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Sakmongkol ak 47

Friday, 21 November 2008

The Diva Rumble

Rafidah and Shahrizat?

I am not a hypocrite. That were the words uttered by Rafidah. She said them when she lost the ketua wanita post to Siti Zaharah. She refused to shake hands with the victor. She can be very spiteful and venomous. She will be acerbic after this. Rafidah is the Bung Mokhtar of Wanita. She believes she is God’s gift to wanita.

Rafidah, as we all know is a feisty lady. She is utterly confident of herself. She was a lecturer in economics at the university of Malaya. She left lecturedom when she joined politics. She is best remembered as our trade minister. The ministry is not divided as it is now. As a minster, she made our country proud. She is willing to stand heads and shoulders (not the shampoo) with other leaders. She can be tough as nails.

But she is also a very stubborn leader. This may be her own undoing. It can also be her Achilles heel. She may have been invincible. But she has a weakness. It is her stubbornness and headstrong quality. She does not change her mind easily. She is unmoveable. It is unlikely that she will back down from a fight.

We can say the same of the current face off in wanita. Shahrizat will challenge her for the post of wanita leader. She has taken Shahrizat under her wings. She has groomed her. So she must be hugely disappointed that her protégé is going against her. So she says, let us meet in the ring.

With Rafidah, we can be certain there will no Marquess of Queensberry rules. She will use bare knuckles. Even knuckle dusters.

But Rafidah must realise, that Shahrizat has no choice. She is facing a challenge from kamilia Ibrahim. Rafidah could have averted the action taken by kamilia, had she interceded. She could have stopped kamilia.

Rafidah would have none of that. She says the wanita leadership has agreed on a transition plan. In june 2009, she says she will hand over the wanita leadership to Shahrizat. The question from many people, why in June 2009? The UMNO elections will be held in March 2009. even the prime minister is handing over leadership to DS najib. By March 2009, DS Najib will be the new PM. Why couldn’t Rafidah time her own handing of power to be the same as the PM? what are her motives?

The principal motive, is she wants to be offered a cabinet post. She wants to leave government as a minister who retired not fired. Rafidah is a perfectionist. She wants completion and proper closing of her life. She will leave when she wants to.

People are saying, by refusing to synchronise her handing over, more harm will be created. Shahrizat is being challenged by kamilia. What if Shahrizat loses? Then the promise made by Rafidah to Shahrizat cannot be honoured. Being given a promise, Shahrizat rightly thinks the wanita leadership is hers. She may well reason out, if Rafidah wants to hand over the leadership, it doesn’t make a difference, if they do it sooner. Shahrizat can then focus in strengthening the wanita movement. She will be aided by Kamilia.

To Rafidah, anyone going against her is almost like blasphemy. It is the greatest of sin. I have written this and Rafidah is also saying the same thing. Whether she’s the acting ketua wanita or not, she will be the leader nevertheless.

Her decision to finally take up the cudgel, will bare all the latent antagonism within wanita UMNO. Rafidah will be fiendish. She will go all out with guns blazing. The anak mamee from Penang must counter Rafidah’s onslaughts with equal vehemence. With Rafiudah, she has to be in a take no prisoners mode.

To the wanita delegates think- you don’t vote for Rafidah, doesn’t make any difference. She has said she wants to leave. hasten her departure. if Rafidah actually said that if she wins, she will lead wanita for another 3 years, what does that mean? It means, really, she did not want to leave in the first place.

A pity there will be no hair pulling, clothes stripping, brawl in the mud folks! This is a Fatwa.


Zawi 21 November 2008 at 10:19  

Datuk Sak,
Agree fully with you that she wanted to leave as a minister no less. She must be expecting the incoming PM to appoint her as one after Pak Lah had slighted her by not appointing a Wanita Chief to any minister's post.
Shahrizat must fight her to the death to remain relevant. I think she will have no problem to finish Rafidah off.
Rafidah was a great Minister at MITI until the AP scam came to surface. That was her greatest undoing after a such a swell job as Minister of International Trade. What a sad way to leave.

mamasita 21 November 2008 at 10:29  

I sokong Kak Ijat..A wonderful neighbour,sister,daughter,mother,friend and a beautiful anak mamee whos ever generous with her smile.Knowing her,she took such a long time to announce her decision because it was an extremely painful one.

btw,I'm the one with the 'red corour'
in the picture..25years ago!haha

idzan ismail,  21 November 2008 at 11:52  

Hello Datuk Sak

Finally. It's like watching a movie we already know the ending. Pure Wanita Umno histrionics.
Yep Rafidah's no hypocrite. She's one woman when it's right, it's right. When it's wrong, it's also right.
Most interesting is her staement, "if I win, I will have to stay on". Have to? She will indeed stay on.
She will lobby for ministership citing Wanita Umno quota.
Good luck to play safe Shahrizat. Play safe don't play in politics.
Biding time waiting for the mak ciks to shout "we want you." Eager to contest but also don't want to be seen langgar tauke.
Win or lose, Ijat will be telling the whole world, I am only abiding by the womens' wishes.
Can't she see that our aunty is only guarding the no.1 post. Kamilia is left free.
Wish the fight is between Kak Noraesah for No 1 and Kamilia for no.2.
The funny thing is that after the prolonged silent war, only now Dollah wants to mediate.
If it's Tun M, these women will be kept in line.

Anonymous,  21 November 2008 at 13:47  

I only have this to say Datuk Sak

"Rafidah Aziz has NOT an ounce of humility in her, which is terribly sad because she is one capable lady. But her arrogance is off-putting. She should know when to go. Rafidah, don't let people hound you out of office. It is memalukan."

walla 21 November 2008 at 15:04  

Rafidah is a very dynamic and vocal minister. Most of all, she was the only man in the last cabinet for being the sole voice of progressive modern views.

Shahrizat has also her strengths. She epitomizes the caring culture that this country needs.

The leadership of Umno Wanita need both qualities - dynamism and caring, action and reaction.

Unfortunately it's in two rather than one person.

I am an expert on women.


Anonymous,  21 November 2008 at 15:22  

This Rafidah is one in a million histrionic character who would think that the Wanita world would stop spinning should she decided to stay by the ringside.
The funny thing is that,the lackeys who supported her and pressuring S to agree to their succession plan are doing so for R to savor the moment of being wanita leader for another three months.
All would agree if I were to say that S was tricked by circumstances to go against her ,thereby by winning, R would be 'forced' to continue to carry on as Ketua Wanita 'much against her own wish'.

She wants everyone to believe that she is a great selfless self.

My question to all wanita UMNO who are going to vote is that ,

"Would they be so stupid to believe this histrionic display of R theatheric/melodramatic/bollywoodis or 'tepaksa act' of drama minggu ini?

Please wake up ...R time is over,she is already well rewarded herself with means available to her with the wealth thru her UMNO linkage...there is no a single iota of niat baik left for her own people.

Enough is enough

Mr Kalahari(I am hot)

Omong 22 November 2008 at 05:12  

then perhaps the one who lost to a political newbie and whose battle cry of jihad in permatang pauh should gracefully withdraw

the feisty one has done much in comparison

Anonymous,  22 November 2008 at 11:08  

Errr.. hello.. Sak, she was dropped from Cabinet as Ketua Wanita by the PM, there is no certainty of getting a cabinet seat if she wins the Ketua.

Pray tell, then, what could Shahrizat's motives be? To bring change? You mean she suddenly woke up from bed on Thursday morning (qualified to run -for free due to the Plan) and suddenly realised Wanita needs change?

OH COME ON! Shahrizat has shown ZERO consistency in her actions.

And much as I think Kamilia is useless, I'm shocked that Shahrizat didn't work on HER to ensure she had safe passage nonetheless. I can't believe Shahrizat is afraid of someone whom the people barely know.

But hey, she lost Lembah Pantai to a little girl..

Warts and all, the Wanita need a leader who can lead. Arrogance ke apa ke, it's better than having a flip flop at the top.

We've all paid the price for that on the national scale.

Now cut the personal attack crap and face reality. Judge the candidate on what they can do and whether she can be trusted to lead effectively.


sakmongkol AK47 aka Mat Tomoi 22 November 2008 at 11:44  

anon @11.08 said:-
she was dropped from Cabinet as Ketua Wanita by the PM, there is no certainty of getting a cabinet seat if she wins the Ketua.
there you are- anon fails to mention she was dropped by Pak Lah. meaning Pak Lah the person, dropped her like a ton of bricks.
when Pah Lah says, the best person will lead wanita. that's a death sentence on Rafidah already. if she were best leader, she would have been included in cabinet by Pak Lah.
if its personal, its the latest emotional outburst from Rafidah on the betrayal of Sahrizat.
Rafidah is unique in the sense of earning rejection by the former PM and the current PM.

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