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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 10 November 2008

The UMNO tribes on the PWTC Steppes

Sakmonkol was watching the DVD on the film ‘ MONGOL’ by the Russian director, Bodrov. Temudgin( aka Genghiz Khan) enunciated 4 laws.

  1. Don’t kill women or children
  2. Don’t forget your debts
  3. Fight enemies to the end
  4. And never betray your khan.

Perhaps our contestants in the coming UMNO elections will heed to some principles. Yes, we have heard the same nauseating claims that we have our own principles. Despite the outward manifestation of some guiding religious values underlining the General Assembly, with songs of praise to our Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and now, under Pak Lah’s time, Quran readings, the UMNO general assembly and its delegates are anything but.

The values are never practised and UMNO continues to be beset with internal strife. UMNOniks think nothing of betrayals, back stabbing, selling votes and so forth. Friendship means nothing. When for example, Hishamudin Hussein says that money politics in UMNO is over exaggerated, sakmongkol finds this laughable.

In the recent concluded Bahagian Meeting in Pekan, where a record of over 90 people vied for 20 places as division committee members and more than 30 contested to seek a place as delegate to the national assembly, the small town of Pekan, enjoyed a sudden increase in GDP.- money flooded in. night after night, groups meet in some gatherings feasting and feting delegates. All these cost money- petrol money for transport, money for makan and money for just expenses. And they are not in small denominations.

Sakmongkol says, next time, anyone will be better off by setting up a counter in front of the dewan in Pekan, with a sign that says- please get your payment here and vote for me- or else the person setting up shop can invoke the divine retribution of seeing you in hari kiamat. Ala, Isa Samad of course.

So who is Hishamudin trying to kid?

Minus all the outward religious trappings, the UMNO delegates convening in the halls of PWTC are driven by tribal instincts, just like the Mongols on the steppes during Temudgin’s time. And since, they are driven more by tribal instincts, where loyalties are ephemeral and very fluid, perhaps, some of the delegates may want to adhere to the principles which guided the Mongol tribes.

In contesting with your rivals please don’t drag in children and parents. Don’t drag in wives and father in laws and don’t abuse the fathers. Please don’t tell sakmongkol, the Mongols understand this value more than UMNO people?

If you have taken money from the contestants please don’t forget to recompense by voting the giver. It’s a case of settling debts. Otherwise, you will be haunted by the admonition of divine retribution infamously cited by Isa Samad- see you at hari kiamat.

Fight your rivals with honour. Don’t bring into your fight extraneous evidence which may be true but never injure a person’s capabilities. Gladiators fight to win of course but never humiliate opponents because opponents bring out the best in you.

Most important, never betray your leader. You have pledged allegiance, you stick to your pledge. Criticise him but never betray him.

Will the UMNO tribesmen meeting in PWTC in March 2009, adhere to some ancient principles? Sakmongkol does not even want to mention Islamic principles lest they are dishonoured by the same old practices that plague UMNO on and on.


Anonymous,  10 November 2008 at 20:38  


Ha h Ha ha ha ha ha
good for the GDP
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi 11 November 2008 at 05:27  

this article recieved a number of responses from visitors. they have been removed because of their overtly racist tones( you are free to publish yr diatribes elsewhere, not here please) or they are not related to this topic. one by a ruyom in particular details out the sins of Tun Mahathir which can be debated elsewhere.
thank you very much.

Mat Cendana 11 November 2008 at 08:34  

Despite the outward manifestation of some guiding religious values underlining the General Assembly,

AT LAST, someone of social and political significance and "right party" has mentioned this one for what it is! The pretentiousness and hypocrisy on things Islam have gone on too long and too far.

BTW who are the people who come up with these ideas anyway? Was it based on a Top Secret market research analysis and report by a consultant who also handles the Deng Dang and Kicap Kipas Udang advertising accounts?

Honestly, even a PAS sympathiser like me feels embarrassed despite "the enemy" unwittingly lampooning itself for all to see! I'm sure there are enough decent elements in Umno who were/are uneasy with these shows during the previous general assemblies.

For they know that the common people who watch these on TV certainly aren't led to think "Umno and the leaders truly live and breathe the verses that fill the airwaves of the hall..."

It's probably, "Mengada-ngada betul Umno ni..." So, the "Islam Scoreboard" goes Umno 0 PAS 5 due to these tacky attempts to try associate the party with the religion.

So please put a stop to this charade and spare us TV viewers from quietly mocking some Umno leader impersonating "khusyuk" when the camera focuses on him.

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