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Sakmongkol ak 47

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Kt's name is sacred?

When KT was the MB of Selangor he had to fend off allegations of corruption here, there and everywhere. The one time dentist is reputed to have become the richest MB around, not including the taikor in the Land of the Hornbill of course. Sakmongkol remembers that he has to rough it out warding off onslaughts from Lutfi Othman the writer and Selangor Pas leaders notably the easily agitated Hassan Ali.

The pace of development in Selangor is superseded perhaps only by the pace by which KT gives out prime lands and contracts to his friends and cronies.

This was what sakmongkol wrote in a previous blog. Just preceding this. They key words here should be.. allegations,, reputed to be. Allegations remain assertions without proof, until they can be proved. Reputed to be, would suggest repetition of allegations by others.

The above article has a pointed reference of Khir Toyo, one of the leading contenders in the present UMNO youth contest. That article has evinced an animated response from an anonymous fellow reminding Sakmongkol that his article( sak’s) can be classified as an offence that can invite the wrath of the ACA.

Sakmongkol’s above short explanation would suffice. But what’s more pertinent is to see this emotive response. Mere mention of Khir Toyo has generated a righteous indignation. How strange, when the same were thrown as KJ, they are accepted as a matter of truth.

See? That’s why sakmongkol says, let’s have a sense of fairplay. Makes the contest more interesting.


Anonymous,  4 November 2008 at 09:39  

Bro Sak,

Bloggers or journalists alike don’t think of stories in terms of ‘positive’ and ‘negative’. It’s up to the readers to evaluate them. It is especially true if they think the story doesn’t reflect their view as they see it. So if you were to write merely on KJ, you make bro jingo and his team uncomfortable. At least their responses are more polite and no sound of threat. But when comes to Ktoyo you are reminded of ACA.

wah!!! gedi tenan wong jenengee KToyo nih....

Wong Meru

Malaysian Tigress 4 November 2008 at 10:40  

Nothing it seems has changed.

Money politics, self-enrichment, using daddy's or in-laws connections, crony-enrichment, getting away with murder, non accountability etc2.

What is wrong here? Why do the Melayu within Umno (and can I say by default, Muslims) see nothing wrong in this?

Can I safely say that there has never been a truly transparent and fair investigation into the allegations of abuse of office and the amassing of huge wealth by our politicians? Almost everyone has gotten away with it. And they lie low for a bit and come back with a vengeance.

Orang bukan islam atau yang tak beragama pun have more sense of shame and responsibility and gracefully retire or resign at any sign of wrongdoing even if remotely associated with them or their offices. Tapi kita continue to reward and perpetuate the cycle.

Berani Berubah? Lip service. Pink Lips. Loose Lips.

All sink ships.

Abi Ayyub 4 November 2008 at 11:20  

UMNO & RM...RM...RM...

Well it looks like to be "RICH", join UMNO. All this while I thought doing "BUSINESS" is where you can get rich. In any business, you sell either product or services, but now what product/s are they selling in UMNO ???

The best part of it all, is that as long as I can remember, the talk about "MONEY POLITICS:" has been going on. The funny thing is somehow, the culprit can never be caught. Why is that so ???

It is a shame that all this people who talk about it, from top to bottom, PM, TPM, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Supreme Councils, Ketua Bahagian, Ketua Cawangan and yet it is still "Business" as usual.

I believed that it is all lip service, "NO ONE in UMNO" or the government are serious enough about taking action.

If any one is serious enough, it will be as easy as 1,2, 3 or ABC. First be serious, then go for it.

If "you" are not involved you shall never be worried, if not no matter how much money you pay or get, it will never be enough.

One fact remain ... "EVERYBODY HAS A PRICE" ... IF THAT IS TRUE, well ...

A note on Mr KT (Mat Penyapu @ Mat Tempe), for all that is worth of him, all this Bahagian that nominated him, what actually do they see in him except probably ... ( ). A sane man who even consider him is a lost cost.

Tak Ada Standard ... LANGSUNG>

Anonymous,  4 November 2008 at 11:21  


'Orang bukan islam atau yang tak beragama pun have more sense of shame and responsibility and gracefully retire or resign at any sign of wrongdoing even if remotely associated with them or their offices. Tapi kita continue to reward and perpetuate the cycle'.

Are u referring to Samy Vellu, Lee Liong Sik, Chua Soi Lek etc.?

Ronan Maluku

walla 4 November 2008 at 11:57  

Lately there has been a scramble to counter one statement by the expedient of using a similar case in the opposite camp.

While there is nothing wrong with this way of arguing things, all the same at the end of the day one should see the forest as much its trees.

If something is wrong, saying that the other side is wrong isn't going to make any wrong right.

And if nothing is done on what is wrong, wrong will continue because it's the law of entropy. Disorder tends to a maximum.

Somebody has to say, stop it, enough is enough. If A does what is right, then the same reason for B following A in the past will have to be reversed because B will be seen standing squeamishly at one corner if B doesn't follow suit A's example of changing for the better.

If one reads what KJ has written in his reply, those are fair enough statements. Whether there's an ounce of truth or not in what was written is another matter whose resolution will probably call for the combined data mining skills of Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Columbo and Miss Marples.

And if the other guy, KT, has been botoxed more than just on the face, that's also fair, given all sorts of strange things have come out from such places as the PKNS, MBPJ, MBSJ and MBAJ.

What everyone today wants are the truth, the right actions, and the goods for the rakyat.

Rakyat such as the..

Cikgu in Johor Baru, the Undergraduate from Kuala Terengganu, the Makcik in Jerantut, the Gardener in Kuala Pilah.

Returning a hundred-K watch but keeping a hundred-K bonus for some deft accounting trick won't lubricate the journey towards being right. For that matter all the other strange things at Khazanah..

We live on who lives more for others. After all, what is life?

Malaysian Tigress 4 November 2008 at 12:06  

Yeah, you are right Ronan.

I should have been more specific as to incidents involving ministers, politicians in Japan,the UK and the US. 4 November 2008 at 15:54  

Kap Kun Kap AK47,

We have featured an article in our website, and we would like to get in touch with you. our email is, hope we can share some views.

Thanks 47.

The Demons That Won't Go Away

Khairy Jamaluddin has been on the interview circuit of late – granting interview after interview with different newspapers, even scheduled to appear on Astro Awani at 8.30pm tonight (Tuesday).
The latest was one with Malay Mail's Zainal Epi, who fired especially tough questions on matters ranging from his alleged use of his father-in-law's influence in getting projects to rumours of his involvement with celebrity Maya Karin.

In his usual calm demeanour Khairy handled them well, declining to comment on mere allegations. There was a hint of exasperation though, "I have maintained from the very beginning that if there is any wrongdoing on my part, people should come forward and make concrete complaints, lodge concrete reports....(w)e cannot go on, just based on rumours and innuendos".

For someone so demonised, Khairy's contributions to UMNO are far from dubious. Leading the Pemuda machinery to victory in five by-elections, he has for years been the face of the wing, at times overshadowing its Head Hishammuddin Hussein. Unfortunately for Khairy, his talents appear to also be the reason for many within the party to plot his downfall – it is an open secret that in all tiers of UMNO, being young and capable is usually to one's peril.

And this is not his only 'handicap' in the peculiar world of UMNO politics. Despite arguably playing to the race gallery in the past, observers note that Khairy's demeanour and approach are out of step with mainstream UMNO. From seemingly trivial issues like the way he dresses to more meaty issues like refusing to reach out hat in hand to influential former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, it is a sad reality that Khairy's 'unique' ways could conceivably lead him to be faced with insurmountable hurdles should he fail to capture the post of UMNO Youth Head this time around.

Even his tagline "Setiakawan" – a message of outreach to all Malays and Malaysians – appear in stark contrast to the traditional stance of the wing, one that is ultra-conservative and fiery (sometimes for the sake of it). But if UMNO has learnt anything at all from the 12th General Elections, it would know that rare figures like Khairy who command an ability to connect to numerous sections of the Malaysian citizenry (read: electorate) are crucial if the party is to avoid outright defeat come the next elections.

Thus, in many ways the upcoming contest for UMNO Youth Head is a litmus test for how well UMNO understands the message sent on March 8. Now with little clout, Khairy's only assets are his capabilities – but they dwarf those of his fellow contenders. If UMNO knows what is best for itself, it would stop backing a horse simply for its links – perceived or real – to the party leadership, or worse, based on unsubstantiated allegations.

Anonymous,  4 November 2008 at 17:07  

Itulah khairy. Dulu awak control tv dan akhbar utk jatuhkan org. sekarang bila bloggers hentam u balik mengapa tak guna tv3 dan utusan utk defend awak balik. Sekarang ni asyik2 muka awak jer dalam tv dgn akhbar. Kedudukan no 3 pun tv3 letak gambar no 2, si jawa tu nampak macam no 3. Dapat dua pencalunan tambahan pun sampai keluar gambar kat paper. Yg lain tu sampai dapat tambahan 10 tak ada berita pun.Sampai begitu sekali pun takkan tak menang.
Kenapa tak gunakan utusan atau tv3 utk nafikan gamabr awak kat kelab malam tu depan botol arak. Kan dapat publisiti. Tak pasal2 satu Malaysia tertanya2. Pandai pun awak tak nak benda ni keluar. Tapi silap org sikit awak hentam gila2.
Awak gunakan partner awak tu kat tv3 dan utusan utk belasah khir toyo kat selangor. Isu kechik awak kasi putar belitkan. Sampai Selangor kalah dek awak punya keje. Siapa lagi yg tak bengang dgn awak. Awak kena ingat berjuta rakyat Malaysia masih syg pada tun mahathir. yg awak dgn machai2 awak pergi cincang org tua tu pasal apa. Kurang ajar ler awak ni. Tak ada hormat langsung dgn org yg lebih tua dan berjasa pada Negara.
Atok amat berharap sgt ler awak ni kalah. Bukan sebab awak tak kuat kerja tapi awak ni kurang sopan ler. Atok tak nak ler anak cucu atok nanti jadi org kurang ajar mcm awak ni…

Atok Podeh

Anonymous,  4 November 2008 at 20:11  

Kee Kee Kee...
It's indeed strange, how come not many pro-KJ voluntary cyber fans/blogs?
If he is really so forward thinking he would be hugely popular.
Even Khir + Dr M, of cos, were instant hits.
I still remember the early days of how Anwar struggled to get visitors on his blog.

benj 4 November 2008 at 20:37  

Dato' Sak:

I am not a Pas member...and have not heard of MB Kelantan implied/involved in any kind of self-enrichment/crony-related amassing of wealth stories - contrary to some other MBs. Did anybody hear anything otherwise of the former?

Just curious...

Anonymous,  4 November 2008 at 20:50  

Bro Sak:
If we reread the quotation below, I think that anonymous is quite right in that your writing implicitly concludes that KT, who is the person having the fastest rate in increase in nominations, has been using money to get nominations. The inference here sounds quite logical but, as you were reminded by that anonymous earlier, it may land you in trouble if you are not careful in the future. Having said this, I really enjoy your highly intelligent analysis of the local politics. Cheers.

"Second, it would support the suspicions that the person having the fastest rate in increase in nominations, is the real culprit and by association, can be identified as the real living ATM."

Anonymous,  4 November 2008 at 20:56  


just look what happens to lojing forest. you couldn't believe the destruction caused by his administration. in fact there's no difference whether you are pas or umno. when comes to logging (easy money) even the forest reserve also u will lanyak...

mat jerangau

Anonymous,  4 November 2008 at 21:32  

mat jerangau/benj...

The balak situation in kelantan....Hmmmm.....Generally quite responsible logging compared to erm, Sarawak?
And then there is river pollution from siltation, etc

But the Kelantan govt dun have so many opps to be corrupt, ie Federal Funds....

Also Nik Aziz is not the corruptible sort...Some ppl just dun need so much money....etc...

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