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Sakmongkol ak 47

Monday, 17 November 2008

The Dentist on Money Politics

Olivier as Dr Christian Szell.

One of the most memorable films, Sakmongkol saw was the 1976 film Marathon Man- starring among others, Dustin Hoffman and one of Sakmomgkol’s favourite, Lawrence Olivier. Olivier played the Nazi Dentist- Dr Christian Szell. He was also known as the white angel because of his silver hair.

In a very agonizing and really scary scene( plus the fact that Sakmongkol is also terrified of dentist) the character played by Olivier, Szell was drilling the teeth of the character played by Hoffman- babe. In real life, Szell tortured Jews at Auschwitz and would grant favours to prisoners in return for the gold on their tooth.

Szell used his dentist skills to torture his captives. In the film Marathon Man, as he was about to torture his captive, Babe, Szell said:-

Oh, don't worry. I'm not going into that cavity. That nerve's already dying. A live, freshly-cut nerve is infinitely more sensitive. So I'll just drill into a healthy tooth until I reach the pulp. That is unless, of course, you can tell me that it's safe.

Szell: Is it safe?

Babe is tortured by Szell, a skilled dentist, who repeatedly asks "Is it safe?" Confused by the question -- a code phrase he doesn't understand -- Babe denies any knowledge, but is tortured. The dentist offers him oil of cloves, an anaesthetic, as positive inducement to cooperate. Eventually, Babe loses consciousness and Szell pauses his torture.

When the real dentist, DS Khir Toyo was interviewed by The Star, every time KT answered the questions on money politics, Sakmongkol is reminded of Herr Christian Szell.

Is it safe? Every time KT says he is not into money politics, a nerve is freshly cut. Every time he answers, he keeps drilling into a healthy tooth and the drill reaches the pulp. While drilling , he asks, Is it safe. And like Babe, we lose consciousness.


Anonymous,  17 November 2008 at 09:56  

so deep, dato'.
politik wang or wang politik?

tshock,  17 November 2008 at 09:57  

kt thinks we are all fools. i simply distrust him completely. i am sure its the same for all the readers out there except of course people who are in the same boat as him.

walla 17 November 2008 at 10:48  

Hahaha! good one!

Szell won't get to me, Herr Oberst. Half my teeth are already gone, compliments of the Gestapo. They recycled the enamel as substitute for their walther handles.

There is only one way Szell can make me squeal. Whether that will be squealing in delight or otherwise will depend on the introduction of Dr. Elsa Schneider (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade).

Hauptmann (rtd) Max von Krupp
Panzer GrossDeutschland

Anonymous,  17 November 2008 at 11:36  

Now I am not sure whether I should see the dentist even though I have a 'gigi berlubang'!hahaha "Is it safe?"

Piggy Singh 17 November 2008 at 17:21  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Piggy Singh 17 November 2008 at 17:27  

Salam Dato' Sak,

There are a few categories of dental treatment, preventive, conservative, and restorative.

If KT statement is to be compared with dental treatment, I'd say that his statement is creative but destructive, and definitely not safe.


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