan dan kesamsengan mereka sendiri dan orang China tidak wajar mendesak segala galanya seolah olah mereka yang paling papa kedana.

Sewajarnya tidak ada satu kaum pun yang perlu bersikap seperti Belanda minta tanah atau seperti anjing tersepit yang dilepaskan.

Anonymous,  16 July 2010 at 22:08  

Quiet Despair,


You seemed not only in Despair but also Desperate..and certainly you must be very very desperate now crying to save your tongkat cuz Umno will no longer do so, come next GE no.13 to own and give you the tongkat!

You really think that your great grandfather owned the Country, and the string to the purse is your grandmother's loin cloth?!

Keeps on barking, like a rabid dog! Soon, it will get you a ''! A go for good - good riddance!

Ya, there are 200 out of 400 of the JPA 'franchisee' refused to return home to take up the PDT jobs offer even your baby in the embryo dreams of!

Need me to tell who are those 200 who would sneeze at the 'elitist offers' you are embracing it like your forefather's urns?!

"Katak dibawah tempurung"- and a katak in utter desperate should now feel very happy cuz of these 200 tempurung are left vacant for it to breed his sons, the grandsons and the great grandsons! No one come and rob!

By your own standard, JPA is offered as a form of 'pandering'! Save it then for your own consumption! We have an anon. here he spent his own money and he's an ACCA for sure you will envy and say that he's being lucky to have been offered a citizenship, my foot!

You still believe that a pirate has his rights on the looted contraband?! Pea brain!

And a pirate is calling himself a saint..hahaha!

Go back to your old master in serious dementia, as not for long, you would have to play drums for him!

God bless!

Anonymous,  17 July 2010 at 10:49  


"....banyak komen yang dilontarkan di sini dengan penuh geram dan dendam dengan penuh geram dan dendam khusus kepada Melayu dan UMNO,..."

Tak benar... BUKAN "khusus kepada Melayu"...

Hanya khusus kepada Melayu DALAM UMNO dan kepada parti UMNO.

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