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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Private Baldrick and Razak Baginda

Almost everyone enjoys watching the BBC comedy- Blackadder series. Blackadder 3 and 4 are Sakmongkol’s favourites.

There is one episode on the Black Adder 4 series that comes to mind when reading the press conference by Razak Baginda. As everyone knows, Razak Baginda has been acquitted by the court. So Sakmongkol is puzzled as to why he must hold a press conference. The answer - he wants to exonerate DS Najib. Sakmongkol says- you go back and rest la. Do not sibuk lagi. You have had your rainy days, go and enjoy your commissions.

Razak Baginda is facing the court of public opinion. In the episode Corporeal Punishment, Captain Edmund Blackadder is tried for shooting down a pigeon belonging to General Melchett- the CO of the camp. Blackadder’s defence lawyer is the bungling Captain George played by Hugh Laurie- presently the star of the hit TV series, HOUSE.

The following courtroom exchanges are similar to Razak Baginda’s trial before the court of public opinion.

Captain Blackadder’s fate hinges on the testimony of his dogsbody or batman- private Baldrick. To ensure his acquittal, Blackadder instructed Baldrick as follows:-

George( defense lawyer): Don't worry, old man. I have a last and I think you'll find decisive witness. Call Private Baldrick.

Edmund: (to Baldrick) Deny everything, Baldrick.

George: Are you Private Baldrick?

Baldrick: NO!

George: Um, but you are Captain Blackadder's batman?

Baldrick: NO!

George: Come on, Baldrick. Be a bit more helpful, it's me!

Baldrick: No it isn't!

Darling( prosecutor) : Sir, I must protest!

Melchett( president of court martial) : Quite right! We don't need your kind here, Private. Get out. Sum up, please.

George: Oh, right, yes, uhhhh, oh.....Uh, gentlemen, you have heard all the evidence presented here today, but in the end it is up to the conscience of your hearts to decide, and I firmly believe, that like me, you will conclude that Captain Blackadder is in fact, totally and utterly, GUILTY......of nothing more than trying to do his duty under difficult circumstances.

So Mr Razak Baginda, stop playing Baldrick and don’t reduce our incoming PM to the level of Captain Blackadder.


walla 20 November 2008 at 18:48  

Was that a smile of pure relief for himself that he was freed after coming out of the courtroom?

Or was it actually a grimace contorted into a false smile to hide even one modicum of a memory of someone who must have once loved him enough to come and meet such a horrific end to such a young and promising life?

If he can say someone is not involved in the crime, he should be called as a material witness to show evidence of what he has said, shouldn't he?

After all, two other lives are at stake and it is impossible for anyone to even entertain the notion that they did her in on their own motive, just armed with the means and opportunity at the right time and place to do so.

And will the faces of the two be shown, finally?

Remember Abdullah Ang?

A Tabib 20 November 2008 at 22:27  

Hmm, I'm also interested to know what he wrote in his two affidavits. Guess we'll never know now.

As to his press conference, I'll let Rowan Atkinson do the talking. Ignore the museum part...

[Risque joke warning]

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi 20 November 2008 at 23:01  

haha, A tabib.
the clip from the not the 9 o'clock news is brilliant! LOL! Rowan Atkinson is his usual comedic self. so too with the character playing Esther Rantzen.( i think- buck tooth and everything)

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