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Monday, 5 July 2010

Strong, determined and serious leadership


We trivialize things when we say; we shouldn't believe what the opposition says because they are opposition. This line of thinking means, as the opposition, they will always lie about facts and the truth. Opposition is driven by one aim- that of denigrating its opponents.
How valid is such a proposition?
If it's true, then whatever UMNO says in Kelantan, Penang, Kedah, WP, Selangor and even Perak, should not be believed at all. They are drivel. Why? Because in these places they ARE the opposition. And opposition will always politicize facts and truth and that they are twisted and demented people.
What do we have then? We have a political Mexican standoff. We can't move because to do so would place us at disadvantage.
The reasons why we are at this stage are because we did not address the issue head-on when it was a minor problem. When Balasubarmaniam surfaced and talked about how the carpet seller Deepak and the PM's brother corrupted him by offering RM 5 million, everyone says that was just a lie. He was even able to produce a cheque or something, how did we refute that? We refuted it dismissively saying it was not true and it's all a fabrication and a figment of the imagination of a heinous person.
No one took up the issue seriously. The person most affected by the allegation, the PM repeated a mere statement saying that it was a lie. What would a serious leader do? He would haul the person alleging a very serious thing to court and have the court deal with the accuser and liar seriously. At the very least, sue the accuser for defamation or something.
Get hold of the carpet seller and charge him in court for abetting people out to defame and overthrow a legitimate PM and his government. Maybe even a charge of treason punishable by death. The allegations brought by this Bala are not a walk in the park which can be treated in a most cavalier and dismissive manner.
We shouldn't be dismissive about things such as this. Bala's allegations should be confronted with our own clear and firm denial. The veracity can only be established by an independent team of verifier and adjudicator.
Wrong move number one.
We should fire the PM's advisors.
In the United States, a sitting president would be impeached and testimony taken from him. That is the only way to exonerate him or to have him removed.
Our objective should be to prove that what Bala and his conspirators say are untruths. The facts and stories they produced must be matched by equally convincing refuting facts and story. It's never sufficient and much less convincing to brush them off by saying these are just politically motivated stories.
Wrong move number two?
By repeating this defective manufactured story linking what Bala or RPK want to say as machinations of the opposition and therefore they MUST be lies. Fire your stupid minister or ministers who suggest this storyline because of a perceived link between RPK and Bala and PKR, then these are all lies.
Why should anyone be prevented from meeting up with RPK? He hasn't committed any crime and if he has, then the long arms of the law should be sufficient to bring him back. The inability of our own law enforcing agency to bring him back from UK would suggest that we have not got sufficient standing to have RPK extradited. We haven't got a case against him. If we have, then the UK law enforcing agency must be the stupidest in the world for not working alongside to enforce valid laws.
This the Home Minister hasn't answered but he is busy telling stories about the link between RPK and PKR. Probably some UMNO people will even say, these people are the same because the syllables in their names are the same.
What's so saddening about allowing the MACC to go to London and expose the vicious lies and innuendos that this Bala is doing? And we can also expose the possibility that RPK and Zaid and PKR are the people behind the plot to overthrow the legitimate government through an extra judicial means.
We need a strong, determined and serious leadership.


Anonymous,  5 July 2010 at 09:37  

You hit it on the head why people should believe Bala. Given the advantage the BN govt has over the judiciary, the police, the AG office, there is no reason not to haul everyone up and charge them for defamation and flush out the truth completely.

The only answer why things are not put entirely in public view is because the charges of Bala has too much truth in it that damages the parties concern.

Anonymous,  5 July 2010 at 10:15  

Truth prevails! The trouble is that the guilty ones are worrid shit and hence the buyout for silence.
Lets be serious ! Bala just want his end of the bargain! They played him out wholesale by giving him piecemeal instead of 5 mil and made him a fugitive now. He wants his pound of flesh so can the PM's bro deny this including Rosie's Depaark?
Semua ada connection........

Anonymous,  5 July 2010 at 11:17  

Your brain works above any other UMNO brain. You think better than any of them, including the PM.

Every serious allegation is brushed off as ' A lie' and case closed. The news is then blacked out in the hope the people will forget.
What UMNO fails to realize is that Malaysians are not stupid as he thinks.
Honestly, I, like many of my friends believe Bala and RPK. We believe Najib had an affair with Altantuya. We believe he had sex with her. We believe he shared her with Baginda. We believe they made millions in the purchase of the submarine that couldn't dive.
We don't believe Najib's oath on
Allah's name that he never knew her.
Any man fighting for dear life (and his position) will do that.
As far as we are concerned

Najib'name is tarnished on earth and in heaven. His hand is soiled with blood.
And God will NEVER BLESS a country which accepts such a man as its leader.

Red Alfa 5 July 2010 at 11:53  

Salam Dato'

"We need a strong, determined and serious leadership." May we add morally upright and principled leadership.

If PM/Number One is morally upright and principled he would have been strong, determined and serious in dealing the who and what is right or wrong issues.

He wouldn't have missed out any of the right moves that should nail the truths and certainly wouldn't have made such judgement errors in making those wrong moves that he has now no more moves - He has morally checkmated himself!

Yes, the fish rots starting from the head!

donplaypuks® 5 July 2010 at 12:19  

Looks like UMNO is already in "Opposition' frame of mind and day by day, DPM is getting to be worse than foot-in-mouth Nazri!

Their body language is bad and will only serve to drive away supporters. And the strategy of demonising the Opposition daily and harassing their newspapers and cartoonists will backfire on them big time.

They have forgotten that action speaks louder than words. They should concentrate on the Economy, Education, Welfare, Health and other bread and butter issues.

Sack this $77 million APCO and other "advisors." They are helping UMNO to lose the war!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  5 July 2010 at 12:41  


DS Najib wants team players and not prima dona in UMNO.

But without strong, determined and serious leadership, it's nothing but a pipe dream.

May be it's still not too late to learn from Joachim Loew, the giant slayers of 2010 World Cup.

"I do not try to find a tactic to fit the players that I have. I want players who can apply my tactics and vision of football, what I want to see on the pitch and this is how I select them.'...Joachim Loew

Sideline,  5 July 2010 at 12:46  


Your article strengthen my believe that you and many other ordinary UMNO members are no longer succumb to ideology to take orders without questioning the leaders actions, intention and motives for the betterment of the organization movement. There might be hope in UMNO provided the UMNO leaderships listen to such views.

But then again in today's article in theStar "DPM lashes out at Malays who criticise govt policies" soon evaporate such hope.

Anonymous,  5 July 2010 at 13:02  

Aiyah Dato', mana PM Najib berani to come out clean on this Bala and RPK thing. Berani kerana benar. Takut kerana salahlah Dato'. Kalau dia dan Rosmah tak bersalah, dah lama dia sue RPK and Bala sampai terlondeh seluar. Sebab dia takut kebenaran akan timbul dan hilang jawatan, maka cuma nafi dan duduk senyap saja dgn harapan masa akan membuat orang melupakannya. kalau dia mahu rakyat punya respect he must do the right thing. Respect must be earned. Ini semua "common sense" saja.

Anonymous,  5 July 2010 at 13:13  

WHY should anyone trust common persons such as RPK & Bala more then our own dignified,trustworthy & esteemed leaders?

It just doesn't make sense.

If I accuse Obama of half the things our PM is said to be guilty of I will be extradited and Alcatrazed tomorrow.

So,your article is so timely.We have allowed the sores to fester,the virus to get more corpulent by our own weak denials and inaction.

Elegant silence does not work all the time.

We need to take action now and not a minute later.

The fantastic initiatives of 1Msia,NEM,NKEA will not be successful if these issues continues to be allowed to distract the rakyat.

Anonymous,  5 July 2010 at 13:36  


If only Najib's minions, self-seeking servile flatterers or sychophants as you prefer to call them in the UMNO corridors of power, can embrace your critical thinking skill sets in providing such elucidating advice, Najib's repute and image would have gone a few points up.

Such a sensible and simple course of action that needs to be done to nip the controversial scandal brewing in the alternative virtual media can be so foolishly sweeped under the carpet and chose to pass them as 'lies'.

Bala's Statutary Declaration and RPK's affidavit are no laughing matters that can be dismissed offhand. They have reached international media attention. And for a nation's PM to have his character tainted with such tenacious admission is a political time-bomb that is going to explode in the passage of time.

That's why UMNO cannot and must not inherit the legacy of administrating the nation in perpectuaty for the simple reason that they lack such capacity, competency, integrity and credibility.

That's why an alternative opposition party will have to surface and sweep them into oblivion and pack them up and ship them to Timbuktu.

schenker78 5 July 2010 at 14:36  


you have to remember that Bala was a police in the Special branch who later become P.I

I am sure a lot of good police officer in PDRM pissed off with UMNO and feeding info to Bala, RPK and Pakatan.

Even RPK have said many UMNO ppl met him in London. RPK do have friends from UMNO and the police insiders as what he said.

RPK and Pakatan did not get the Israeli link in police force by themselves but from higher officers who hates Musa.

Anonymous,  5 July 2010 at 14:43  

Dear Datuk,

Always admire you for raising the "right things" instead of the "drama things". PR should pay attention to you for competence gorvenance.

Perkasa are busy plotting "drama malam jumaat" with MCA. I hope this stupid self-serving drama will not implicate the whole nation.

It doesn't matter perkasa or mca die, if both perish that will be perfect ending for the drama. We don't need both of them anyway.

Thank you.

Cawan Lama

schenker78 5 July 2010 at 14:44  

Is RPK so called crime worse than what Razak Baginda did??

Razak Baginda slept with Altantuya (no syariah case, why??), got commissions in submarine deal, now shaking leg in London with his family while RPK is being pursuit.

Razak baginda has abetting to killing or hiding powerful people behind the blowing up of Altantuya.

RPK has said he only giving info by what his Deep Throat in the Armed Forces Intelligence friends have told him about Rosy and kolonel and his wife being at the place of the killing....

The two killer UTK faces never been revealed...why?? will they be executed or there will be some kind of wayang with some drug addicts taking their place....

Just like Hollywood movie...send them out to Indonesia or Europe with few millions with their family.

We dont even know whether they are in Jail or not at the moment. No news of execution date also...

IbnAbdHalim 5 July 2010 at 15:09  

Bring Bala forward and someone will piss in his pants or perhaps even shit. So, it safer not to bring Bala or RPK home. After all the two scapegoats have already been sentenced to death. Never mind about the truths. What counts is power. That's the ultimate goal in this life.

schenker78 5 July 2010 at 15:13  

nejib, rosma and mathir will go to hell when their time comes....

u can have heaven on earth with billions and botox for now but just wait....its better for them to confess now and go jail or executed for their crime on earth to lessen their pain in HELL...............

PS...What happened to the persian pussy cat name???

schenker78 5 July 2010 at 15:31  

sudah 30 tahun kepala kemudi malaysia tak da betul....

tukar kapal baru dengan kapten baru sementara kapal lama ni masuk dock bikin overhaul 5 tahun....

paktam 5 July 2010 at 15:36  

Everybody talk about strong leadership, and yet everybody talk about freedom of press. They are not connected. Are they?

Good political leadership is one that takes everything into consideration. For one his deputy and Defence Minister is not his choice. Two of the MBs is not UMNO's choice. Officers in MACC are previous PM's choice. The UMNO youth leader is definately not his preference.

These Bala and others are during which PM?

Anonymous,  5 July 2010 at 16:44  

"We need a strong, determined and serious leadership.", you say. Emmm! Looking at UMNO's leftover leaders today, I don't see, yes, really I don't see any person that has these capabilities. Today's UMNO leaders lack all these good qualities. Frankly, this party has to disband and allow a new party to take over for the sake of this country and its people.
Anyway, what is it in UMNO that Anwar could not afford to give to the people of this country through Keadilan. Its just that the goons cannot scramble into keadilan cause all its positions have already been taken up. So, who wants to be a 'machai', after being a warlord for umpteen years.
Under UMNO everything is in place, the police, Judiciary, MACC, SPR and etc. Pleaaase UMNO go away...never come again on another day.

Anonymous,  5 July 2010 at 17:02  

Dato Sak,
"When we(BN Politicians) say it is so, that means it is the truth"
"We BN politicians knows what is good for you (the rakyat)"
"Don't question what we (BN politicians) say or do, just ACCEPT it, OK"
Typical 'TOP-down' or roughly translated = shove it down your throat BN style mentality.

Quiet Despair,  5 July 2010 at 17:33  

Bala and RPK are regarded as heroes by some. though they are acting cowardly.
They have a teacher in Anwar Ibrahim who fled to Turkish embassy to evade arrest and always running to US for support in his sodomy trial.
The two should be brave enough to face the music if they are not in the wrong.
Why cant they be like Aung San Suu Kyi who chose to stay in Myanmar when she is really under persecution in her home country?
She can easily get asylum in Britain since her late hubby and kids are Britishers.
Questions arise as to how did the duo escaped and how did they get such a long visa to stay there.
It boggles me how did people like Bala can also afford run to England.
Is this running away going to be fashinable for future wrong-doers?Luckily MACC disband the idea of going to England to inteview Bala.
You go to the interviewer and not the other way around.
It means wasting time and tax-payers money.
Let the two die and rot there.
Revoke their citiznship.
Najib must be brave to act since they are detrimental to his leadership with false accusations.
Failing that, made it appears as though Najib is guilty like they accused him of.
Najib must stop being in denial mode.
Sure there's a way to extradite them

Anonymous,  5 July 2010 at 18:18  

The Government of the day are having a lot baggages and liabities to carry....all trusts being betrayed and too much skeletons in the their backdrops for cover-up. Their leaderships capabilitues derived more questions and answers. Do Malaysian have an option? What about the oppositions? Well, may be the same boat or worse-off if they come to power. What are we, the common people, going to do now? I don't have any anwers for you now. May Allah bless Malaysia, always.

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