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Sakmongkol ak 47

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Anwar's Pink Panther.

Inspector Jacques Closeau vs. Sir Charles Litton

The simple-minded Malay voters did not seem to realise that such a ritual is not part of Islamic teachings. One does not use the Quran and God to gain political mileage. Furthermore, if Anwar were to do so smack in the middle of an election campaign, it would be interpreted even more that Anwar is doing so merely to gain more votes. That move could backfire badly and could in fact result in some lost voters rather than help gain more.

Sakmongkol is not interested to write on Anwar at the moment. But since, the blogger Pink Panther has given Anwar a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, Sakmongkol feels obliged to respond. He has also been featured as a ‘special guest’ in Zorro’s blog. And so, to Pink Panther’s Inspector Jacques Closeau, Sakmongkol will take up the role of his worthy adversary, Sir Charles Litton. ( Jewel Thief).

Btw, Special Guest was the title of a book written by Aziz Ishak- a former UMNO Minister with leftist leanings.

Sakmongkol got the above quoted passages from a piece written by this Pink Panther. It is from Malaysia Today. It is a narrative in the genre of mystery writings like Secret Seven and Fantastic Five. Very suited to be read by adolescents about to reach puberty!.

People! From now on, if we see Anwar invoking the Quran or reading Quranic verses, then as defined by the writer who calls himself the Pink Panther, Anwar must be seeking political mileage.

All those years in ABIM and later at every opportunity Anwar had, he has been seeking political mileage when mouthing Quranic verses.

Which also means, that he has hitherto cultivated the image of a progressive Islamist, only to gain political mileage.

Whether Anwar had swore during the PP by election was immaterial. Whatever he didn’t do then, was excusable. Because, according to Pink Panther’s observations, the voters are simple minded Malays- the kind of crowd Anwar likes. And so simple minded Malays were easily duped by Anwar’s story of being persecuted. The severity of the persecution was only ameliorated by bringing the young mosque assistant Ramlang Posigi to disavow what transpired in the Wilayah Persekutuan Mosque. What did Ramlang’s revelation accomplished? It only exposed the poorly contrived process of the mubahalah. It DID NOT clear Anwar of any wrongdoing. That issue has not been settled yet. The simple minded people, as the Pink Panther described the electorate of Permatang Pauh, did not appreciate the difference. That’s OK, we can live with that, but the Fat lady hasn’t sung yet .

There is only one explanation as to why Anwar steadfastly refused to swear upon the Quran. He is guilty as hell. Many know Anwar is the king of kelentong in Malaysia. Remember he feigned fatal affliction of a bad ailment which he miraculously recovered. He can play badminton in Sungai Buloh or ping pong without a neck brace. Once he was on the way for a medical check up or something, one guard reminded him- tak pakai neck brace Dato Seri?.. he rushed back to adorn his neck brace.

His neck was injured long before a former IGP whacked him. The rest of the public, knew the reasons why he was thrown off his horse:-

  1. The horse felt something hard on its back
  2. Even the tall horse couldn’t stand Anwar moralising- hence getting down from a high horse.

The biggest lie was of course about the price of petrol in Malaysia. He has regaled listeners as to how he has managed to keep the price of petrol low during his lack lustre tenure as finance minister. Yes, he was a baby in the woods when it came to understanding basic economics. His budget speeches were long in esoteric terms but short in substance. Sakmongkol remembers, one commentator who at that time, lionised Anwar was Johan Jaafar who sounded to be in a state of perpetual orgasm when trying to inflate the Anwar mystique.

The reality is, Anwar is the master story teller- besting Cedric the Entertainer. He will tell you that portion of the story he wants you to hear. The more pleasing the better( for him that is.). and so he will tell you, he managed to keep the price of petroleum low because of his personal prestige. Yes people, it is always about him and him and no one else- except Munawar Anees, Azizan, Sukma Dermawan and maybe Saiful.

The facts of the story are as follows. When he was finance minister, the global price of crude oil was between US$12 and US$22 per barrel, which were indeed very low prices. Now of course, the price of crude oil has breached US$100 (RM320) per barrel and yet the price of petrol in Malaysia is only RM1.92 per litre - the second lowest in the region. In other words, global price of crude oil since Anwar was sacked to today has increased by 400 per cent. The increase in the price of petrol in Malaysia during the same period has only been 75 per cent.

When Anwar was minister, of course it was easy to provide low petrol prices, simply because the global price of oil was extremely low. Our government is doing the same thing, working along changes in the price of crude.

The price of petrol in the country is determined principally by the price of world crude oil. It is not a function of a person named Anwar Ibrahim being there or not. But the PKR brownshirts would have none of this right- believing that Anwar holds the key to better petroleum prices.

Of course, UMNO doesn’t want him to stop lying. Carry on lying about taking over the government please. In the meantime, Mr Pink Panther can further write a sequel of this mystery story. .


Anonymous,  15 November 2008 at 02:27  


Ppl always like mythology to take their minds off the harsher realities of higher prices, etc.

I guess, Anwar is good at selling hope, previously the domain of religious organisations.

Someone once said, celebrities, which includes politicians I guess, are America's new gods, in place of the ancient Greek gods, etc

Zawi 15 November 2008 at 08:48  

The lack of credibility among the current leadership in UMNO has made the people yearn for an alternative leader. They don't mind another liar or even another ghost as long as they are not from the current crop of UMNO leaders. Especially if they perceived to be involved in corrup practices or even murders. What other choices have they?

ajipp 15 November 2008 at 19:17  

wow mr sak

anwar play badminton and ping pong later baru pakai cover neck?

biar betul?? ini bukti terbaru, boleh letak dalam laman web mykmu.....

kah kah kah

cukup2 lah tipu melayu... dah 50 tahun lebih korang tipu melayu bak kata tukar tiub


letih semua orang melayu kena tipu dengan korang

Dhahran Sea,  15 November 2008 at 19:36  

Salam S-AK47,
Interesting analysis on DSAI... While I do have misgivings about the man, one "observation"/remark by a taxi driver when I was in KL in August struck me as quite "interesting" with regards to this latest liwat thing with the young shamsul: he's saying that DSAI is 60+ and shamsul is much younger, barely 30?... wouldn't it be "more likely" that the "act", IF it were to take place at all, be the "other way round"? I.e., if it indeed took place against the will of shamsul, then it would take a MIGHTY effort from the OLDER man to actually do it, you know... getting it... which could result in some SERIOUS injuries (to either party, but more so to the younger man - maybe we need an expert medical opinion here?)... unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on which side you are on?), this was NOT recorded in the medical examination, which could result in another issue, i.e. was it done willingly or unwillingly, etc.? Obviously, its becoming very confusing? Where wither are we Malays with this never ending story? Looks like we are already making some kind of a world record/laughing stock with this liwat thing?! Sheesh!

Piggy Singh 15 November 2008 at 20:58  

Salam Dato' Ariff,

The PKR, as Jed once put it, has gained a cult status. So the cult followers will forever be with their leader Anwar, iether bersumpah or not.

But if Anwar did take the oath, the party would gain greater momentum as doubt crawling in the mind of fence sitters would be erased forever.

DNL 15 November 2008 at 22:00  

salam Dato'

swearing or not in front of our HOLY QURAN does not really thrill me anymore i just wanna see if Anwar dare to surrender his DNA to be match against saiful test recently.

Some sample is awaiting comparison.

Let us see.....

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