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Friday, 15 August 2008

UMNO on Trial


Allow me to tell the story of the trial of King Charles 1 of England. He was found guilty by the court assembled at Westminster hall. He was later executed.

The chief judge during the trial of king Charles 1, was a man name John Bradshaw. John Bradshaw addressed the court assembled. He said; 'there is a contract and a bargain made between the King and his people, and your oath is taken: and certainly, Sir, the bond is reciprocal; for as you are the liege lord, so they liege subjects .... that bond is the bond of protection that is due from the sovereign; the other is the bond of subjection that is due from the subject.

Sir, if this bond be once broken, farewell sovereignty! ... These things may not be denied, Sir ... Whether you have been, as by your office you ought to be, a protector of England, or the destroyer of England, let all England judge, or all the world.

Bradshaw continued; “ You disavow us as a Court; and therefore for you to address yourself to us, not acknowledging us as a Court to judge of what you say, it is not to be permitted. And the truth is, all along, from the first time you were pleased to disavow and disown us, the Court needed not to have heard you one word.'

If I were John Bradshaw I will certainly address the impertinence of the UMNO leadership for contemptuously disavowing us, the UMNO members. The entire hypocritical UMNO leadership which has snatched the residual authority of the UMNO members and more so the UMNO delegates in determining what leadership they want.

And I will certainly say, even if none of the others say it, the planned transfer of power from the prime minister to the deputy prime minister is an unconstitutional act. By doing so and if it was endorsed by the MKT, then they have all collectively disavowed us. Once this trust and bond are broken, our reciprocal obligations are broken asunder.

Like John Bradshaw I will say there is a contract and a bargain made between the UMNO leadership and we UMNO members, upon which the leadership has declared their unshakeable allegiance.

What is the nature of the bargain? That UMNO leadership ought to be a protector to our inalienable rights and in return for protecting the sanctity of this bargain, we the UMNO members have so pledged our loyalty. So when the bond is broken, farewell loyalty.

Of what transgression do we now stand and accuse our UMNO leaders of doing?

The UMNO leadership now stands accused of devising a wicked design to erect and uphold in themselves an unlimited and tyrannical power to rule according to their Will, and to overthrow the Rights and Liberties of we the UMNO members.

In carrying out this strategy, the UMNO leadership has traitorously and maliciously levied war against the UMNO political party and the people therein represented. That the UMNO leadership has further devised wicked design that has as its sole objective, of 'upholding of a personal interest of Will and Power and pretended prerogative to themselves against the interest, common right, liberty, justice of the entire collegiate of UMNO members.

Therefore, in the name of UMNO, we now desire the entire leadership that has snatched our liberties, to stand ready to be impeached 'as a implacable enemy to the commonwealth of UMNO'.

Let the court of UMNO members decide our future and let our leaders take heed.


Jed Yoong 17 August 2008 at 04:23  

i hear it's bad , wilayahkini bemoans the rampant corruption at branch level too....
adnan yaakob also merajuk-liao.

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