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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 21 November 2008

The Press Conference

I am now going to dispense with using the 3rd person pronoun when writing. From now, I will just be using the first person I.

I am irresistibly drawn back to comment on Razak Baginda’s press conference. This is an issue I feel very strongly about. Now I know why God has sent those brainy people who created the internet and created blogsphere. It is for people like us who cant get access to newspaper editors to get our thoughts across. Moreover- I want to say too… cant trust these form 5 boys to write stuff.

Razak baginda’s press conference makes me want to puke. Analyse this. DS najib has sworn in the name of God that he has nothing to do with Altantuya. The Mongolian girl must have shot herself, then inserted all the C4 at strategic places and somehow, managed to trigger off the blast.

If DS Najib has put his trust in God, why does RB feels it incumbent upon him to rival, complement or whatever God and gives his stamp of approval? Ok I know, RB thinks he is the vicegerent of God on earth. And because he is hailed as a suave intellectual, he may have thought, God was necessary but not sufficient God is the necessary, RB is the sufficient. .

When Razak answered how does he know that DS najib or for that matter Datin Rosmah never knew nor met Altantuya by just stating I know, I think I must have actually vomited. This reminds me a long time ago, during one seminar on economic development, one student from Namibia was telling all of us. Namibia’s main export is labour. He was proud of it to see his fellow Namibians scavenged a living as coolies in other countries. When asked how does he know---he just answered I know. The professor and the rest of us, looked in puzzlement… what else can we say, when people reduce everything to the omniscient… I know? End of discussion.

Then I see light of the tunnel. Of course Razak can say, DS Najib or Rosmah did not know or meet Altantuya. When he was plonking her, how can DS Najib be around? When he was again plonking her, how can DS Rosmah be around?

Oh yes.. he has known DS Najib professionally and personally. Professionally enabling him to earn millions in commissions, and personally, by dragging and besmirching DS Najib’s name.

May we then suggest a number of topics for his PhD thesis at Oxford?

  1. The anatomy of murder.
  2. The science of using C4
  3. On the measurement and quantification of C4ed particles?
  4. How to survive a murder rap?
  5. Incarceration and its effects on the mind.
  6. An inquiry into the positive assertion of I know and its omniscient ramifications.
  7. On the deification of God and its relationship to a press conference.
  8. on the science of genealogy with reference to Mongolians.
  9. a study on the possibility of re-materialising blown particles and its contribution to forensic science..

How? Can or not?

By the way, RB does not have to worry about being deserted by friends, he can always strap some USD wads on his forehead and friends will come a calling. Maybe in March 2009, as an alternative to studying for his doctorate, he may want to consider an ambassadorial post to Mongolia? sain baina uu (Сайн байна уу). That means Hello in Mongolian.


Zawi 21 November 2008 at 15:02  

Datuk Sak,
We can now come to the conclusion that Altantuya indeed shot herself after lighting the fuse to trigger the C4 explosives to blow herself up. Or could she have done it the other way round?
Anyway is it possible for anyone at all in this world to do a forensic on the Immigrtion's computer to determine if indeed poor Altantuya has been to Malaysia? Azhar and Sirul must be so powerful as to be able to delete the record of her entry to Malaysia.

D S N 21 November 2008 at 15:11  

How could Razak be so cocky?
He has learned nothing!

Anonymous,  21 November 2008 at 16:34  


1. Of Freud, perspectives in escapism vs vindication
2. Of facial expressions, the correlation between smirks and general snootiness
3. Of hats suitable for the Ascott, the dynamics of wind, size and echo
4. Of education and ethics, amd the path to absolute power

ariff.sabri 21 November 2008 at 17:33  

pak zawi- my sentiments exactly.

dsb- brother. memang cocky. dah lepas tali gantung, kita bersyukur. jangan ek pulak.orang meluat tengok gaya meloyakan dia.

jed- i agree, he appeared cocky and snootish. his pc should have been one asking forgiveness for subjecting Malaysians to mental assault. to the mongolians much more. their hurt and angush will never be erased.

KongKor 21 November 2008 at 19:44  

Datuk Sak,

This is a knock out blow, man! An undercut punch to the stomach taking out the wind, followed by knee to the jaw bones, cracking all the bones with teeth flying out. With the legs wobbling, you finish it off with your spinning high kicks taking the daylights out of your opponent.

Bravo..(to the roar and standing ovation of the crowd) Thump!!!! as you stand by your corner looking by the crner of your eyes at your opponent falling on the matt of the ring.

Mat Cendana 21 November 2008 at 22:46  

This falling on to the omniscient of "Sebab Aku tahu laa" is the most popular "desperate, last ditch cuba selamatkan muka" tactic in a kampung debate/argument. The person who invokes this hopes to at least create "reasonable doubt". The "I know" might be `backed' by "hati rasa macam tu" - an excellent instrument indeed this hati is! (which it is).

I thought Razak Baginda has a higher education than Form 3? The fact that he had used this modal puts him at "Mukim Gual Periok, Rantau Panjang" class lah.

DR.SARAVANAN R 22 November 2008 at 13:29  

he said the press con was to tell his experience in prison the past 22 months, but it appeared more like a press con to endorse Najib's innocenece.
The doctorate thingy is just hog wash. If he was as traumatised as he says, then he definitely is no state of mind to do his doctorate. RB, you are so forgetfull and even losing your specs and now you want to go overseas to do your doctorate? Please stop ridiculing the intelligence of Malaysians and just tell us that you have been ordered to not be in the country until the trial is over.

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