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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 28 November 2008

Rompin Politics

JJ is Rompin and Rompin is JJ. To talk about Rompin is to talk about JJ.

About an hour to one and the half hour’s drive to the south of Pekan, you will reach the town of Rompin. It is famous for its gudang galah- giant river prawns. I am not sure they got to that size because of all those nutritious body expellants from the hulu areas.

Any way, this is JJ country. There’s a nice ring to the shortened initials, like JR of Dallas.

Now, JJ is the accomplished student of one N. Machiavelli. Mr Machiavelli said, it is not necessary to be good, it is only sufficient to appear to be good. In JJ’s case, he has superseded the master himself- he is both good and can appear to be good. I think it was Lee Kuan Yew who said- with good people and clever one for that matter, you must be extra careful. Because the cleverer a person is, the capacity to do harm is even greater. Why is that so? Because being good and brilliant are never sufficient- you must have that one more complementary element called character. This is an indefinable quality which is essential for any leader. It will ensure that leaders keep their cool under fire.

Which brings us as to whether JJ has this elusive element or not? A few months ago, JJ achieved unwanted notoriety when he was involved in a bottom pinching incident at a 5 star hotel in Kuala Lumpur. The subsequent attempts to erase that episode, was uncharacteristically amateurish of JJ. Certainly it did not dispel public suspicions that JJ had a hand ( see how his hands moved) in trying to do a damage control exercise. That shows that JJ has a character flaw.

Recently he has further fortified our belief that JJ indeed may be suffering from character deficiency. He was so incensed at an imam’s sermon in a mosque in Kratong, that he challenged the poor imam to a fight. His retinue of followers were readying themselves for a free for all outside the mosque.

Was JJ’s motive activated by an intense desire to defend UMNO’s Islam? Or were his actions capable of being turned into political capital allowing his supporters later to ululate ( you know the wailing and high pitched sounds made by Arab women expressing joy) his stout defence of Islam?. Can anyone imagine if the name of JJ is being ululated, it will sound like JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJjayyyyy…! Your teeth would clatter and if you have dentures, they will drop off.

But perhaps JJ was thinking the credit earned from his earnest defence of pure Islam can cancel out the debit resulting from the bottom pinching episode. But then, the area of Kratong has its own history of disrepute that can make JJ’s bottom pinching ‘indiscretion’ looked pale in comparison. Years ago, Kratong made waves around the country, when a couple in Felda Kratong, produced their home made porno film. Yes, Kratong. Rompin is a parliamentary constituency full of contradictions.

Can Rompin be a threat to Najib? No because like Smalltalk says, as long as JJ is there.

But then, there is more than meets the eye with JJ. Again it boils down to the element of character.

JJ is not native to Rompin. He was born in Pekan, the seat of the incoming PM. Indeed the good relations between them were forged over a long period of association. JJ was in fact, a former ketua pemuda bahagian Pekan, when DS Najib was its division chief. JJ can claim that he was Najib’s consigliere on many things. He was able to cement his relations with Najib by using unorthodox methods. Rosmah was introduced to Najib by JJ. Like I said, he is a master in the techniques expounded by Mr Machiavelli. During JJ’s reign of political ‘terror’ in Pekan, money flowed like water, delegates were corralled at safe houses outside Pekan only to return on voting day. This man will not stop at anything to win. Which makes him dangerous.

At the same time, can also make him reckless and careless. JJ’s see-sawing character is not lost on the watchful Najib. Najib is fond of saying that though he is in KL, he knows the goings on in Pekan. He certainly knows what JJ is up to in Rompin.

What JJ was up to, is the thing that dents his otherwise rosy relationship with Najib. You see, when the political future of Najib was once uncertain( that was perhaps only a year ago); JJ was already making his Machiavellian moves. He wanted to hunt with the hounds and run with the hare. JJ was vigorously cementing relations with KJ and Shaziman Abu Mansor. They were to be JJ’s insurance should anything untoward were to befall Najib. Those deft moves piqued Najib considerably and presently, JJ’s stock with Najib have taken a tumble somewhat.

Now that Najib’s future is almost certain, JJ has employed his usual stock in trade- unashamedly switching allegiances. Indeed there were reports that JJ went around the country ‘sedekahing’ delegates at divisional meets to prevent any other nominations but Najib’s. JJ was desperate to prove his loyalty to the incoming big boss as one that is beyond doubt. How do you handle this kind of unprincipled man?

His second in command , Dato Hassan Ariffin is a former deputy MB. Hassan was ketua bahagian before, until he lost the post to JJ. Hassan was marshalling his forces for a return match with JJ. He has now compromised by accepting the deputy chief post. With that compromise, Hassan has actually shown that he is a non entity. Maznah Mazlan is the ADUN for Muadzam and she can be easily neutralised. In any case, her own future will be in doubt if Shahrizat wins the post of Wanita Chief. Captain(Rtd) Johari is a JJ supporter and loyal servant. He will do what JJ wants him to do. Being an army man, when asked to jump, he will ask JJ, how high.

If JJ becomes more prominent, the one in danger will be YB Dato Shafri Aziz. It is no secret that JJ wanted to ‘sponsor’ his own proxy to dislodge Shafri from the ketua pemuda bahagian’s post. The timely appointment of Shahfri as EXCO may have thwarted JJ’s plan temporarily. My advice to Shahfri, watch your back.


Malaysian Tigress 28 November 2008 at 06:55  
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laskar.melayu,  28 November 2008 at 10:03  

forbide me to throw my two cents thought in this article as i am 'anak watan' of Rompin.
Truthfully i do not mean to speak on behave people of Rompin but nevertheless maybe a part of Rompin volks

JJ as a playmaker and Mr Casanova is well known for the people here. This town is a small part in Pahang give very significant situation, where the moneys run here in everything. Even they, (JJ) teached orang asli with a large amount of money-bribing in the last PRU 12.

The former Timb Menteri Besar Hassan Ariffin is more likely to be loved by the people here. I'll beg he got the a very respectful image from the watan. Born in Rompin is one of the factor contribute to the likeness of the people.

sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi 28 November 2008 at 10:09  

terima kasih diatas pandangan tuan. saya pun memberi tafsiran saya saja diatas politik rompin berdasarkan pengamatan peribadi.
mengenai dato hassan, saya percaya dia di sayangi oleh rakyat rompin. kesediaan dia berkompromi mungkin untuk meredakan ketagangan atau boleh jadi bersikap, dari tidak ada apa apa, baik ada sesuatu. mana tahu, untung sabut timbul dalam p'raya akan datang. sekian

Anonymous,  28 November 2008 at 11:35  

I think JJ sounds like a hip hop name. It makes an UMNO politician sound so hip and cool...
JJ, Jay Jay, Datuk Jay Jay.....

Husin Lempoyang 28 November 2008 at 12:05  

Dato maksud JJ yang Mosti Mantan ke? Saya bangga kerana dia jantan yang berani.

Tolong jgn kata yang bukan-bukan. Kalau husin tidak silap, dia amat prihatin mengenai masaalah politik wang.

JJ yang itu tinggi kasyaf.

Husin silap rasanya. Husin kenal yang JJ-JV.

JJ-JV memang technology savvy.

Anonymous,  28 November 2008 at 12:23  

Rupa2nya bukan Pas sahaja yang akan menawan Pahang. UMNO sendiri pun mahu tawan Pahang secara jalan singkat!

Siapa yang akan tawan siapa?

Zawi 28 November 2008 at 20:10  

Datok Sak,
It is as clear as daylight now. Very daring expose of the man who has been flying around in Tenaga's helicopter like it was his own.

Anonymous,  28 November 2008 at 22:53  

Yope key-dare said...

Dtk Sak,

This piece on JJ really interest me. It also parallels with the way the bearded guy acted lately in Parliament.

For quite sometime especially after no longer a minister following that 8th March GE, JJ being so silent; suddenly when Najib has been assured of becoming the next PM, JJ switches himself into active mode.

Many times now, the TV covering parliamentary session, catches JJ in action - hitting out at the opposition on several issues.

Wow, a once staunch supporter then almost abandon Najib but now wants to return to Najib's fold and be in the PM-in-waiting's good book?

Thus, his antics in parliament lately is like trying to do a 'whiter than white' act I must say.

U political animal JJ.

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