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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Occidental hospitality


11. Personally I don't care for any special treatment for me when I travel abroad. But at Heathrow, London, I was treated as a terrorist. I had to take off my shoes, belt and coat and was body searched for weapons by British security before I was allowed to go through.

12. I was reminded of the Hindi film, starring Shah Rukh Khan entitled, "My name is Khan", in which Khan tried to meet the President of the United States to tell him, "Mr President, my name is Khan. I am not a terrorist".

13. I felt like shouting should I meet Mr Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, "Mr Prime Minister, my name is Mahathir. I am the former Prime Minister of Malaysia. I am not a terrorist".


I read this at TDM's blog. I am appalled our former PM is treated in such a shabby manner. Where are the UMNO people who have benefited from his leadership and patronage and sometimes character defense?
When Tun visited the UK wasn't the high commissioner or Malaysian embassy alerted? I think it is only right when our former PM visits a foreign land , our embassy staff should be on hand to receive him.
When the former Indian President, APJ Abdul Kalam was treated in a similar manner by ground staff of American Continental Airlines at Indira Ghandi airport, it caused an uproar in the Indian Parliament. A motion was moved to condemn such a shabby treatment visited upon a former president.
Now, who is the joker who is in charge of our foreign ministry? Why wasn't a protest note handed over to the British government? This kind of response requires telling from someone else for you to work?
Why can't a motion be moved to condemn such a humiliating incident in our Malaysian parliament?  Perhaps it's time to show the world, that Malaysia can also respond in like manner to former PMs and presidents of other nations.


Anonymous,  10 July 2010 at 11:40  

If I recall correctly Paklah was similarly treated in the US. Mind you he was PM then.
Rafidah had her bagged sniffed by a dog!
At every US airport, one has to remove shoes and coat and body searched. Mind you everyone.
I and ALL passengers went through that in Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver and Les Vegas.
What makes Mahathir different. Anyway he looks like a terrorists!!!
(I am prejudiced against this old goat, sorry).
If it was Paklah or Razak or Hussein, or Tenku I would have agreed with you.

Anonymous,  10 July 2010 at 12:29  


Before you start creating disbelief and Consternation against the layperson treatment received by Tun Dr M, take note that it is quite common for Airport Security to undertake body search on a person who has failed the electrocnic scanner machine.

Perhaps Tun Dr M cannot accept that he is a layperson now and the treatment he received is due to lack of respect towards him on the part of DS Najib's Government rather than by the unknowing security officer at the Airport.

Your response is typical of an UMNO member who have lost sight of the common man's experience.

Joe Black

Non-partisan,  10 July 2010 at 12:50  

When the country and its leaders are in such a mess which you have rightly highlighted in a number of your postings, I'm not in the least surprised that they have totally lost sight of what's really happening around them.

If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs could be so impotent, indifferent and oblivious as to the issues affecting the Palestinians and the Muslim World which are splashed in prints and electronics media, what can we expect of them to be concerned or aware of the private visits of the former PM.

When UMNO is so engrossed and obsessed with its opposition-bashing for fear of loosing its political power ergo the money-making machine, other aspects including the interest of its own former President cum PM of Malaysia in a foreign land have low or no priority.

How much we have degenerated ourselves to that of a country who-knows-where in one nook corner of the African continent.

Anonymous,  10 July 2010 at 13:15  


Isn't it the standard airport security procedure for all passengers?

Look at it this way. It's a fair practice to safeguard the lives of all the passengers.

Every life is precious and should be treated and protected equally.

It's unfortunate that our Foreign Ministry official was not present to ease situation.

sakmongkol AK47 10 July 2010 at 13:19  

joe Black,

on yr arguments then, if Malaysians subject Tony Blair or any former US presidents that way, that's all right?
we can use the same arguments in the name of security for the other passengers
also, using yr standard, Indians in India understand social probity and protocol more than us.

Anonymous,  10 July 2010 at 13:45  

Well,well u seemed to be pissed off.Got no problem with that.You ought to because it is simply not right to treat the elder statesman in such a way.Tak betul.Agree?
Now lets use the same "tak betul" notion and please do response to my doubts.Is it alright for me as an orang biasa to get angry at the many events which have unfolded in Malaysia.
If the answer is yes, then why am i and a many other sensible malaysians being denied of our rights of the truth, justice and the freedom to call a spade a spade without fear like the way you write in your blog?
Mohon penjelasan.

Anonymous,  10 July 2010 at 13:55  


Perhaps the Indians of India r more feudalistic & politically gungho than the Malay M'sians?

Let extend yr logic for SPECIAL treatments for VIP, ex-VIP etc, a little bit further;

Then the queen of Spain should travel 1st class, on tax payers' money to visit her uncle in UK, rather then flied via Ryanair & at her own expense too.

Similarly the British taxpayers should continue paying for the opulent living expenses of the House of Stuart? Why the cut back?

The Danish Prime Minister should chauffeured & protected by bodyguards, to work rather than cycled by himself alone.

The German ministers should leave their official cars at the garage while off-duty.....

Very often crownish minions of the lesser developed countries always demanded special treatments to show their 'blue-blooded' heritage &/or elected positions. Forgetting that they get THAT position at the support of the ORDINARY people, ie they r servants to the people.

All these r perhaps just like someone written somewhere that small thing please samll mind, especially those who has lost the position & yet still think of himself as somebody important! Yes?

Anonymous,  10 July 2010 at 13:58  

Nasib la. The rule is simple that when you have no respect for others then sooner or later you will get the same treatment.
GOD is almighty!!!
So go and tell Che Det stop merapu and duduk diam diam dan jangan ingat dia lah orang yang terpandai di dunia atau pun suka memandai mandai. And as for PM Najib to do anything about it, you know and everyone knows, if possible he wants to hide behind somebody and buat buat tak tahu.
Sorry for Mahathir!!! Good luck next time around.

Anonymous,  10 July 2010 at 14:14  

Maybe Nazri would have told the Foreign Ministry to ignore Mahathir so as to embarrass him.
Anything is possible in UMNO these days.

sakmongkol AK47 10 July 2010 at 14:34  

anon at 13:55

those examples you cited are of no relevance. the issue here is hospitality treatment.
if you care to read my earlier writings when Anwar was thrown into a cell for the 2nd time and have to share the facility with other hard core prisoners, i condemned the way our own govt treats its former DPM. what he is charged with is a different matter. but he must be accorded a respectable treatment. i was also pissed off when Anwar Ibrahim is termed as BABI.

but if you dont know how to differentiate civility, i am sorry for u. i have been critical of Mahathir's policies and ideas but they dont extend to not being civil.

Anonymous,  10 July 2010 at 14:54  

dato, you are right...civility should be shown to matter what

donplaypuks® 10 July 2010 at 15:16  

Mahathir cannot expect preferential treatment from security staff at Heathrow or other foreign airports where the passenger crowds are huge. They'd have no idea who he is.

He should have made prior arrangements with the M'sian Embassy or got a Diplomatice Pass from our Govt (I believe Eric Chia once had it) to save him time and embarrassment! Why can't the Govt make him Ambassador-At-Large so he can claim Diplomat Status and Privileges.

It's all about forward planning - the bane of our Administration!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Non-partisan,  10 July 2010 at 15:19  


I'm neither pro-Annuar nor pro-PKR. But like you I also got pissed off when one blogger time and again termed Annuar as BABI.

We all know due to its sensitivity we have even substituted its usage with the term 'khinzir.' Yet a few have no compulsion to use it on a another fellow Muslim.

Anonymous,  10 July 2010 at 16:03  


Please define civility & where r the demarcation of it's beginning & end.

Should I then object to been bodily search, just like anyone else, by the security guards or should I demand to be treated special, simply because of civility?

Under the circumstances when everyone is subjected to the same 'hospitality', why should a royal churl &/or ex-politiku be an exception?

The examples I've quoted r as relevant & stared u in the face as anything under the sun.

The examples u quoted r just SIMPLY human courtesy, nothing more nothing less.

I am sorry for u that u cannot
differentiate civility, hospitality & decent human courtesy!

sakmongkol AK47 10 July 2010 at 16:21  

anon 16:03

you are most welcome to nitpick

Shamshul anuar,  10 July 2010 at 16:45  

Dear anonymous(11;40),

"what makes Mahathir different?Anyway, ...".

Mannerism, they say "maketh a man". So, please do not be rude by suggesting that Dr mahathir looks like terrorists.

The incidents reflects two thing. That our Foreign affair Ministry fails to initiate action that would accord Dr Mahathir as a statemen. Wisma putera can alert our ambassador that Dr mahathir is coming and the ambassador can contact airport officials.

The second irony is that those who like to do all rigorous search will create havoc say Bill clinton is searched thoroughly. Other people can be search thoroughly( or rather in insulting manner) not us.

It is not that Dr Mahathir cant accept such treatment. rather, he would apopreciate that our govt could do something to avoid such incident to happen.

and it has nothing to do with being UMNO member. It is proper that a former head of government is accorded respect he deserves. Just like your father would not have wanted to be searched upon arrival at your house.

As for Anonynous (13;58), since when Dr mahathir claims to be "yang terpandai". He only responds to question. His view is much sought after. No PM of Malaysia or any politicianb cain ignore the infliuence Dr mahathir has. His view carries weight as he ruled for more than 22 years.

Why must he shuts up. Why want someone experience like hoim to shhut up. It does notr matter whether you like his view or not. But it is not proper to ask him to shut up.

My dear friend, why are you getting personal?

Not Mahakutty fan,  10 July 2010 at 17:42  

For all the ills that this Dr. Mahathir brought to Malaysia, I am very happy to see him mistreated. He was king here in Malaysia. Let him taste a bit of what others of lesser station have to go through. Hope he gets more of such treatments.

Anonymous,  10 July 2010 at 17:59  


I believe the old goat deserved every bit of the Heathrow airport experience.

He needs to have a taste of what normal citizens experience.

He has been living in luxury and opulence and corruption for far too long that he has lost touch with the lives of an average rakyat.

orang kampung

Anonymous,  10 July 2010 at 18:42  

Maybe it was god's way to remind Mahathir, that in the end he is a retired ex ex ex, a lesson in humility. LEAD BY EXAMPLE, seems to be a byword forgotten by our masters. Ikut undang undang negara yang anda kunjungi.
At least he tak kena berlasak, as that's what would happen if it were our pdrm. Not an insult to Mahathir or what he stood for, how many innocents were treated far worse under his rulership. Maybe it was a reminder, in the end you are only human, if it is a requirement of that land than ikut aje the undang undang. Surprisingly I have travelled a lot too, and just recently too passing through 3 security checks, I have not been stopped so far, could be I don't look so terrorist-like, or could be I behave humbly, prepare myself removing all key,coins, metallic objects and what not before the check and behaving appropriately rather than arrogantly.
Don't forget terrorists have flown under diplomatic passports too, SO which would you prefer, your sri maha mahathir got his huge ego bruised, but arrived safely at home than the security was lackdasical- tutup satu mato and somebody blows a plane up for his own misguided ideology or beliefs.
Be glad there are people out there who take their jobs very seriously for your safety because the AIRPORT SECURITY Were STRICT AND VIGILANT, giving no special treatment to anybody hence people continue to have safe travel.
The sembah culture of Malaysia has REALLY BLOATED THEIR BRAINS as to their self importance, made our politicians assume they are untouchable, big fish in a very small pond, but out there they are nobodies, small fish in an OCEAN. Rules are made to be obeyed, something some people have forgotten. Maybe the assumption is when they visit the toilet they drop perfumed nuggets. Better yet don't fly take the sampan. :D

nstman,  10 July 2010 at 22:57  

My friend, these Umno sycophants who worshipped Tun once are busy looking for contracts to stay relevant, like preparing for top positions in the party. Who cares about Tun, the past. They are more worried about the present and future, and of course, contracts to keep their minions happy.

Anonymous,  11 July 2010 at 07:14  

A'kum, Its standard procedure. Most western countries treat people alike doesnt matter who you are. Person before title. There shouldnt be any double standards. everyone is asked to take shoes and belt off. white, black or purple. Tony blair used to take the underground to work before the underground tragedy. Am glad to know that anyone amd everyone is treated the same. Because in the end all is same in eyes of God, just because if title doesnt mean one is 'fast tracked' to heaven.

Non-partisan,  11 July 2010 at 09:34  

Anon 7:14,

If you're talking about Tony Blair using the underground to work then TDM, whilst still a PM, had similar experience when he was on a working visit in one country .

He had to be whisked away to a different route to reach his destination. This is a contingency planning put in place purely for his personal security though he had earlier disagreed to it.

BUT this is a totally different scenario from that of the body search he had to endure with no due respect, courtesy and civility which he rightfully deserves being a former head of government.

This is the message which Sak and Shamsul anuar try to drive at.

We are not talking about fast-tracking to heaven.

Non-partisan,  11 July 2010 at 11:17  


May I correct my earlier comment as per 3rd para.

'BUT that's a totally different scenario from that of the body search TDM had to endure without due respect, courtesy and civility. He rightfully deserves better treatment being a former head of government.

Quiet Despair,  11 July 2010 at 11:30  

Bro Sak.

Yes. Our MPs should have lodged a formal protest after the issue is debated in Parliament.
Come on, this paranoia against Muslim terrorists are getting too far.
And to think Tun M is an elderly statesman and travels first class.
what about us especially those with Muslim names.
I wonder how Tok Guru and Ustaz Hadi pass through immigration there. Samad Said with his long flowng beard, better be careful.
Britain is just being Pak Turut to the US. Read so many instances of Indian and Arab Americans being wrongly taken off planes just because some passengers mistook them for terrorists.
Americans too are against racial profiling.
P.S. We forgot our MPs were busy eating durians and mutton curry. Dont they know, that's a letal combination especially for those with high blood pressure.
A collegaue with hypertension died in front of me during a wedding after eating mutton curry.

Shamsul anuar

As usual I share your views on Tun M and UMNO.
Some people dont know how to be thankful and grateful to Tun M for doing so much to the nation.
He must be accorded respect.


Here you go again spewing forth your venom.
You should go to your usual hero Zorro and his ilks where you get many cheer-leaders.
The fact that you can go trigger-happy castigating Malays in an UMNO man's blog says much about us Malays who do accept racists like ou.
Sycophants who want contracts? Hello, we are not like you. We know how to be courteous. is all.
I am waiting for PKR to take power and put you in your proper place.
You will be bawling man.

Anonymous,  11 July 2010 at 18:07  

hehehe... that my comment on your blog satire today. If you pity these guy, sorry, those airport guy carry out their duty accordingly. The guy you tried to defence is useless. He make mistaken yet he didn't try to correct it, instead 'buat-buat tak tahu saja'. Let him go through normal guy experience. Oh that Khan also go through the same experience, isn't.


Are You Gonna Go My Way,  11 July 2010 at 19:02  

fuckoff to all commenter that don't understand this article...

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 00:24  

Hey Madhater.

Take of you shoes mate, and put on them sarongs!

Rilex, here's some earl grey & fish chips!

-Ikan Tongkol-

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 00:40  

As a commoner of this Boleh but virtually tak Bolehland, the dignity of the rakyat has been doomed to the lowest level if not totally naught!

I was in Vietnam and was so feeling proud of being a Malaysian passport owner way back to 1992. But not now, when i was there last year, i had to shy away from the Singaporean counterparts they were also working as the expat managers thereof! They seemed to have received warmth hospitality whereas the Malaysians, snubbed!

All these due to whom? Whose 'genius' work and contribution for the 'sewerage' image of the Nation?!

Should i say not TDM, peoples of Vietnam would also tell me about what they knew about him!

Believe it or not, most Filipinos in that country also sarcastically called the old doyen the cousin brother of Marcos the dictator of their country!

We have been looked down upon by the other developing countries all due to our many thanks to the most depraved and corruptible, hegemonic yet hypocritically racist supremo/s we do/did have in the staple with only the late Tunku Abdul Rahman our venerable Bapa Malaysia!

The rest, sucks!!!!

schenker78 12 July 2010 at 06:42  


i think just because they are a ex PM, or sitting PM, Minister etc does not mean they should be skipped in security protocol.

By all means search and frisk Mahathir, Najib, Mudin, Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, any CM or Exco in airports and during road block in domestic and international airports.

Just because they are politician or Ex. does not mean they are above the rest of us....

just because you are a datin, that does not make me to call her datin or can jump queue in restaurants.

For some reason, Malaysia loves this pangkat changed after merdeka as before merdeka , it was different...

I like the way Indonesia respect its citizen by just the universal Bapak, Mbak, Mas 'pangkat' for all.

Worldwide, all politicians and pretenders should be made humble by the security in airport or anywhere else...Even Bush, Blair, Megawati should get same treatment.....

PS...I dont give a damn for mahathir, he does not care for the poor people, why we should even bother listen to the Nyanyuk fella....

A lot of people in pedalaman Malaysia and Felda n Estates have become poorer after this bigot became PM in 1981.... While his son, Mukhriz gave a house warming party with alcohols and western social dance in his new multi million dollar house. The photos can be googled....See for yourself....

schenker78 12 July 2010 at 06:59  

Ex MB Selangor, Muhamad Taib dulu kena tangkap kat airport Australia...trying to sneak in undeclared money..

All world VIPs, capitalist, rich people, celebrities including Siti and Beyonce should be frisked in the first priority...You never know if you can catch them with drugs, illegal wildlife souvenirs, black money,explosives...

The most dangerous persons in the world are the so called leaders of over 193 countries. Dont ever trust POLITICIANS 100% no matter who they are.

Non-partisan,  12 July 2010 at 15:05  

Anon 00.40

You said you were in Vietnam in 1992 and were proud in holding a Malaysian Passport. If I'll ask you, who was then Malaysia's PM ?

You also said you were again in Vietnam last year and had to shy away from your Singaporean counterparts, apparently putting the blame on TDM. Simple calculation, up to your visit last year, meaning 2009,TDM had been out of office for 6 years. Pak Lah had since taken over followed by DSNTR. Who and who now is the source of your grievances?

You further grumbled your Singaporean counterparts received warmth hospitalitiy whereas Malaysians snubbed. Are you aware that the Singaporeans had prepared their groundwork and made inroad into Vietnam long before the Malaysians did ? Have you also consider other factors significantly needed to win over the trust, confidence and respect of the Vietnamse such as their culture of doing business, social integration etc? Compare youself with the Singaporeans. Look into yourself first before blaming others.

In the case of the Filipinos, I can say for a fact that it all started when an action was taken by the authority a number of years ago outside a church in KL on one Sunday against Filipino maids for not having valid travel documents. It drew a lot of protests for alleged ill-treatment.

Altough the issue has long been amicably settled, it is one known international human rights body that has been expoliting these unsuspecting Filipinos in furtherence of its own political agenda.

Hence you could see Filipinos in collusion with the human rights body staging anti-Malaysia protests overseas, during some of the visits of our dignitaries.

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 15:43  

One thing I wont understand about Flips masses when I was there . I asked them if they are happy Estrada out due to corruption charges. They just reply he should still be there because he is so handsome and he act well in movies.

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 20:40  


You haven't got my point clear enough before you jumped the gun on me!

Whilst you may be one henchman of TDM but that's not the norm we would have to adopt and withhold telling otherwise our opinions on a character which has for 20 plus years been nominating the fate of the whole Nation.

I merely wished to state, we the Malaysians once had been the adored guests of the neighbouring developing countries which were slightly below par than us. In spite of enhancing the status with excel and the notable advancement, the Nation's image had been to a distinctive differential level being blemished and dragged into the drain of a lousy image all those scandalous scams, and the antiquated National policies the Supremo of a Nation should have responsibility!

In real democratic Country, the defunct Supremo of the Nation would have stepped down with apology to face the nationals! In olden Japanese culture, hara-kiri was the only way for a supreme leader to commit as a consequence!

Except in Bolehland, the most hatred. corruptible and racist ex-supremo could still continue to bark like a demented mongrel!

Yet there are his henchmen!

Only when one lives in the 'tempurung' would have felt cozy and proud of what the mundane could have offered. Peoples like many of those who have exposure outside the Country would have felt discriminated for mistakes and damages done by the Supremo of the Country to such extend of demoralizing and tarnishing the National image, hence the flawed individual image!

Being a patriotic countryman, who wants to be taunted and be looked at with squint eyes, more so the intolerable sarcasm against our National leaders forcibly pumped into our ear drums wittingly by the alien counterparts!

How can we blame a son of his father's incapability in ruling out orders in the family business and earned bad reputation for the pedigree?! Be him Pak Lah or the freshly acceded PM Najib, they are still living in the haunted house, and the spectre is the formidable Mahathirism!

So, tell me, if TDM is not to be blamed, who else???!!

Baharudin 12 July 2010 at 21:11  

Anon 11:40,
Your logic sounds like sh**head as in Shahnon's novel... smells like rotten durian from Rombau too! We Malays are really something... some even invited blair-the-butcher to come over and talk about democracy & human rights!

Non-partisan,  13 July 2010 at 00:39  

Anon 20:40

You could have given more relevant examples to convince me all the failings in the country are attributed to TDM and therby portray a bad image to the world.

Quoting the Vietnamese and the Filipinos is simply off target as the backdrop against which they have negative perception of this country is in no way related to TDM. Read again my response.

I've also travelled to many countries either in my official capacity or privately and hence don't fit into your 'hidup bawah tempurung' category. Generally the country has had an excellent image and well respected by developing and third world countries especially during TDM's premiership.

Anyway,this is a democratic country and you are entitled to your views. And I also respect your patriotism.

Sammy 15 July 2010 at 01:42  

Dear Dato'

Our elder statesman does not travel in private jets nor carry a diplomat's passport (unlike our neighbouring elder stateman)and would find it difficult to travel without being harrassed in any US-friendly country. Pity an 'old' man who has to travel in and out of father was 73 when we went to the UK and I can see his discomfort when disembarking or travelling in a plane cabin, first or economy class..still bad enough.

Tony Blair and all his 'white' friends would never be accosted in our airports or any other airports in this region as we asians do accord a god-like status to Mat Sallehs and other 'orang putih'. (If you dun believe me, go checkin into any 5 star hotel here.)

We darker skinned asians have it harder in the West due to the perception of being labelled 'moslem' terrorists...and our passprts scrutinised more as compared to our neighbours (Thailand, Singapore & Phil.)

So, I would merely like to point out that we are treated as 2nd class citizens of the world, even if we were former leaders or labourers by the Western world.

didi,  16 July 2010 at 07:09  

So the airport security officers are supposed to know dr. M why? Because he is a leader of the free world? Because everyone in the western hemisphere know where or what Malaysia is??? Again the illusion of self grandeur at work here.

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