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Sakmongkol ak 47

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Changing of the Guards, Party Direction and Future.

Party direction and future.

As soon as Dato Najib got his conclusive nomination which makes nomination for others academic, that elicited some interesting remarks.

The race has already started to see who’s tripping over the other to pay homage to Najib. It will be interesting to see the people lining up to kiss the new “Don’s” hand. That will make Sivaji the boss green with envy.

The fist came from his cousin, the present ketua pemuda and a leading contender for the VP post. Hishamudin said, the party must not be split and UMNO must retain its family spirit. Key words there- ‘split’ and ‘family spirit’. One cant help but notice, that Hishamudin’s timely remarks bore a sense of elation. For his cousin and his own political fortunes. Of course, family spirit for Hishamudin is literal- Najib;s is his first cousin, their mothers being sisters.

But these remarks seemed very hollow, if one follows the acrimonious and vituperative salvos and exchanges taking place in the youth race. We have yet to see the vehemence in the scramble for party positions. They will surely come.

There are a few things to analyse from Hishamudin’s remarks. He says, for those of us who has to contest, it is ‘unfortunate’. Does this term belie the business as usual culture in UMNO? And more important, does the use of the term unfortunate, belie the true nature of Hishamudin and his ilk? Which is, being fortunate is identified with being able to get things free without the attendant work, struggle and use of the mass of matter between the ears?

Extend Hisham’s predilection with this term- we assume it is the expression of his subconscious true feeling. Will it mean, that the recipe for progress of the Malays mean nothing else, but rule by fiat? That includes among others, continued reliance on pieces of legislation and decrees that confer and transfer progress onto us. That being products of legal enforcement require nothing from Malays( work and use of brain) except exhibiting those characteristics that conform to the legal definition of what is a Malay. That the person who talks Bahasa Melayu, lives like a Melayu and professes Islam, is entitled as of right, to all that come to other people as a product of deliberate exertions?.

Then, sakmongkol is afraid, with Najib up there even if he as recognises the need for revolutionary changes in the UMNO mindset, he will likely be sabotaged by people, used to having things handed to them on silver platters or by people whose major portion of credibility rests on the fact they are biologically linked to previous leaders. Hishamudin fits the bill nicely, thank you.

Then my friends, all the talk of changing directions and future is just all that.


Anonymous,  6 November 2008 at 10:07  

Dear Bro Sakmongkol,

Yeahh... I am also overjoyed if najib is my relative. See the entire Kenyan are also overjoyed by the Obama’s win. But Hisham’s timely remarks as you mentioned could invite unnecessary enmity among the umno members. What would Khir Toyo feels being son of a peasant. Does it mean to say that KT has to work super extras to reach the top of the rank? Those who are family connected with top leaders work less and live in the laurel of them? Will I be rich overnight if najib is my second cousin at least? That’s the message I read from hisham untimely remarks.

Kapar Kelangan

Navi 6 November 2008 at 10:28  

What it all means is that those who have been in power tasted power and have accumulated in abundance are more fortunate and capable of retaining their position.
It KT's case he rose to prominence not by any outstanding show of grey matter but had greatness thrust on his by the then PM. Thus having been given this opportunity to amass wealth beyond his dreams he now displays arrogance. Hisham was 'born' to power and hence his claim to success. I wonder how many deserve the position they have been entrusted with.

MANTRA 6 November 2008 at 11:20  

A leader for the rakyat. Can we have one in our own homeland?

Yes we can! Yes we can!

Anonymous,  6 November 2008 at 11:34  

Dear Navi,

KT was chosen as no one was seen as morally fit to fill the mb post. he was the only choice of that time. to say that kt is arrogance is one perception. until u know him personally you will say khairy is arrogant too. Mukhriz is exceptional becoz he was 'born' to power as hisham did. so he doesnt deserve the position as u see it. then malaysia has to wait until obama is born among malaysian as Zawi's comment in the previous Sakmongkol post.

Kapar Kelangan

Anonymous,  6 November 2008 at 11:46  


I think it's funny to say ppl like Hisham and Najib "lives like Malays".

OK, just one basic question, does a normal Malay drink alcohol? If they do does that mean they are no longer following Malay social norms and no longer Malay?

THen the problem is compounded by the fact that lots of ppl drink alcohol...

Anonymous,  6 November 2008 at 12:14  


being muslim u are totally banned from alcoholic drinks. but if u are still taking up the habit then u are unfaithful muslim but still a malay. zaid as u know also so so kaki but insists to remain malay even when was challenged to stop of being one. so, islam is not for malays only..


walla 6 November 2008 at 14:04  

If change is really wanted by everyone, vote for only those with integrity. That will stem the hemorrhage from money politics in which those who go up have to pay back their campaign debts to funders later, continuing the tradition of cancerous corruption which has debilitated the health of all.

Whether one is blueblood or peasant-rooted has no meaning; wealth and power seep past all firewalls. Except the one He gave all of us. Our conscience.

If anyone wants to be rich through politics, do it after retiring the post. If performance as politician has been excellent, there will surely be no small number of headhunters come a-knocking for him or her to fill chairmanships and ceo positions.

A true politician must consider the work as what it was originally believed to be - national service, community care, vision, unity, cohesion, action, setting and demanding high standards in everything good for all the rakyat, and paving good foundation and clear paths.

If he wants to be rich, he should ramp up his timetable to deliver those things while in office so that he can retire earlier to enjoy other fruits in private sector.

Lingering to stay on in power for wealth to cronies, adulation of the masses, and some self-appointed sense of destiny are marks of weak men, not true leaders who want to leave more than superfluous memories in the history of this country.

Think about that - is this the bottomline situation or is there something still missed out?

Abi Ayyub 6 November 2008 at 15:05  

Hishamudin are hoping that history will repeat itself. I read somewhere, the talk of Najib Razak, Hishamuddin Hussein, Mukhriz Mahathir.

Khairi (Abdullah)... oops Jamaluddin ???

Well... I wonder, if UMNO really do have other more credible leaders???

Anonymous,  6 November 2008 at 17:37  


tks. =)
but dun u think malay "culture" will also change with time?
some ppl have just become urban and it's hard to distinguish one urbanite from another besides their accents.
also isn't malay culture quite diverse like kelantanese vs javanese (also malay--ed or bumiputra-ed).

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