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Sakmongkol ak 47

Sunday, 18 July 2010

The Rumble that KJ created

The star yesterday( 17th of July) carried a piece written by its star political analyst, Jocelyn Tan on KJ. It was entitled the KJ question rumbles in UMNO. The rumble it seems, originated from an interview some people had with KJ. The spin from that interview had it, that KJ will not defend his KP post the next time around. Miss Tan was quick to suggest that KJ may be better off going for the 25 MKT post in UMNO.
The news that KJ isn't going to defend his post sent shivers of jubilation of orgasmic proportions among some bloggers too. The usual suspects were not ashamed at displaying their glee. I can't fathom the rational and justification of calling one of our own as a 'si kitol' who in Malay History is regarded as the classic turncoat.
UMNO people must learn respect and discipline. If someone has been elected by the system to a position, that must be respected. After that question of selection has been settled, he must be accorded space to perform his task. He must be given application. KJ therefore applies himself as a leader of Pergerakan Pemuda. He fills the space that he defines.
The spin and the coded message in J.Tan's piece? That's exactly what KJ's detractors will be hoping for. Goad KJ into believing its more worthwhile to go for an MKT post. Not a good move. The future belongs to our young people. They need leadership. The more important issue is, they need a leadership that is in sync with the young. KJ is replaceable IFF there is an alternative young or younger talent to provide leadership and direction to Pemuda UMNO.
The truth is, there is none. We have a collection of people with shared ideals with KJ. Not all, but probably half of the Pergerakan Pemuda. The other half can offer their program the next time around and if they win, they apply themselves to the tasks they defined. Be it Malay hegemonism, Malay this and that or even UMNO Puteraism. All thing first to the Puteras and select.
Which direction is Pemuda going? Obviously it has to serve as the sounding board for the country's leadership. Expand, develop and defend the ideas of the UMNO leadership. The UMNO leadership led by its president has one vision- to create a 1Malaysia which will become a high income country by 2020. Whether its achievable is another question. Personal beliefs and apprehension are no excuse not to give support to the idea.
There should be no rumblings in the first place. The leadership of Pemuda is throwing their weight behind the idea of the UMNO president and PM. Seen in this context, KJ is doing the right thing when picking up the cudgels to battle the ideas that people like Ibrahim Ali represents. Recently, Nazri Aziz spoke of the same thing. Meaning what KJ is doing is gaining credence. That in a future as envisioned by the UMNO president and PM, ideas such as that promoted by Ibrahim Ali's Perkasa cannot be countenanced. Those UMNO people joining Perkasa are the ones who needed disciplining.
The ideas insisted by Perkasa which is old school NEP cannot be defended any longer. We have to see the big picture now. The big picture demands a thinking, that sees the Malay people in relation to the world. Because now, the Malays are not affected only by events that occur only here in Malaysia, but they are affected and in turn are giving effect to what happens to the world at large.
So what's happening out there? What's happening out there, is people move forward when they respond to challenges in the appropriate manner. People move forward by being competitive, by offering their talent and hard work, by leveraging on their capabilities. That is what I hope what the PM means when he says affirmative policies stay but based on factual premises.
If Malays operate within Malaysia, where on account of demographics and on account of political superiority, they may be able to throw their weight around. The only way you move forward in that world, is overwhelming those who oppose or disagree with you by forceful means. That's not democratic. That's Stalinist method we are promoting. Pummel your opponents by your mystic-infused krises. Hello brother- people are using Tavor assault rifles, people are using the CornerShot rifles.
But you are playing in that small pool which one day will get overcrowded. So one day, when you have no other race to push around, you end up pushing one another. What kind of future do you have then? You have anarchy.
So, the big picture is the future we are after. How we make ourselves relevant to what is happening around us in this world. Not just in Malaysia.
What about this unsolicited advice that KJ is better off if going for an MKT post? Its suicidal.
For KJ to disown his KP post and go for one of the 25 posts. He won't win. Simply because, the MKT post will be a different ball game. this time around, all the positions in UMNO will be decided by delegates at each divisional division. That's the new way of selecting leaders laid down by the new UMNO constitution. That being the case, each position will be decided by ordinary delegates made up mainly of non Pemuda people. Usually, the number of pemuda delegates from branches to the Bahagians are smaller in number than senior members. Most of these people will not know KJ and he, of course will not be able to go round the almost 200 UMNO divisions in the country to touch base.
The best thing he can do and this is actually what UMNO needs is for KJ to stay the course. He must remain as KP. The most visible face and the most notable name in Pergerakan Pemuda is KJ. I have said this many times. He won the post fair and square, every one of the contestant campaigned using money. We are not going to be hypocritical to imagine for one moment, Khir Toyo and Mukhriz campaigned without using money. Blame the system then. It's our system that nourishes money politics. If the same system has allowed someone whom we find disagreeable to win, too bad. Tails I win, heads you lose.
What was the message that KJ sent out when he said he may not defend his post? What he is actually saying is , if here is a young candidate as capable as him, or can do a better job, he is willing to step aside. Where is that young gun that is as visible and as potentially capable as KJ? Sadly there is none. So, for people to rush in and say that KJ is quitting, are just playing out their wet dreams to have someone whom they fancy to replace KJ. We can't see anyone of consequential material to replace KJ for quite some time.
That's also the reality the UMNO president has to contend with. His ideas need championing. Right now, whether KJ is doing this to earn a place and position in the government isn't that important. What's more important if having your ideas championed. Elevate those who do.


schenker78 18 July 2010 at 11:47  

as much as my thinking goes, Khairy is a better person today compared to 2 years ago when Badawi was PM.

He is more humble and open than any UMNO leaders today. Khairy was a beruk last time that like to goncang pokok kelapa (using his owns words feud with maha firaun thir)....

Having said that, Badawi family cannot be trusted as they were caught with nuclear component submarine exports with BSA Tahir, which RPK exposed few days ago, which include the police questioning and answers by Tahir...(this news mush have been leaked by top policemen to RPK).

But we dont know to what extent Khairy knows the involvement of Badawi son in the Scomi scandal.

PS. Can we start up a campaign petition to sell back the 2 Junk Altantuya Submarines to a 3rd country or sell back to France for a discount rather than do sailboat competition during LIMA show...waybe we can get back 3billion ringgit back and save the cost of operation for the next 20 yrs....

Obi Wan Kenobi,  18 July 2010 at 12:27  

What a hurried article u just posted. A bit desperate. The unholy alliance between Nazri and kj with u as the mouthpiece has just been unearthed.
One inconsequential article from joceline and she has got all kj fannous feeling the heat. As the result, they lash toward other people and failed to look into the mirror.
Even Ku Li undersatnd the problem kj had created for himself.
Now we know the true intention of kj. In fact he is never inclusive. He always disregard people that may oppose him as puny and not up to his mark; him being an Oxford graduate and all.
Hey Sakmongkol! To answer your question as to who can replace kj, it is certainly no other than his deputy Razali. Or you too is as blind as KJ?

Well I can have an opinion too can't I? Hahaha

Anonymous,  18 July 2010 at 12:42  

PM attended Perkasa event. That means a lot. PM agrees with Perkasa. PM even mentioned that Perkasa is doing a lot of good for the Malays.
Yet why you said PM is against Perkasa? Just to cover up KJ and nazri's blunder?
The problem with those two numbskullls (can I call them that? Sounds a lot better than kitol), is that they so nor know how to read the sentiment of the grassroots of the party they represent.
A paracuter like kj can never understand this because he wasn't brought up in an Umno environment. He came back to Malaysia and become a tv host for a short while. He has no real kampung or urban experience here in Malaysia. Then he joined PTD through the advice of pak lah after his mother seeker help. In haste, he became the dpm's special officer. The rest is history. He won the deputy Umno youth position because of nepotism.
Ever wonder why no sons of PM ever made it big in politics when the father is still PM? KJ tried to be in politics when his father is still the PM!
That's pure lack of sensitivity.
All this issues are his own undoing. If you want to join politics, join after your father or father in law has retired or died. But nobody adviced him on that.
That is why he is the most hated winner of all time and can't do much because people just loathe him. I'd he had waited and be patient and not greedy, he could be a deputy minister of MITI now. But he is now. Because he wanted to be the first son/son in law of a sitting PM to be actively involved in politics!
If not because of money politics, he won't even be a good businessman!

Anonymous,  18 July 2010 at 13:06  

Maybe a slight murmur, but definitely not a rumble


Anonymous,  18 July 2010 at 13:06  

I am not exactly a die-hard fan of KJ
I think he behaved 'arrogantly' when
his FIL was the PM simply because
there were so many opportunists goading him. He must have felt that he was 'the man'

Then when his FIL stepped down,so was his power and he lost most of
his so-called die-hard supporters (read OPPORTUNISTS).

Having said that, I still think KJ
is the only man (emphasis on the
word ONLY) that can lead UMNO to a more pragmatic and accepted future.

His fault now is tht he has become timid and uncertain on events unfolding. He hesitates too much for a KP.

His is a brilliant chap. If only he will use his brilliance to steer his Pemudas to a more down-to-earth attitude towards events. Throw away the rhetorics that goes hand-in-hand with opportunists.

Back up comments and thoughts with clear and credible arguments - never mind if Dr. M will never agree to whatever you says.

On a personal side, I still dont like him!


Anonymous,  18 July 2010 at 13:09  

Agreed. But why is that your division head not put him in the cabinet to enable him to contribute more effectively? Why appoint the loser Mukhriz? KJ is many times more capable than Mukhriz. Being an UMNO Pekan man, can you tell us the reason?

The only reason I can see is either Najib does not like him or he is too scared of backlash from Mahathir. The later is probably the real reason. Najib is a play-safe and also a flip-flop PM. He is not doing the right things. He is there mainly riding on his father's legacy very much like his cousin, the hopeless Home Minister.For as long as he does not come out clean on the Altantuya case by suing RPK and Bala until they loose their pants, he will not get my respect and I believe from many others as well. Why is he scared to go to court and clear his name? You cannot clear your name by just uttering one word - "frivolous". Can you?

Believe me Dato, for as long as Mahathir is around there is no place for KJ and Ib Ali will be in the limelight as he has the tacit endorsement from Mahathir. For as long as Mahathir is around the Proton will be ther no matter how uncompetitive and inferior cars they produce. Sucking the rakyat dry. Can you imagine selling the Waja to the Arabs at RM32k while the same car we have to pay more than 60k here. So much about Kereta Rakyat.

Yes Rakyat didahulukan. How true. I quote "don't talk shit, don't talk shit, don't talk shit". Sounds familiar? Guess it is more appropriately be directed to the current UMNO leadership.

Anonymous,  18 July 2010 at 13:30  


Anon13:09 said:

"Believe me Dato, for as long as Mahathir is around there is no place for KJ and Ib Ali will be in the limelight as he has the tacit endorsement from Mahathir."

The Puppetmaster is still alive..And as long as the Puppetmaster is alive KJ will have to mark his time. And that is exactly what I would suggest to him.
Everything is Impermanent...
Everyone Grow old ..Ages and Dies!

Ignore the howling wolves and crying Hyenas for they are nothing more than Wolves and Hyenas.

Joe Black

Anonymous,  18 July 2010 at 14:02  

Dear Dato,

The following comments may not be relevant to this article at hand,but they could be pointers on the future political landscape of Malaysia.

Very recently a Thai political party member very close to the present Thai PM,revealed to me during a discussion in my office a very astounding and controvertial piece of a Thai insider news.

The political landscape come post-King Bhumibol era will witness
a revolutionary transformation, if not a 'bloody' one. Thailand will witness the end of the Mornachy era, as the present heir to the throne is not well respected and revered by the Thais as much as the present King. In actual fact, his galvanating behaviour has become an national embarassment to the country.

He further pointed out that, for decades and decades of continuous propaganda and mass media indoctrination, by the powerful military, the Thai people were co-erced to rever the King, because of self-interests of the Military Generals who obtain their 'wings' from the King. More than 30% of the prime land in Bangkok district areas belong to the King.

He even predicts that thousands will die in this political transformation. The recent 'Red Shirt' protest will be re-enacted in the similar manner.

The consciousness of the Thai people has evolved and are very political conscious of the county's future destiny.

You think Malaysia will also witness similar transformation, or will the present UMNO government continue to preserve the constitutional mornachy system.

Will this system become archaic when the evolution of the consciousness of the Malay people reach a tipping point?

Red Alfa 18 July 2010 at 14:20  

Salam Dato'

What good opinions/feelings about KJ you have including may with most of us today are much due to his recent efforts to reinventing/re-branding himself.

Unfortunately he might have overplayed when he was the SIL. We who were but bystanders might not forget and that's probably as fatal as can be to him being fully accepted in any roles he is wishing for. To test today's perceptions, can he win if he stands for Rembau bye-election?

Imagine the people he had crossed who by their vengeful and vicious characters, who especially wouldn't care much for any of the respectful and disciplined manner that you are advocating? We are only awaiting their krises yet to be unsheathed!

It's no rumbles and no sooner, KJ is a lost cause celebre! Mustn't we start looking for someone who has little if not none of his kind of baggage. And you say there isn't any; isn't that is the crux of today's issues of UMNO leadership?

Anonymous,  18 July 2010 at 15:00  

"Politican cannibalism"!!!
This is UMNO politics.

No need of brain power. No intellectualism. It's sheer brawn power. Might. Survival of the fittest. No mercy. Man eat man.

This party is on auto pilot. There's going to be a crash landing. Just you wait.

Anonymous,  18 July 2010 at 17:05  

KJ is the only UMNO person who can take on the PR young turks and give them a run for their money.
Mukriz will not be able to have a debate with PR guys.
Without daddy and that bunch of bloggers s propping him up, he is dead meat.
Look at the way KJ takes on PR in the twitting world.
Mukriz is ZERO, KJ is HERO.
I am no fan of KJ but i accept facts.Thus my respect for KJ

sniper,  18 July 2010 at 18:34  


KJ is just another soapbox politician - with a bigger soapbox, during Dollah's time.

well, 7 hours to count and recount the votes for KP post is a joke. Even the Hulu Selangor by election with 60,000 voters don't take that long. Now, that is a rumble.

And I wonder where will KJ be now if he's not married to Nori, daughter of the auto pilot PM.

Probably Anwar Ibrahim's coffee boy.

kluangman 18 July 2010 at 18:52  

Apa sangatlah hebatnya Kj itu kalau dia tidak mampu membawa semua tenaga, semangat dan roh Pemuda UMNO untuk bersamanya dalam menangani semua isu isu.

Terkontang kanting dan keseorangan dalam memperkata dan memperjuangkan isu.

Inilah akibatnya kalau seorang pemain simpanan ditolak kehadapan dan disurong masuk ke padang sebagai striker, kalau dah kaki bangku, bila agaknya nak jaring gol.

Anonymous,  18 July 2010 at 19:13  

we can sell the submarine at Euro1.00

Anonymous,  18 July 2010 at 19:21  

I think you are the one who miss the big picture. Perkasa existed because UMNO and you have become timid. It's a necessary platform to counter and stall the aggressive move from the left led mainly by DAP 's Malaysia Malaysian agenda. The move has been so successful that now a Malay from PAS call another Malay buying from a pakcik racists. Everytime a Malay defend their culture and lifestyle it's racists. Policies and defenders of Malay rights are all racists. NEP racists. Scholarships racists. Schools racists. Goverment racists. Mahathir racists. So successful they were that they are trying to change the meaning of Allah which we Malay, as majority, use several times daily for hundreds of years to a more generic meaning as used by minorities for decades.
In the meantime the Chinese defend to the hilt their language and culture but this is not racists. The cause of NEP which was the economic dominance through clans and Chinese factions are not racists. (why not racists I don't know why) These business practices through helping of other Chinese friends and cronies are practises till now but somehow not racists. The vernacular schools are not racists. It doesn't matter that our kids are separated from young. As long as they are in Chinese schools it's not racists.
All these happen before our eyes and where were UMNO and you? We have become defensive. We talk among ourselves of these but never dare say it publicly. Why can't we say the Chinese are racists too? Why must we be apologetic and the opponents be aggressive?
So we need perkasa. Not because of their principles. But because they are bold and have balls. We need this until we can talk without these name calling anymore. Until we can accept how we are. Until we can focus on our similarities than our differences and discuss with respect. The way they treat mahathir by these name calling show their modus in approaching this agenda. It's despicable. Until you are willing to speak out, we need perkasa. Now do you see the big picture?
Ellese A

Anonymous,  18 July 2010 at 19:25  

I agree with anon 12:42.It's quite hard to relate with KJ due to his own weird actions.
2 words for KJ-impatient and fail to manage. He can't wait to enter politics even his FIL was a PM and he fails to manage seniors(Ex-PM and his supporters)
IFF he has that, I think I will respect him more.
For a second, I'm happy that he's not defending his post. But Datuk, now I know a supporter like you will make your boss ousted. Ini org panggil sokong membawa rebah.

Quiet Despair,  18 July 2010 at 21:14  

My take is KJ is floating the idea to test the waters.
He feels that he is not appreciated enough by the Pemuda UMNO people.
I can't blame him.
His deputy Razali is a deputy minister. There are talks he may be put to contest against KJ next year.
If you see, KJ is not accorded the respect he deserved as UMNO Youth chief.
The one who lost to him, Mukhriz is now moving fast ince he is a deputy minister.
There's speculations that he will be appointed Kedah MB if BN recapture the state.
So KJ is deciding what is in store for him in future. He may think it's better to go for MKT to decide the limbo he's in once and for all.
He is only called to officiate only one UMNO division - Pendang.
I think KJ should bide his time and wait for Tun M to die before he gets hus due reward.
Or else Najib can give him to contest a state seat in Negeri Sembilan so that he can become MB.
He can buld his power base from there.

Anonymous,  18 July 2010 at 21:23  

KJ is an opportunist of the worst kind. The manifestation of his opportunism is too raw coming from a young man.

At this rate, KJ can't go far unless he makes radical change to his public persona.

His taste of power comes too early. He did not do his hard yards in politics and that will be his downfall.

KJ can only redeem himself if he is willing to take some steps back to recalibrate and re-pace his ambitions.. he has time on his hands. He will suffer political burn-out which will render him unpopular and un-electable.

Right now, the odds are against him inwinning back his Rembau or retaining his UMNO Youth Chief position.

flyer168 18 July 2010 at 21:56  


He is not connecting himself with the Higher Echelons & the Grassroots "Within his Party"...therein lies his present failure to make the two groups understand him...

Just to share this...

The Singularity Is Near: -

The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology is a 2005 update of Raymond Kurzweil's 1999 book, The Age of Spiritual Machines and his 1987 book The Age of Intelligent Machines. In it, as in the two previous versions, Kurzweil attempts to give a glimpse of what awaits us in the near future. He discusses the coming technological singularity, and how we will be able to augment our bodies and minds with technology. He describes the singularity as resulting from a combination of three important technologies of the 21st century: genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics (including artificial intelligence).

Four central postulates of the book are as follows:

1. A technological-evolutionary point known as "the singularity" exists as an achievable goal for humanity.
2. Through a law of accelerating returns, technology is progressing toward the singularity at an exponential rate.
3. The functionality of the human brain is quantifiable in terms of technology that we can build in the near future.
4. Medical advancements make it possible for a significant number of his generation (Baby Boomers) to live long enough for the exponential growth of technology to intersect and surpass the processing of the human brain.


“The application of the concept of the dialectic has further enhanced my understanding of the contradictory interrelationship between Schubert’s (1983) cultural reproduction and social reconstruction images of curriculum.

Our own cultural experiences make it hard for us to completely disregard legitimate traditional ways of doing things, despite our whole-hearted acceptance of a paradigm, whatever it may be.

We have to live, and commit to the new paradigm, or the values and principles that support it, otherwise the words are just rhetoric without effect on reality.

However, a problem with the dialectic through its relationship to praxis, is that it views reality through actions in the material or perceived world. This seems to ignore the thoughts that an individual may have about a situation.

The thoughts count for nought if there is no action or the action is ineffectual. Does this mean therefore that they do not exist or at least might as well not exist? There is room for further exploration of this issue which I cannot, or rather I am unable to, go into here.

My own emergent conclusions from this study are that Fullan's theories of change agentry can govern the actions of a change agent, and enable them to perform adequately, if many of the ideas included in his writings and those sited by him from others are accepted and used.

The dialectic adds another dimension to change management in a most potent way, but the question about the role of the mind sounds a warning about the human element in this theory.

Finally, as Fullan says, "… without change agentry, moral purpose stagnates…" or, in terms of the dialectic, without praxis, critical analysis turns into consolidation of the status quo, or as Bruce Willis put it...

In the movie Die Hard, "If you ain’t part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem!"

You be the judge...


vinnan,  18 July 2010 at 22:08  

Anon 18 July 2010 19:21

UMNO and no one else is to be held responsible for the well-being of the Malays.
Najib with the blessing of Mamak is going slash and eventually remove the food and fuel subsidies which make it possible for Malays to have big families so as to maintain the numerical advantage of the Malays at the polls. Mamak wants his PROJEKS and Najib needs to keep the UMNO warlords happy. The oil money is gone. Badawi sold the last two big blocks of oil to Brunei. UMNO greed is willing to sacrifice the future of the country and the Malays at the altar of PROJEKS. The Malays may one day lose their numerical superiority not because of the DAP/Chinese but because UMNO has become nothing more than a corrupt institution which only worships power and money. You make the DAP/Chinese a diversion for your own failure. The real enemy of the Malays though is not the DAP but UMNO.

If KJ can truly embrace the need for a multi-racial effort to make this country great, I support his efforts wholeheartedly. Perhaps UMNO has a future in him.

Anonymous,  18 July 2010 at 22:08  

If you are talking about picking amongst the trio -


Do we need Paul the psychic octopus to tip us off with his extraordinaire instinct?

If you ask me KJ is still not good enough to be elected the KP of the moronic youth, how about the two down the list?

Errr... i can only tell you that stink is what i can smell from the pigstie!

donplaypuks® 18 July 2010 at 23:49  

Unfortunately, KJ does not have a Don Corleone to protect him, though he may have one or two secrets of Najib to tread water.

Mukhriz has Maha Firaun and Perkosong.

So, it's touch and go because KJ does not have the contracts to keep the Putera's at bay! "Got Contract" is KING!

But what does it say about UMNO and M'sian politics that they can't find alternatives to KJ and Mukhriz?

Curious too that Mahathir mentioned "Si Kitol" and "Mendaliar" in his blog. Actually, the Sejarah say "Mudaliar" meaning a South Indian Chettiar - The Moneybags of the Melaka Sultanate!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous,  19 July 2010 at 00:34  

Dato, what is opinion on Dato Sabri Ahmad on his appoitment as CEO of Felda Corp? Another recylce CEO for Felda! What happen to succession plan for GLCs? Only God knows.

flyer168 19 July 2010 at 03:34  


This is interesting...Based on an actual 1946 classroom film...

Fun with Fascism...1946 -

One Nation...For ALL !

September 12, 2006

Is your community sinking into... despotism?

Find out with this handy video from

Based on an actual 1946 classroom film.

From the media to schools to elections: how did they know...?!

You be the judge.


Anonymous,  19 July 2010 at 08:33  

It seems the non-Malays in this country see more hope in the Malays than some Malays themselves.

Its true UMNO is incapable of change and reform. But the fact is that there are PKR and PAS is capable of changing shows that there is hope for optimism. Unlike UMNO, you look at the quality of second-in-line of PKR and even PAS leaders and they are better than the old guards and they are moving up the organisation.

Its actually why I find it odd that the issue of Malay leadership is so much debated. You look at the second line of leaders in PAS and PKR, and there is no way they would neglect the interest of the Malays. They may not have all the answer to all the challenges of the Malays especially the short term but they have the answer to most of them in the long term. In the end, that is all the Malays can hope for and you can argue rightly so. The rest is up to each and every Malay and to God.

Anonymous,  19 July 2010 at 09:24  

The likes of KJ and brighter people in UMNO are wasting their time. The only reason they are still with UMNO is because its safer career wise as well as sentimentality with UMNO as an institution.

At the core of why they will fail is because their struggle is not largely based on cold logic and intellectual arguments.

UMNO cannot be reform that is the bottom lime. Mahathir condemned it in 1988 and basically it was condemned the day Mahathir became President.

Even if you love UMNO much less the Malay cause, you want to throw it out of power for its own good.

The issue of Malay reform as As Zaid Ibrahim says boils down to a famous line. Do you believe 'Melayu tak akan Hilang'? If you do, then the Malays, as a natural course of any race, will renew itself, will adapt whatever the future may be. It may not happen quickly, a minority will not survive, there may be set backs but so long as you put in system that is dynamic, they will renew themselves and adapt like any race. Even the biggest crony of all Daim Zainuddin says that, so long as you take care of education, everything else should be taken care. What he means is top quality education for the masses i.e. the institutions that protect the masses like schools, judges, police, MACC etc.. Any form of discrimination and disadvantages will not hold up in the long run if those things are largely upheld.

UMNO cannot fix those ills, its just too hard. They opened up the Pandora's box when they decided that lying was acceptable institutionally back in May 13, 1969. The rot has just spread too far. You have got to throw out the entire box to fix it.

Anonymous,  19 July 2010 at 09:45  

Anonymous @ 18 July 2010 19:21,

Let see WHO is missing the BIG picture;

‘Everytime a Malay defend their culture and lifestyle it's racists. Policies and defenders of Malay rights are all racists. NEP racists. Scholarships racists. Schools racists. Goverment racists. Mahathir racists.’

U either trying to play dumb or u r dumb! On all the calls that u mentioned, there is one COMMON factor – ketuanan. See it?

Didn’t see it – or is it too BIG a forest for u to see?

The Others M’sians have NEVER impose their culture/religions, aka assimilation, to the Malay M’sians.

Pls don’t tell me that the Malaysian’s Malaysia is an Others’ ‘ketuanan concept’ as so dear to u people! Obviously u cant see that picture through yrs of umno indoctrinations.

‘The cause of NEP which was the economic dominance through clans and Chinese factions are not racists. (why not racists I don't know why) These business practices through helping of other Chinese friends and cronies are practises till now but somehow not racists.’

U think the economic dominance, through clans and Chinese factions, is tongkat-induced right like u people claimed? Those r efforts resulted through generations of hard-works. They r not like yr grandfather’s heirloom. U accumulated them through blood-sweat-&-tears. Ooh – to u people blood-sweat-&-tears is ONLY slogan for syok-sendiri!

‘The vernacular schools are not racists. It doesn't matter that our kids are separated from young. As long as they are in Chinese schools it's not racists.’

Ya-loh, as long as u have nincompoops & religious bigots running the national schools u will continue segregate our children from mixing around in a carefree environment. So get that into yr thick brain that vernacular schools ARE NOT the source of children disintegration. Yr ketuanan fallacy is!

‘perkasa. Not because of their principles. But because they are bold and have balls.’

Match to their drum beats & see where it leads u! & don’t crying running back & say the Others M’sians have ruined the country for not helpful. The sight to that end is NEAR & CLEAR!

Bloody ignoramus – u deserve to be call RACIST 10x!

Anonymous,  19 July 2010 at 11:55  

I am of the opinion that you should stop trying to promote KJ. Most of what you wrote makes a lot of sense except when it comes to KJ. You seems to have a very blinkered view when it comes to KJ. However, if you still insist on promoting him I guess its your prerogative. You have your reasons for promoting him and I have mine to disagree when it comes to that guy.


Anonymous,  19 July 2010 at 13:37  

KJ has more positives than negatives. The only problem is what when he sees opportunism to score political points, he shows up his negatives more in the pubic domain.

And that is because he lacks political subtlety.

Gone are the days when UMNO leaders can come out and behave like a brute and expect recognition, Gone are the days of MB Dato Harun, Suhaimi Kamarudiin or Syed Jaafar Albar.

KJ has the potential to be a MALAYSIAN LEADER like Anwar, respected by voters of ALL races, but he is taking the wrong train to achieve his goal.

The sooner KJ realises that the UMNO he is associating with TODAY, is an UMNO that breeds Malay insecurity and Malay self-guilty and Malay fears of others.

A fear of a majority community in their own land, and that is the ultimate irony.

The Malay community, as a majority community in fear of their own destiny and in constant fear of others in their own land.

Question that KJ failed to ask is : Why is this so?

The simple answer, as you, Dato Sak, have implied forcefully in several of your postings: UMNO.

The only sub-species of people who are the majority and in fear of others in the their own land are the Ku Klux Klan members in the US.

And sadly, UMNO is breeding the same KKK mentality among the Malay community in the country : racial pride, religious fanaticism (as in Christianity among the KKK), racial insecurity and fear of others.

UMNO was supported even by non Malays to
to help gain Malaysia's independence and a party which started off genuinely interested in championing all that is good and great about the Malay race and uplifting their wellbe4ing without the marginalisation of other racwa has evolved into a monster in the eyes of MOST Malaysians.

It is sad to conclude today that for the Malays to break-out of its self-imposed sense of insecurity, self-guilt, inferiority complex viz-a-viz other races, and as a crutch-dependent people, they have to abandon UMNO in its present form.

Only a radical paradigm shift within UMNO and its race-based policies on governance of the nation can ensure that the Malays will be able to be proud of who they are.

Anonymous,  19 July 2010 at 13:41  

Ellese A
18 July 2010 19:21
Yes, the Chinese and Indians are racists. They are racist in not helping the Malays to make the NEP a success. They are racists for sending their children to Chinese schools to get a good education when our government schools provide such good environments for them to succeed.

They are selfish to get their clans and friends to help in their business. The Malays are better, they depend on the government to help them, not like the selfish Chinese who help themselves.

The Chinese & Indians are crazy. How can scholarships be given based on merit ? It should be based on race and who is majority. You cannot work on meritocracy. Heavens, what would become of our country if the smart ones run it !

TDM is not a racist. He was a fantastic PM. How can 22 years be enough for anyone to be PM. He should be given another 50 years. In fact, he would have promoted Ibrahim Ali to be his DPM. It was a big mistake to have appointed Musa and Anwar to be DPM for they are smart people. How can you have smart people as no. 2 ?

Yes, it is all the fault of the non-Malays, the ‘pendatangs’. Before they came, we happily have the country to ourselves. We were the Tuans. We have our paddy fields and our orchards. Life was so relax then. These ‘pendatangs’ came and work long hours. Why is there a need to work overtime ? Why do we have to go to school and study ?

Send all the ‘pendatangs back to Chian and India. We can go back to our way of life and not face and compete with them. Good riddance.

Think I will sign up with Perkasa. Oops, I am a pendatang. I don’t qualify.

Anonymous,  19 July 2010 at 15:27  

KJ is the only one in Youth antway, MCA and MIC included. The rest are half past...

Col Roseli 19 July 2010 at 23:52  

Somehow rather KJ did not get my vote the last time and I think he'll also not get my vote this time around. Not only from me but also from most of my brothers-in-arms from the Ex-Service Association. Period.

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 06:39  

Dear anon 9.45,

you're a typical racist and chauvinistic person. Claiming to be non racists but clearly through your writing you're racists.

Met many people like you claiming moral high ground but just sampah and rhetorics. Justifying racism if you're practicising it and condemning others simply because you disagree.

Key thing is this. If you're against racism you must also agree with non-discriminatory practice. No two ways about this. Non-discriminatory laws are hallmark of anti-racism practices. But when I confront people like you with this question they are against this. How can there be such a disconnect?

Then I realise these type of people are hipocrites. How can you justify discriminatory Chinese business practices as deserving because it's due to their hardwork. If it's discriminatory it's racism. No two ways. How can you refuse to service me because of my skin? How come you give preferential business terms due to my skin? It's discriminatory and it's racists. The fact you don't see this is because you're a racists but in denial.

Similarly with schools. How can you call for Malaysian first when you allow our kids to befriend only their own race. Surely racial prejudices permeates. If kids don't meet, talk together or laugh together and you suddenly expect it doesn't take a genius that they cannot relate. You need to mix the kids when they're young.if you're anti racism you can see this. Unfortunately if you're a racist like this anon you're just blind.

So stop this racists here and there. You're racists and chauvinistic so you have no right to call others as such. Racists hypocrites 20x


Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 06:59  

Dea anon13:41

My point is direct. You can't call other people racists if you're practising one. You can't call for people to be Malaysian first when you send your kids to vernacular schools and segregate them from young. You can't call other people's business practices as racists when you deny service or suppress business opportunities just because of different skin colour. You're racists yourself so don't expect people to be non racists.

If you're really sincere let's practise non-discriminatory laws. Any dealings which are discriminatory is illegal. It doesn't matter whether the act is by government or individual. It's discriminatory and racists. But somehow I don't hear this at all from the so call non-racists. In fact this law is anathema to them.

So don't pretend and take a moral high ground when you're not. The Malaysian malaysia agenda is all about this. they call for reform based on equality. They call for dismantling of racists business practices. But behind the scene they also support this racists discriminatory business practices. They support the right to separate our kids in schools. They perpetuate these racists practices and prejudism. Now don't you just think thisis hipocritical?

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 08:20  

so what happened to Hang Tuah in the malaysian sejarah syllabus, ellese and anon 659?

isnt that official racism?

so what were you saying about other schools?

if the chinese language useful for Malaysia, and their schools have 10% Malay enrolment, are you saying those Malay parents are endorsing racism?

grow up, both of you.

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 10:24  


So u r trying to talk substance now, eh?

OK – let’s roll.

‘If you're against racism you must also agree with non-discriminatory practice. No two ways about this. Non-discriminatory laws are hallmark of anti-racism practices.’

By this I supposed u mean the Chinese M’sian’s guilds & business networks.

Hello, have any of them refuse to do business with the Malay M’sians? After all they r money-eyed & profit is KING. Of course been that then they have to be very careful about customer profiles & thus credit extensions.

Due to yr ignorance, could be because u r NOT into any kinds of the hard-work business been getting free handouts all the time, u DON’T know about the business credit worthiness of most of yr kindred. The saying of - dapat contra, beli k’reta mewah lagi bini dua - runs deep in their business sense.

So after all the money go to opulent exenses, where to find money to pay the suppliers & the workers? Notice the recent case of non-paying illegal workers at the new Istana site? Ooh – u must be day-dreaming!

So if yr credit is worthless then be prepare to pay more &/or no suppliers would want to deal with u! This is BUSINESS practices all over the world – unless u have a sugar daddy to keep lifting u up, comes rain or shine. Case one is NOT racism, case 2 IS, comprendi?

So, where’s the disconnect? Bloody ignoramus – type3?

cont 2

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 10:25  

cont 2of2

‘How can you call for Malaysian first when you allow our kids to befriend only their own race. Surely racial prejudices permeates. If kids don't meet, talk together or laugh together and you suddenly expect it doesn't take a genius that they cannot relate. You need to mix the kids when they're young.if you're anti racism you can see this.’

I must give it to u! Hey, the forest is right in front of u while u chopped down the tree!

Agree with what u write – but honestly this one u properly get it from somewhere. Yr kind of brain CANNOT bring this out & up to the next logical level!

Here’s the fact – the national schools is currently run by nincompoops & religious bigots.

Even if the Others M’sians bring their kids to the national schools they r & will be continuously been discriminated by these so called ‘policies’. Heard of all those racist’s practices been reported? Ohh – they r only small cases here & there, done by the little napoleons! My foots! – yr little napoleons r human machines that have been programmed by yr cartel brothers’ to do their dirty jobs.

U want us to put our precious little ones into the wolf damp to get insulted? After they have put in all their little efforts to achieve academic excellence only to be told/shown that his/her Malay friends get the scholarships to do Med oversea, even though their results r nowhere as good.

So whose racist & chauvinistic through & through. AND hypocrite, too?

BTW u desecrate yr religion by writing this piece of craps. All religions requires TRUE benevolences, through in depth self searching. Have u done that?

The mirror is very cheap anywhere – unless u r looking for the imported Tudor type!

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 12:06  

ellese & Anonymous@ 20 July 2010 06:59,

‘How can you call for Malaysian first when you allow our kids to befriend only their own race. Surely racial prejudices permeates. If kids don't meet, talk together or laugh together and you suddenly expect it doesn't take a genius that they cannot relate. You need to mix the kids when they're young.if you're anti racism you can see this. Unfortunately if you're a racist like this anon you're just blind.’

‘You can't call for people to be Malaysian first when you send your kids to vernacular schools and segregate them from young.’

Both of u might be the products of non MARA affiliated ‘institute of learning’. Bcoz if u r, then u WILL NOT write the above craps. Or perhaps u r type4 scums, so u WILL conveniently ignore yr learning surroundings.

For YEARS, MARA affiliated ‘institutes of learning’ have been DOING what u claimed to despise & termed racist!

And pls don’t quote article153 about the special position of Malay about educational quota – go read ART Harun’s ground-breaking explanation first.

BTW the Federal Constitution also enshrines the rights of the MOTHER TONGUE educations of the Other M’sians.

So, r u going to play dumbbo with the FC? U can have yr special position & the others M’sians cannot have their rights?

Ouch..OUCH… go & write 100X both of u – I’ll THINK carefully before I write craps comments & NO dinner for a week!

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 14:07  


So you think NEP is not racists ? Giving scholarships out on the basis of race and not merit like what IA insist is not racist ? Giving AP only to Malays is not racist ?

Tepuk dada tanya selera.

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 14:12  


You mean the 7% discount given to Bumis to buy new house is not racists ? What is your yard stick ?
Talk about colour of skin konon.

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 17:35  

Come on guys. why make a big fuss about this. Anyway please don't think that malay are racist and for those who shout loud about about equality please look at your own back yard first. First of all being a malay is not a racist as malay is not bound by blood. Please read in our constitution and i just can't understand why people just argue about equality and the biggest mistake done by our PM is trying to fix the economy for the sake of equality. Education is the core solution. I think the malays would agree to abolish their kouta rights as long as other races also willing to give up their chinese and indian school. Just 1 school for everybody.Now the non malays is crying for equality but at the same time don't want to give up their right. It should be a win win situation for all. Just just cry for equality but you your self did not subscribe to the principle that you uphold.We should start from there and then we can focus on the economic policies. To all the non malays not just talk like you are neglected. I have a lot of examples where even my bos wife that is an indian that was from a poor background are able to be a biologist with the help of the gov. She is so grateful to the gov and anytime my bos trying to condemn the gov she would defend. Its the education that need to be change first.We malays also want to see the sincerity of the non malays about the equality that you have have been talking all this while. Mahathir also knew about this but it was not appropriate for him to implement it during his time due to the resistance of the other races and the malays at that time.

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 18:37  

Anonymous@20 July 2010 17:35,

Let me quote a one-sentence response;

What cock r u talking!

No wonder our education is going down the drain. Another RM10M will not help to uplift the brain power of this 'low culture, cocoon infested' future-hoper!

Bolihland u r dead-meat for sure.

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 19:01  

To anon 10:24

what a load of crap. My point is straightforward. If you call NEP racists then you must also call the cause of NEP which is the economic domination through racists business practices as racists too. No two ways. You can't discrimnate in commerce based on race you fool. It's racists. And don't tell me about credit worthiness. An ah kau can get better credit just because of same skin. They don't have assets too. Just trust due to skin colour. You're blind or what? There are so many books on this Chinese network. Go read you bloody ignoramous. The question is why don't you call them racists. Unless of course you're one of them.

Also on schooling. You can't justify racism because others are practising racism. You're then racists as well. I can explain the reason for article 153 of our consti from historical and legal aspect. But you don't care do you? You just call it racism. You know what I can also adopt your attitude. I don't care why you send your kids to vernacular school. If it permeates racism it's racists you fool.

Unless you agree with anti discriminatory law and practices you are bloody racists and chauvinistic.


Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 19:13  

Anon 12:06

that's precisely my point. If you call MARA racists why don't you call vernacular schools racists? It's one of the same coin.
Again what I am saying is that you can't call other racists when you're one. You can't call Malay fighting art 153 as racists and Chinese fighting for their language and schools (as protected in our consti) as not racists. Just admit that you're racists if you want to call others too.

Btw it's sad that you hold art as a referal to article 153. He's not even a constitutional expert. No lawyer will quote art. Next time refer to suffian, trindade, Harding etc etc.

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 19:49  

To anon 18:37

Let me quote a one-sentence in relation to your response of 17:35

What cock r u talking!

No wonder our education is going down the drain. Another RM10M will not help to uplift the brain power of this 'low culture, cocoon infested' future-hoper!

Bolihland u r dead-meat for sure.

You see your reply is so low in intelligence that I can even use your write up against you. Wonder where you studied? Have the audacity to call other people stupid when you're one.

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 19:53  

To anon 14:07 and 14:12

you've missed the point. If you want to call giving discount to malays as racists it's your call. But what I'm saying is you must also call the Chinese racists business practices as RACIST too. Also those who send their kids to vernacular schools.

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 21:44  

Ellese & Anonymous@ 20 July 2010 19:13,

‘There are so many books on this Chinese network.’

So u have known about the Chinese network – but obviously u only surface-surf those books. That explains yr line of logic.

Let me give it to u in a simplest form that I think u can understand. Otherwise this discussion is spiralling down & I don’t intend to play mud with u guys.

Ok – Chinese network don’t happened overnight. It takes time to establish even among groups from the same clan. In a sense it’s built on TRUST, though the current form might have been adulterated through personal greeds. Thus the saying - that a contract can be done with a shake of hands. Not black & white – the personal credibility is what counts. Personal asset helps but IS not the main considering factor. Yr reputation & social standing helps too.

Of course – u MUST not consider the current interpretations of both reputation & social standing - where crooks get helps by paying for both of these.

In this regard, the older generation of Malay M’sians used to have good credit worthiness. That explains their usage of buku 555 to buy daily necessities from the Chinaman sundry shops on credit. But the current generation of Malay M’sian is a BIG disgrace to their older gen due to their attitude of - dapat contra, beli k’reta mewah lagi bini dua.

Once bitten twice shy – there r just too many cases of runaway contras for none payments. So kena once – my fault, kene twice u r my grandfather ye!

cont 2

Anonymous,  20 July 2010 at 21:44  

cont 2of2

So still claimed to that notion of better-credit-just-because-of-same-skin crap. Business is business – no one is here to spoon feed u like yr grandfather!

BTW pls do explain the reason for article 153 of our consti from historical and legal aspect. I sincerely hope that u can do a better job that Art! Just pls don’t fool yrself, ok? Think real carefully before u pen.

One more thing for u to chew at yr spare time while thinking about the write-ups to article 153, do u know that vernacular schools accepts ALL pupils, irrespective of race. When did MARA affiliated institutes of learning do that?

So u want the kids to mix around? Why not send them to vernacular schools, where the teachers r that much more dedicated, the discipline that much better, that much more religious tolerance due to non-religious intrusion in the school environment etc etc…..

In simple term – MARA is exclusive Malay racist while vernacular is an ALL inclusive set-up. PERIOD.

So yr point is straight forward ye? My foot!

PS – Just for comparison with Art, I’m dying to read what suffian, trindade, Harding etc etc.had said about our FC.Care to point some reference books?

Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 01:35  

Anon 21:44

you seem to have mix up between credit worthiness and trust. The former is more objective while the latter is subjective. You build trust when you have believe in person for a number of reasons but mainly due to similar values and backgrounds. Japanese has kereitsu. Korean has chaebol etc etc. but within the former it's only Japanese and the later Koreans. Are you trying to say Japanese don't have trust in the Koreans because Koreans have no credit worthiness or vice versa. Trust does not necessarily have to do with credit worthiness. It's a believe. Like one Chinese clans help his own clans because of many related ties. So don't give me this crap. The Chinese business practices are discriminatory and ipso facto RACIST. Don't defend the indefensible.

And again on vernacular school. If it's not for protection of Chinese language and culture and with no intention to extend racism then why the hell you want it existed. It's mainly for Chinese to maintain it's culture and not be imbued with the malays values. It's purely about race and racism. I don't understand why you can't see what these separate schools do for us. When I was in school I had two best friends. One Chinese and the other Indian. We played laughed eat and camp together. But now my kids are deprived of these. If you have Malaysian first at heart you will see that these segregations do not help. Be it Mara or vernacular schools. It permeates racists prejudism when we don't even talk or see each other. If you can't comprehend this I think youre putting your personal self interest first. Kiasuness should not be a consideration at all.

Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 01:50  

And another thing on art 153.

The writers I mention are leading constitutional authors of which their books are referred to. You read it then we have a debate. Ask any first year law students ofyou don't know.

Secondly on Art he recently wrote that scholarships to malays are uncondtitutional. I asked him whether he or his children have taken the scholarship. He has yet to reply. But if he did you judge yourself his integrity.

Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 11:20  

Anonymous@21 July 2010 01:35,

‘..mix up between credit worthiness and trust…..Trust does not necessarily have to do with credit worthiness’

I know where u r coming from! But before I slaughter u compositionally to pieces, let me give u this advice – plagiarizing others’ works is despicable, more so when u only google the main subjects without going through the content of the essays thoroughly!

My goodness - On second thought, what could I expect from u people – form over substance!

Let put this discussion within the M’sia context. As can be seen from yr interpretations of the Japanese’s kereitsu & Korean’s chaebol, u can only be a tin-kosong.

1st pls show where the Chinese M’sians don’t want to do business with the Malay M’sians on sensible business terms? Back up yr rhetoric with something concrete, concrete as solid, ok? No heresays! Show me a Chinese businessman who doesn’t want to make money because of his buyers skin colour, and then I can show u a failed business.

If yr example shows that the Malay buyers were discriminated with a higher price then pls go & check this guy’s past business records, aka his credit worthiness. If the contender turns out to be risky, then u either reject his business or charge higher price for the goods/services sold. All business entities do that to ensure guarantee return on supplies & investments based on the risk factors – not only the Chinese M’sian.

cont 2

Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 11:20  

cont 2of5

Then of course iff u have a sugar daddy then u ended up like the old Bank Bumiputra with tons & tons of default loans & the saddest part were BBMB couldn’t do anything about them & had to hide them in accounting acrobat till TODAY. CIMB is still carry that baby & the last count is asking Khazanah to nature/maintain that overgrown baby!

The Chinaman will not reject a business opportunity – that’s in his blood. So If the Chinaman charges yr kindred higher price that’s because he’s taking a calculated risk. & that a risky customer’s business must have sufficient margin to off-set that risk. He can very well ask yr kindred to go somewhere else. Perhaps the Mat Salleh, who would take kindly to yr grandmother story of squeezing profit thus yr quest of better price! Yes?

Here is a story, a Chinaman has been subsidising the sugar price in M'sia for years. So much so that he is doing it in the name of Alif Ba Ta. The critical subsidisible price of sugar has been preached recently & that Chinaman has to ask for price increment or else he can no longer support that artificial level. The Govt refused, so the Chinaman sold out. The moment the Chinaman sold out the local sugar price went up. Now there is another second raise. Very soon there will be more. Simply because the umno cronies that took over the sugar business cannot do justifying subsidies to the sugar price & the govt has NO more money to support her portion of sugar financing play. The Chinaman has moved on to bigger pond, to play with the big boys of the international market, without any subsidies. So Chinaman M'sian doesnt help M'sia? IFF u know the background plays!


Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 11:21  

cont 3of5

‘The Chinese business practices are discriminatory and ipso facto RACIST. Don't defend the indefensible.’

This must be related to the business & clan associations of the Chinese M’sian. What so discriminatory about this setup for purely business & ‘kampong’ networking? Throw some solid example-lah. At least Amy Chua (known her? – she is one of the foremost author on Chinese networkings in Asia) can still come up with some hypotheses, that r still open to rigorous peer reviews. Know what peer review is? Bird brain!

‘And again on vernacular school. If it's not for protection of Chinese language and culture and with no intention to extend racism then why the hell you want it existed. It's mainly for Chinese to maintain it's culture and not be imbued with the malays values.’

So y r like that deminegara & the choirboys – yr true intention is assimilation!

My foot! Why should I assimilate with scum? At least the borg has the might to claim resistance is futile – CAN U? This is ONLY my reply to type4 scum who is yr manipulators. U r only a rookie foot soldier that I don’t even pity.

‘But now my kids are deprived of these. If you have Malaysian first at heart you will see that these segregations do not help.’

Since changing MARA is like hanging u up & dry, so to practice what u preach, I strongly suggest u enroll yr kids in vernacular schools, where the kids can truly mix-around. BECAUSE vernacular schools accept ALL M’sians, NO?

cont 4

Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 11:22  

cont 4of5

Ha! so u r Ellese! Why suddenly using anon, Ellese, suda’ kena kau-kau, maru s’ja, ye?

BTW don’t challenge people when u have no intention &/or not prepare to face the consequences. I’ve less law books than ART – that one for sure. But my intellectual vortex (quick - go google this term) is not less than his. So my in-depth understanding of his write-up & my OWN research tells me HE is RIGHT.

Have suffian, trindade, Harding anything intensive to say about FC, especially article153? I combed through some of their major titles, only paragraphic references were mentioned. Since u r proposing their name, care to refer me to some of their references on the subjects in hand?

Most of our 1st yr law students in the local unis r, sadly, been trained by hp6 lecturers, with the exception of Azmi & others. So they’ll be as confused as u about the interpretation of our FC. Bloody plagiarist!

My stand on scholarship is always meritocratic. So if ART’s children r on scholarship based on that, so be it. His integrity IS not in question. The biggest SHAME is one has to resolve to ‘markah bonus’ to achieve the required GPCA score for a scholarship.

Doing so, send a lot of 2nd graders to the uni, where the places r supposed to be given to academic achievers. Then these 2nd graders take years to graduate, some even after changing courses after courses, with their family in tow. Treating their study period like prolong honeymoon!

cont 5

Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 11:22  

cont 5of5

The end result is even more terrifying – engineers cannot do a proper calculations, doctors taking scalpels as fruit peelers, accountants only know how to make + enties in the financial result by asking rates hikes, so on & so forth.

At the end of the day IT IS their own kindred that got caught in this mess & paying for it through their lives!

AND that's IRONIC - u bloody moron rookie!

Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 16:51  

I have a very simple way of settling the argument of vernacular schools versus Chinese schools.

Proton car cost Rm52k
Toyota car cost RM55k
Nissan car cost Rm53k
Honda car cost Rm56k

How many of you would buy Proton ? If you buy Proton, you are not racist. But then, you are something else. Quite Despair & Ellese will think you are smart.

Anonymous,  21 July 2010 at 23:19  

The assumptions made by Anon in reply & justifying his responses to Ellese is incredibly biased & bigoted.He really thinks he is a smart guy...aww poor guy.

He assumes all Malays who gains a place at the Uni are thru upgraded CGPAs i.e all 2nd graders.
And he is so tied up with the notion that the Chinese is really a superior race...

Is this the type of ppl we need in 1Msia?The country is going nuts cos of Najib's misguided 1Msia,,it just brings out the bigots & racists.

This is indeed walla's batik industrialisation at its worse.

Anonymous,  22 July 2010 at 09:27  

Anonymous@21 July 2010 23:19’

1st - Dato, my apology for using yr site as a prolonged forum.

This is my last reply to morons like Ellese & the likes. Keep thinking like that & u will certainly fly(fry)!

Bloody 2nd grader – shown me, where have I mentioned ALL Malay M’sians, who got entry into the unis’, r 2nd graders in all my posts?

Show me too, anywhere that I’ve promote the notion that the Chinese is really a superior race?

Like ALL yr kinds – tin kosong with words! The world needs solid examples NOT flowery words that u people r so good at!

Let me be VERY OPEN & FRANK again – the word of wisdom that that last disappearing Malay gentleman mentioned by the Dato – ‘Actually, the Malays has nothing to be proud of.’ – is a clarion call. But how many of u r readily take heart of its truth?

Look around – show me any major Malay M’sians’ setups – dig deeper u shall see the hands of NEP!

So what happen when the govt is running out of money to support all these ‘NEP handouts’?

Petronas is NOT earning more but less. There is a bloated, inefficient & little napoleon-infested civil-servant to maintained. Soon all these setups will crumble like logo blocks – because none of them can survive on their own ONCE the NEP supports r been removed!

Right now, the only thing u tongkat-induced morons is to dream on – hopefully THAT day will not come as soon.

WHERE IS SHAME?????????????????

Anonymous,  23 July 2010 at 00:44  

Dear anon 11:29+++

bloody bigot. I take you on anytime. I've taken up against top uni in the world and to go for you small bigoted fella is chicken feet man. I've created and led team against top people in the world and you who dont even read much talk cock so much.

For your info I didn't even check my Internet in responding. It's just from my phone I replied. I can't even recheck some spelling errors. All from the hip.

I've read many books on this. If you're lazy to read it's up to you. Chaebol guanxi kereitsu etc are built on common values and trust. Credit wothiness is not a major factor. Just admit you've made a mistake in understanding credit worthiness. Wonder where you got your degree from assuming you have one? Africa? Moon or mars?

Anonymous,  23 July 2010 at 00:46  

Cont from before:

Dear anon 11:29++

Cont from before:

Why are you so scared of having anti discriminatory laws And practices? I've lived on merits and not relied on Any government assistance for Malay. I've refused scholarship except granted by one of the world top u who also gave me fellowship. I've reputation in my field which I build my own. I can accept anti discriminatory law any time. But why can't you accept? Is it because you practice discrimination? Is it because you practice racism all day? Is it because you're a bigot?

Though I have no problem with anti discriminatory law but I'm cheesed off with these hipocrites. I'm cheesed of by those name callers who call others racists but they themselves practise racism. I'm cheesed off with people like you. These are condescending Chinese who think they are the only one who works hard in this world. Who thinks others as stupid. Who thinks the world owes them and not the other way. Not surprising also this type of people will shriek if asked to sacrifice or put their life for the country. first thing in mind for them is migrate, migrate, migrate. These arrogant chauvinistic Chinese like you must be put down. Must be taken heads on. They are rubbish to our society. They have no respect for others and unto them I will show none as well.

yeah another thing on art. Just because you support him you said you can accept it if he took scholarship based on merits. My foot. He's already old. Then there was no scholarship based on merits like you chauvinist wanted now. Suddenly because he's your favourite the government policy then of awarding scholarship to him was suddenly acceptable. My foot. Always changing and justifying. People like youlah who wants Malaysian first but it's okay if kids are segregated based on race from young.totally illogical and insensical. Go fly kite.

Anonymous,  23 July 2010 at 08:07  

anon 0.44, 0.46

interesting comments. reminds of deminegara aka apocryphalist.

deminegara is well-known for his writings as the biggest blogging bumi racist. he once wrote a piece that would have ranked as the longest rant against the chinese.

However, when Najib Tun Razak started 1Malaysia, deminegara quickly switched tack and started writing about unity in education.

deminegara seems to be a hypocrite.

are you 'familiar' with deminegara?


Anonymous,  23 July 2010 at 09:44  


This one I MUST reply! Thousand apology, Dato.

Finally the puppet-master surfaced!

But..BUT..tin-kosong remains tin-kosong. Where's the solid examples?

Does Harvard trained u to write flowery stories? Oh, I forgot - all u need to go to Harvard is a min 3 distinctions + a decent SAT score. Oh, don't forget G Bush Jr went to Yale with so so result also! So there r also other channel to masuk IVY league. No big deal - ok?

Yr own merit? Pls-lah, without some NEP recomendation letters, yr fellowship will not even be considered. Pls show the peer reviewing process-lah.

Yr kind of appointment is just liken to many of the M'sian govt recommendations for the UN posts. U r there because of yr color & the umno wants some 'model' to inspire the kids at the heartland! So the best is bypassed!

Known prof Jomo? That's the true M'sian who has been selected on true merit by peers, to the UN. R u on par with him? Heaven forbid! ROTFLOL.

'I've created and led team against top people in the world...I've reputation in my field which I build my own.'

Pls-lah, examples, examples. Talk cock is cheap & downgrade yr 'status, ok? Or yr appointment is just like what I've described in the above-UN appointment?

BTW, I do have a small degree + some others that my peers put on me. Nothing fancy.

Unlike my long 'disappearing' compatriot - gwlnet (remember him - after yr long rant about the Chinese M'sian), I'm NO longer into academic persuasion, which s a youngman's job. However, I do put many people, more than u can imagine, on decent roof&foods on my efforts. Nothing to shout about! It's only human to do that!

Anonymous,  23 July 2010 at 13:39  


You really are in denial. I have seen Kelantanese Malays working for my Chinese contractor here in S'pore, competing against the Banglas and doing very well. I asked the Chinese boss how are they. He told me they. He told me they are hard working and has been with him for many years.
The Chinese businessman don't give a shit if you are white, black or green. They are most concerned about reliability and trustworthiness of the people they do business with. They would be stupid to ignore a good bumi businessman who can help them to make more money. The same goes for even a good bumi businessman.

Anonymous,  29 July 2010 at 16:17  

Dear 9.44 and 13:39

On 9:44. You have not add any value at all to your comments. Just gibberish or I may say in your words "tin kosong".

Just two things to clarify. 1) I applied directly to university without any NEP recommended letter. I dont know why you cannot get it. Its simply because of what I have done locally and internationally. I dont even know any UMNO or BN man then.
2) On Jomo. I used to follow him during the 97 crisis. He was to me a proponent of what I call allocating limited products/resources to productive use. I was bought by his ideas and followed him. But when Mahathir introduced the capital control he condemned the plan as a good plan but late in time. Huh? He enever ever came up with the idea but when someone implemented it he said its a worthy idea but rather late in the introduction. He lost my respect for being political.

0n 13:39

My point is in business a huge part of transaction is also based on trust. Thats why a person in kereitisu organisation would not give better credit to those say in one in chaebol. Not so much of credit worthiness as my opponent is arguing. This is particularly so in the service industry. You cant deny this.

I am reading "Outliers" and i wish I can remember a quote there. Essentially success doesnt come only because of one's inidvidual traits say as my opponent claim pure "hardwork". Theres so much more. Your background. Opportunities within your group and culture. To an extent I would also argue race culture and background. Familiarity with one's family language and values play a major part as well. Thus explain the distinct treatment between say in credit terms between malay and chinese. Both may have same asset value and low education but the the latter is given opportunity. It applies vice versa as well. All this show that we are not race blind.

But it applies also overseas. I read a book on Goldman Sach on how they were built and how they overcame crisis after crisis. To deny similar cultural values and background as a success factor would be a travesty of truth. In other words if you are an investment bank head in new york and not connected to them, you would have not survived the crisis as they did.

My contention has been simple. I challenge my opponent to adopt "non-discriminatory law" in Malaysia. They know they cant because of their lifestyle and value. Thats fine with me. But I cant accept those who claim a moral high ground but showing none: calling others racists but practising one.

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