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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Is KJ the Tonto to Najib’s Lone Ranger?

DS Najib is a Lone Ranger on many issues. I have touched about this in a previous article. The Lone Ranger has a Tonto. And on many issues, Najib's Tonto seems to be his Ketua Pemuda.

My friend Aspan Alias through his blog has written something unpleasant about KJ- the ketua Pemuda UMNO. Until today, Aspan has always been fair to KJ. He asked the same question that I have often asked. How do we reconcile the fact that the UMNO KP hasn't been appointed to any post in the government. There is a glaring blot in the power structure. The MCA Youth Head, the MCA wanita previously, the deputy KP of UMNO were all given posts. But until today, KJ hasn't got anything yet.
You want him to enter the battle fields, but you encumber his arsenal. He hasn't got sufficient tools to do battle.
Aspan's sore point is his perception that KJ hasn't matured all round. His conclusion rests on KJ's clash with Ibrahim Ali on a number of issues. He thinks it better if KJ focuses on meatier issues such as Malay economic interests.
But I would like to look at the subtle messages that Aspan has written. The two top UMNO leaders are speaking at cross purposes. Najib is speaking as a liberal. He is perceived to be all things to all people. He needs the Chinese votes and he needs the Indian votes. Otherwise his 1Malaysian concept is hollow. Muhyidin on the other hand is championing Malay causes. He is more in tandem with Ibrahim Al's Perkasa and by extension to what Dr Mahathir is espousing. I am not surprised , despite the public endorsements to Najib's administration, Dr Mahathir finds a better soul mate in Muhyidin than Najib.
Thus Najib has to be careful here. He has to strike a balance between pursuing his vision of 1Malaysia and Dr Mahathir's trenchant criticism in waiting. I say in waiting because sooner or later, the bubble will burst.
Where does KJ fit into the whole scheme of things? He appears to be the only UMNO leader championing what Najib is thinking of. I am told that PM Najib isn't that too enthusiastic that Perkasa is stealing his thunder. I hear he would encourage the emergence of Malay NGOs to counter balance Ibrahim' Perkasa. But as I have written, that would be too late as the horses have already bolted. Thus he has no other choice but to rely on internal resources to contain Ibrahim's growing credence among the Malays. Left unchecked, Perkasa's inroad into the Malay heartland with Ibrahim's brand of right wing politics will undermine Najib's 1 Malaysia.
We have to ask then, what motivates KJ to enter into skirmishes with Ibrahim and used Ibrahim, as Aspan said, as the standard measure of everything that is at odds with Najib?
The only possible reason to explain KJ's emboldened approach in dealing with Ibrahim is, that this is what Najib actually wants. If KJ was the only one responding correctly to Najib's messages, then I say, this is to KJ's credit.
In my experience as a former ADUN and Ketua Penerangan UMNO Pekan, the KP sits in the powerful UMNO political bureau. PM Najib may have expressed misgivings about what Perkasa has been doing and by doing so must have hoped that his able committee members would pick up the cudgels and bludgeon Ibrahim Ali.
As an important member of the bureau, KJ must have read the signals from Najib to put a damper on Ibrahim's unsolicited championing of the Malay cause. Ibrahim Ali is not an UMNO member and his Perkasa appears to be a magnet for any disgruntled UMNO person. This is probably the sore point of many loyal UMNO leaders and Ketua Bahagians who would welcome a strong and firm rebuke from UMNO.
I would interpret what KJ has done by crossing swords with Ibrahim Ali and the recently free agent of an MP of Wangsa Maju, as interpreting what the UMNO president actually wants. That would make KJ as more perceptive than the other dull Janes and Jacks in UMNO.
Muhyiddin isn't seen to be in sync with Najib, the 3 VPs are immersed in their own politics, the wanita leader is thinking of getting a legitimate elected seat. So KJ picks up the cudgels to do battle with Ibrahim and Ibrahim's equivalents.
What KJ has done will not be interpreted as immature if the UMNO president himself lends his weight on KJ. I am puzzled that between his own KP and the strident voices emanating from Ibrahim's quarters, UMNO President Najib hasn't shown his clear hand.
He should be supporting his KP. Once he does that, I assure you all the UMNO people will be saying well done KJ. I know because that's the UMNO culture.


Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 00:22  

Salam dato, KJ should defend his Umno post in the next party elections to confirm he's the legitimate KP, then only can he be a real leader and considered a cabinet post.


Are You Gonna Go My Way,  12 July 2010 at 01:51  

You give too much credit to both Najib and if they're plotting a very delicate political moves..that will make this country better for us normal people..
All moves derived from their own animal instinct full of brain needed. They haven’t used their brains before, why should they use their brains now. KJ is not the answer to everything…enough of hearing about this KJ thing …..quite boring lah…

schenker78 12 July 2010 at 06:51  

Khairy can never join the other side (Mudin, Ibrahim Ali and gang)as Mahathir supporting them....Once mahathir no more and public holiday declared, maybe khairy can join this Right Wing Club.

All Right wings in the world have destroyed countries...Bush regime screwed up with un necessary wars, economic mismanagement and deficits and erased all surplus from Clinton era.

Like wise right wing like mahathir have hidden an ugly and boring story under a nice book hardcover.

Tahi yang kering tak berbau busuk. Cuba campur air dan sondol dgn kayu, dia busuk balik.....

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 07:40  

bro,i smell smell wenger khairy in ur writings.what so great about this kera jantam?no need to be his balls carier lah.

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 08:37  

You are absoultely right that Najib strategy to outsource the right wing views to Perkasa is highly flawed. Anyone who have done outsourcing knows that you have to have alternative and be able to cut off your supplier at any time.

Najib should have encouraged alternate groups to compete with Perkasa for the right wing. He should not have just outsource the right to one group. KJ represent that competition but he is within UMNO and that is not the same and he needs more support if he is to do it within UMNO.

Wenger J Khairy 12 July 2010 at 09:02  

Are You Gonna Go My Way said,
If a KJ's daring moves in combating the Ibrahim Ali and his gang of charlatans, are only for self interest, can you tell me what should KJ do can be interpreted as "making the country better for us normal people"

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 09:37  

kau memang betul, tepat dan jitu... sekali dia taik, walaupun dah kering, bila-bila saja hujan kena air, sikit pun cukup la.... busuk balik... politaik dalam malaysia semua sama, macam taik kering. Bernas kata-kata tu.
KJ dan Najib tu termasuk la politaik kering... tak perlu defence any of them.. diorang buat taik, sekarang kasi kering itu taik..


Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 09:43  

I reckon Perkasa was innocuously created by Najib and UMNO but had turned into a Frankenstein.

What we have now is a weak and headless PM.

(Last week, Tunku Abdul Aziz wrote a piece about Najib entitled "The luckless Najib is a worried man" but the article was removed from his blog and Malaysia Today almost immediately.)

Why? Najib is a dead duck.

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 10:00  


You said;

"UMNO President Najib hasn't shown his clear hand."

Isn't this Characteristic of Najib?

He has never known to have thrown caution to the wind...In the Process, he tries to avoid being labelled a Flip Flopper but somehow managed to end up being one.

It is therefore not surprising that KJ should be the one to face DS Najib's fears.

Being the "Udang diSebalik Batu" is OK when confronting the Opposition. But Somehow he has to come out and confront his Deputy or remain as the "Udang disebalik Batu" WITHIN the Party and PERISH in the Process.

Joe Black

Quiet Despair,  12 July 2010 at 11:03  

Salam saudara

When Najib comes to power, we have so much expectations of him. We thought he will be the antithesis of Abdullah's flip-flop.
But kerplunk! Najib is slowly but surely becoming worse than flip-flop.
Groping in the dark, looking very desperate to win the Chinese voters especially.
What Anon 10.00 Joe Black wrote is so right. my thoughts exactly.
Like other Pahangnites who love and support Najib, I am really sad with Najib's unclear political stance.
Hey, is this Razak's son? they asked.
What I fear is Najib losing his position and not UMNO. UMNO is still relevant. Allah forbid Najib's fall, since I see only him fit as PM at this moment in time.
I am not touching on Muhyiddin which I already gave my two sen worth in your previous postings.
KJ too since I dont want to repeat what I stated many times here and also in Aspan's blog.
I wish there's unison among UMNO leaders in explaining the issues of the day.
Like Tun M's time. When he speaks, everybody including BN component members say aye.
But now when Najib says something, tomorrow he will about-turn after pressure from CSL.
So his DPM has to be the shock absorber for the Malays. Not because he wanted to be at cross- purposes with his boss.
Is this a good game? One pleasing the Malays, one pleaing the Chinese.
Malays feel slighted by Najib. Only sure vote he's getting is from the Indians. Only 7.2 percent and many not registered voters. This spells doom for UMNO.
Najib courts the Chinese by giving JPA scholarships to 9 As (mostly Chinese) and funds to Chinese schools.
They gladly take it but I bet dollars to donuts, they wont be voting BN. Never will and never will be.
So like my favorite saying Yang Dikejar tak dapat, Yang dikendong beciciran.
Najib must learn to say no to Chinese demands. And of course backed by other UMNO leaders.
It will create ripples but will die down. MCA and MIC cannot say much, since UMNO is their lifeline.

Xabi Alonso,  12 July 2010 at 11:15  

Elok lah kita fikirkan kembali. jika inilah cara perang saraf UMNO, kita bersedia lah untuk melepaskan tampuk kepimpinan kita kepada pembangkang. Lihatlah sehingga hari ini kita langsung tidak memenangi hati mereka , bukti nya dapat kita lihat pada 2 pilihan raya yang lalu.
Kita belum dapat menawan sedikit pun hati pembangkang.

Siapa Ibrahim Ali , si katak lompat yang tidak berpendirian dan tidak lebih dari seorang ahli politik sampah.Ibrahim Ali hanya kuda tunggangan Tun Mahathir untuk melonjakan nama Mukhriz yang tengelam walaupun di berikan peluang untuk menjadi Timbalan Menteri. Syabas Kj , lawan jangan peduli , dulu mereka kata pemuda penakut sekarang kita lawan mereka bersama sama seluruh angota pemuda BN dan kita anggao mereka ini juga pembangkang. tegar Jika mereka mahu tahu Pemuda penakut atau tidak tunggu dan lihat lah.

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  12 July 2010 at 12:00  


Shouldn't you be the one to answer that question?

But i give you one...unifying factor. Does KJ have that..can he gather supporters as many as Ibrahim has? You might not agree and other people might not agree with Ibrahim for what ever reason but he did something that make people come together.

Whereas KJ represents the young , rich , elitist group in a way that looks negative in normal people's eyes. Im not exaggerating if I say KJ makes the young, rich , elitist people look bad. The kampung folks used to love these kind of people before, they represent progressive Malay that kampong folks can be proud of and even make kenduri and collect money before sending them to overseas university. But if KJ is an example of the product, those kampung folks would prefer to have Ibrahim Ali anytime.

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 12:21  

KJ berani kehadapan untuk mempertahankan & memperjuangkan sesuatu..
inilah sifat2 pemimpin yg kte mahukan!!

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 12:28  

hanya orng seperti Kj yang berani kehadapan..
yg len senyap..
hnya pndai nyorok dibelakang..
truskan perjuangan anda KJ..

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 12:41  

selamat berjuang KJ..
jgan tkot untuk berjuang selagi anda di pihak yg btol..
jgan jd seperti pemimpin yang lain..

Hang Tegar 12 July 2010 at 13:11  

The politics of present and tomorrow are marshaling in a new era for leadership focus and challenge in charting strategic directions and facilitating appropriate responses to diversity management. Antiquated politicians with the likes of Ibrahim would not comprehend and appreciate the needs of an inclusive approach and unified political theme for the rakyat. I salute Khairy for his brave and consistent moves in defending the 1Malaysia principles and ideas unlike some who are just filling up the empty boxes, only, when they are needed.

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 13:14  

This is the irony of the whole episode : While disgruntled UMNO members support Ibrahim Ali openly, loyal UMNO members discreetly love Ibrahim. So how?

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 13:21  


Well said ! DS Najib looks like the Lone Ranger in UMNO and he definitely needs Tonto as his side kick.

Correct me if I'm wrong. DS Najib usually takes a long time to make a decision, especially with KJ as long as Tun Mahathir is alive. Hopefully DS Najib's Premiership outlive Tun Mahathir's life.

So far, 1Malaysia sounds hollow with no solid ground support from within UMNO.

schenker78 12 July 2010 at 13:26  

di indonesia, perkataan pembangkang 'tidak ada' baik zaman suharto atau SBY....tak kira golkar majoriti atau parti lain...SBY, Jusuf Kalla, Megawati etc....mereka panggil parti dengan nama...bukan asyik melabel yang bukan kerajaan sebagai pembangkang....trend ini sama di US...Republican, Democrat, Independent...di UK, Liberal, Tories Conservative, Labour Party.....tak nampak pun BBC kata opposition wins....dia sebut Tories wins and Labour party lost....

Di Malaysia, perkataan pembangkang/opposition umpama perkataan LUCAH ?? Tak pernah saya faham mentaliti orang sini... betul2 memalukan dan lebih buruk dari terencat akal....

macam mana nak jadi global / glokal (perkataan bodoh ciptaan Najib)....bagai katak dibawah tempurung orang UMNO/BN....

Apasal timbul balik Agen CIA Anwar Ibrahim ni?? Ini tajaan APCO lagi.... Kalau benci sangat USA tu, jangan trade , tak payah najib, JJ dan TV3 pergi cium tangan Obama....

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 13:28  


You have answered your own question on why DSN has not endorsed KJs position on IA. If KJ is not appointed to the cabinet whereas MIC & MCAs KPs have positions, DSN must continue to appear that he is sidelining KJ and not giving him attention. Otherwise, he would appear to endorse KJ and if he endorses KJ, why no position in cabinet ?

DSN is caught in his own dilemma. In the current environment, no matter what KJ does or how brilliant he is, DSN still has to appease TDMs supporters by sidelining KJ. Only time will decide if TDM is out of the picture first or DSN is still in office to do what is right.

The problem with TDM is that when he decided to ‘retire’, there were many suggestions that he become either a Senior Minister or Minister Mentor like LKY in the cabinet. He flatly refused and said that when he ‘retires’, he retires for good and will not interfere. Look what he is doing now ! Whoever is PM that does not do what he thinks is right will suffer the same fate.

Muhyidin can play the devil’s advocate now as he is DPM. Let’s see him doing the same if and when he is PM. Guarantee next GE, bye-bye BN.

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 13:28  

It reminds me of MAD magazine depicting the Lone Ranger and Tonto being surrounded by Red Indians.
Lone Ranger : Now we are surrounded.
Tonto : We?

Spanish Armada,  12 July 2010 at 13:36  


Najib shld just stop palying safe and give the fella a chance. Screw Tun M and have this guy armed to the teeth. He will not only fight ur wars, he might just win u one. Just look at how the non-malays are loving it when KJ took on Perkasa head on.

Adam,  12 July 2010 at 13:38  

Where are the UMNO VP's and MT's on 1Malaysia? MCA and MIC even worst. They can easily piggy-back on the 1Malaysia campaign...but why so quiet?

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 13:41  

Hmm...have to agree dato Sak. Dont think UMNO is buying 1Malaysia.

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 13:52  

Are You Gonna Go My Way said’

How far can the ego of syok-sendirism show? Don’t delude yrself that Perkasa IS the unifying factor among the Malay M’sians.

Rather IT'S the dark force that forever subjugating the joe Malay M'sian to help lining the pockets of people like u - getting FOC helps from the govt in the name of NEP & yet hiding from paying back the 'seed money' to bootstrap the wellbeing of the next generation of blur-sotongs.

Yes, Ibrahim Ali and his gang of charlatans r indeed the unifying platform for siege Malay M’sians like u! & there r many like u who is BUT not representing the majority of that silent Malay M’sian populace.

Talk about hijacking a cource – u people r on top of the world with flimsy foundation!

‘The kampung folks used to love these kind of people before, they represent progressive Malay that kampong folks can be proud of and even make kenduri and collect money before sending them to overseas university.’

Ya-loh! Betrayers to the race, with a pseudo- progressive attitude outlay, both of u – KJ & Perkasa alikes.

With people like these it's a sure bit that the joe Malay M’sian will forever be a tool to enrich the Alif Ba Ta sloganeering rousers like u & Ibrahim Ali and his gang of charlatans.

This is the only constant in the Malay M'sian's political equation!

Zayadi,  12 July 2010 at 13:56  

PM needs KJ. Fullstop. not Perkasa, Tun Mahathir. Its abt 27 million ppl.

sniper,  12 July 2010 at 14:32  


While KJ is championing Najib's minority 1Malaysia idea, Ibrahim is fighting for the Malays' majority rights. but both have their own personal agenda.

FYI - The desperado KJ is looking for more tontos. Good luck.

donplaypuks® 12 July 2010 at 15:13  

Just who is Tonto and who is Kemosabe in M'sian politics is never clear.

Just do remember that KJ was involved in DSAI's release and some huge negotiations took place between the Rosemajibs and the Sleeping PM before he "voluntarily" stepped down!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 15:21  

Kalau KJ tu miskin sikit..bolih lah saya terima perjuangan dia.Begitu juga Boss2 UMNO yang lain.
Semua hidup lebih mewah kalau di bandingkan dengan kemampuan berasakan "gaji" masing2.

Perjuangan & idea2 yang di-rencana di CIGAR club mungkin tak sama dengan inspirasi orang di sawah.

kluangman 12 July 2010 at 15:36  

Thus Najib has to be careful here. He has to strike a balance between pursuing his vision of 1Malaysia and Dr Mahathir's trenchant criticism in waiting. I say in waiting because sooner or later, the bubble will burst.

Saya cukup tertarik dengan ungkapan di atas dan sangat 'bersetuju'. lambat laun ia akan meletup juga, kedua duanya saling menghala meriam, siapa yang akan tembak dulu dan siapa yang akan balas dengan tepat tanpa henti henti.

Najib terpaksa berhati hati dengan Perkasa kerana bayangan Mahathir ada di belakang dan kurang elok kalau bermusuh dengan Perkasa kerana sebahagiannya juga adalah ahli atau yang menyokong UMNO.
KJ adalah pilihan tepat sebagai Tonto Najib bertaraf Menteri.

Are You Gonna Go My Way,  12 July 2010 at 16:43  

Anon at 12 July 2010 13:52

Aiya,,,,since when did i ever get rich via umno..if I ever get rich it will be through my own effort..not Ibrahim or KJ or umno...can both of them prove their wealth now not from umno..?

Your kind is the kind that stereotyping Malays as- if you got must have got some project from the top..

I was talking about individual unifying factor..not perkasa or KJ's umno...

so far KJ failed...what kind of malay he represent? Ibrahim at least has his kind of malay...and you dont need to like his malays, the same like he doesn't have to like your kit sianq chinese.

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 16:59  

Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa will be BN-UMNO's achilles heel during election time.
UMNO might win some Malay votes because of Perkasa but not enough to overcome nonMalay voters and will not win the more liberal and intellectual Malay voters who think radical UMNO members nurture PERKASA and that majority of them are UMNO members themselves.

Quiet Despair,  12 July 2010 at 17:41  

Pity poor Najib.
From a hero to a near zero. So fast man sliding down, barely a year in office.
CSL from a zero to hero. Just took over a weak crisis-ridden party.
But he's fortified with a strong weapon - more scholarships for Chinese, funds for chinese schools.
He has pressured Najib. Najib kow-towed.
No MP seat, soon-to-be toppled Samy, is a super-duper hero. Ditto the scholarships pressure.
Lots of feathers in his cap - new MP which should have been UMNO's, new senator and new Deputy Minister in Vel.
Najib could have just hinted for Samy to resign at the recent MIC conference.
No siree. Not brave enough. Muted silence. Tun M would have done it. Najib could have earn kudos from the Indians.
Ibrahim Ali - a hero basking in the glory of a heralded Malay champion.
To support him outright, Najib dont want to incur the wrath of the non-Malays and the liberal, human right lover Malays who may dub him a bigot.
To declare Ibrahim Ali persona non-grata, no can do. Ibrahim have many Malays silently supporting him.
Luckily there is Khairy who can be used to blast Ibrahim and side with the MCA.
So our beloved PM is trapped in his 1Malaysia slogan.
The sad thing is all of us are not practising the 1Malaysia spirit. neither do UMNO ministers or the other BN component parties.
He's caught in a trap of his own marking.
How do you unravel it???
I fear it may strangle him.
The fact that all these clowns can become heroes are because Najib is weak.
The time to take a tough line is now.

Anonymous,  12 July 2010 at 17:59  

Are You Gonna Go My Way said,

Ha! Talk about racial sterotyping...

'so far KJ failed...what kind of malay he represent? Ibrahim at least has his kind of malay...and you dont need to like his malays, the same like he doesn't have to like your kit sianq chinese.'

So what kind of Malay M'sian r u? The 3rd kind, iff there is any?

Ouch, ouch... exercise that small piece of gray cells before u write, ok?

Btw, let me fitnah u for NOT paying back the 'seed money' that NEP has invested in u!

So get off yr high horse for claiming that NEP didnt help u in some way & go see yr reflection in the morror & hope that u STILL can sleep soundly!

U support Perkasa - purely because deep inside u, u still feel guilty for getting something without returning. So Perkasa becomes yr front to confront that guilt. & DONT claim on behalf of the silent majority of Malay M'sian, ok? There must still be some feeling of shame there somewhere. No?

Talk about balas budi... my foot!

Jaded Melayu,  13 July 2010 at 04:56  

It's not so much about Najib or KJ, I cant care less about individuals. All politicians have skeletons in their closets so noone can claim moral high ground.

THe point though, is that 1Malaysia (if it is what it should be) is the way forward. And though KJ is no messiah and he does rub some people (not all) the wrong way, he is still the only one from UMNO standing up against Perkasa's hijacking of the Malay agenda. And thats the right thing to do now.

Apsal KJ sorang saja? Where are the other UMNO leaders? Why is there just one man who dares stand up for 1Malaysia (not Najib, but 1Malaysia)

Ibrahim Ali does not speak for Malays like me. I'm not trying to claim I represent the majority, much as the right wingers shouldnt try speculate that somehow their Perkasa-esque views personify the 'typical' or 'overwhelming' Malay sentiment, because eh, I can speak for Malayness as much as the next guy. And in any case, in the absence of any data to support their claim that they are the authentic Malay voice - again I use authentic here very tongue in cheek lah - they shouldnt overreach.

I am Malay and I support what KJ is doing. Not KJ qua KJ. But for what he's doing.

And by the way, Malaysians all round should redefine our politics in this way - the message, not the personality. Otherwise we just drown in petty rivalries and nothing gets done. Penat. Jaded. Disillusioned. Dot com.

Inong Putri,  13 July 2010 at 06:42  

Ibrahim does not speak on behalf of the whole Malay community and I personally do not and will never see him as a man whose discretion I can trust.

I dislike Ibrahim's highly regressive world view of Malay's abilities and future, as if we are only good as subsidies takers.

Din,  13 July 2010 at 09:42  

Im a Malay and i came thru the NEP system, no way Perkasa speaks on my behalf. KJ was right abt scholarships.

Zainul Farhan,  13 July 2010 at 10:07  

Merdeka Poll says that Malays are split, 60% think that affirmative approach of race-based entitlements should remain while another 40% are of the view that help should be granted based on merits and needs. Well, its a 60-40 divide but the more important way to read is the trend. Which one is ascending and has the potentials of being the dominant force. KJ, our hope is on you.

Wenger J Khairy 13 July 2010 at 10:52  

Are You Going My Way,

You may be surprised, but I do agree with what you say. Ibrahim Ali, for better or for worse identifies himself with the rural village folk.

It is a challenge I guess for a leader to be able to appeal to 2 sets of supporters simultaneously. Ibrahim Ali appeals to the kampong folk and KJ appeals to the city folk.

But the larger question will be what is best for the country i.e for the villagers and the city folk? KJ's vision will result in vision 2020 achieved perhaps in 2030, as lets be realistic about it .

Ibrahim Ali leads Malaysia to bankruptcy - make no mistake about it. Ever since Ibrahim Ali and gang came about, investment in Malaysia really dropped badly.

I feel we need a John F. Kennedy moment here.

schenker78 13 July 2010 at 11:04  

wenger khairy,

i always wonder who you are?
Are you the real khairy rembau or just another penyokong kuat Khairy dan anti Mahathir??

It that khairy wenger blogspot belongs to you??

Anonymous,  18 July 2010 at 10:04  

Salam Dato',

IMO, after all the scandals that broke out on PM Najib, there seems to be a plot to remove him. Perkasa and Dr.M or even DPM have in recent days voice out statements contradicted to the 1M slogan and his policies. That left with KJ that is the only one that still sides PM Najib. Too bad, without holding important post in the government, having too liberal thoughts that does not fancy the Pemuda UMNO, his voices does not bear weight. And with support for Perkasa, Dr.M and eventually the DPM(he's jumping ship as we see, just like during Pak Lah's last days as PM) growing by the day, PM Najib may indeed feel lonelier by the day. Is KJ the tonto you ask?

Nah... he's more like Lone Ranger's boots kicking dust

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